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  1. .300 Weatherby vs .338 Lapua . . . . Any of the armed forces taught 'off hand' shooting or instinct shooting?
  2. KD on for 1/2 price . . . a few wieners, feed a family of four. Dad's walking to work. Leaves 1 1/2 hours early, late 1 1/2 hours. Money saved on gasoline will help buy newer shoes. Ahhhhhh Life's good here in Chinada, the land of plenty !
  3. See if camo is working, look at camo'd person through squinted eyes. You might have all the fancy 'tech' stuff for seeing enemy/game animal, but when you finally spot that group of Bighorn rams across that two mile valley and realize that they are watching you, you'll know what good eyesight is.
  4. Have worn camo for decades. Hunt coastal thick stuff, open/broken cover, and everything in between. The best camo in any hunting situation is anything that breaks up the 'man image/shape' . . . this is generally large contrasting pattern/colors. Moose, elk, deer, have exceptional eyesight, and can spot movement at great distances. If that movement is 'man shaped' like small pattern camo generally is, you won't be entertaining guests with a elk roast. An experienced hunter rarely skylines himself, will find a good comfortable spot to 'glass' that mountainside, and will initially relax his/her gaze . . .looking at nothing in particular, and often pickup movement in their peripheral vision. Then is the time to start a methodical search with your quality optics . . . at least 10x. I've kind of run-on . . . apologies.
  5. Now, for the rest of the story . . . . Trail RCMP say they received a complaint from a local man, who was offended by another person wearing camouflage pants. The afternoon of Friday, Sept. 8th, a Trail RCMP officer received a phone call from a local man, 27 saying he observed a person wearing military issued camouflage pants in downtown Trail. The caller said he was offended on behalf of the military as he believed civilians were not allowed to wear this type of trouser. The complainant requested that the officer locate the man and remove his pants. The officer informed the man that removal of someone's pants would be illegal even if they were camouflaged. The man replied that he would remove the man's pants under order of the King of England. The officer dissuaded the man from taking action after explaining to him that his actions would constitute an assault if he forcefully removed someone's pants, despite any kingly edicts that may exist. "Our officers did look for the man reportedly wearing the camouflage pants downtown," Trail RCMP Sgt. Mike Wicentowich adds. "But unsurprising we couldn't find him."
  6. "Gender language" . . . . the doofus flew to India to proclaim 'gender language'? Truly a wtf moment . . . . stand tall and proud you brothers & sisters of this land. Be strong, stay the course, and know that united we can also proclaim to the world . . . 'Gender Language' !
  7. It's the overall picture: The doofus makes a fool of himself, his family, Canadian citizens, and Canada itself on his first visit. Dressing up like clowns, bringing a terrorist with him, Indian PM too busy to meet with him, and nothing whatsoever to show for it. Lucky us, we got to pay for his foray into foolishness . . . Now the doofus is stuck in enemy territory, while the world hides its guffaws . . . at Canada. TreeBeard, you're the one that's hilarious . . . being a supporter of the doofus, everything he does is alright with you.
  8. B.C. high school students will soon be required to take courses about Indigenous cultures and histories in order to graduate. The new requirement is expected to take effect in the 2023 - 2024 school year, which means students who are currently in Grade 10 will be the first group to experience this curriculum change.
  9. Trudeau set adrift on a raft. Indians hurling stones and death threats . . .
  10. He's a fool, he's made Canada look foolish, embarrassed Canadian citizens (many of them were supporters), and staggered the Canadian economy . . . .
  11. A real leader would have met with the protestors. Period. Spin this judicial charade any way you like, your 'boy' Justin hid out because he wasn't 'leader' enough to meet with fellow Canadians on a 'one on one basis. Justin is weak and he knows it, just like the rest of Canadian citizens know it. Stay in your little groove, don't peek over the edge . . . and you'll be fine.
  12. Treated with contempt in India . . . Treated with contempt in Canada . . . What's a 'boy' to do . . . ? Who cares . . . ?
  13. The RCMP singled out Leich & Barber as the 'leaders' . . . singled them out enough to arrest and charge them, all the while Justin hid behind Mom's couch with yet another case of 'convenient covid' . . . . all the while shooting off his mouth with his disgusting slurs. Do you think Justin didn't have any idea at all who the RCMP thought were the leaders, or that the RCMP wouldn't inform Justin? This isn't rocket science to have a meeting with the supposed leaders of that demonstration. Justinfatuation . . . You, Hardner, Queenie, and others have the gall to declare that you're Conservatives.
  14. Do you think for one minute that if the PM announced that he was willing to meet with the protestors, that the protestors would have run and hid out as the gutless PM did. You're dreaming in technicolor again.
  15. A real leader would have met with the protestors. Spin this any way you like herbie, but save your 'yeah but', 'yeah but', yeah but' monotone for American politics.
  16. Left wing propaganda money pit. Its time has come and gone. I'll miss it, like I miss holes in my socks . . . .
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