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  1. Your childlike grasp of the BC forest industry is somewhat amusing in a sad sort of way. You have a great day !
  2. The wood is used. You don't know what you're talking about. Pulp/paper, cardboard, pellets, bark/debris burned as fuel for pulp mills, etc. Do you think forestry workers just spend huge amounts for machinery, wages, fuel, time, etc. just so they can "raze entire forests" without a use for the wood and compensation for their time and labour? Think of the forestry workers every time you reach for the toilet paper.
  3. You don't know what you're talking about. Low quality logs are chipped for the pulp mills, and used for pellets, etc. Was a logger for 43 years . . . . betting you couldn't tell the difference between hemlock and a ham sandwich.
  4. Past Prime Ministers have done something for the country. Trudeau has done something to the country.
  5. Jagmeet! Where are you? Looking for employment? Used car salesman? Door to door encyclopedia salesman?
  6. Coastal Douglas fir 'old growth' is being protected more and more these days. Some 2nd growth fir is 5+ feet in diameter at the stump. Many folks mistake this as 'old growth' . . . There is nothing wrong with harvesting mixed species cut blocks (logging areas) and getting the value-added bonus from low grade timber in the form of pulp, and pellets, etc. The article is extremely misleading and designed to trigger folks with no knowledge of Canadian (BC) logging sustainability and renewal. It would take pages to lay out the mistakes and deception in the article to folks that know little/nothing about Canada's forest industry.
  7. Logging is a sustainable/renewable resource in BC. Drax report: Misinformation at its finest. Triggers the uninformed.
  8. Don't make assumptions. The native side of our family never considered themselves as victims. Never thought that they were owed anything, Took pride in being self sufficient. Skin thickness trumps skin color . . . every time.
  9. Many of to-day's native leaders know how to trigger the 'white man' guilt syndrome and the MSM fall all over themselves getting the newest native claim/compensation in the media. Never questioned, never asked for proof . . . if you're native, you're right . . . I can wear a moccasin or a cowboy boot . . . . they both fit. When I was a kid, I was called 'nigger' by my friends. So what!
  10. Hardner print that out for you? Ever wonder if anyone believes anything you two post?
  11. Oil/Gas revenue . . . . permits you to sit on your lard-ass for seven (7) months of the year. Nice going Champ.
  12. The term/words . . . 'genocide' and 'mass graves' do not belong in the residential school narrative. To use those terms/words is disingenuous. Native leaders know this, and use it to trigger the 'white guilt' complex.
  13. Nice deferral . . . A better question is: Does anyone believe anything you post ?
  14. Jack9000 . . . . These threads are full of 'what's wrong' with the present Federal Liberal government, and especially its leader and present PM Justin Trudeau. You and a handful of other posters on these threads have defended the present Federal Liberals and PM Justin Trudeau at every opportunity . . . . Questions for you Jack9000: What specifically do you find so attractive about the policies, government direction, and over-all governance of Justin Trudeau that you like and approve of? What has Justin Trudeau done for you? Thanks
  15. In your seven (7) month 'free' (paid by the Canadian tax-payer) time, you could do some writing . . . 'Memoirs of a Socialist Slack-Ass'.
  16. Trudeau believes his own bullshit. Thinks he's a savior . . . .
  17. Your fear is showing again . . . . wet spot in the front of your Winners slacks? Speaking of slack's, did you get a job yet?
  18. Think what you like, but an unforeseen result of the 'convoy' is that it showed the rest of the country what a truly weak PM Justin Trudeau is. Convenient-Covid . . . where he snipes his racist, misogynistic, enemy of the country, terrorist bullshit, while not having the balls to address the protestors and try to find a solution to their and the country's problems. Then employs 'The War Measures Act' to make himself look tough in the eyes of the world. Yes, the convoy showed to Canadians and the rest of the world what the brain-dead voting public have done to this country by electing this clown . . . . not just once, but ?
  19. Jagmeet Singh's political career is over . . . . he's dying a slow death politically. When Justin Trudeau takes a walk into a snowbank like his step-father did, Jagmeet will be heading out the door to a lucrative consultation? job. The NDP (Liberal -Lite) will fade away. The Green's are more believable than the federal NDP. Jack Layton would be sad.
  20. Traitor Trudeau . . . .the Canadian citizen of any stripe is his enemy.
  21. CBC is over produced and they have an agenda. More and more of their programing plays to tiny segments of the listenership/population. Call it 'woke' if you want, but the fact remains that CBC has become a monitor of all things politically advantageous to the left's preoccupation with 'correctness'. They are left of center, and I suspect they've lost listenership over their choice to be left of center. It would be interesting to see if they would be able to survive with half of the funding they get from the taxpayer.
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