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  1. Calm down Hardner . . . . don't be so sensitive. I'm a half-breed and don't know where to p!ss. Perhaps on your flowers?
  2. That dude, dudette, creature, is black . . . . separete washroom too?
  3. Mommy government . . . loves her little boy herbie. herbie loves mommy government.
  4. Provincial and local government push to halt the use of natural gas heat, wood heat, tax heating fuel . . . . Big push for heat pumps, electric vehicles, etc. Build more dams . . . Site D, E, F, etc. Too bad for salmon, and flooded farm/ranch land. Be totally dependent on BC Hydro and other government suppliers . . . Seems to be a pattern here . . .
  5. Black History Month . . . Feb. 1st - - - - Feb. 29th 2024. Come and gone. Elvis has left the building.
  6. Also the value of a 7 year old EV . . . . who would want one? They are a thrrow-away item. A seven year old diesel truck is worth something.
  7. In my circle of friends, relatives and acquaintances, the subject of Justin Trudeau has gone from meh, to quiet alarm, to vocal disapproval, to a palpable hatered. This is not a good situation, but is compleatly understandable. Sad to see our country struggle under the leadership of a fool . . .
  8. Justin Trudeau and his band of brain-dead mannequins are intolerable . . . and I like it that way.
  9. Have packed both in G-bear country while prospecting . . . a different kind of predator. The old licencing for side arm defence was a minimum .41 calibre, mine was .44 Remington. Shortie 12bore was a better choice, but awkward with a pack/gear. Many backwoods users 'pack' . . . worry about the paperwork later.
  10. It all goes back to Allan Rock/Jean Chretien . . . . both didn't like what they didn't understand.
  11. Why would a transplant westerner like yourself be so fond of left wing policies and politicians when the damage they do to the west is so apparent? You defend their punishing governance endlessly . . . why?
  12. "I'm having a blast" . . . well, the rest of Canada, not so much. Glad that you never became PM.
  13. Nice of you to answer for the OP . . . Try to get over yourself Mr. Sensitive . . . have a great day, try to smile.
  14. You're the sensitive one with the buggered-up bank account. I asked the question. Get over yourself.
  15. Does that translate 'that you've never voted' in 40 years? . . . . Your posts are so left wing a ding ding .
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