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  1. So refreshing to see provincial Premiers Moe and Smith standing up for their provinces.
  2. What's your solution herbie? How should Alberta/Canada resolve this situation?
  3. Well you've shown yourself as the Chump you are with your fawning adoration of Trudeau.
  4. Hardner & Nationalist . . . . either one of you been 'north' for an extended period of time? City dwellers?
  5. No, you miss the point with your perception that "Canada is a large land space. Many people can live here." Put as many folks as you want in the northern quarters of this country . . . and tell me how these folks will make a living? Don't sidestep the above question with your 'cold' argument.
  6. Much of Canada is uninhabitable . . . no way to make a living in the northern quarters.
  7. Still milking the Canadian taxpayer with your 'shady pogey claims' Jack ?
  8. We've been 'made fools of' by an elected clown . . . that's a reflection of us, the voting Canadian citizen. Not dumping that clown after one term, shows the world how brain-dead and lazy we Canadian citizens can be.
  9. West coast logging was highly unionized decades ago. The lazy union members pulled the 'highballers' down to their level. In the union, no reason to bust your ass, use your head, and make some money. Non-union contractors are now big, pay substantially more if you're good at your job . . . . everyone makes money. The union guys are a joke.
  10. As blackbird posted . . rats exposed to THC before birth, after birth, and prior to maturity have significant problems with learning and memory function . . . Did Maggie Trudeau smoke while pregnant with Justin? Justin get bombed as a kid? Justin hasn't acted in a mature fashion as PM . . .
  11. The person in question 'works' a few months a year . . . welfare benefits the rest of the year. Why don't you invite him to stay at your place, help him with food, shelter, and endless CBC entertainment?
  12. So much of other peoples money pays your welfare benefit . . .
  13. So much of other peoples money pays your welfare benefit . . .
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