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  1. Thanks for asking, and yes, there's been a walkout by the anti-vaccination workers on the project. The mobile Covid vaccination station was vandalized also. Not nice!
  2. Is London, Ont. considered part of the GTA? Where are the boundaries?
  3. The CBC has an agenda . . . . the constant, sometimes imperceptible undermining of white culture. Would like to see the CBC terminated.
  4. Hoping he'll walk into a snowbank just like the creature that spawned him did.
  5. Commonly referred to as "put up or shut up" . . . . .
  6. Yzermandius19, have you noticed that you and the non-moderator seem to be the only ones on this thread now?
  7. Finished pouting . . . ? This thread is about your boy Trudeau. Any chance you could squeeze-off your philosophy bowel movement and get back on track?
  8. The Edmonton Eskimos were taking name suggestions from the public. Contacted their marketing head and suggested that they keep the 'double E' logo . . . just change the name to Edmonton Excrements. Being a Stampeder fan . . . it was the least I could do. Got a return e-mail from the marketing head thanking me for the suggestion, and inviting me to an EE game when in town.
  9. Trying to sound mellow and 'happy-go-lucky' with the y'all, helluva, shrugs . . . . nice try. Have a great day Anger-boy.
  10. Is there anything you like Anger-boy ?
  11. You're always beaking-off about how bad everything is. You're whining about the Cons, Liberals, this or that . . . it never ends with you. Tiresome and boring. Always a wtf moment with your every malcontent post. Just what would make you happy? If you were to ask me the same question of you: stfu
  12. Again, my post stands . . . . you truly are a fool. Your above post in it's entirety makes my point.
  13. Of course you are . . . . btw, what color is the sky in 'your world' ?
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