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  1. Justin Trudeau should be on the Canadian $5.- note. His face on one side, his other face on the other side. One of those faces should be black. The $5.- note wasn't worth much before, and is virtually worthless now with Trudeau's 'Justinflation' policies. With a pocket full of those 'Justin junk' notes, you're never out of toilrt paper.
  2. Just curious herbie . . . . you defend and excuse Trudeau at every turn, and I'm wondering if you're on some type of govt. dole or payment? Kind'a like the CBC, but on a personal level. What say you?
  3. It may take 3 terms for any PM to stitch this broken country back together. Division, mistrust, lies and theft is the legacy of Trudeau and his band of monkeys . . .
  4. Opposition Leader Pierre Poilievre knew what he was doing . . . bringing public attention to the 'wacko' policies of the 'wacko' PM and his band of hand picked monkeys . . . job well done PP !
  5. CBC & MSM, 'bite the hand that feeds them' . . . I don't think so.
  6. Little man hiding in a union . . . all members levelled to the lowest producing member. Paying a 'fatass' union dues' to be able to work at the level of the lowest producer union member. Oh well . . . . solidarity forever. yuck!
  7. Scab reference? Guessing you're some little man hiding in some union, afraid to work, afraid to think . . . carry on, be happy if you can.
  8. Would like to see income taxed at a flat rate. There's no incentive to work longer hours/days to better your conditions, pay off debts, etc. and have the tax man take a large proportion of your earnings. The present taxation process is a limiting factor for working men and women.
  9. Trudeau and his appalling government are fading. There's been much damage done by him and his band of clowns. Tar and feathers is the undercurrent in many conversations . . .
  10. You chirped about putting me on your 'ignore' list. Guess you bs'd about that too . . . . carry on queenie.
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