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  1. The Battle of Moscow is a 1985 Soviet two-part war film. And each part includes 2 episodes which last one and half hour, so the whole movie lasts nearly 6 hours. I watched the film decades ago in China. Unlike most slow-paced Soviet movies, The Battle of Moscow is intense, fast-paced and relatively objective. In short: that day in the cinema, no one fell asleep during 6 hours play time, so It means it's a quite good movie and worth to watch. Some YouTuber uploaded the whole movie on YouTube. I guess most west war loving....LOL.....war history loving fan boys and girls haven't had opportunity to watch it, so I post it here in case someone wants to watch it. Part 1: Aggression (Episode 1) Part 1: Aggression (Episode 2) Part 2: Typhoon (Episode 1) Part 2: Typhoon (Episode 2) Highlights of the Movie Dec 29, 1940, 6 months prior to the war on the east front breaking out, General Zhukov who played "Blue" ---the German side, used almost the same strategy which Field Marshal Fedor von Bock used 6 moths later, encircled "Red" ---the Soviet side army, which was under command by General Dmitry Pavlov. Zhukov was thus promoted as the Chief of the Red Army's General Staff by Stalin. General Pavlov was executed by Stalin, for his troops were encircled two times within 6 months---one in the war game before the war by General Zhukov, another in the rear war by Field Marshal von Brock due to the same mistake.😒 General Zhukov anticipated German might incircle the Red Army's Southwestern Front, and asked Stalin withdrawing Southwestern Front troops from Kiev. After being refused by Stalin, Zhukov resigned from the post of chief of general staff. Stalin asked Zhukov to tell him the truth, with the honor of a communist, if Moscow could be hold. Zhukov told Stalin that it was time to launch counter attack and push German back. After being convinced by Zhukov, Stalin told the chief of general staff to give Zhukov the reinforce troops he asked, and told him: "I believe, and comrade Zhukov also agrees, that German army is in crises and it's time for us to launch a counter offensive...."😜
  2. No sector's annual rise can match the annual rise of Canada government debt: A sci-fi version of explanation: Just imagine those politicians who offer you salary rise, better welfare, border wall.....weapons to win the unwinnable wars😜 are some time-travelling pirates----they time-travel into future to rob your children or grandchildren for paying the bill of the stuffs which you want in the present day....πŸ˜₯
  3. In September, politicians hired so many election campaign leaflets distributors that the employment rate had reached highest level..... 😜
  4. I have posted hundreds maybe thousands of comments on YouTube, only a few times comments were deleted. Most likely they were deleted by YouTube channel owners themselves rather than YouTube content censorship. For example, years ago I watched a video on YouTube in which the poster compared different brands of Ni-MH batteries on Market and told his audience which brand was better. I found his testing method was wrong since he didn't understand that there were 2 kinds of Ni-MH batteries on market: one has higher capacity and another holds charges longer. I just post a comment saying he should not only using capacity to judge which battery is better since if someone wants to use these batteries on his TV remote or fire alarm, the later one(which usually can hold charges for years) is better than the one which has higher capacity buy only holds charges for months. The comments disappeared within a minute. I suppose it was unwelcome by the channel owner since it might make him less "professional" and would negatively affect his channel's subscription rates. I don't comment under Canadian media news channels often since the comment function usually is disabled by these channels so audience have no way to comment.....πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚
  5. So, does it mean Canadian media feed less fake news to their audience, or does it mean Canadian audience are more gullible to fake news?😜
  6. So Canadian PM flew to US many times, begging Master Trump and Master Bidden to use Meng as leverage aka hostage in exchange of Michaels release?😜 If he truly believed in rule of law, he should tell Uncle Sam "It's ok to Canada if you drop the charges against Meng according to your law. We will negotiate with China on Michaels release independently since according to our laws and your laws, the two cases are independent...." πŸ˜‚
  7. After receiving a $1m check to buy toys for winning The Most Politically Correct Canadian Kindergarten Pupil Award by reciting thousands of political-correct books without one word wrong, Aristides is surrounded by hundreds of sales representatives from all sorts of toy stores to sell their toys. Overwhelmed by the rhetoric from these sales representatives, Aristides asks Xul for help to choose which toys he should buy. "Why do you ask me?" Xul is surprised. "I'm just a passerby of the event. We even don't know each other. How could I know what you need?" "I choose you because you are not one of these sales representatives. You are not even my parents or friends," Aristides replies. "Your opinion matters more to me than all from them since you are independent, according to political-correct books I recited." 😜 Independent doesn't mean "telling the truth". Both CNN and FOX are independent from US government, but if you want to lean what President Trump is, you will find quite opposite answers from them.πŸ˜‚ Another Example: The video below shows in 2018, an independent media FOX interviewed an independent columnist Gordon Chang, who was famous for his book The Coming Collapse of China published in 2001. I don't need to post a Chinese state-owned media because everyone know what it says. But regarding the topic of "the Collapse of China", which one was telling the truth? US-China trade war is easy to win: Gordon Chang The one flaw of the independent media theory is that there isn't a media which could be truly independent since it is run by men, just like courts which I mentioned in my first post here. After all, if audience are just like the The Most Politically Correct Canadian Kindergarten Pupil Award winner in my joke above, only taking in all the BS which the media they trusted most feed them without any independent thinking, they will only be the puppet of the media, regardless dependent or independent, to empower the politicians whom are chosen by the mind f**ker to represent its interests. In 2004 German film Downfall, Goebbels claimed "Years ago, I conquered Berlin from the Reds...", and he was generally correct. Years prior to the downfall of Nazi, Nazi Party wasn't the ruling party of Germany, Goebbels' media was independent from the government of Germany then, and Hitler was indeed to be empowered by Germany voters who were under influence of Goebbels' mind manipulating skills.....
  8. The timing is in favor of Trudeau. If the event happened before the federal election, it would give opposite parties lots of ammunition to attack him. Besides, Canada can't hold Meng forever if Canada still wants to play the rule of law stuff. Once Meng was handed over to US or released to China according laws, Canada would lose its leverage aka hostage😜 for negotiation with China on release of Michaels. Of course Biden also has strong motivation to solve the problem. Obviously Trump's trade war against China has bogged down like the German offensive to capture Stalingrad in October 1942 so Biden may want to find a way out before anything worse happens. And Uncle Sam also has little financial problem which needs someone to buy more US treasury bonds.....
  9. Hitler was so stupid that he didn't make Propaganda Ministry a private company and Goebbels its CEO....😜
  10. I have been living in Canada as a PR for a decade.
  11. How could it succeed in establishing loyalty from the tribal and clan chiefs if it was required only to do US's bidding? For example: If Trudeau always says: "I will ban seal hunt in Canada because my US master BC2004 thinks killing seals is brutal... " and "I will encourage Canadian soldiers throwing dogs off cliff because my American master tells me killing dogs is the best way to train soldiers ready to kill enemy in a battle..." How could he get a PM job from Canadian voters in an election?
  12. How could a war be winnable if army guys didn't know where enemy was?😜 Mammals rose to rule the planet after dinosaurs fell. But dinosaurs didn't get extinct because of mammals, but because they couldn't evolve themselves to adapt the changing world. If you compare the speech of President Not Sure in 2006 film Idiocracy with Trump's, you will find the fabricated future US in film even better than the current real US, since at least the the fabricated US president is trying to solve his country's problems, not to avoid facing them.
  13. I remember days ago, someone joked under the news of Canadian federal election results and made me laugh: "How could Trudeau get re-elected since most comments here hate him so much..."πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚
  14. Under the CTV news: I wrote the comment as a reply to someone's comment "These folks are always going places they shouldn't and then expecting their country to bail them out of their deliberate mess." I believed his meant for Michaels, so I replied his post to explain my understanding why they were in China: But my comment disappeared within a minute. I though I might click a wrong button, so I posted it again, and it disappeared again. So I'm sure it wasn't technical. This isn't the first time my comment disappeared under Canadian media's news page. I remember last time my comment was just pure scientific, saying the long term side effects of RNA vaccines were unknown since they were latest technologies which had never been used before. How could someone call these freedom of speech if Geobbels kinds always delete arguments not in favor of their agenda, or in most cases, the comment sections are turned off so readers have no way to comment at all? 😜😎 As for rule of law, my argument is in the quotation. And the incident itself has proven that there even isn't rule at all.πŸ˜‚
  15. If you think political-correctness alone can win a war you are wrong. For example, Indians have freedom of shitting on this public beach, but I guess nobody here wants to go to that beach even if he or she is an Indian Canadian: This video is age restricted. Make sure you are of age before click the link. Nonetheless, political reform did play a rule on defeating Soviet in the Cold War. Just imagine, nowadays if black citizen still had to sitting on the back on a bus and in a cinema, I bet China after Mao's Death, alone with many other none west countries, would join Soviet side, not team up with US and the West, which would change the tide of the Cold War in 1980s. But this isn't the proof of the victory of political-correctness. Back in the time before 1960s, racialism was political-correct and mixing white kids with black kids in the same school was politically incorrect then, at least incorrect in some states of US. It was the courage of choosing to do right thing over follow political-correct books which was left by the founders of the system hundreds years ago helped US to win the Cold War. Nowadays the US's problem is their elite class wrongly interpreted the cause of US's wining and misled the whole nation to believe that cold war/hot war/trade war....would be easy to win if just clinging on politically correct books. No need hard working, no need sacrificing a bit of your freedom for greater good to achieve final victory... Using China, US and India for examples: China: Sacrificing a few months of freedom of roaming on streets and business losses results both daily life and economy almost back to normal since then: US: A few months of mask-free election campaign resulted the covid infection number great again... As for India, a few days of freedom of dreaming of "vaccine superpower" has become the greatest humanitarian disaster after the cold war. Indian Today Mar 9, 2021: Just less than 2 months later: Political-correctness can't help you to achieve the victory against Covid19, but doing right thing at right time can. And the "Right" isn't judged by political doctrines but by science. China wins because except a few weeks in the early stage, the government and people strictly following scientific measures. The US and India failed because their national leaders put political considerations over science.
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