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  1. I'm wondering when will US Navy begin to torpedo Chinese spy drifting bottles....?😜😂
  2. Thank you for not mentioning that deans of hospitals hire doctors... If any dean had enough funds but refused to hire more doctor and buy more medical equipment to fixe his ER waiting time problem, it would be his fault. That provinces are responsible for healthcare systems of their territories does mean federal government can not fund them. Trudeau suggests 'positive' news on health-care talks with provinces could come soon As for schools, I bet some third world countries even haven't any medical schools, but they still have hospitals and doctors, haven't they? Schools won't train more students if no one hire them. If a medical accepts 100 candidates from 500 applicants, do you really think there are too much difference between the #100 and the #101 candidates? The only reason that the #101 is declined is because the school anticipate that there isn't any more needs in labor market. Before the war broke out, I bet every student who graduated from Ukrainian military schools was hired by Ukrainian army, but it doesn't meant that they can't train more soldiers and officers when they need to expend their army now. Canada can not exist without its provinces. This is why Trudeau funds provincial health-care system.
  3. Jan 23 is 2023 Chinese Lunar New Year, which means spring is coming and the weather will become warmer and warmer in China. I think China has passed the crisis caused by abandoning zero-covid policy in the winter. The higher vaccination rate (90% of population) is probably the cause which have saved China from the situation India suffered last year, when most Indian population had not been vaccinated yet.
  4. I think the war has nothing to do with the rights of Russian ethnic in Ukraine. Putin couldn't make Russia great again without annexing Ukraine. Biden couldn't make US great again without knocking Russia out of the game of thrones via the war in Ukraine before dealing with China. This is why the war continues. Maybe before the war, exactly before Putin annexed Crimea, if Ukrainian government was smart enough to adapt your plan, it would have been worked. But now, the stakes of both sides are too high. I even couldn't imagine who would pay the bill of the rebuilding of the country.
  5. If someone from a poor third world country comes to Canada and finds a job, maybe the pay isn't good but he still saves money for donating to his home country's poor people, his action should be considered honorable. But if his won kids is starving but he still does such charity things, his action is no longer honorable but disgraceful, because as a father, his main duty is to feed his own kids in the first place.
  6. Since not every patient going to a ER has life-threatening sickness, I think the other way is to create a transit clinic category between hospital's ER and family doctor. It should be combined with pharmacy and laboratory, and open 24/7, so some patients can be diverted from ER. There should be some kinds of info share mechanism between the new institutes and ERs so if there is a patient they can't handle, the patient can be directly sent to a ER and bypass the triage system of the ER. This kind of institutes can be considered an enhanced walk-in clinic or simplified Hospital without inpatient department. Government can encourage private investors investing on this kind of clinic by offering partial funding or tax breaking, etc. The true disgrace of the system isn't because it fail to someone, but because after all these years, nobody who has the power even wants to find a way to mend the system.
  7. Before answering the question, I have to answer my question in the first post first: I guess those doctors were sitting in cafeteria and posting on an internet forum called Re:Politics: Doctor1 posts: "Iran needs more democracy..." Doctor2 posts: "China needs more freedom...." Army Guy (a military doctor) posts: "Russia needs to buy drones from China..." Real Army Guy here: No way. I know Russia needs drones, even Sleepy Joe knows. But why should I concern things which Putin is supposed to concern instead of concerning what Canadian military needs? This is why I like army guys--they used to go straight to the point-----When asking others how to improve Canadian medical care system, should you ask yourself If you have ever spent a minute considering how to improve the system in the first place? Now lets back to the topic and start with the easiest one: I think the system need to put someone with higher authority and professional training working with the triage nurse together. What is a triage nurse? There is an example: LOL, I apologize to all triage nurses here, and all doctors either. I'm sure you were all doing more important things than sitting in cafeteria posting nonsense on internet. But essentially, a triage nurse's job is just like what the clip of film Idiocracy shows: "according to hospital triage guidelines"----this is the problem caused the tragedy in the first place. Anyone who has experience with any kind of guidelines knows: there always be a flaw in a guideline, something rare happens so the guideline creators neglect to include in. Just like the Idiocracy video clip shows. This is why in China, hospitals always use a doctor to sort emergency patients instead of a nurse.
  8. Not get swept under the rug? Do you know last time, when a man died in ER of a hospital(this poor guy even didn't make to see a doctor before died), politicians, medias....all said they would review the case, find out what's wrong with the system and then fix it. A couple of years has past, what kind of improvement has been applied? As for vote, what good would it achieve if let inmates of concentrate camps vote to choose Hitler or Himmler to be their Fuhrer? Regardless who became the Fuhrer, they would still end up to die, wouldn't they? If CPC creates a ballot like this for Chinese people to choose the president and they hide behind to pull the strings of these puppets, is it much different from the current system?
  9. Canada to purchase U.S. missile defense system for Ukraine? Canadian governments have no money to hire more doctors in hospitals to save their citizens' lives, but has money to buy missiles from US for Ukraine? US, UK, France and Germany donate weapons because they are major arm producers in the world. Why doesn't Canada government just donate some made-in-Canada logs for Ukrainian to build their bunkers? I'm sure bunkers are just as good as SAMs on saving lives from enemy air raid.
  10. N.S. woman dies after waiting 7 hours in hospital ER So where were these people in the first 6 or 7 hours?
  11. I never said Xi had everything under control, but you should notice that the man in your video was saying "The people are the sole masters of their destiny and of the riches of their nation", which is quite the same slogan which western politicians use today to fool their people. Ceausescu's regime collapsed because his system was based on the lie. If other systems which based on the same lie refuse to mend their foundational flew, these systems will also become unstable like Ceausescu's after they spend up all fortunes their colonial forefather left for them. Just imagine, if Ceausescu had a colonial pirate great grandfather who left thousands tons of gold for him so he could use the fortune to buy loyalty from his people (like create a covid subsidy or something😜), he would probably still be alive on that rostrum...until the fortune spends up.
  12. As for priority, I doubt even the interests of American people are put into the priority of the agenda of those politicians who they elected. The whole democracy vs tyranny stuffs are just an excuse of increasing military spending, regardless US is heading the cliff of bankruptcy due to its debts build-up. Even with this excuse, they just couldn't justify their actions. Does someone really believe that without those expensive Future Combat Systems or Littoral Combat Ships, US military just couldn't fight against some third world tyrannies and defend democracy? The whole purpose of these useless projects are just for spending money so some people can take a large amount of gravy from them.
  13. How does a former Future shop sales person feel when he or she heard that Best Buy had closed the store and now the building had become a Mosque? Probably feels nothing. It's just a job. How many people still don't realize that, with modern technologies (especially those unmanned stuffs showed in this video below), nowadays soldiers are no longer the soldiers before the age of information: I guess in the near future, when you say "thank you for your sacrifice" to a military drone operator, his or her reaction probably is: "Sacrifice what? You mean sacrificing humanity by blowing real people via this control console like kids blowing up zombies in their video games?" 😜😢
  14. America first, Brazil second, C....LOL...wish it won't. It seems like democracy systems in the world are falling this way one by one:
  15. It seems like some people here and there will be disappointed with the development of the event. Just found some videos of my home city Beijing from Youtube: Dec 25, 2022 Jan 2, 2023 Jan 7, 2023 And don't forget CNN, BBC, VOA.... kinds' stories: To those who don't know China, I can tell you that I believe the CNN video above, I mean the video only, not the narration, isn't fake, according to my experience with the funeral home when my father dies. By the way, my father died 15 years ago, cancer. Since China has 1.4 billion people, even if every Chinese in China could live 100 years, there would still be 14 millions deaths each year. In China, funeral homes never short of customers. I bet most people here were surprised by how CPC responds the protest because they had been fed by lots of fake news from CNN, BBC, DW.... so I'd like to give you some hints: 1. During truckers protested in Ottawa, if Xi Jinping ordered a couple of his 3000 spies😜 in Canada held placards with "Quit from NATO" mixing among protesters, then ordered Chinese media shooting videos of these guys with true protesters on the background, and added narrations "thousands of Canadian protest in Ottawa, asking to quit from NATO"😂, the fake news might also fool million of Chinese who didn't know Canada well. Someone may say: "Oh, no. Xi won't be that silly." That's true. He won't. But unfortunately, CNN kinds will. 2. CPC doesn't spontaneously reject any protests or criticism from outside of the party. They, just like other rulers of human history, weigh the gains and losses of options and adapt the best for them. The protests just give them the opportunity to cancel the zero-covid policy, which has become obviously unsustainable because other countries don't follow, without being blamed if something goes wrong. If you recall what Canadian politicians did after truckers protests, I don't meat the arrest of the leader of the protesters(though even this part is same between both countries😢), you will know the CPC is just doing the same things.
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