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  1. Thanks. Charities get all the HST back. https://www.canadiancharitylaw.ca/blog/application_of_the_gst_hst_to_canadian_registered_charities-_questions_and_/ https://narrativeresearch.ca/canadians-are-split-with-respect-to-whether-religious-institutions-should-be-allowed-to-maintain-their-tax-exempt-status/
  2. Don't hate you, never said that. You seem to think anyone that does not agree with you hates you. Not very christian of you LOL I tolerate everyone that speaks intelligently and does not preach. Are you actually accusing me of having mental issues??? Seriously? A person of god is actually calling someone crazy?? Wow!! Even if I put you on ignore, I see your posts because you comment on other peoples posts. And besides, I want to be able to comment when you besmirch me. After your post you are saying I am threatening???
  3. So, I am intolerant of you as I have described numerous times. Don't like it? Tough. Bible truths is a completely different topic. The bible is a story book with very little, if any, factual references. Storeys can be based on facts but facts are not storeys. You are not the only one I cannot tolerate but, in this forum, you are certainly it. I could not care less about "other churches", the thrust of this thread is you. I have never made a "false claim" about you. I have expressed my distaste of you and your posts and how I cannot tolerate your take. I try to ignore you but you interject and insert your biblical bs into almost every thread. It's like walking through a pond of religious leaches and you keep attaching yourself
  4. Your constant banter, all of it. It is like having a Jehovah Witness ring your doorbell every 10 minutes trying to convert me. LOL
  5. Where I came form is totally immaterial and why it is an obsessive concern of your is interesting LOL Incorrect, intolerance is just expressing distaste and dislike of certain things. Fanaticism and extremism are some. I am also intolerant of bee stings and mosquito bites. Your assumption of bigotry and hate is very unchristian of you that is supposed to love all LOL Basic bible belief may be common (although I would have to have proof of that) but religious fanaticism and extremism you display is more cult like than anything. Never once said I was intolerant of people that believe in the bible, just you. I fully agree and believe in "freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and other basic freedoms", it is you that does not believe in the right to not agree with you. All the posts in this thread are against you and your attitude and preaching.
  6. Heck no. No hate or anger at all. Just intolerance. A struggle against religious fanaticism and those that display it. It is on thing to have beliefs. It is one thing to have strong beliefs. It is quite another to argue and demean and smear others that clearly do not agree with you. That is fanaticism and in your case, religious fanaticism. Not just religious but singular religion.
  7. So, christians killing christians??? How appropriate and god like is that LOL You misunderstand or misconstrue. It is you specifically that I am intolerant of, not the entire sect or even religion in general. My background, religious or otherwise is absolutely immaterial when discussing you and your zealous and belligerent attitude. And what country I came from??? There is no nationality required to identify belligerence, there are belligerents everywhere. I am intolerant of all belligerent zealots that accuse those of all number of things that do not agree with them. What I believe is as immaterial because it is you that I am talking to and about, not a religion or sect or cult. My personal life, which has been outstanding, is equally immaterial when talking about you.
  8. Yes, you are correct, I am very intolerant of people like you. I am very tolerant of people hold religious beliefs, particularly christian, Jewish, Islam, Hindu, buddihsm and aboriginal Mother Earth religion amongst others. It is people like you though, that give all religions a bad name and taste in their consciousness. You drive more people away form religious beliefs than you gather.
  9. He is not the only one accusing you. While you may not like it. The Pope is a world leader and gets the same respect, pomp and ceremony any other political gets. While I do not agree with CdnFox on many things, he is right and it is you that seems out of control with your constant christian banter and demonizing of those that do not agree with you. You are the worst kind of religious zealot. Using the funeral of police officer heros to further your christian ideals. You are a shame to chrisians and religion in general.
  10. Which is tax deductible. And when they close and sell the church, it is all profit. Churches do not , in any way contribute to law and order. As a matte=r of fact, they sometimes harbour criminals as they claim sanctuary.
  11. I think that is a rectal pluck. Certainly there is a cost associated with the visit if any head of state (which to Pope is deemed) but, the costs are primarily internal, security, staging, public personnel travel and in this case, incredible amounts to indigenous associations.
  12. I think PP will be as politically correct as the present guy. He cannot afford no to. It is a shame though that concentrating on real issues like health and finances takes a back seat to political correctness and bowing and appeasing minority groups. (for all parties) Considering being democratically elected depends on majority, a lot is being done to appease a few. Have we become a society of a few? Or are there so many minority groups that they have become the majority?
  13. Chuckle. So much banter, so little content.
  14. Do you have any idea how you look to other people right now?
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