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  1. I can't even picture you picturing me ... why would you do that?? You don't agree or even like anything I say yet you try so hard. Seems you are the child having a hissy fit every time I post about your BS. Put me on ignore and move on LOL
  2. Oh, the imaginary one in your head?? LOL
  3. Visibility here, on one persons single minded posts is nothing. Anyway, my gripe is not with you so, be well and have a good day.
  4. I never argued his statistics. I let others do that.... and they did and do it well.
  5. I suppose you are right. I just don't like anyone spreading mis or dis information.
  6. It doesn't bother me except that a person that has nothing but one subject and when shut down, just starts another thread. I am not so sure we agreed that the vaccination had no benefit. I am just tired of the same old same old. And on and on. Another Mikey??
  7. For a guy that did not watch one minute of the proceedings, you sure have a lot to say about what went on during them. I am not going to play hypothetical games with you. No what ifs with you. Your closed mindedness has been obvious for as long as I have read your posts. Give it up Dude, you have no credibility nor any insight on the commission . LOL
  8. Do you realize that you are basically seen on here as a conspiracy theorist? Then again there’s an abundance of foolishness holding court on this forum from some of you.
  9. 100% it is my opinion of watching the commison. The unfortunate thing is that we cannot discuss it very well since you saw none of it so, I am not sure what your opinion is worth? I saw clips. The convoy attorneys never showed them, let alone even brought them up and the first 2 weeks or more were all about what went on at the protest. You are right, "what conspiracy theories"? The protesters lawyers mentioned "events" and then were asked where the evidence was and they had none. That is debunking LOL Prove what? You are correct, what were the convoy lawyers and witnesses trying to prove? The commissioner asked them that a lot. There was plenty of time and opportunity to rip the government a new one and they did not. The protest lawyers did nothing but make statements and then asked if the government witness agreed. If they did, they made more statements. If they did not agree, they just went on anyway. I waited for questions, for zingers to nail the witness and that never happened. Even the commissioner and other lawyers kept asking, is there ever going to be a question. Arguing with me is pointless. I have already said, several times, nothing will become of this. It will just be another report sitting in archives. As for being scripted, are you saying the convoy lawyers and convoy organizers and civil liberty legal staff all scripted their points, statements and few questions they asked? That they all colluded not to cross examine the government witnesses? Or are you saying the convoy legal team and government legal team got together and planned all the 6 weeks of questions and answers?? FFS Dude, wake up. LOL
  10. You are correct. That is where the convoy lawyers and witnesses failed miserably. The government witnesses answered all the questions it was asked by all adversaries and lawyers and organizations. As I saw it, there were lots of questions and time spent about the first weekend and a few days thereafter. Too much in my opinion. The outcome of that, again in my opinion, was that the whole police actions were completely disorganized and they got in each other way. The protest ended up what it was because the authorities on the ground could not reach consensus on what to do. When it finally got to the enactment of the EMA, they asked what the provinces thought and Alberta and Ontario were not in favour but, by that time, and the other provinces remained silent. At the point of enactment, the provinces did not need to be asked because it was a federal determination and seemingly pressure form the US was pretty intense and it had to be stopped. I am not sure how the commissioner will see all this but, regardless if he chastises or agrees with the government, it will just be another report that gets sent to public archives and festers there with the hundreds of others. One side or the other will claim victory but, no consequence so......
  11. A coach or player should always wait till after the game to diss the opponent. Crapping on the opponent before the game only motivates them and it sure did that for Croatia..
  12. 100% Also as I said, no one is obligated to agree with anyone. What is surprising is that none of the "evidence " (that has been displayed here since February) was deemed true or significant or provable to be used in the commission cross examinations. I was anti convoy because the convoy was for the border crossing issue but when the US prevented Canadian truckers form entering, they no lonnger had a grievance against Canadian government. Then it became a anti vaxx issue but, the vaccination mandates were primarily provincial so that was moot. Then it just became whatever it was and it was disruptive of my city. And then, it was just forum banter here.
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