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  1. Where are they? There is a shortage of workers and admin at almost every hospital in the country. All complaining about the working condition but hey, dangle money in front of their noses and guess what...they come back....to the same working conditions but with more pay.
  2. Do you travel the 401 or 400? Point is, adding 69 charging stations along 1000 kms of highway with gawd only knows how much traffic is a joke. Makes for interesting news release but is just not realistic. And why should taxpayers subsidize those rich enough to buy a EV's? Stop subsidization (even Musk says to stop) and see the sales take a nose dive.
  3. Yes and I stand by that. If pipelines are not going to be built and especially to the East, we will be worse than Germany. We here in Ontario just had a huge windstorm and out electricity went out in some cases for 2 or more weeks,. The infrastructure we have is very vulnerable and yet, we do little or nothing to upgrade. Yes, homes are being "electrified" but we do not have capacity and brown outs as it is, making new homes all electric only exasperates the problem and then you also want everyone to go EV. Gotta be able to provide before making substantial changes.
  4. Only responding to another poster whining about Tam getting a raise.
  5. Nuclear? You think nuclear power plants grow if you plant a seed? It takes decades to plan, develop and get permissions then decades longer to build. LNG? We do not export LNG.....yet. Natural Gas in housing is being phased out https://www.ecohome.net/guides/3667/when-will-natural-gas-be-phased-out-usa-canada-uk/
  6. You may be right but, like the house prices, the market and what someone is willing to pay determines worth. Also may not like it but there is a definite hierarchy within work and a salary commensurate with it.
  7. So? Her salary is not out of line for top medical professionals. Ottawa hospital CEO makes over $600K per year for just running a city hospital. https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/ottawa-hospital-ceo-tops-sunshine-list-in-ottawa
  8. Who the F is Susan Dunham and why is her opinion any different than several of you on this forum? "Only weeks ago, it was the admitted goal of our own leaders to make life unlivable for the unvaccinated. "??? Really? Admitted by who?? Another BS unfounded claim. Anyway, hers is just another opinion and worth exactly as much as a pro vax opinion.
  9. Canada is, or will be, in the same situation soon. About 50% of Canada's electric supply is hydroelectricity. No new sources are even in planning stages. No nuclear electrical generation stations are being planned either. Almost 10% is still generated by coal and natural gas is also about 10% We are far from future proof. We are the same as Germany, maybe worse? https://energyrates.ca/the-main-electricity-sources-in-canada-by-province/
  10. Don't for one second think Costco or Walmart or any other retailer do not want to sell plastic bags for a nickle. That is the biggest profit maker for them and, it is constant. Sell one cloth reusable bag or sell plastic bags ten thousand times. Recycling is a farce. A waste of taxpayers money. No one uses or buys old plastics and the countries that used to take that stuff no longer wants it. Reality is that recycling plastics is BS.
  11. See through for sure. There is no political affiliation to see. I am right, facts that are current are worthwhile. Stale facts are just that, stake and most likely no longer valid as things change too quickly. I make no insults, I call em as I see em. That is not insulting, that is my opinion, just like you have opinions on my take on things and voice them. I have brought many current facts and information (and no, I will not play your you show me yours and I will show you mine game). I can call you out on your old news as you can call me out on my current info anytime. That is what debate is all about.
  12. Don't need facts to make statements...then again, maybe the statement is the fact??
  13. No, I am a defender of everyones opinion. We all have one and are entitled to it. Something you seem to forget and ignore. All must agree with you or they are incompetent or lame? Sad you are so close minded.
  14. Provincial?? Ottawa is in Ontario. The airports are Federal. Sounds like Toronto YYZ is the zoo and the problem. I don't make assumptions about anyone. Neither should you with your sophisticated traveller remark. As for supporting my politics, you or anyone would have a difficult time with that as I have no political affiliation. Just because I do not support or believe your position does not make me wrong or you right.
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