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  1. Michael, as long as the public demands, the public will get. We are where we are because that is what we asked for. Will it change in the future "quickly based on things like changing media, economy though.", all we can do is wait and see. I hope we are not talking past each other. I hope that our debate makes each of us look at things slightly differently.
  2. You are the worst kind of fool. You make statements and demands not knowing what oyu are asking or why. Boo Hoo, no one tells me everything that is going on Boo Hoo. LOL Know nothing but think you have some sort of right to know. Well, loser, you lose. You have no right to know, at all.
  3. The fishermen have had a chance and opportunity to help themselves but why...if (and when) they F**k up they have no one but themselves to whine about LOL
  4. 1. The unfortunate things is there is no tolerance (from the public or legislature) for imagination. They bound and sworn to do what they are directed, by the rule book. 2. Well, if doing what you are sworn and bound to do is success, then it is. 3. Michael, success is doing and accomplishing your end goal and that is to do what is expected. 4. Michael, there is no "culture of public service". They are servants by every definition of the word. Do as they are told by all, including you and officials.
  5. So sad, your one trick is old. Everybody knows how feeble you are now LOL
  6. You, the one trick pony ,is riding again LOL There is no left vs right. All governments govern to satisfy their electorate, regardless of which side of the fence they live on. You forget , or are incapable of realizing, that the governed get what they ask for....through their elected legislators. Bottom liner loser, is you get what you wanted. When will you get that the government is you....and your desire to be governed. LOL
  7. Nope, just telling you why it is what it is. People like you demand and your legislators decide if they should give it to you or if you are a flake and not worth the effort of pleasing you. Nope, all work takes time and the more effort you want to impose, the more delay you build into the work. Ha! You get told the truth and the way it is and all you got is stfu??? LOL What a loser and a losing quest,
  8. 1. 2. 3. Thing is, all public servants are beholding to whatever the rules and regs within that department and whatever the situation is. The "bible" of public service is the supply manual and it is a frightening convoluted document that has either to process, procedure or direction to specific other rules regs and legislation. We are so overwhelmed with these it is easy to get lost and confused. https://www.tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca/app-acq/dpa-ppd-eng.html 4. What I mean by excellence in the case of PS work output is that they do it all exactly within the rules. Often not to the satisfaction of the public but, the rules are there because the public demanded them. 5. Not sure why the confusion. If they do the job as required, it certainly is not failure, not even bad so, it is done excellently (sarcastically). 6. Bob Rae flummoxed? When? While NDP leader that nearly killed Ontario and said "“The Liberals are a beanbag kind of party that looks like the last person that sat in it.”"? While he was a Liberal MP that did little? While Liberal leader that did nothing? And now has become some sport of senior diplomat? Thing is Bob Rae though he was king of the hill and when actual laws, rules and regs stood in the way of his philosophy, he failed. Bob Rae hit the brick wall of previous legislation and made some of his own. Bottom line is public servants only do what they can within the rules. They will not do otherwise until those rules change.
  9. 1. Outsourcing is done because politicians feel the PS are lazy, too expensive and cannot do the job. I wish I could tell you what outsourcing of Military aviation maintenance has cost and done to Military moral. 2. You (we) demand and the government gives.... hence horrendous deficits. 3. Blaming public service management is a red herring. Blaming people that are there to ensure legislated policy, procedures, rules and regulations are complied with should be thanked, not shat upon. As a manager, it was my responsibility to make sure what the workers did or are doing falls within all the rules was my most important function. The fact that many of the rules and regs were a pain in the a$$ or stupid was not my authority to change them. Just to make sure the public gets what they want and under the legislation. managers doing their job. 4. Well, prescribe? The thing is if all is within the rules, then it is excellence. Stupid rules, mind bending regulations, !diotic legislation perhaps but, the folks are doing what they are supposed to be doing. When you were in the PS, I am sure what you did was as required, not as what you thought was better. You cannot (or extremely rarely) make better rules or processes from within. We elect people to do what is best for us and make things even better
  10. Yes, for many many years . You are now insulting all coaches for their time, dedication and effort?? Coaching football , or any other sport is dealing with the sport, the competition, and ever changing situations. It is getting the 30 to 50 kids all on the same page for the same goal. Something a couch potato keyboard warrior like you is unable to comprehend and understand. Dealing with parents is easy, you don't like what I am doing with your kid, take him away. So, now I am a m0ron parent? Parent?? Because you do not have a better argument to put forth?? Perhaps you are just a plain m0ron because you have no clue and cannot find any fault with my comments??
  11. Yeah, when the government outsources work, it always costs more and adds to the bureaucracy. I cannot think of any departmental outsourcing that has saved time or money. The thing is, there are too many people, like to ones here on this forum, that demand to know everything that goes on all the time. With outsourcing, that means 2 places to monitor and explain. In my tenure in the public service, I was stunned to know how much the workers wanted to do things efficiently (or differently) but were constantly stymied by the requirements of the process which was demanded by the public. rules, regulations, processes and procedures were only ever changed because some elected official or public demand caused it. You are right, the cure (to what actually?) will always be worse. The public seems to think that if the government does it , the cost is hing but in reality, if the government does not do it, then someone else will and that cost seven more.
  12. I hate to say it but the way our government departments function is totally our fault. Having worked within, I can say that most public servants follow the rules before them and the real unfortunate thing is the rules are set because of public demand. Demand for transparency led to more rules and checks and balances and therefore added time and effort for every task. Demand for accountability also led to more processes and procedures and therefore more personnel to do that work and that led to extra time and effort. Demand for dental care will require a huge requirement for personnel, office space, procedures and processes and audit trails and...transparency and accountability and all that will entail. The public demand for pharma care will be, well, you know the drill. Setting up a department ti manage such a huge undertaking will not be easy or cheap. The fact of the matter is, if you demand something and they cave in and give it to you, it cannot be cheap and certainly not be easy. The more you want from government at any level is going to cost you and increase bureaucracy. There is no other way. So really, are departments broken or, are they so burdened with demanded rules and requirement and appeasements that they can barely breath? It is easy to criticize but, if you or anyone has a better, more efficient, more open, cheaper way, please step forward.
  13. Nope, Like I said, those on oil rigs and mines work far more hours per day than teachers, 12+ hrs per day (@2244 + hrs) versus 6 hrs per day for teachers (1020 hrs). Plus they work underground or in the cold and rain and snow and ice versus in a heated or cooled classroom. So, my point about teachers is that it is pretty soft, well paid , comfortable job. And yes, I coached football and had 36 to 50 kids, 2+ hrs per day, and game days for 6 months per year (plus off season training as well) Suck back q-bececker, teachers have a soft high paying job already. Lastly, I have teachers in my family and can assure you that none are overworked or poor and have the best pensions and benefits in the country. (in North America)
  14. Nope, miners or oil rig workers (and I know a lot of oil rig workers) go into the mines or on the rigs and stay for 2 or more weeks at a time and work many hours per day and then go back out for 2 weeks. They work their asses of f. On an annual hourly work, they work far more then teachers. And they get diddly shit from government. And if you in any way trying to compare working in a mine or an oil t=rig to sitting in a warm or air conditioned classroom, you are waaay out to lunch LOL Nice try though LOL
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