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  1. https://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/politique/2022-09-24/societe-saint-jean-baptiste/une-petition-lancee-pour-exiger-l-abolition-de-la-monarchie-au-quebec.php The Québecois are already starting. Admittedly the SSJB is fairly radical, but PQ and QS could pick this up. We will have to see if federal leaders also pick up on this for whether there will be a reaction from the other Quebec parties. During the recent debates most Quebec candidates did not want to talk about this as they all said it is extremely low-priority and they do not want to re-open this Pandora's Box.
  2. Good points and yes emotion is present. It is the democracy-inclined that are more emotionally encouraged to pursue victory and prevent their beacon from being dimmed than the oppressed are inclined to fight for a side they know may be immoral. I would prefer the Chamberlains booted in favour of Churchills for even when one has had to stand alone for what is right, one who stands alone for what is right will soon be standing with many. Stability at home is only aided by defeating oppression and expanding democracy. When the West backed down like in Vietnam and North Korea, those nations faced worse fates than when the West persevered. Stability at home and IR are two different ballgames often without connection. The game of chess played by NATO is overly cautious when one removes the veil of institutions such as EU and NATO. Prior to the EU and NATO, democracies naturally and even unintentionally worked together to spread prosperity and succeeded.
  3. Oh, the propaganda, the refugees, the migrants, the scare tactics, the "nuclear blackmail" (mainstream media LOL), the Russia sending in 300,000 "cannon fodders" which in WWII eventually led to Russian successes, the humanitarian disasters, the war crimes. The madness must stop. Remember when NATO and the CIA use to have the balls to smuggle whatever fighter jets and weapons Ukraine would need into Ukraine to smash the tyrannical invaders threatening a fledgling democracy? Ukraine is and was a far-from-perfect democracy, but they were on their way as all democracies were at some time including Canada. When USA was founded it was because believers in democracy booted out tyrannical oppressors, when the democratic nations of the world stood up to Nazism and Commnunism we won, when Greece invented democracy they too stood up to tyrannical invaders. Since when in history came the proof that it is required to broadcast to Putin exactly your plans for Ukrainian support? You just need to defend your democratic allies by any means necessary without cowering in fear and you will win.
  4. I am about to go watch some of these debates. If the Quebec Conservatives are able to pull a substantial number of votes, those votes will most likely come from CAQ and PQ, so that CAQ majority that is "guaranteed" in the polls might be thinner than expected. Any way this goes, the opposition parties will be very opposed in terms of ideology, region and supported socioeconomics. Maybe Quebec election 2026 is now making out to be very exciting.
  5. I simply have trouble believing the polls that the CAQ has such high urban support. It could be that the majority of Quebekers are still living in April 2020. But it also could be that urban CAQ voting intentions are exaggerated by the CAQ's popularity in the regions in the polling. The CAQ will still probably win, but the Liberals and QS will do better than expected. The continuing series of debates might also continue to raise PQ support, which would vote-split in a way to also encourage my previous hypothesis.
  6. Transportation is far from the entire problem. Are you also going to slap a tax on poorly insulated homes or poorly insulated homes' heating bills, in order to subsidize home retrofitting and renovations which make homes more energy efficient; slap a tax on appliances which are energy hungry in order to subsidize appliances which are more energy efficient; slap a tax on factories which are more polluting in order to subsidize less polluting factories; slap a tax on high-carbon farms in order to subsidize farms which are less carbon intense; slap a tax on imported items which are capable of being produced locally in order to subsidize more locally produced items?
  7. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-62874044 Australian politicians including the Prime Minister believe they will soon have a debate and referendum on keeping or leaving the monarchy. Canada is in the same boat with same constitutional institutions.
  8. If we could put religion aside for a moment, Legault and Duplessis both win based more on rural ridings, Quebec nationalism, and openly handing out goodies for votes (inflation subsidies, Quebec City 3rd bridge or tunnel). Of course the CAQ will win handily. The Quebec Liberals are grasping at straws that are blowing in the win. FYI I am not old, I just read about history a lot. The only questions are how many progressive urban ridings will the QS take and will the Qc Cons take enough if any rural ridings to scare the CAQ.
  9. Putin is sane, and the Russian view of the conflict is very different than that of the West, it is that of pro-Moscow influence expansion. When Putin failed to install a pro-Moscow government in Ukraine through their elections, he then tried to do so through threatening Kiev with a 40km long tank convoy, and after logistical issues, having failed again, he has decided that taking eastern territory by brutal force will both expand the territory of the Russian people and also put pressure on the rest of Ukraine to appease Russia. As long as certain Western military-industrial complex elites can enrich themselves from the weapons sales, there is little impetus to force peace, especially since the West isn't even officially sending any soldiers.
  10. There is going to be a 2022 provincial election in Quebec. Some of you will not care but the some of us that do care do not need that comment. The political parties running are all a bit of a disappointment. The CAQ is going to run on its reputation of pulling through the pandemic even though it did not do much better than most other jurisdictions and has recently been throwing pre-election goodies around such as direct subsidies to drivers' license fees and electric bills. The Quebec Liberals are now headed by an ex-CAQ high-up who has not been very inspiring and flip-flopping for votes. Québec Solidaire and the Parti Québecois might be competing against each other for the most sovereigntist votes but that does not matter very much anymore because even that combined vote would not result in a large breakthrough. The Conservative Party of Quebec on the other hand seems to have a chance at garnering enough support from disenfranchised and far-right voters to make an impact with a few seats up from non-existence. In a way this feels like a return to the Maurice Duplessis era.
  11. Yes. Having said that, would it not be prudent to take into consideration that Turkey is county more than entirely probable to at some point in the future elect a government sympathetic to regimes like those in Iran and the Taliban? Of course Turkey is a also a perfect geographical buffer as Yzermandius19 said. So, if/when unfavourable to the West regime change happens in Turkey, what are we left with? We would be left with a NATO member state threatening or determined to leave in favour of support from Iran, Russia (for strategic reasone), etc.? This is a recipe far more likely to lead to WWIII than a land invasion of eastern Ukraine.
  12. This is the NATO thread. What do you think about Turkey's membership? Turkey is a Muslim county that has tied itself to Western economy and this military alliance, and does it really fit in? During the Cold War oh the games that were played with missles here and missles there so the USA and Soviet Union could threaten each other, and of course Turkey fit nicely into the Americans' hands as a strategic point to plop down missles and military bases. I can see Turkey easily again becoming the 'sick man in Europe.'
  13. Ukrainians will need to improve their war machine and be supplied by higher quality weapons from the West in order to define Ukraine, and may need to let go of a few Russian-speaking towns in the east.
  14. Well, the first video, despite being clearly NATO propaganda, certainly makes a good argument for the continuation of NATO. NATO clearly defends democracy against dictatorship and terrorism, in theory and in practice, despite all of NATO and its members' shortcomings. The second video's Neptune exercise was certainly useless in deterring Putin from invading Ukraine and utilizing Russian Navy to assist; the third video shows NATO member fighters ready to defend NATO countries but perhaps also potentially provoke Russia in the same way Russian fighters fly very close to NATO airspace.
  15. Can you please further explain the Pierre Trudeau reference so there is no confusion? There are many causes of this war: NATO and EU encroachment into former Soviet states, Putin unable mentally to leave the Cold War behind, Putin obsession with having pro-Kremlin governments in former Soviet states, historical Russian expansionism into Eastern Europe, West opting not to properly supply Ukrainian military, Ukraine being historically Eastern and not Western European leading to West hesitancy to expand eastward, essentially non-response of West when Russia invaded Crimea, list could go on but these are the major ones.
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