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  1. Justin Trudeau was adored by the younger crowd and women . . . now, eight years later, that younger crowd has come to realize that very many of them will never have a piece of the pie . . . never have a home, never get the good jobs, not afford to raise a family, pay larger and larger taxes. Boy, that's some bright future! "Sunny ways my friend" has turned into a quagmire for them. Maybe that's why those once young voters are looking around for a better deal . . . Justin Trudeau's time has come, the damage to our country has been done . . .
  2. Would you know how to look after you and yours if you couldn't shop for groceries/etc. ?
  3. Does anyone honestly believe that Canada can sustain yet another term of a Justin Trudeau Liberal government?
  4. Pierre Poilievre has taken the time to answer 'hard' questions on camera with direct answers. All archived for your viewing pleasure . . . no surprises there. Your 'boy' Justin cannot answer any direct question without diving into his 'canned' monologue of climate change. Take a chance on Pierre Poilievre . . . . cannot be any worse than your 'boy' Justin . . . . Texted Ms. Ambrose asking if she'd consider throwing her hat in the ring . . . . she thanked me for asking and said that her family was more important.
  5. Justin Trudeau truly is the zero . . . what are the chances of electing another zero to follow? The kid delivering your newspaper, or the gal handing you your coffee at the Timmy's drive through has no less qualifications to run this country than Justin Trudeau. At present, we're governed by an image. An image that citizens are weary of . . .
  6. Hold him for trade . . . oh, sorry! China already owns this country.
  7. (Leafs blue) Become a contrary Leafs fan, bask in their chronic underachievement, wear their logo upside-down, wager with friends that they'll lose the next 2-3-? games . . . . enjoy slagging the overpaid wankers. You'll find the smile returning to your face, a spring to your step, and a complete joy returning to your soul.
  8. What's the score with you Dougie ? ⚽ Are you playing some kind of game here ? 🏈
  9. Can take the boy out of Toronto, but just can't take the Toronto out of the boy . . . look around, you're out west now.
  10. Have you considered an 'Anger Management' program, or perhaps a refresher for a previous Anger Management program? Help is there for you . . . seek it out.
  11. Chrystia Freelunch is heartbroken . . .
  12. With Manitoba and BC included, separation would be viable . . . Also born and raised there. Their concerns have merit.
  13. No you've made assumptions that are not applicable to me . . . I only speak for me. No matter what my stated heritage, my sister and I were brought up in the belief system that hard work, expect no favors, be thankful for the favors you do receive, and take responsibility for your successes and failures . . . . very different from the majority of 1/2 my heritage. I think Conservative . . . . and do not want/need recognition for something I had no choice in.
  14. If you're referring to FI (first immigrant) land claims . . . the FI and the leftist federal & provincial governments don't care about anything except themselves. Politicians handing over your tax money and title to make the themselves 'big' in their own eyes. FI's are likely laughing at you Mike . . . . but, carry on CHUMP.
  15. We live in the 'land of plenty' . . . food and fuel in abundance, yet we collectively cower when foreign and domestic elected dipshits shame us into believing we can do nothing without their exalted guidance. We've become a sad land of blind and gullible sheep. We don't deserve the gifts this land has for us. Go hide under the bed . . . .
  16. You're annoyed with the high price of fuel, and implied that folks shouldn't buy it. Again, what is your solution for the folks that need fuel to be able to get to work? People will need heating oil in the near future . . . . should they huddle under blankets to show the oil companies that their heating fuel isn't needed. herbie, do you have a job that you need fuel to get to? Are you employed?
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