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  1. Every thread you participate in . . . . . ends up the same. You just can't accept the fact that other folks question your belief that 2 + 2 = 7. The truckers in Ottawa have an issue . . . . . your PM is hiding behind Mom's couch in his cardboard fort. Wooden sword and in one of his many costumes . . . buccaneer perhaps? Your PM has pissed-off a very large segment of this country and continues to do so with his inflammatory discriminatory statements. He is a flop. You can put all the sugar you want on a Turd . . . . but, at the end of the day you still have a Turd.
  2. Well, here we go again . . . . . Ox being gored? Maybe 'religion' is your sacred cow? You're being played . . . . wake up. 'Awake'
  3. The Prime Minister is a chronic liar . . . . . . countless instances.
  4. So says you. Take your pulpit down there (by transport truck) and preach to them the error of their ways . . . repent!
  5. CBC . . . . the premiere 'news source'
  6. Yes, they do decay. Some bones faster than others from the same source. Air exposed, acidic soil, shadow, and wetness are all factors.
  7. Erin O'Toole tried to appeal to the younger fence-sitters in the last election with his Liberal-like policies . . . reveled mid-election. It didn't catch on with the fence-sitters, and he lost backbone Conservatives doing so. His days have come and gone . . . . everything now is just a waste of time. Any smart Conservative can see this. The job (if elected) is a no-win situation with a ransacked economy, rising inflation, and a somewhat lazy and entitled younger working class. Any leader inheriting the present mess is a one term leader. Would like to see a vibrant intelligent young woman at the helm. But again, if she's intelligent, she'll never throw her hat in the ring. Trudeau can do no wrong . . . . (he doesn't know right from wrong) he'll win the next election.
  8. That only happens after the Vancouver Canucks get their asses kicked in the final playoff game . . .
  9. You have no concept of the western NA native religions. It's not about 'saving' everything . . . . Your religion is the false one.
  10. Justin Trudeau is an enemy of Canada. A traitor with no redeeming value.
  11. From another website . . . . Justin has gone into isolation re: Covid exposure. Sorry, no link . . . . CTV Rachel Aiello / CTVNews.ca Online Politics Producer
  12. 'Mass graves' . . . and . . . 'genocide' Those words go together as easily as 'Money' . . . and . . . 'guilt' 'Bullshit' . . . stands alone.
  13. There's a difference between 'mass graves' and a grave yard with graves now unmarked due to neglect and time. 'Mass graves' sells . . . . and that is exactly what this is., and the governments are buying.
  14. The basis of the NA native belief system is mother earth, father sky . . . . they lived that everyday. It could treat you good or kill you. Then along come the pale people . . . telling about following a star, birth without copulation, burning in their hell, etc., etc., bla,bla bla. Your post is so much elk shit. How arrogant can you be . . . .
  15. Skippy likes his carbon tax . . . . he's had his head up his ass for so long, he thinks that is a normal atmosphere.
  16. Why so angry MH? Your posts were readable at one time. Now you're lashing out at everyone that dares to question anything you post.
  17. Specific media: CBC You've shown your 'Justinfatuation' countless times here. Does any one believe you're not a Federal Liberal? Guessing . . . No!
  18. Afterlife? Who can tell? The late Tom Petty quipped in one of his songs . . . . "I guess I'll know when I get there."
  19. You live in a bubble Michael. It's good that you do.
  20. Do you not see how much Federal and Provincial governments have inched into our everyday lives on so many fronts? You and Michael can wring your hands as to how to phrase what's happening to this country . . . meanwhile it continues. Many are alarmed.
  21. Some folks say . . . . tracking by vaccination serum. The Federal Govt. is not your friend. 💉
  22. I was being facetious . . . . Justin & Jagmeet, the Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy of Canadian politics. We should be proud. The only question is who is sitting on whose knee?
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