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  1. So, are you saying Harper was no different than Trudeau, and possibly worse?
  2. Mr. Harper seemed to do a better job than your 'man crush' Justin . . .
  3. Perhaps Pierre Poilievre believes like so many others do . . . that a person does not need a (middleman) mainstream/organized religion of any type to be in closeness with their creator? If, in fact, that's the reality for Pierre Poilievre, hat's off to him.
  4. Would the above explain your bitterness and negativity? Hoping PP can generate some enthusiasm for us all . . .
  5. The Liberal/NDP brain-dead penguins are at it again. Creepy and disturbing.
  6. Apples & oranges . . . TransMountain will make $$ / CBC, not so.
  7. Again, you make my point . . . . dry your tears crybaby, CBC will soon be cut down to size and you'll have to find an alternate news source from the many available. Carry on crybaby . . .
  8. You make my point . . . dry your tears, get over yourself, and carry on.
  9. Deflection? Whine? . . . do your own research on quality news sources. There are quite a few to choose from, and your whining is becoming tiresome . . . .
  10. Is your beloved CBC trustworthy anymore? I don't think so. Blatant Liberal bias. The public is on to them now as the drop in listeners/watchers attest. Over produced, over priced, with a diminishing clientele . . . . a government success story.
  11. CBC is poor quality, that's a given . . . anything 'alternative' is worse in your left wing perspective? Do your own research and conclusions. You seem to be content with the Liberal message from CBC. Carry on . . .
  12. CBC is the obscure overfunded propaganda arm of the federal Liberals. It may be your choice for 'news' but, thankfully more Canadians want it downsized/disbanded now . . . .
  13. CBC's best days are behind them. It's propaganda junque radio now.
  14. Dare to comment on how much better a Caterpillar belly scraper (building yet another hydro dam so the MH's in this world can plug in their EV's) does the job burning diesel fuel, greased and even painted with a petroleum product so much better than a solar powered/electric machine . . . wtf Guessing those Liberal wankers and brain-dead penguins that think up this crap have never been in any industry that makes the wheels of this country go 'round. Pffffft!
  15. Neon neck . . . puts a smile on my face when thinking of the gutless dork PM.
  16. Darkside of the moon would be a great place to establish garbage dumps. Solar powered cargo rockets full of trash. Old tires and mountains of collected plastic in your backyard? . . . off to the launch pad with you! Rocket away your trash. Outta' sight, outta' mind. Fleets of garbage rockets lifting off every sunny day . . . what could be better than that?
  17. The Libtard's won't be happy till she's burned at the stake . . . Canada! What canada?
  18. Just curious . . . If Donald Trump had a balding man's short haircut, and spoke in a calm manner in public, had not gone on social media, and generally exuded a calm and happy countenance . . . would you like him? Were his policies anti-American, as our PM's policies are anti-Canadian? Did Trump have the American citizens best interests in mind? How bad was he overall, or is a visual impression . . . ??
  19. Nothing's your fault . . . you've shown your distaste and arrogance for anyone willing to question and try to break the ever increasing seep of government into everyday lives. To use your overused term . . . 'you people' in reference to you eyeball, you're what's part of the big problem Canada has.
  20. You're a very unhappy person. Why are you so embedded with the federal Liberals when they've underachieved to the degree they have? What would make you happy?
  21. The sad part is that there are no repercussions for Trudeau's countless failures . . . blackface, groping, lying, etc., etc.
  22. "The cabin boy, the cabin boy! . . . that dirty little nipper . . . . . . . . . . "
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