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  1. The Canadian voter is lazy and self-serving. Unable to comprehend the meaning of compromise, and unable to see the long term effects that voting in an inept fool will have on the future. Yes, Trudeau is the perfect leader for stupid Canadians. They deserve each other.
  2. Wondering if a 'Wokie Pride' parade would be appropriate at this time . . . . ? Followed by a politically correct carnival of 'virtue -signal'izers and other assorted freaks. Pinatas of Sir John A., Doug Ford, Stephen Harper, etc. . . . . . nothing quite as exciting as a blindfolded/blind 'Wokie' swinging a bat at every sound they perceive as a threat to their perfect thought process . . . . Cougar and dialamah as Parade Marshalls ?
  3. Charged and convicted by 'woke-dialamah' . . . . . . what could be more prestigious than that?
  4. dialamah mistakenly calls 'indifference' . . . . hate.
  5. Again, quit spraying your warped emotion onto my posts. Again, Canada is nothing. Can anything be more clear than that?
  6. Would you stop posting your emotion into other peoples posts. Where is the word 'hate' in my post? Learn to read. You may benefit from this skill.
  7. Pretty much sums it up. Don't conform or agree with the Woke . . . . you're singled out as a racist, homophobe, Neanderthal, child abuser, etc. Career and wellbeing is at stake. This is the method being used in Canada now. Canada just didn't take a lurch to the left. We took a planned and deliberate hard lunge to the left. The damage has been done. Canada is nothing now.
  8. Are you and Cougar one and the same? Brother and sister? Twins separated at birth? My quoted post has nothing whatsoever to do with disrespect or lack of compassion, respect or dignity. Thin skin?
  9. In 50+ years, the 'new woke' folks will be looking back at the 'right now' folks of to-day, and slamming, condemning, dis-avowing everything done to-day. Get your 'victim resume' up to date . . . . learn how to cry on cue, be the 'self-righteous whiner' that others see . . . . . .BE THE VICTIM. The Government owes/owns you.
  10. The Great Plains were much larger than what they are now. Couple reasons for this: Many and large grass fires every year. This killed off encroaching brush. Bunch grass has a huge root system. This enables it to re-gen after prolonged droughts and the ever present grass fires. Buffalo eat and shit. Those splayed hooves broke the 'weather crust' on the plains, making for a better nutrient retention (buffalo shit) . . . . this was a superb eco system before the plow.
  11. Tear down a statue of John A. . . . . . accept him on the money they didn't work for. Just another wtf moment.
  12. Sir John A. Macdonald is completely acceptable . . . . he's on the $10.- note.
  13. Pierre Poilievre is a joy to watch, but he's not PM material. He's in the right spot at the right time . . . right now. Well spoken and obviously intelligent, not intimidated or in awe of anything Liberal, and he delights in grilling the Liberal pork fat and the Liberal tapeworms on his barbeque . . . . He smiles as the stink rises from the grille.
  14. Apologize? Are you kidding? Trudeau owes an apology to the Canadian citizens. How about a few tears for Canada Justin? Big crocodile tears . . . . cameras rolling, it's a go!
  15. Hey! What could be 'more communist' than a Leafs hockey game? How about a tearful apology to Italian folks . . . . we've just got the 'guy?' to shed those tears . . . while the cameras are rolling. You folks putting together your 'victim portfolio' for future reference? Tears will be shed. Guaranteed !
  16. You might enjoy being a 'Contrary Leaf' fan . . . . I'm a 'Contrary Canuck' fan . . . nothing is better than an eight game losing streak, except a nine or ten game losing streak. I revel in their losses and excuses. Brightens my day knowing they have a half century of 'chronic underachievement'. Vancouver sports-talk radio stations typically feature a pair of hosts, with a combined IQ nudging double numbers, that chatter away for hours about hypothetical trades, could'a-would'a-should'a, what they had for breakfast, etc. . . . Puts a smile on your face! Try it!
  17. Canadians are politically lazy. Perfect atmosphere for any Justin Trudeau.
  18. Great punch line to a sad joke . . .
  19. My skin is the colour of this text. Victim? Don't ever refer to me as a victim. The 'woke' can go fuck themselves.
  20. Trudeau is a fool leading the most appalling Federal Govt. in the history of Canada . . . that's a given. The weird socks, costumes, tears, lies, conflicts of interest, etc. keep the attention on this fool. The real concerns for any thinking voter are the 'sand-bagging' of the energy industry, the investor lack of confidence in Canada, the Federal agenda of splitting the country along racial, economic, and regional lines, and the huge debt. Worry yourself silly about Canada's contribution to 'global-warming' and climate change, and what Conservatives think of 'your fool' and his socks. This country is heading into the dumper . . . . lead by a fool and his minions. You must be proud. New book: 'The Evisceration Of Canada' . . . . . . Justin Trudeau.
  21. Anyone heard of the State of Michigan/Gretchen Whitmer or the company called Enbridge ? Asking for a friend . . .
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