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  1. Does Trudeau act like a world leader? Are you proud of him and his accomplishments? Is Canada a better place since Trudeau became PM? Are the Canadian citizens better off since Trudeau became PM? Go ahead and blame everything on truckers, Covid-19, un-vaccinated, or any of the myriad excuses you and Trudeau can dream up. Everything is just a photo-op for Trudeau . . . . . and that's ok with you. Carry on, no one takes you seriously.
  2. It's your panties that are "in a twist" . . . . what ever that clown does is ok with you. Ever wonder why other world leaders snub and ignore that elected Canadian embarrassment? Why don't you give your clown some pointers on wearing fishnet stockings . . . . guessing that you would know. 👠👜
  3. No, we're the ones that needed a vacation from Charles . . . . it's nice to see humour, sarcasm, and free thought return to this site.
  4. No more Charles Anthony? . . . . . . . what a shame.
  5. Canada Post has a hot lunch program . . . . 🍲
  6. The limelight is fading for our dear little Greta. "What shall I do to bring it back and shining on me alone?" our little waif ponders. "oh! . . I know! . . . .I'll call for 'insurrection against western democracies' Yawn . . . .
  7. On the scale of Justin Trudeau's? Justin doesn't like competition or anything not 'Justinfatuation' . . . .
  8. The good Pastor is a man of fibre . . . . . . somewhat like yourself.
  9. Bottom line: The 'enquiry' will come to the conclusion that Trudeau did the 'right' thing but, there were a few little glitches along the way. Precedent is set for future EMA to be unleashed for . . . . . contempt for Bill C-11, contempt for Liberal funding of media, contempt for Federal Liberals and their lunge into Marxism, contempt for Trudeau and his band of brain-dead penguins . . . . . the list is long.
  10. Another Queenmandy85 assumption above. Do you honestly believe that Prime Minister Harper would have refused to meet with the Freedom Convoy and try to work out a solution? That Prime Minister Harper would have sniped the misogynistic, racial, and utterly un-called for comments that came out from Justin Trudeau? There's two types of 'class' Queenmandy85 . . . . . 'first class' and 'no class,' Care to guess which category your 'boy' falls into?
  11. Bill C-11 make your post, or this thread, or maybe this whole web-site illegal? Justin and his crew of bobble-heads be sniffing around your bank accounts/investments/etc.?
  12. Had a permit to 'pack' via BC Free Miners License. Minimum caliber .41 Super Blackhawk/.44 Remington magnum
  13. Are you referring to Liberal Doug Ford, Premiere of 0ntario ?
  14. "insanely warped perspective" . . . . that's why you and your ilk have given Canada the fungus it has now. Betting you're originally from GTA . . .
  15. And all the while, Skippy as usual contracted 'convenient Covid' and hid behind Mommy's couch sniping his gutless mysogynistic, racial, inflammatory, stupid quips, then acts like a big shot by calling out the troops. A real leader would have met with the Freedom Convoy and at least tried to work out a plan to get them to pull back. But, Oh No! . . . not gutless Skippy. What disgrace to Canada.
  16. Gerald Michael Butts . . . . architect for Canada's lunge into Marxism ?
  17. That ring in the Jack Parow video looks like some of the 'bling' that John Deere hands out with parts/machine purchase . . .
  18. Sure hoping you don't do anything foolish or dangerous. Your rage against the forestry sector and its workers is very disturbing considering that you immigrated here to the middle of North Coast Timber Supply Area and think that this renewable and sustainable resource should shut down because you don't like it. Get a grip on reality. Sharing your bush hygiene is obviously more important to you than when you were asked to share your vision for BC's prime industry. Me thinks you couldn't tell the difference between spruce and sponge-cake.
  19. myata, what do you know (if anything) about the BC forestry sector? Is your total knowledge of this subject what you glanced out of an airplane window? You and the imported anti are against renewable and sustainable logging, yet you both benefit from the services this sector brings to this province.
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