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  1. Can take the boy out of Toronto, but just can't take the Toronto out of the boy . . . look around, you're out west now.
  2. Have you considered an 'Anger Management' program, or perhaps a refresher for a previous Anger Management program? Help is there for you . . . seek it out.
  3. With Manitoba and BC included, separation would be viable . . . Also born and raised there. Their concerns have merit.
  4. No you've made assumptions that are not applicable to me . . . I only speak for me. No matter what my stated heritage, my sister and I were brought up in the belief system that hard work, expect no favors, be thankful for the favors you do receive, and take responsibility for your successes and failures . . . . very different from the majority of 1/2 my heritage. I think Conservative . . . . and do not want/need recognition for something I had no choice in.
  5. If you're referring to FI (first immigrant) land claims . . . the FI and the leftist federal & provincial governments don't care about anything except themselves. Politicians handing over your tax money and title to make the themselves 'big' in their own eyes. FI's are likely laughing at you Mike . . . . but, carry on CHUMP.
  6. We live in the 'land of plenty' . . . food and fuel in abundance, yet we collectively cower when foreign and domestic elected dipshits shame us into believing we can do nothing without their exalted guidance. We've become a sad land of blind and gullible sheep. We don't deserve the gifts this land has for us. Go hide under the bed . . . .
  7. You're annoyed with the high price of fuel, and implied that folks shouldn't buy it. Again, what is your solution for the folks that need fuel to be able to get to work? People will need heating oil in the near future . . . . should they huddle under blankets to show the oil companies that their heating fuel isn't needed. herbie, do you have a job that you need fuel to get to? Are you employed?
  8. What's your solution? Unemployed? Unemployable? On the dole/taxpayers tab? Yeah, I thought so . . . .
  9. Oddly enough, some folks have jobs to go to, and needed the fuel to get there. Public transit and bicycles don't work too well when you've got logs to haul, or fields to plow. Are you employed herbie?
  10. Have you ever seen any of his 'boxing' clips ? Pathetic.
  11. Good for Sophie . . . .envious of her. She's separated from Justin Trudeau. The rest of Canada awaits their separation.
  12. CBC in the 'social media' business . . . . only Canadian content? Justin, better run and hide as you'll find out how pissed off many Canadians are . . . with you!
  13. It's the 'enable card' . . . . lets the holder enjoy cigarette and tire sales. Many eligible for the 'enable card' would rather cut their hand off rather than have it hold an 'enable card' . . . . life is not what it seems.
  14. Mike, your boy Justin will soon put the wheat producers out of business with the fertilizer/fuel prices/cutbacks. Let's import bread like we do with oil . . . . makes sense?
  15. Yeah but, but, but . . . . . what about Jagmeet ?
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