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  1. I was being facetious . . . . Justin & Jagmeet, the Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy of Canadian politics. We should be proud. The only question is who is sitting on whose knee?
  2. Nice try at deflection . . . . Censorship of your reams religious propaganda into every post of yours on any subject? As mentioned before, use/make a thread in the Religious forum.
  3. You, once again, have polluted another thread with your religion. Nine page thread here. You hi-jacked it early on page three. Yes, there are threads on religion . . . . . any chance you could use one of them?
  4. ffs . . . . there's threads for your religion. Chuck Anthony has his thumb up his ass by not 'moderating' this thread.
  5. Wondering if the Bosch headlight relays can be can be grounded back to the battery on the 2nd Gen Dodge/Cummins?
  6. The income tax deducted on the rising scale is a dis-incentive to work long and hard. Many enthusiastic energetic working people eventually have a wtf moment. Corporate/personal rates are punitive in Canada.
  7. Why do you continue to demand a definition for 'woke/wokeness' when you've already proclaimed what it means for the rest of us?
  8. Nonsense statement Michael. If you can't do rudimentary math or read . . . . what do you have?
  9. Equalization/Transfer payments to Quebec will cease. The rest of Canada will have to make their own butter. Au revoir !
  10. May be the wrong choice of words at this time, but do you not agree that the socialist direction we're lunging toward has Communism as the end result?
  11. With that mindset, life would be a struggle. Could you try for a better job? Move to a different neighborhood, etc.? Blame the 'boomers' . . . .
  12. You and Montreal . . . . . deserve each other? Must be the 'boomers' fault. Or . . . Stephen Harper's.
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