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  1. Brian Malarkey . . . Board of Directors for SNC Lavalin . . . . or some other Trudeau-esk f'k-up?
  2. Trudeau is little more than Gerald Butts'/Katie Telford's bobble-head . . . dumb as a stump. Trump has a huge following, Trudeau has none.
  3. Can Marco Mendicino pardon Paul Bernardo? Bernardo moved from maximum ---> medium ---> no security. Justice would happen quickly and completely.
  4. Going to let your 12yr. old son go to gender bender 'grooming camp' Mike? Shop for lace and lingerie after completing his indoctrination ? Every impressionable non-adult boy should have a father-figure like you . . . It's not 'art' Mike !
  5. Must be a few water bombers available . . . . Oooops, forgot about Canada burning up at the moment, all due to 'climate change. Another fuel tax will soon settle those fires down, then 'off into the wild blue yonder' with our water bomber(s). Truly a wtf moment. Stand proud Canada!
  6. Mike, do you honestly believe that members here think of you as a conservative thinker? At every opportunity you defend Justin Trudeau's appalling governance. This gender bending 'grooming camp' for non-adults, that you support with public money, is just another example of your somewhat 'bent' thought process' . . . .
  7. Ahhhh . . . and here in Canada, we have elected a bunch of 'China ass kissers' The words treachery, treason, traitor, and Trudeau come to mind when thinking of the present Liberal un-government.
  8. Life's full of choices, Johnston made a bad one. You'd think he'd be smart enough to see the end result of his bad choice . . . . oh well, he willingly laid under the bus for Justin. Johnston was supposedly a 'smart guy' but couldn't put his shoes on the right feet.
  9. 'Johnston Quits" . . . . as he should. He laid down in front of the bus, unable to decide if his 'appointment & recommendation/decision would cause derision and contempt for himself as Justin walks away unscathed. A fool laying down his reputation and respect? for another fool . . . . .
  10. You . . . "Loyal Liberal" . . . ? That's ok, Justin needs support. In a sentence or two, what is it that you like about Justin and his minority Liberal govt. ?
  11. He's graduated from an obnoxious nuisance to a creepy stalker . . . quite disturbing.
  12. A cast, a strike, reel in the dumbest fish in the pond - the one with all the hooks in its mouth. It just can't help itself, it has to bite, and bite, and bite again. A 'catch & release' puddle. . . that's good, as others like to troll for the dumbest fish too. Tight lines !
  13. Perhaps bullied in school - geek/nerd? . . . now the tyrant of the keyboard. Oh well!
  14. Jughead . . . un-employable after the election. Shuffling down the road kicking horse turds. The NDP stands for nothing. No fibre, no ideals, sfa.
  15. CdnFox . . . . you've added new meaning to the words nuisance and obnoxious. Keep that post count up my friend !
  16. Crow Indians of Montana have a 'whitening process' they now look very Scandinavian but with a British accent. You'd be hard pressed to identify one of the Crow tribe now.
  17. Stalker, your assumptions are laughable and child-like . . . keep that post count up.
  18. CdnFox . . . stalker? obnoxious pr!ck? both? Keep that post count up . . . . 44 per
  19. Does Quebec claim to be a 'have-not' province because they haven't developed much of their abundant? hydro-electric, mining, etc. resources ?
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