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  1. Not being judgmental here . . . but, would it be an assumption that you're not vaccinated for Covid-19?
  2. 'Extinction Rebellion' . . . . . guessing there's some here that are anti-everything, and belong to this group.
  3. David Suzuki is a farce . . . . an un-funny farce. Thanks to the CBC, this so called expert is the go-to guy on everything from fruit flies to farts. In actuality, he's a dangerous inciter and enough shallow thinking people will and can carry out his predictions.
  4. How about 'politically lazy' . . . . or 'easily bought' ?
  5. Norwegian type/style fish farms with their alien disease carrying fish in the river mouth and an out of control native 'food fishery' have nothing to do with declining salmon stocks? Logging gets blamed for global warming, high gas prices, ring around the collar, and wheat crop failure.
  6. You're confusing fish with timber.
  7. Wood fiber and lumber production is a renewable resource . . . . why shouldn't it be utilized to provide foreign and domestic markets that want, and pay big dollars for our forest products? Many of the services that we enjoy and take for granted in BC and the rest of the country come from our bountiful resources. Bonus: this one is renewable, use it to its full extent.
  8. Logging costs are huge. Outlays of big money for equipment and labour, and it's somewhat seasonal. Why shouldn't a contractor expect some return on his investment when he's taking all the risks? There's second growth Douglas fir that's close to five feet on the butt here on the coast. Many folks confuse this with first growth.
  9. What experiment are you referring to?
  10. For the most part, the forest management of second growth is working pretty well . . . it just needs to return to slash burning to reduce the accumulated fuel on the ground. This also accelerates the growth of fireweed which has a stabilizing effect, and provides the needed shade for just planted seedlings. Tree planting is done faster and more complete without the debris on the ground. Fireweed invites birds, bears, bees, and other creatures whereas unburned slash is a moonscape for three or more years with no birds or wildlife. Salmon farming has ruined the native salmon runs . . . .
  11. Maybe Canada's destiny will be minority governments forever. Really don't think there's any one party or leader that could pull this country together anymore. The trust is gone, the unity is gone. Sad if you're old enough to remember when there was a sense of pride about our this country.
  12. Some steep slopes should never be logged. Even un-logged slopes sometimes slip with the extended heavy rainfall, Nothing is static in the forest industry. The new-age RPF's think fire shouldn't be part of the equation and the stabilizing fireweed just doesn't come in heavy or soon enough to shield the replanted trees. There are mistakes made in the forest industry as there are in any resource industry.
  13. Anti vaccine protesters at the Remembrance Day ceremony in Kelowna . . . . disrespectful and sad. Hoping this type of behavior isn't becoming the 'new normal'.
  14. Opinion by both Dr. David Suzuki & Dr. William Shockley ? How does anyone debate a 'for-against' argument like that?
  15. Dr. David Suzuki isn't taken all that seriously anymore. Certainly not by a good many folks that are out in the field and hands-on. He's lost his touch , , ,
  16. The Liberals will use every opportunity to further their image . . . this time on the backs of the armed forces and their veterans. All the while turning their collective backs on veterans that truly need help. Treacherous treasonous gasbags . . . .
  17. Do you have any experience at all concerning the forest industry? Hoping that the concept of 'renewable resource' is within your grasp of reality. Also hope that you can grasp the concept that logging pays a good portion of the other benefits that you as a foreigner can take advantage of. Looking at your avatar with its 'Fighting Economic Growth' bi-line . . . . . . . any conversation with you and your mindset is a pointless waste of time. Done with you and your ilk.
  18. What do you have to do with forestry . . . . . other than bitch and complain? Any experience at all? We're waiting . . .
  19. Was a west coast logger for 43 years. Forest management is real and it's effective if done right. You are a delusional fraud.
  20. If you removed all the petroleum based products and components from your 'green' car, you couldn't even push it into your garage.
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