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  1. 😃 Someone's lit their hair on fire . . . . hilarious.
  2. As the title of this thread suggests . . . . . Is there anyone in Canada now that's more despised by so many than Justin Trudeau?
  3. Wondering who's pushing Trudeau to be so involved with the UN, WEF, etc. ? It's obvious he's not a 'deep thinker'. Is he so vain and narcissistic to be able to to this self-promotion by himself? The whole federal Liberal platform has been about an entitled dolt . . . . . nothing whatsoever about the business of Canada. Who's the puppetmaster for the dolt?
  4. Know many folks that would gladly reduce Canada's population by one (1) . . .
  5. Six identical replies . . . . . drunk again?
  6. Pierre: Justinflation. You: Justinfatuation. Hardner, Excessive, others: Justinflagellation.
  7. Boges initial post/question(s): "What is your long-game here? Are you satisfied being on the fringe? The Federal Liberals are becoming the 'fringe' party now. Headlong into Justin Trudeau's obsession with 'climate-change' and his hatred of the petroleum industry and agriculture and his general dislike of western Canada . . . we've become a country stalled. Sad situation. Justin Trudeau has many defenders here. Apparently they like his way of dealing with his perceived threats to his agenda of division. Long-game? Rid Canada of its tapeworm . . . . Justin Trudeau.
  8. Just curious as to what . . . 'New Centrism=)' as displayed in your signature line means ?
  9. Trudeau has made Canada look foolish . . . . . but, that's just a reflection on the fools who vote for him. Foolish voters elect a fool.
  10. Hardner hates Canada the way it was. He's a Trudeau supporter, and uses deflection thinking nobody will notice.
  11. Guessing he/she likes being told what to do. Hand your personal power over to an inept federal government. Let them do the thinking for you.
  12. You're so deep . . . thanks for the clarification once again.
  13. Could it be that nobody believes your claim of disapproving the federal Liberals, and especially Justin Trudeau's appalling 'leadership' . . . . ?
  14. There's lots of video of Poilievre being asked the hard specific questions on energy, funding, etc. and his specific answers to those questions. He's smart enough to do this, make it available for all to see, and it sandbags any Liberal attempt to make his policies theirs. Trudeau and his penguins have damaged Canada.
  15. Maybe it's a case of the stupid that you're content with verses a chance to do better for our country. Fact is . . . you're looking foolish once more with your un-founded statements and assumptions concerning PP. You do realize that he's (PP) un-tried, yet you make a stupid statement.
  16. You STILL don't seem to understand that nobody believes your above statement.
  17. The 'War Measures Act' for honking horns . . . . . really? The real child in that sad situation was your boy Trudeau . . . . nowhere to be seen, hiding behind mommy's couch, sniping his racist, misogynistic bullshit. Not 'man' enough to appear in person and converse with his fellow Canadians. What a gutless coward. But, you like him, will defend him . . . . . stand proud little man. Justin likes your ilk.
  18. Wow! . . . . a movie quiz and punctuation lessons . . . . you have it all, thanks for sharing.
  19. Ineptocracy: A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain them selves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers. Such is Canada
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