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  1. AI is so much more important/relevant in this 'Trucker's Convoy' thread. It's quite generous of you to demonstrate your Artificial Intelligence with your every post.
  2. The truckers convoy showed Canada what a weak coward Justin Trudeau is . . . . perhaps a good topic/thread?
  3. Are those convoy trucks diesel powered?
  4. That might be wishful thinking Mike. As it stands now, the Trudeau Liberals do as they please without repercussion. Many examples of this. Coupled with the 'yes' stamp from the Jagmeet Singh on virtually every issue whether it's good for the Canadian citizen or not . . . . the contempt that the Federal Govt. has for the Canadian citizen is palpable.
  5. Just more of your chronic flatulence herbie. But then, what's new? "Did you know that people from other countries have nothing but praise for Cdn bills?" Are you referring to the 'hand-out' crowd that hovers around your man-crush hero Justin Trudeau? Is your hand out too herbie?
  6. How do you know that? Was there a survey or poll taken in Argentina or Wales? Or just more of your fetid gas?
  7. Justin Trudeau is an enemy of Canada . . . a traitor. He should be viewed and dealt with as such.
  8. While roaming the back alleys of downtown Calgary, old chief 'Slack'n the Pants' refuses to pick up that Sir John A. Macdonald $10 bill he's spotted . . .? Thinking Dougie93 is right . . . . we don't have a country anymore.
  9. Life's full of choices . . . some good, some bad, but a choice nonetheless.
  10. Hey! . . . what about Iron Eyes Cody? Tears and garbage . . . Espera Oscar de Corti sent a good message. ?
  11. Rather fond of the bland pastel light brown notes . . . the ones with the three digits.
  12. No . . . Trudeau will best be remembered for the staggering debt he foisted upon Canada.
  13. Good posts cougar and Groot . . . it's good to express real views on the 'guilt/victim' mentality that is taking over any/all conversation about these issues. Thanks.
  14. Jughead would never stab his master in the back. He's the political dwarf, puffed up and furious at his masters demands, but always complying. Jughead and his band of dwarfs are done as a party. Their support is dwindling, they're Liberals now. They have no clothes.
  15. Justin Trudeau is the obvious choice for the Canadian $5 note: It's not worth much now, and will be virtually worthless by the time Justin is finished de-stabilizing Canada, . . . the $5 note would have Justin's face on one side, and his other face on the other side . . . one of Justin's faces should be black , or in make-up to show his deep concerns toward inclusivity . . . and because of the worthlessness of the said note, you'll not feel badly when caught in a situation where toilet paper is needed. Just as satisfying as a good bowel movement, would be the choice of which side of the note to use.
  16. Those three fishermen might troll for you, but you bite every time. The dumbest fish in the puddle is the one with all the hooks in its mouth . . . . you?
  17. The Communist Chinese are entrenched in Canada. Trudeau is enthralled with their type of government control, and won't lift a finger to take them on. Sad to see this country lose its backbone. We have a fool at the helm, and the country looks foolish too. The Chinese communists are here to stay.
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