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  1. Care to tell us what you did in the Armed Forces ?
  2. 0'Toole changed policy mid-campaign. That's what lost him an election.
  3. Well, just as long as you're in your 'comfort zone' . . . . . happy with a failed energy policy, happy with racial division, happy with a stalled economy, happy with a staggering national debt . . . happy, happy, happy! Afraid to strive for something better. Afraid to take the necessary steps to help get this country off it's knees. Stand proud Boges. You're the kind of citizen JT will use/abuse.
  4. Not on the fringe at all . . . My question is: What is the attraction to a PM that is totally inept? GTA/905 seem to like Trudeau . . . . why?
  5. Google . . . 'Great Reset - Justin Trudeau Trudeau used the word 'reset' in reference to Klaus Schwab's 'great reset' quip. Your use of 'wanna' in a three word sentence that includes the word 'education' . . . . .
  6. Wondering if he's been deep breathing Catalyst's Pulp Mill fumes again . . . ?
  7. Re: last election: Attracting the 'popular vote' might not win an election, but it's a good indication that intelligence trumps a coiffure.
  8. Trudeau was in over his head from Day 1. The really sad thing is that he was re-elected after it became apparent he wasn't much more than sparkle socks and a coiffure. That's a reflection on how shallow and lazy the Canadian voter is.
  9. https://youtu.be/dNz_Amy0flU Pierre Poilievre on German/Russia turbines and sanctions.
  10. International terrorist Tamara Lich on the loose again. The devious dipshit will breakout the Covid/quarantine protocol and head to his secret fort behind mommy's couch.
  11. What exactly do you contribute? Do you contribute some of that $$ under the table you collect while you collect pogey for seven (7) months of the year? Run along now . . . . mom's got your peanut butter sandwich ready for you.
  12. Quaint . . .in their backwardness. Somewhat frowned upon like the inebriated second uncle at the family picnic. Contribute nothing to the big picture, and after 300 years haven't mastered the English language. And then there's you . . . . . . .
  13. CPC Leadership Ballot completed and mailed to-day.
  14. Early 2020 doctors appointment. Leaving, asked her about hip replacement. She said to get the blood work and x-rays while I'm there. One week later, had an appointment with the surgeon and a surgery date. Forty-one days after my initial inquiry, I hobbled out of the hospital with a new hip. Surgeon said that the BC Govt. has a plan to reduce wait times for this procedure. Friend had his done with an eight week wait. A two-tier system has many benefits. I'd have gone stateside if the wait was too long.
  15. Oil/gas sector will like the gas fire in the fireplace . . . We loggers like wood fires. Hoping he becomes PM.
  16. Pierre Poilievre has been asked what he would do (if elected PM) on many contentious issues. Pipelines,oil/gas resource management. Carbon taxation. Abortion. Housing affordability. Bank of Canada issues. Gun control. De-funding CBC. (smiles) Etc., etc. . . . . PP has been video'd while these questions (and many more) were asked. His answers are there for all to see. Trudeau and his penguins will have a tough time stealing any of PP/Conservative platforms.
  17. WCM . . . . there's really no need to explain yourself to the narcissistic dimwit. If the 'ha ha, LOL', and other desultory fodder are removed from her/his posts, there's really nothing left.
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