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  1. He's graduated from an obnoxious nuisance to a creepy stalker . . . quite disturbing.
  2. A cast, a strike, reel in the dumbest fish in the pond - the one with all the hooks in its mouth. It just can't help itself, it has to bite, and bite, and bite again. A 'catch & release' puddle. . . that's good, as others like to troll for the dumbest fish too. Tight lines !
  3. Perhaps bullied in school - geek/nerd? . . . now the tyrant of the keyboard. Oh well!
  4. Jughead . . . un-employable after the election. Shuffling down the road kicking horse turds. The NDP stands for nothing. No fibre, no ideals, sfa.
  5. CdnFox . . . . you've added new meaning to the words nuisance and obnoxious. Keep that post count up my friend !
  6. Crow Indians of Montana have a 'whitening process' they now look very Scandinavian but with a British accent. You'd be hard pressed to identify one of the Crow tribe now.
  7. Stalker, your assumptions are laughable and child-like . . . keep that post count up.
  8. CdnFox . . . stalker? obnoxious pr!ck? both? Keep that post count up . . . . 44 per
  9. Does Quebec claim to be a 'have-not' province because they haven't developed much of their abundant? hydro-electric, mining, etc. resources ?
  10. CdnFox . . . Why all the hate towards fellow Canadians? Would you consider yourself a stalker?
  11. CdnFox . . . Thank you so much. A very special response from a very special member, with a minimum of insults, assumptions and browbeating. Possibly you've come to realize that your so very special and important tutoring carries more weight without the child-like script you seem so fond of. Again, thank you my friend. It means so much to me and many others here.
  12. Guessing CdnFox is just as frustrated as many . . . . he/she tries to play the tough role but nullifies that facade with his child-like name calling. Will wait for his 'step by step' solution . . . .
  13. Nice try at deflection . . . you knew my question. Again, what is your solution to the Liberal problem? You say others do nothing and you jmply you have the solution.
  14. CdnFox, Specifically, what is your solution to the Liberal government problem? You harangue fellow Canadians and imply that you have the solution . . . well, lead the way 'keyboard General' . . .
  15. When Pierre Poilievre has been asked the hard questions, he's answered them straightaway, and on camera. All archived for your viewing pleasure. Also, why would Pierre Poilievre lay out his complete election platform so early before a federal election? So Trudeau's puppetmaster(s) have an idea of how to fix the country they've abused so badly? You're above statement is typical for a displaced Liberal who has moved westward. Are you on the dole now?
  16. Please do post it. A fetid gasbag helping illiterate ploughboys . . . . can it get any more Canadian than that?
  17. Trudeau, Freelunch, Johnston, and the band of liberal enablers . . . . tar & feathers ?
  18. Federal Liberal Policy: "If it makes sense, it must be wrong."
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