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  1. A group of teenagers under 16 gathered together in Shiraz, Iran yesterday just talking and some of the girls in the public place refused to wear the damn hated hijab imposed by subhuman ruling islamic clergy after the coup of 1979 (before this coup women in Iran had the freedom to choose whether to wear hijab or not in public. A true democracy but was contradictory to their version of islam). This totally innocent gathering has offended the subhuman mullahs and some islamic clergy asking for the punishment of the children involved!!!!!. So far 10 innocent teenagers have been arrested. https://iranwire.com/en/society/105133-moral-panic-teenagers-arrested-for-gathering-without-headscarves-in-shiraz This shows the depth of the hate that the nation has for this subhuman ruling clergy. The day of liberation from the tyranny of this regime is near. The nation is fighting back in any possible manner they can as their country has been occupied by this alien Arab loving anti-Iran group of satanic monsters. Those mercenary bastards who claim Iran is free and there is democracy in Iran are nothing but collaborators and traitors and murderous bastards.
  2. It wasn't a new arrangement. It was a vote on separation from Canada and becoming an independent country. Quebec politicians tried to trick Quebecers into thinking that they will keep their Canadian passports and citizenships to get them vote yes but all that was dirty lies by dirty separatists.
  3. If this Adam and Eve story is true (which personally I don't believe as we are evolved from primitive form of life on our planet) then they too have their part of evul in them to have eaten the apple. In other words God created us with evil part so we are not responsible for it. In other words hell is not true.
  4. Not sure how true it is but it is so horrible that it is hard to believe. Someone from Quebec told me that even hospitals can refuse to provide service in English if the patient can't communicate in French. What happened to doctors' oath to save lives. Are they going to add only save French lives? Disgusting if true.
  5. I personally tend to believe in soul. I recently lost a very dear member of family who was everything and everyone to me. I have seen her 4 times since. Always when I am about to wake up from sleep. They say when we are sleep our souls are freed and can join other souls. She has been visiting me in the same apartment we shared and lived for many years.
  6. Well I always loved Quebec inside Canada and as an English speaking Quebecer (out of province student at the time), I was in the 1995 "We love Quebec" huge gathering in downtown Montreal a few days before referendum however, if Quebec wishes to violate our Charter and walk over our fundamental rights and demonstrate a shameful picture of present democratic Canada then I prefer them OUT of Federation rather than a shameful inside. We have to stand for what is right not to buy their votes by violating fundamental human rights of our citizens.
  7. I didn't know reporting the news or government statistics or what is reported on internet is picking out of sky!!!! https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/news/2021/12/canada-welcomes-the-most-immigrants-in-a-single-year-in-its-history.html https://www.cicnews.com/2021/12/canada-breaks-all-time-immigration-record-by-landing-401000-immigrants-in-2021-1220461.html#gs.2tkguh
  8. I am not sure this extends to most non-white immigrants but some are. It would be silly to speak to their family in a foreign language even in public places. I have seen and heard white immigrants speak in their native language as well. We can't expect them to forget about their own heritage overnight and adopt ours. The second generation will assimilate. That is why we have to slow down the rate of immigration from current stupid 400,000 annual to under 150,000 to give time for assimilation.
  9. It is the fundamental duty of Federal government to protect the right of Canadian citizens all over Canada and to protect the Charter. The new language law, bill 96 recently passed by those language fascists in power in Quebec is a clear violation of the Charter and hence unconstitutional and hence it is the duty of our Federal government to take immediate steps against this fascist law. https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/language-law-bill-96-adopted-promising-sweeping-changes-for-quebec-1.5916503 New language law "has the potential to fundamentally change the constitutional order in Quebec — it sets French above fundamental rights and freedoms."
  10. You don't have to be a white supremist or an islamic fascist to be called a fascist but also when you undermine the rights of a minority in your favor passing laws that harms or hurts the minorities of any kind then you are deservedly a fascist. https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/language-law-bill-96-adopted-promising-sweeping-changes-for-quebec-1.5916503 neu Quebec Premier François Legault and all those idiots who voted in favor of Bill 96 are deservedly fascists. Federal government must protect the Charter, the rights of English speaking citizens in Quebec and immigrants in Quebec and use its power to remove this illegal law imposed on part of Canada.
  11. Like 2 two and a half years of covid and lockdowns was not bad enough now they are talking about a new damn virus of smallpox family. As of today some 112 Canadians mainly in Quebec infected. It is reported to have come from western Africa (like ebola was not enough) and it is mainly so far among gay men (like aids was not enough). Not sure about you but I am fed up hearing about new viruses and diseases. Did we have so many new viruses 50 years ago? I don't think so.
  12. Well said. You could have been more courageous and said limit immigrants from Middle East. While many from advanced middle eastern countries like Morocco, Turkey, Iran, Lebanon and Tunisia have shown talent and compatibilities however, the majority of others have not.
  13. How brutal any regime needs to be to shoot down a plane full of its best citizens How brutal any regime needs to be to shoot down a plane full of its best citizens ? Well it is the same regime which is now ordering its mercenary security forces to open fire on peaceful unarmed protesters and mourners in Abadan and other Iranian cities. The nation of Iran is now rising up against this barbaric murderous regime. The security forces have two choices now. Stay with the falling regime and keep murdering defenseless people, your own brothers and sisters, and soon be punished severely after the soon to be massive uprising against this murderous regime or join the nation, your own people, NOW and be forgiven by the future democratically elected national government.
  14. Ptince Reza Pahlavi, the son of the late Shah and grandson of Reza Shah the great whose names are being called by the nation and their souls blessed and who is the hope of Iran nation for restoring great Iran sent a televised message to Iran nation that this hated regime which in 44 years totally destroyed Iran will be gone soon so the nation should be prepared and do what it can to accelerate its fall. He said even the Soviet dictatorship fell in spite of having thousands of nuclear weapons. He also had a warning for those who suppress the nation like the hated murderous security forces. Join the nation now or you will be punished later for treason and crimes against Iranian nation. https://www.iranintl.com/en/202206030892 In response, a day later the scared, frightened and angry islamic republic leader made a speech against Pahlavi dynasty rejecting a return to the past (a return of monarchy) as the nation is chanting on streets these days, calling the nation as mercenaries of the West!!!!!!.
  15. Iranian regime even attacks children's hospital!!!, says FBI director https://www.cnn.com/2022/06/01/politics/fbi-blames-iran-hospital-cyberattack/index.html
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