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  1. Dealing with the devil (The Islamic Republic), Sweden freed an Iranian mass murderer in exchange for its citizens. Awarding the terrorists in Tehran who took two Swedish citizens hostage only encourages more European hostages in future. Europe and Canada refusing to declare the terrorist Revolutionary Guards Sepeh or IRCG as a terrorist organization only encourages more terrorism in the world. Appeasing a terrorist murderous regime in Iran only encourages more terrorism, more weapon grade enrichment and more killing weapons for Putin to murder Ukrainian civilians and more weapons and money for Hamas and Hezbollah and Hutias. https://www.bbc.com/news/articles/czrr2kemjleo SHAME ON EUROPE AND SHAME ON WEST
  2. How is the law written currently? That if plainclothes officers got into fight with people without any reason (like to uphold the law) then it is always the innocent people who will be judged against?
  3. I wasn't responding to your post in the thread, just a post of my own that Europe has gone far right because of unacceptable actions by some Muslim immigrants. Yes for now we are okay in Canada because first Canadians are more tolerant than Europeans, second, Canadians are a nation of immigrants, third, minorities are much larger and more deeply rooted in Canada, fourth, immigrants in Canada are not yet as bad as those in Europe, more educated and less violent. All said, however, if the current policies of high number of immigration and lack of good selection criterion continues, I anticipate that Canadians may soon go to extreme right too. I am an immigrant myself (though from decades ago) and wish to cut down immigration to a third and be much more selective on third world immigrants.
  4. No same level of rights for everyone. Those persons should appeal the judgements unless they broke the law and cops (plainclothes or otherwise) tried to stop them.
  5. Muslim immigrants and their unacceptable actions in Europe has swayed the population to far right. 25% of votes for far rights in Europe is unprecedented since 1945.
  6. All people should be equal before the law (even though I don't believe all people are equal as I believe in evolution, some more some less evolved), but it make me upset when a tiny minority tries to take advantage of the laws meant to protect them by victimizing themselves or governments having special treatments when it comes to employment or hate laws. Yes I do believe in gay pride and right but not in super-rights. Everybody should be proud of what she or he is.
  7. Israel freed 4 hostages by military action yesterday and killed 15 terrorists. All other Israeli hostages must be freed immediately and unharmed. Two days ago Israeli attack in east Syria sent an Islamic Republic traitor to hell as well. Keep up thr good work Israel. Victory to Israel. Death to Islamic Republic and its proxies.
  8. Hear hear. In cases when someone is targeted because of his/her race or orientation there should be harsher punishment as deterrent however, it should go both ways. It should not be specific to specific groups likes gays, Muslims or blacks or colored people but anyone regardless of race, orientation or religion if targeted.
  9. The majority of gay people are fair and just but the few bad apples among them victimizing themselves taking advantage of hate laws to take advantage of the law in their favor for even more rights. This is not acceptable. We need laws to protect white heterosexual men who have becomes the new group with less rights and no laws to protect them from bigotry.
  10. Listen Arabs are my enemy, Israel is my friend. But I have no tolerance when it comes to killing women and children. Israeli army knew well that many defenseless people including women and children will die if they attack the school but they went ahead with the criminal act anyway.
  11. It is equally bad. The law says that the guys should have been arrested for assault and if it was proven that your friends were attacked because of their orientation then they should have charged with committing a crime out of hate which carries more severe punishment. The law enforcement did not do their job and your friends should have reported them.
  12. If a straight man fights back in self defense it is likely a hate crime by the straight man. If a gay man attacks a straight man it is also likely a hate crime by the straight man.
  13. Never mind all previous 8 months but just today they bombed a school run by UN and killed 45 people. Again a most recent example is just today. They bombed a school tun by United Nations.
  14. The right to defend themselves against those with a different preference without being accused of hate crime. They are recent laws to protect people with different preferences however, a tiny minority abuse them by victimizing themselves to demand even more rights.
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