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  1. We should be protecting the culture that is based on respect of women and other religions and believe in equal rights for women and religions. Those cultures contradictory to these values must be banned from entry to Canada. Yes we can. Bring back Capital punishment for rape.
  2. Quebec is to ban protests outside hospitals and schools. https://globalnews.ca/news/8212081/quebec-covid-anti-vaccination-protests-bill-coming/ Quebec is always ahead of rest of Canada in bringing good laws because it is the most advanced province and society in Canada. Rest of Canada will follow soon as banning protests outside hospitals was a Federal Liberal party platform upon which it was elected by the nation as the government of Canada.
  3. This is still under investigation. No conclusions reached yet as it takes 5 months. But your posts seem to indicate a conclusive cause that vaccine caused death.
  4. No, they are bluffing. Western Canada saw how bluffing worked for Quebec. People are born Canadians no matter where they are East, West, Centre, Quebec. It is in their blood and soul from birth to death. When it comes to casting the vote they chance their mind last minute. In 1995 in Quebec referendum, polls were saying separatists are ahead by 5 to 6 percentage point but the actual outcome surprised everyone and that was last minutes reminder of blood and soul Canadian.
  5. Well most refugees come from war torn regions. They are used to seeing violence and death and raised differently some with cultures totally different with Canada's peaceful and respect for all especially those from middle east and Africa.
  6. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-02532-4 The third dose should be by choice not mandated. I am saying we do have so many unused vaccines about to expire so wht not use them?
  7. Effectiveness of vaccines fade in half after 6 months from 95% to 50%. Anything under 50% effectiveness is not an acceptable vaccine. Third booster is needed 6 months after second shot. Besides we have so many in shelves that nobody wants and they will soon expire so why let them go to waste?
  8. So this means 1 in 3 Canadians are looney right wingers.
  9. He had no choice. Nobody could have known about the pandemic. It hit the whole world real hard and all major industrial countries borrowed heavily many hundreds of billions so that their badly hit nations could survive the storm. . He had to support Canadians in a very bad time. Any other party in power would have done the same.
  10. Yes but those idiots kill anyone who is a threat to them. We wish to save them from serious illness and while at it save our own skin too from getting infected by the unvaccinated.
  11. A minority Liberal government was elected in 2019 and Canadians have been in hell ever since then. With pandemic starting soon after followed by lockdowns, people losing their jobs and businesses and closures and housing prices through the roof, ballooning Federal budget deficit of close to 500 billion and then health crises as ICUs were filled up by Covid patients and economic crises and then rapidly rising inflation followed by a fourth wave at the end and suddenly the Liberal leader calling an election with all of above asking to re-elect them with a majority!!!!!, say what? So why do you think Canadians re-elected a Liberal government? I think mainly because the country (the whole world) was in a pandemic and economic crisis and a change of government usually in a crisis is not wise. People are afraid to change governing authorities in a crisis. Second and equally important Trudeau's government did a great job in securing enough vaccines and early for every Canadian who wishes to be vaccinated (better than any other foreign government) so a good majority of eligible voters (about 80%) who took advantage of vaccines were pleased with Liberal government's records on vaccines not to mention significant reductions in new hospitalization and death that followed. Then Liberals promised many extra billions on Health care and unlike Conservatives it was immediate help as the system tries to recover from the shock of pandemic. Many Canadians who took advantage of cerb were grateful to Liberal program at the time of need. Last but not least the manner in which the anti-Trudeau crowd behaved did not help his opponents at all.
  12. Well, the title of this thread should now changed to Trudeau is going to win.
  13. CBC just projected a Liberal government. Minority or majority not projected yet.
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