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  1. So Canada is planning on a large number of immigrants over the next few years. I have a message to all new comers and those already immigrated to Canada. Canada ia a beautiful country. Most Canadians are very welcoming and Canada is a land of opportunity with a high standard of living. If you come to this country, then leave your problems at home and start a new productive life here in Canada and start contributing positively to the land and society which gave you refuge from your problems abroad. Love it or leave it. If you don't love or don't respect its people or culture of equality and freedom, then go back to where you come from.
  2. IRGC operativeS in Canada. https://globalnews.ca/news/10076891/iran-dissidents-threats-canada/ TRUDEAU OUT.. Trudeau is guilty for not listing murderous IRGC as terrorists.
  3. If you have better option then present it. Short of Banning immigration regionaly (ban everyone from Islamic and African countries - not an option unless we wish to be taken to international courts of assume same level as Rhodezia. Stop immigration all together - not an option. Study after study shows we need immigration to secure the well being of our aging population. When you criticize suggestions you need to propose alternatives.
  4. No ethnicity means ethnic origin or race unless my English is outdated. I will screen out based on my responses to questions the same way that an interrigator can use his skills to investigate crimes. Exanples - If from Middle East - how a certain religion was spread by peaceful means or force of invasion, what do you think about women's choices on hijab or pre-marutal sex, What do you think about clubs serving alcohol in your nrighborhood What do you think about certain terrorist organizations by name. I also look at physical looks and check their background thoroughly.
  5. And where the replacement rate came from? If true then we need incentives within Canada for Canadians to have more children including huge tax incentives and family support programs.
  6. Screening out based on compatibility is not racism. I didn't say screen out all Middle Easterns or all Africans or even all Muslims. Yes I will have a problem because this means we didn't screen out based on compatibility. Is hijab a Canadian culture? Is it compatible?-. Hijab is a symbol of repression of women and is not compatible with Canadian culture. No this is a lie. I never said screen out based on ethnicity.
  7. I am not sure why you say that. That is why we debate here to change minds. On my very first post on the day of Hamas attack, I said victory to Israel and I say the very same thing now. On the ceasefire when I asked for it, you said Hamas wants to use ceasefire to re-organize and then attack again. I was convinced so now I oppose it. So you would have preferred if I stubornly stuck to ceasefire now even though I was convinced it was not right just because at the beginning I said so?
  8. Canada needs immigrants to secure the future as population gets okder so zero immigration is not an option but withour swamping the country with people of different culturres too fast. 150,000 was the level 25 years ago and it was working and was reasonable. 25 years ago I didn't have to come across so many hijab wearing women with their weird looking husbands when I was walking in a Canadian shopping center. as for screening for compatibility, immigration officers can be trained to screen out the undesirables. I don't need training. Put me in charge of screening out Middle Easterns.
  9. No ceasefire till Hamas is completely destroyed. VICTORY TO ISRAEL.
  10. Unfortunately the PC record on immigration was only slightly better though the Liberal really screwed up. What Canada needs is To reduce immigration to 150,000 a year. To screen out for compatibility. Increase citizenship to 10 years from 3 years after landing and immediate deportation for any crime short of traffic violation during those 10 years including violent demonstration.
  11. I was just saying there are much more important risk factors in future for Canada unless we take action now.
  12. What kind of stupid example is that? Yes being a Jew is a race and is not a choice. Being a Muslim is a choice and not a race.
  13. Such childish examples, You want to know what demeaning women is, then follow the news on Islamic states.
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