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  1. Iranian women refusing the hated Islamic hijab (a symbol of repression of women) in the New Persian year of Nowruz. New Iran under Islamic republic or not. Most Iranian (Persian) women as shown from the movie taken one week ago below during the Persian New Year, Nowruz, REFUSE to wear fu*king Islamic hijab in public . This is part of the Woman Life Freedom revolution against an imposed Arab culture forced by a violent invasion 1400 years ago. Long live brave Iranian women and death to Islamic republic or anything islamic forced down the throats. I personally have not seen such luxury malls anywhere in Canada or in the world and I have been to Paris, London and Athens. Or even better this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQ5da7xjGwQ
  2. First off Canada has 25 million eligible voters. And second the one percent share of the votes can make a real difference. Quebec could have been outside of Canada if it wasn't for the one percent difference. It was my vote in 1885 which kept Quebec in Canada,. Why Ukraine is more important because there are more blue eyes there than Iran? Both Iran and Ukraine are victims of murderous regime one invaded by criminal Russians and the other by criminal Muslims. I don't see why Canada can't support both nations in their struggle against tyranny and mass murder and have to choose one over another.
  3. I have said iy many times. No military intervention. Iran nation will hang these fu*king mullahs one day soon and free their homeland from these murderous bastards, Shiite (Shit) clergy and their fu*king mercenary Sepah and Basij. They do need MORAL support from the West whose governments claim to be democratic and respect human rights and women's rights. WHAT CANADA CAN DO IS TO ADD IRGC TO TERROR LIST. THAT IS ALL.
  4. First off, it is not Iran , it is the fu*king Islamic Republic occupying Iran and the nation of Iran trying to free Itheir land from these subhuman Shiite Arab loving invaders. Second, it is a gross violation of human rights. Just read the original post. IIt is stupid to think or to say they can mass murder people, torture innocent people and rape women and children and you are okay with it because this is not happening within your borders. So stupid. Third, these mass murderers are about to get their dirty hands on weapons of mass destruction including nuclear weapons and they will be pointing them on you, the West so their murderous affairs will not be limited to the defenseless nation of Iran but you as well. May be this will get your attention.
  5. The majority of Iranian community are unhappy with Liberal cautious approach to this murderous regime and will vote for Conservatives whose leader has promised to add IRGC to terror list soon after elected as government.
  6. The 200,000 strong Iranian Canadians have been calling on Trudeau government to list the murderous IRGC on the terror list and he is seriously hard of hearing because he keeps on adding individuals and entities associated with this terror organization but not the IRGC itself. IRGC has been engaged in terrorist activities all over the world, inside Iran as well as outside, ranging from mass killing of civilians in Syria and Yemen to assassination of Islamic regime opponents in Europe and North America to shooting into peaceful unarmed demonstrators inside Iran and killing over 70 defenseless children to torture of those arrested to rape of women who refuse to obey their outdated evil Islamic rules yo supplying drones to regime of Putin to help him with killing more civilians in his murderous invasion of Ukraine and many other crimes including trafficking of huge amount of illicit drugs into Europe and North America. (1) Canada sanctions more Iran guard corps members, police after Toronto rally criticism | Globalnews.ca Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly says “it’s time to end the cycle of violence and to forge a new path built on peace, security and stability” in Iran. The sanctions follow criticism of the Liberals this weekend at a large rally called the Tirgan Festival at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena, where multiple speakers called on Ottawa to list the entire IRGC as a terrorist organization. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has argued that doing so would punish Canadians who were drafted into Iran’s military by force, but activist Masih Alinejad told the rally that Trudeau’s reluctance means he is at fault for Canadians dying when the IRGC shot down Flight PS752 in 2020. Mr. Trudeau, open up your eyes and see the massive crimes and open your ears too while at it. This not not what you are asked to do. ADD IRGC IN ITS ENTIRITY TO TERROR LIST. WOMAN LIFE FREDOOM.
  7. Teenage girl lost her eyesight after being shot by IRGC in her eyes The news on her is good as she was helped by an Italian reporter to get out of Iran and today she underwent surgery. After her surgery she said so much crimes by a brutal regime must not be ignored by world community. Hundreds of peaceful demonstrators were shot in the eye by IRGC on purpose. Hundreds more were shot to death. LAST WARNING TO TRUDEAU. ADD IRGC TO TERROR LIST OR YOU WILL NOT BE RE-ELECTED. You have let your loyal voters down.
  8. Unfortunately some don't appreciate the right to vote and democracy because they are granted this right from birth so they take it for granted. But the reality is that many people are facing guns, death and torture to achieve the right you take as granted. To democratically elect your government. As for question in the title of thread. Those who don't vote have no rights to complain.
  9. Iranian women bravely refuse to put the hated Islamic hijab which is regarded by Iranian women as symbol of repression of women in defiance of a forced Islamic regime. https://www.npr.org/sections/pictureshow/2023/03/13/1157657246/iran-hijab-protest-regime-politics-religion-mahsa-amini May the New Year be a freedom year after 1400 years of Islamic tyranny in the land of Aryans by invading Arabs who force Islam on this nation and a return to rich culture of Zoroastrianism, which was the religion of Persians before Arab invasion which women were respected as equals and becoming female Kings and center of power.
  10. Happy Noruz. The new year will be the victoey year for the nation of Iran. The Persian New Year or Nowruz will commence at 5:24 pm today, March 20th eastern time which coincides with the beginning of spring. It will be 2582 Imperial year on Imperial calendar (fpr monarchists) and 1402 the official calendar based on rotation of the Sun. While I am wishing a Happy New Year for all Iranians, I am also honoring and remembering those brave lion-hearted young girls and boys and women and men of Iran who last year sacrificed their dear lives for freedom and democracy and n order to free their homeland from the evil occupying Ahriman Islamic forces, they were killed by this blood thirsty regime. May their souls be happy and in heaven with the God of Ahura Mazda. Iranians will continue their struggle in their memory to free their land from occupying Ahriman forces. With the memory of Nika Shahkarami, Ayda Rostami, Hadis, Sarina, Kian and many hundreds more. God bless your souls. We will continue your struggle till victory WOMEN LIFE FREEDOM.
  11. I am not convinced that it was a prearranged deal with Reagan to take hostages which was the main cause of Carter's defeat in Presidential elections but the timing of releasing them could be. Reagan would have been elected regardless as the American public was fed up with weal Carter administration losing grounds to Soviets and bad economy. I think more likely the regime of mullahs was scared of the new administration as why they released them right after Reagan took his hands off bible. The entire scheme of hostage taking was a plot or coup by the Islamic clergy radicals to take over the power. There was a moderate government in power headed by Bazargan and the clergy wanted them off power as they wish all for themselves. These Shiite clergy are as evil as Satan himself if not agents of Satan enforcing an evil religion and they stand short of nothing to keep the power while robbing the nation they have taken hostage asmd running a corrupt murderous regime which carries out horrible crimes against the nation including ordering its murderous security forces to shoot randomly on protesters with aim to kill or make them blind, torture and rape of protesters in jails who are arrested for peaceful demonstrations, creating an atmosphere of fear and terror by widespread poisoning of school girls murder of children and rape of female protesters, They violently crack down on opposition and rule by terror and outside Iran too they have their murderous hands all over the world, in Ukraine where they supply Putin to carry out attacks on civilians and Syria where they killed many children and Yemen and Lebanon and assassination of opponents in Europe..
  12. Putin is a criminal. He invaded Ukraine and his army under his orders committed war crimes against women and children in Ukraine. I hope that he faces justice somehow and soon. His penalty for so many war crimes in Ukraine and Syria is death. Putin is not the only one though. Khamenei of Iran and Assad of Syria must also be charged for crimes against humanity and hope to face justice and their penalty is also death.
  13. It goes without saying that I meant on average rather than every single woman is more intelligent and kinder and less violent than every single man.
  14. Yes men are different with women. Women are more intelligent with bigger hearts with much lower crime rates. If women rule the world there will be no more wars.
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