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  1. Living on a diet of ginger ale, ginger snaps, and living in a ginger bread house . . . .
  2. Bobble-head with a pulse? We have a bobble-head with no pulse. Chrystia Freelunch is looking more 'man-ish' these days . . .
  3. Its been said that the GPR image from the Kamloops school shows only that the strata has been disturbed at some time. Apparently it does not show bodies, again, not 215 bodies. It has also been said that the Kamloops Band has refused any outside assistance to recover and count said bodies. Many question marks . . .
  4. You're claiming all of them were murdered. If you know this as fact, why haven't you told the RCMP. Are you a creep that commits murders on Highway 16. Turn yourself in you creep. What's your name? I'll turn you in.
  5. How do you know this? Do you know about murders along Highway 16, and have you told the RCMP that you know the missing people were murdered? Has it ever occurred to you that Janet, Evelyn, Martha, Edward, or James just might be in Vancouver, Seattle, Toronto, or Edmonton starting a new life after leaving the shit-hole reserve? That it was intended to leave no 'trail' behind? You've stated that the Kamloops school deaths were murder and genocide. Prove it or stfu.
  6. More logging, more trees in BC than ever . . . . a renewable resource. Big employer. Put's beefsteak on the tables of many folks. Spin-off industries of logging doing very well. Put's sausage on their tables. We have coal and oil . . . . use them. Why are they usable and available? Use them!
  7. You're blowing smoke . . . . yet again. Prove . . . "some / most of those kids were murdered." Why don't you tell me about all things Indian . . . .
  8. Ship Canadian coal to China where they dump their pollution into the air, while we sit on our abundant saleable LNG reserves because pipelines can't get approved.
  9. Let the government make the decision for you . . . . Christmas/banned, Canada Day/banned, Birthdays/banned . . . . . no need for you to think or make a decision about participating. Justin Trudeau Adoration Day/enforced, Budget Break The Bank Day/enforced, etc., etc. . . . I don't care about Canada anymore.
  10. Victoria, BC: Victoria city council has voted unanimously to cancel 'Canada Day'. They are spineless.
  11. The Canadian voter is lazy and self-serving. Unable to comprehend the meaning of compromise, and unable to see the long term effects that voting in an inept fool will have on the future. Yes, Trudeau is the perfect leader for stupid Canadians. They deserve each other.
  12. Wondering if a 'Wokie Pride' parade would be appropriate at this time . . . . ? Followed by a politically correct carnival of 'virtue -signal'izers and other assorted freaks. Pinatas of Sir John A., Doug Ford, Stephen Harper, etc. . . . . . nothing quite as exciting as a blindfolded/blind 'Wokie' swinging a bat at every sound they perceive as a threat to their perfect thought process . . . . Cougar and dialamah as Parade Marshalls ?
  13. Charged and convicted by 'woke-dialamah' . . . . . . what could be more prestigious than that?
  14. dialamah mistakenly calls 'indifference' . . . . hate.
  15. Again, quit spraying your warped emotion onto my posts. Again, Canada is nothing. Can anything be more clear than that?
  16. Would you stop posting your emotion into other peoples posts. Where is the word 'hate' in my post? Learn to read. You may benefit from this skill.
  17. Pretty much sums it up. Don't conform or agree with the Woke . . . . you're singled out as a racist, homophobe, Neanderthal, child abuser, etc. Career and wellbeing is at stake. This is the method being used in Canada now. Canada just didn't take a lurch to the left. We took a planned and deliberate hard lunge to the left. The damage has been done. Canada is nothing now.
  18. Are you and Cougar one and the same? Brother and sister? Twins separated at birth? My quoted post has nothing whatsoever to do with disrespect or lack of compassion, respect or dignity. Thin skin?
  19. In 50+ years, the 'new woke' folks will be looking back at the 'right now' folks of to-day, and slamming, condemning, dis-avowing everything done to-day. Get your 'victim resume' up to date . . . . learn how to cry on cue, be the 'self-righteous whiner' that others see . . . . . .BE THE VICTIM. The Government owes/owns you.
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