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  1. The devious dipshit will gladly stay in isolation until the questions about his invoking the Emergency Act and then lying about his consultation with 'law enforcement' has faded away.
  2. A country of Mike Hardner clones and wanna'-be's . . . . . . sad.
  3. You and Mike . . . a fine blend of arrogance and ignorance. Carry on.
  4. Many folks hunt. Many folks take an active role in their food sources . . . hunt/vegetable gardens. It's great that you can be a lousy driver and get to the grocery store. Urban utopia? Bag of Cheezies and head to the ski hill . . . . nice!
  5. My reference to your beloved PM as a 'prancing dipshit' may have triggered you . . . oh well.
  6. A handgun of any calibre isn't the optimum self-defense weapon for bears. A short shotgun/slug combination is much better . . . but moving through thick coastal vegetation with a large pack, a longer firearm is always in the way.
  7. Had a permit to 'pack' for many years under the provision for miners and trappers. There'll be miners that will disregard the prancing dipshit's regulations and 'pack' for safety reasons. .41 calibre is the minimum . . . bear stopper.
  8. Are you still a moderator? Define your signature 'Spam Cop' If not, who are you to tell anyone to "go away now" in multiple posts? Kind of 'full of yourself' . . . yeah?
  9. The voice of Toronto . . . . profound and entrenched. Thanks Mike, thanks a lot.
  10. Jagmeet the Joke . . . . . . hasn't figured out that skin thickness trumps skin colour . . . . every time.
  11. You need to start learning what taxes are, and who puts them on what.
  12. Singh, Trudeau, and their ilk are harassing the taxpayers of this country . . . at the fuel pumps, the grocery check-out, with the diminishing value of money, the list is long. Poor Singh . . . Trudeau's Charlie McCarthy. Makes one wonder which knee Singh is perched on . . . left knee, right knee, or wee knee.
  13. Don't make assumptions . . . . it makes you look foolish, again.
  14. NDP are a political joke . . . Jack Layton would be proud
  15. Did you get a job, or are you still parasitic? Trudeau's your clown. You're not fooling anybody.
  16. Pierre may threaten your parasitic existence . . . he may have a solution to you and your ilk, to the betterment of Canada.
  17. Trudeau trying to smooth this over, to look neutral and aware. Would this be his 'open and transparent' government?
  18. You're a 'bad joke' on the rest of Canada. Content to suckle the government teat for 7 months of the year, a true parasite.
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