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  1. Did I ever say vaccination and going to war are the same thing? What I am trying to say is that people do things usually from their own perspective and for the benefit of their own families and themselves BEFORE anyone else. And this is the normal way. Don't try to sell me your selflessness in a capitalist world of lies and exploitation. I ain't doing nothing for you if it does not suit me.
  2. Thanks. The families of the young Americans who died there will be thrilled to know that. You think those who did the dying knew why they were dying? Then don't be surprised some people don't want to sacrifice for the "greater good".
  3. OK. What about all those breast augmentations that eventually were linked to cancer? Were women not told those were safe? You think if they were told what was going to happen any of them were going to get the implants? The history must be full of similar cases and drug fiascos. What about the safe PCB that was sprayed all over the place? What about asbestos? Nice construction material. The fact is, your "experts" know little to nothing. You rely on them. I will rely on myself.
  4. Does it matter what he knew? We were all fed the narrative the weapons were there and Osama Bin Laden is likely there too. Just like in our present day and age. You have experts who will tell you people cannot be vaccinated during an ongoing pandemic. Others who will tell you the vaccine is not that efficient against the Delta strain. When the government told you that inflation is 3.5% or whatever , did you believe them? When they told you the new pipeline is good for you, did you believe them? When they told you the new carbon tax will help fight climate change did you believe them? When they put the First Nation kids in residential schools to make them civilized citizens did you believe them? How far down this line do I need to go?
  5. Didn't Bush go into Iraq to find Osama and the weapons of mass destruction based on expert opinions and information? My gut feeling then told me, neither of those two were there. It has been happening with great regularity ever since, no matter the government.
  6. I don't. I don't go by what the experts will tell me in this case. Just my gut feeling.
  7. I am skeptical about the efficiency of the vaccine thus I think I am only stuck with the risks. Then I must be in much better shape than Trump, Silvie Trudeau, or Boris Johnson. If they can pull it off, I must be able to do that too. Then other members in my family who are in fact at risk with compromised immune systems and who received personal vaccination invitations from the provincial health authority categorically refused to do it. With all this in mind I see no point. Now with pressure on us from our government building, I am inclined to resist. But, I voted Liberal - for the guys who want to vaccinate 100% of people not Conservative, for those who were going to be making exceptions. Only reason - I think Liberals are less harmful to our environment and wildlife.
  8. Those that get vaccinated for $100 are the lazy ones, who don't mind the shot, but just couldn't be bothered to get to the hospital. A person who fears adverse reaction will never sell his body or life for $100.
  9. Wow, wow and wow! I thought everyone was doing it for the greater good and to preserve neighbors and the public.
  10. The majority of you got vaccinated to save your asses; isn't this enough for you. You are saved. Move on. Here is an example of people who were very pro-active to vaccinate themselves: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/great-canadian-gaming-ceo-yukon-covid-vaccines-1.5886734 They did it to save their neighbors and for the greater good, of course. They had absolutely no other reasons in mind.
  11. Of course it is not correct. I meant discrimination, or forcefully vaccinating people is against the law!
  12. You think the politician you voted in, who tells you he cares for you, really does ???? What world do you come from , or pretend to be from?
  13. Because this is the law. Get this into your head for once! It is the law created by the majority. Limiting people's freedoms is AGAINST the LAW.
  14. And? Again , this thread is not about me. You and this government have no legitimate grounds to request any person to get vaccinated against their will. You by telling those people they "do not care about the welbeing of others" and the government turning them into second class citizens. I may not care about others. Makes no difference. There is no law telling me how much I should care about you, about my kids, parents, coworkers, the Hindu that just landed from India, the pretty flight attendant, the homeless on the street, the drunk that just killed a family at an intersection, the lying government official, my dog, the neighbors cat, the bird in the tree, the fish at the end of my line and so on and so forth. There are laws, regulations, charter of rights and freedoms that tell you what you cannot do. Not created by me. Go back and count how many times you called me names. That's because you could come up with nothing better. And because you do not care about my welbeing; only yours and your ego. Bye, bye.
  15. When it comes to public matters , the smart ones do. The likes of Trump probably don't.
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