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  1. I have always wondered where this "British Columbia" came from. Columbia is a country in South America. How it got its name "Columbia", I also do not know and do not care all that much. But how did part of Canada ended up being called Columbia ? Is it from the Columbia river, which was called Columbia by some explorer with very poor imagination? The Columbia river probably has an indigenous name, which if it reverts to, we may have to change the name of the province too.
  2. Don't play stupid. I have personal experience NOT being Jon Horgan. As for the actual John Horgan you get the updates from the news. One day he saw his family doctor ,next day he was in surgery. Try to get that type of fast service for yourself.
  3. It is called personal experience. The rest, coming from sources like you in only blah blah blah.
  4. Nope. You get fast medical service if you are John Horgan or the like. Otherwise you wait till there is no hope.
  5. Did God tell you that? Who did the measurements - the oil and gas industry? You have two things working together - deforestation where the carbon sink and oxygen production capacity of the planet is diminishing and the ever increasing emissions of the industry. Your suggestion is impossible.
  6. To a better system of resource distribution. One that can survive with zero growth
  7. Go back, move forward, whatever we want to call it, because what we have can no longer work.
  8. When you can't get it on time, you are left to die. Those without family doctors and even those who do have family doctors do not get health care on time. Must be cheaper to bring another person from abroad than cure a sick Canadian.
  9. 🤣 Laughable. You have 6 million Canadians that don't have a doctor and are left more or less to die, and yet you tell me the homeless were getting free medical care. I do remember times from the bygones where there were no homeless. I lived in a socialist city of 100,000 and most had no cars, and nobody was really rich, but there was nobody on the street or starving either. Don't take this is an endorsement of Russia or Putin. I think both Putin and Zelensky have lost their minds if they ever had minds. But to go back to the original subject, you have no time to replace gasoline and diesel with LNG or electric options; for sure not when you still want to increase consumption and the population, which your capitalist system is pushing you to do, as if you do not do it, it will collapse and die. Your options are limited - admit the system does not work and figure out a better one really fast, or keep your foot on the gas till you hit the brick wall.
  10. "Lifted out of poverty"???? Look at all the villages of homeless in every large, medium and even small cities. Look at those people in debt. Look at those that have to work two or three jobs to make ends meet still getting nowhere. You are kidding yourself. We have some semblance of a standard of life supported by constant population growth and constant stripping of the natural resources. It cannot and will not go on forever. As for the carbon tax, I never raised this subject. You can argue against it with those who support it. I don't.
  11. It is not, but then there is no society in the world I see as sustainable. The US can continue to accumulate debt. The way I see it the banking system is a scam. Interest payments are a scam. The assets supposed to back the banking system up are a joke. We should not look at money as numbers/commodities set in stone. Money is just a medium of control - it limits the buying power of the most of the world's population , while those with the trillions have absolute control and do not care what they buy with what they have.
  12. The economy is unlikely to get a boost, let alone from the use of natural gas. You see that economic boost is harmful to the environment , hence harmful to the survival of life on Earth. I think capitalism is f*d.
  13. What difference does it make that they are only 5% ???? The Canadian Government can bring even more immigrants to wash this down to 1% or 0.5% and it still makes no difference. If something is yours , it is yours, regardless how many people want to make use of it or take it from under your feet
  14. Here you go, the name was Marco Muzzo https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/marco-muzzo-drunk-driver-who-killed-3-children-and-grandfather-granted-full-parole-1.5301289
  15. Even after they kill someone, depending on who they are, they can continue doing what they have been doing. There was a young rich guy in Ontario who I think wiped out a family - two grandparents and a kid or two. He went to jail but from what I know has been released before serving more than 3 years. Can't remember the name - think it sounded Italian but I may be wrong.
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