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  1. We have to see what portion of the government revenues come from HST, income tax, carbon tax, etc. It is possible all these are a small fraction of the total. In other words, we are made believe our taxes are paying for healthcare, police, elementary schooling, but it could be something else entirely.
  2. Can't believe it. 😃 You say they will send all liberals to China and North Korea? Then they will have to replace them with an equal number of Chinese and Koreans to keep the Canadian economy going. Before we know it, we will look so much like China or Korea, nobody will be able to tell the difference. I am starting to think, I just have to keep going west........into Kamchatka. There are still enough grizzlies and steelhead there and probably a bunch of pretty Russian women interested to meet a cosmopolitan. 😃
  3. Yep, for now. Looking at how things have been going under Trudeau, I wouldn't be surprised if all of a sudden we have mandatory military service, compulsory recruitment of soldiers to be sent to where the US needs them and, if you do not want to join - a one way ticket to Guantanamo.
  4. I did. Researched the mountains of BC and other places. It all seemed scarcely populated and I thought, must be better than Scotland. But that was a big lie - people were already everywhere, like maggots on a corpse. Never thought of earning a right to wine. I just express my disappointment with the negative aspects of our society As for the "share of the pie", I did not come to take a share. I came to explore and collect memories. Still, since I have been here for some time, I cannot help but notice how messed up the whole system is and how I am supposed to be a slave for life over a tiny bit of land and a small moldy wooden structure, be happy with a non existing culture and non existing quality of life, but be shown the door out every time I complain, or be reminded of some nation at war or some destitute nation in central Africa, and how much better my life is in Canada. So, I do not care about your past at all. I am just saying what I think. And this is why I still come here, because I can say what I think - wrong or right.
  5. Highly doubtful. You go unarmed to any wild place and just about every wild animal is going to be stronger than you. Then you have viruses that although invisible, may turn out to be stronger than you too. And how about us within our own society. There is a whole new artificial ecosystem there too. Generally, the more money you have the higher up the "food chain" you are supposed to be. But me thinks, the laws of nature still trump all else.
  6. Don't know what is wrong with the narrative. It is a land of genocide. First against the natives. Then against wildlife Then against trees - the forests Then against those less fortunate who are pushed down and out on the streets. There is always discrimination, exploitation, oppression and destruction. This is how our system works.
  7. And where exactly? In the States? The UK? Australia? New Zealand? Or maybe Russia?
  8. I thought someone would say that. The thing is, I do not need to eat any of the rotten apples to survive. I do not even need to look at the box which gives me displeasure. What I can do is look at the beautiful things still left, think about the nice things, never waste a single second on any rotten apple or the idea that my choice of apples might improve my life. Things are relatively simple - just try to stay a bit above average. A society made up of 50% or more of failed people does not work and our rotten apples should know that. So they will try to avoid this scenario, or so I think.
  9. Not necessarily. When you have a box of rotten apples do you still pick one up?
  10. Not voting is simply that - not voting. When we have a situation when 70% of all citizens stop to vote, this might send a louder message than continuing to play their game. Because this is what you do - just play in their hands.
  11. WTF ? You don't support them, but you still support them. But now we know you don't support them, because you told us so. If you lose faith what you do is you don't vote!
  12. Five months later and you can buy the BitCoin for $15,701.60 (and probably even less by the time you read this line) So I made money in those 5 months by NOT going to the bank and NOT converting my savings to BitCoins. I made $7,300 of imaginary profit per BitCoin ! 😂
  13. And I still find even better videos, where those blonds get undressed.😉 What can I say....Tony, if you enjoy talking and thinking about that kind of stuff, by all means continue doing it. If you however think you can make a difference, I think it would be a waste of your time, while you could be enjoying life a bit more instead of being frustrated. I do not believe liberals will fix anything, but I do not believe conservatives, NDP, Greens or whoever will make a difference either. We are in the wrong game. Best case solution for me is to click the ignore button and go fishing.
  14. They promote multiculturalism , so the Chinese agents are nicely balanced with agents from India, the Philippines and all other countries imaginable.🤣
  15. It will be definitely quite interesting. No more money, as it will be useless. No more jobs, as there is no need to work if you do not get paid or you have nothing to buy with the money you made. Just mad people running up and down the streets like chickens with their heads cut off.
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