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  1. 25 years for murder, without parole. Not that I want to see all homeless become killers, but in some cases prison will improve their lives.
  2. Which begs the question why are not all homeless committing the types of crimes that will put them behind bars for a long time.
  3. There are just about 35% of Canadian who have received the booster shot. Many do not want taking it. In six months you can consider 65% of Canadians unvaccinated. Revoke their "passports" and see what happens.
  4. Britain drops Covid restrictions and passports. Hope we follow suit. https://globalnews.ca/news/8523142/uk-drops-covid-restrictions-omicron-peak/
  5. Those non-covid patients can still fly, go to restaurants and do whatever they like, including go to the hospital. Nobody denied them anything. The unvaccinated are treated as second class citizens. Stop your never ending bullshit saga! What are you suggesting, that they are somehow guilty and vaccinated who jump around between countries bringing viruses home are innocent? STFU!
  6. Well, I already proved to all of you more than a month ago that CBC are the greatest bastards there ever lived.
  7. Of course it is. It is passed on to you in the form of you-must-eat-junk-food virus. They feed you the commercials, put you in a cubicle, give you no time to have a normal life and this is what you become - obese.
  8. This is happening because the vaccinated travelled too much around the world and brought new viruses back home. Blame it on them.
  9. I agree those are true "exsperts". With the possibility of everyone carrying the virus - vaccinated or not, and considering the vaccinated are considerably more and move way more freely, allowed to congregate in bigger numbers, the possibility of a vaccinated person infecting another person is way, way higher. I can , of course say that as a true expert. 😉
  10. No joke for me, as I can't fly or go to a restaurant. They are simply stupid and an abuse of power. We should be able to go after the government and receive compensation for what they've done to us.
  11. Ponzi schemes fail, when they can no longer recruit new players, the number of which usually grows exponentially. Since we have an overpopulated world and producing new human units seems to be of little issue, our ponzi scheme will fail when we run out of space or resources, or when we change climate to the point of conditions becoming unlivable. I am quite interested to see how this will play out, with the banking system failing in particular. Imagine the day, when your diamonds, platinum or gold become worthless, together with that Picaso picture. Just because people are in a survival mode and there is no food and no production, no clean water, no clean air.
  12. This is the government's logic - putting kids at a greater risk, only to supposedly reduce risk to 75+ year olds. You know why? My take is, the billionaires are for the most part in the latter group.
  13. Yep, this is the reason. Now they only have to figure out how to continue this growth after all resources have been depleted and the productivity of the land has been destroyed.
  14. 1. No, don't believe it will work either. You have conservation organizations taking donations to improve habitat. The problem is by the time they "improve" 10 square meters of habitat, you have 10,000 square meters of habitat destroyed. 2. Population is brainwashed, but maybe not to this extent. I have never seen a referendum on the immigration strategy. The numbers you have may well be total misinformation.
  15. Record high inflation in combination with record low interest does not work for the bank. Everyone who has any saved money is losing it.
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