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  1. I think what bothers me in the article is something else. The typical story in the country is of people who are stuck paying rent for decades and unable to buy a place. This article basically says to me: If you just came to Canada, you can expect to buy a $750,000 house for your wife, two new vehicles and even add two dogs to your household, but be careful as interest rates are going up. You would have been perfectly fine if you bought a slightly smaller house and had only one car and one dog. All immigrants to Canada can expect to achieve this in 3 years, Brazilians, Mexicans, Philippinos, Indians - everyone.
  2. I think I suggested to you to go get yourself checked. You are shortening you own life dwelling on the MP salaries that you cannot change.
  3. First you have to know that no nation has reached true communism. They aspired but failed. There was socialism in many countries. In the one I lived, you paid your mortgage off in about 10-15 years, but then you were on a wait list for 5-10 years to buy a Russian made car.
  4. Maybe they are somewhat right - lots of young people died but not because of COVID itself, but because of the COVID vaccination they received.
  5. I came across this article on CBC yesterday: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/london/they-bought-their-home-in-march-2022-why-this-ontario-couple-calls-the-purchase-a-nightmare-1.6750229 Comments not allowed. Or I would have advised this nice couple to just send a request to Trudeau to wave all their loans and payments. The guys came all the way from Brazil way back, a whole 3 years ago and they decided to buy this measly $750,000 house, obviously two new cars and added two dogs to go with them just to have a roof over their heads. They deserve a trouble free life for all their long sufferings.
  6. I am against violence too. However I am against my environment being changed negatively through ill thought immigration practices. What was a minority before is quickly becoming a majority and as I have said it many times, I had no intention to migrate to Bombay, Beijing or Manilla.
  7. Not in this case. Look at it as launching a spaceship. You had the Challenger incident; does that mean you do not go back into space? My feeling is, if we want to fix our system, we should first be more or less self sufficient in our country - no dependence on other nations for necessities, equipment and other products, no dependence on immigration and population growth. Once we can achieve that, we may be able to have a better distribution of wealth through a better government.
  8. There are more choices - ISIS, the Talibans and all types of democratic groups from Africa.
  9. Something tells me you do not make $30K/year or less and neither do I.
  10. I would say thanks for giving me your answer. The way I see things, there are many factors that can be used to rate countries - prosperity, the high quality of life and education are all relative. Look at all the homeless in the streets and those unable to buy a place of their own. If you rate countries based on their measures to protect the environment and ecodiversity, reduce greenhouse emissions, emissions per capita or garbage generated per capita, we are all going to be third world countries. If the scale you use is happiness and satisfaction with life, we may not score very high again.
  11. You talk like our system has killed no people. It has killed plenty of people in the past till the realization that people are a valuable commodity and killing them is bad for the economy.
  12. You find this a bad thing? It should all be accessible to the Chinese and East Indians and they should be welcomed with open arms?
  13. You still stuck on the MP page? 😂
  14. The system is good for just the very rich. Those will be the ones who do not want a change - squeezing your juices out and living on your back works for them. The rest are just in a constant stupid competition with each other like mice on a treadmill - for a bigger house, a bigger property, more cars, more toys; always being in debt; always "keeping busy". So you can't have the smooth transition you might be hoping for, just because it has been proven the system is not designed by the people and for the people. It is a ill camouflaged dictatorship.
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