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  1. If we had only 1 billion people living on the planet and only so many taking advantage of fast food restaurants, chances are it was going to be just fine. Thinking about it, MacDonalds may stop giving you any utensils, why should we rely on those single use plastic or wooden forks??? Bring your own with you, or just eat like a pig. It will save the trees for sure
  2. I am very much interested and involved but I do not see myself being able to change anything. FN's definitely have more leverage and can hopefully do something, so I would support them. Even when their mediocrity and incompetence slow things down, it is still a better outcome than the predatory , out of control, well organized resource extraction and exploitation of the white man.
  3. You are trying to run on a tangent here. Immigration in Canada is not "just life"! It is THE BUSINESS! A Ponzi scheme designed to have more people contribute while fewer people- the elderly and those in need use. And since the elderly now live to 90 years and over, you have 25 years of taking without contributing, if those people just retire at 65 and do not work or cannot work any more. This active recruitment of immigrants, refugees, international students, enterpreneurs and what not has the ultimate goal of increasing development and resource extraction to generate government revenues. Land and climate get destroyed at a faster and faster rates. Governments are there to "manage" and "control" and ensure sustainability. As I said, our f-ing government has been ensuring just the opposite!
  4. You disapprove of receiving the invasive species treatment? I feel for you. In a sustainable environment you will have family houses that just get passed on from one generation to the next. Same family living on the same space. The land that my grand grand father had is still in our possession and has never been sold to anyone - for s profit or not. My ancestors end up in the same graves by the same village.
  5. You see, this is the only really good question you posted. And this one is not for me to answer but the f*ing Canadian government. Same guys that bring millions of people from overseas to continue their Ponzi scheme games without giving a rat's ass what the FN's want to do with their land and if they agree or disagree.
  6. I can tell you one thing - I would rather see the whole Smithers area off limits to non-natives and their businesses than have it all destroyed by them in front of my eyes. All activities you mentioned are aggressive activities with a big impact - hunting, fishing, forestry, taking over the land for "recreational cabins". Why would I care what Americans and Europeans come here to play and hunt animals and catch fish? They come because they have already soiled their diapers - their forests are gone and nothing lives in them and their polluted rivers. Stop the whining - you fished babine lake before , be happy with it. If you created contacts among the natives maybe you will be allowed back again.
  7. Oh my, the forum is full of industrious lunatics this morning.
  8. You are so confused and full of BS that it would serve us best to just ignore you.
  9. So, if things were the other way round - the ruble losing ground and the gasoline prices in Russia going up, that was going to be a sign of strength? They have resources, just like we do, but they are selling those at regulated prices to Russians and international prices to the rest of the world. Not like us. I think we imposed sanctions on ourselves.
  10. They said they are imposing sanctions on Russia. Then they said their sanctions were working and the Russian ruble is now worthless. Look at this: https://www.globalpetrolprices.com/Russia/gasoline_prices/ Gas prices in Russia stable and even going down. In the same period gas here and in the US nearly doubled in price !! Check the USD/ Russian Ruble exchange rates. The ruble took a hit for a short period in March after which it recovered and is doing better than before the war began! So who ended up with real sanctions ? Us, the Canadians ! Our lying bastardly government did it to us once again - selling us overpriced gas, so they can fund a war in Ukraine !
  11. This would be the wrong kind of thinking. We need to stop this plastic pollution here in Canada. We need to stop exporting the containers with our plastic garbage to developing countries which will be even more ill prepared to deal with it. First we fix our own mess, then we start looking around.
  12. Your questions are absolutely absurd! Go read on-line about the harmful effects of plastics - how they kill all kinds of life, get into the food chain and eventually harm us. Paper will be fine, srtyrofoam is not, so it should be banned immediately.
  13. 4% when inflation is somewhere in the area of 20% ? You do the math what you get, or rather what you lose.
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