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  1. You're telling me high school students can handle n-words in the music they listen to but can't handle a few of them in some books? These are just problems some do-gooders invent because they have nothing productive to actually worry about. 20 bucks says you're from BC.
  2. Israel should abide by international law, that means abandoning illegal settlements and leaving the West Bank. Gaza blockades should be maintained, as humanely as possible. Create a path for easing blockade restrictions based on medium to longterm "good behaviour". Israel should have highly militarized security on the Gaza border. Anyone who crosses the border from Gaza without authorization by land or air should be killed on sight. Limited military engagement in Gaza by Israel to eliminate Hamas/jihadists and rocket sites when possible while minimizing civilian casualties as much as possible.
  3. Hamas murdered 1,100 people on Oct 7, they launch rocket attacks constantly for the last 20+ years at civilians and they want to murder any Jew they can get their hands on. They're a clear threat to their security, just like Al Qaeda is/was to the West. Israel should leave the West Bank, but as long as jihadists are trying to murder as many civilians as they can Gaza should remain under blockade. The real enemy of Gaza is Hamas. You're naive enough to think the terror attacks on Israel would stop if Israel obeyed all international law. They won't stop until Israel is destroyed regardless of its borders and its been the case since 1948. You're Neville Chamberlain.
  4. To Kill A Mockingbird, Of Mice and Men. To their credit the Premier calls the move "crazy" https://globalnews.ca/news/10326701/bc-school-district-pulls-books-curriculum-content/
  5. A problem is that the well-meaning do-gooders make changes in our organizations based on their own agenda of "social justice" and whatnot, and it's not necessary what most people (who are more moderate than leftwing activists) actually want. And the more moderate majority don't put up a fuss in order to not appear racist/ sexist etc.
  6. It's totally racist. They should reward it for low family income if they're actually trying to help people and not be racist.
  7. 1. Well we have this event, then Bret Weinstein, and Lindsay Shepherd etc. It's a worrisome thing to keep on eye on and should not be tolerated when these things happen. 2. True we don't know the extent of the threat. It would be interesting to get a poll of profs and students. 3. When does this happen, and why is it brainwashing? I criticize radical ideologies like Trumpism, wokeism, radical Islamism, Nazism, communism etc.
  8. Trump went too far and his supporters are trying to put an autocrat who tried his best to steal the last election back in the White House. I don't do anything but call him and his supporters out on it.
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