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  1. I'll be honest. The Dems have tried this before. It blew up in their faces and embarrassed them. I don't think they'll win this. They've been trying to nail the guy for 6 years. I think he's guilty of some various shenanigans, especially with Russia, I just think he's been very careful about it. His son-in-law is a Harvard lawyer after all. He probably doesn't fart without it being cleared by Jared. They're smarter than we think.
  2. The reason is because CNN got a ton of viewers from the Trump years of outrage. Their ratings went up when he was in office.
  3. I agree. So the gov policy is likely flawed. However, it's still a constitutional policy. The court ruling is terrible and way, way outside their bounds. An employer decides what their merit requirements should be, not the courts. And there is no racial discrimination happening here whatsoever. If there is then virtually all of job hirings by all employers are discriminatory.
  4. Because they teach math, and ON kids are falling behind in math according to standardized testing.
  5. If elementary school teachers teach math, which they do, maybe you want teachers who have a basic proficiency in math. ON kids are falling behind much of the world in math scores. If I were a brown or black parent i'd want my kid to have a math teacher with basic competence rather than making sure they're also brown or black. This is wokism. You are defending woke. You are woke. Boards already have the constitutional right to have affirmative action programs to hire more qualified POC employees. Now the court doesn't want qualifications because they discriminate based on race. What a joke.
  6. Where in the Charter does it say merit-based employment decisions where certain races score lower is "inequality". A math test is not discriminatory, other than on merit.
  7. Bro: https://globalnews.ca/news/8511475/ontario-teachers-math-test-government-fight-court-ruling/ This is the dumbest court ruling of all time. The ruling says merit is racially biased and unconstitutional, this is the precedent it's setting.
  8. It should be illegal to violently storm the Capital building with the intention of preventing the POTUS candidate you wanted to lose from being confirmed as POTUS. It's called sedition.
  9. Well I think they succeeded in breaking up the Senate session and delaying Biden's confirmation.
  10. I am Moonlight Graham.

  11. Dick Cheney remains a piece of garbage. I don't trust his daughter one bit either.
  12. I think it's really hard not to both love and hate Toronto. There's just so much to love and hate about it. If you only hate it or love it then you've never been there, or you've never left there.
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