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  1. They sound like tribalists. And the whole protestant/catholic thing was really stupid.
  2. This is the most federal power the NDP will ever have. They will never collapse the government. They've had their daycare, dental care programs etc pushed through Liberal budgets. They're in their glory.
  3. How would this relative appointed not know this was a big conflict of interest?? LOL. This is the most unethical federal government during my lifetime. They just don't care, they just think it will be off the news cycle in a few weeks.
  4. I told him he's either a Russian/Chinese troll or posts like one. I consider that insulting, though its not meant to be, just the truth. Either way I wouldn't say i'm nice to him LOL. He once offered to fight me during a drunken rant he later confirmed. Man of peace and Jesus.
  5. Ok, from the Bank of Canada: "This note reviews the channels through which scheduled minimum wage increases over the coming years may affect Canadian economic activity and inflation and assesses their macroeconomic impacts. From reduced-form estimates of direct minimum wage pass- through, we find that consumer price index (CPI) inflation could be boosted by about 0.1 percentage point (pp) on average in 2018. A structural general equilibrium simulation suggests that minimum wage increases would reduce the level of gross domestic product by roughly 0.1 per cent by early 2019 and boost CPI inflation by about 0.1 pp. While the net impact on labour income would be positive, employment would fall by 60,000—a number that lies in the lower part of a range obtained from an accounting exercise (30,000 to 140,000). Consumption would decline because higher inflation would elicit a slight interest rate increase, which would more than offset the higher labour income." https://www.bankofcanada.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/san2017-26.pdf So raising the minimum wage causes inflation, slows overall economic growth and decreases consumption, causes an increase in unemployment, and encourages more automation.
  6. If indigenous knowledge goes against science or facts then it isn't knowledge.
  7. Yes wage caps would cause deflation and raising the minimum wage will cause inflation. If they want the poor to have more money I think it would be better to tax the rich and give it to minimum wage workers.
  8. Nobody wants to elect the NDP because they suck. Why did the NDP nominate Singh as leader? He was too young to be taken seriously and had zero experience in federal politics. Flashy suits and an influx of Sikhs that joined the NDP and gave donations before the leadership vote. Look it up, its on public record. His vision for the country is centered around more public handouts. That's pretty uninspiring.
  9. Our leaders are giant d-bags and losers, and Canadians are far too patient and polite to put up with it. Then again, I know they don't like it but the alternatives are also d-bags and losers.
  10. The fact that it basically has no colonies anymore.
  11. 100% of migrants going through Roxham Rd are already in a safe country called the USA, where they're free to make an asylum/refugee claim. It is run by a compassionate Democrat named Joe Biden. The migrants are also free to try to make a legal migrant claim at any Canadian port of entry. These are not victims. Some of them are migrants who aren't refugees and have been given temporary protected status in the US for reasons like hurricanes, earthquakes etc and the US wants to send them home because their time is up but they don't want to go home. Others have made asylum claims in the US and their claims have been rejected because they aren't real refugees but economic migrants. The safe third country agreement exists for a reason: to prevent asylum claim shopping from failed claimants that wastes our resources and time and takes advantage of our systems and compassion. It is not in any way racist or uncompassionate to have these rules. In fact, its freeing resources so real refugees can be processed quicker.
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