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Ontario lockdowns

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Ontario has been in some form of lockdown since Dec. 24, 2020 with a brief and insignificant interruption. Is it the world record already?

In the meanwhile museums in New York City never closed, and schools in a number of countries stayed open.

In the meanwhile UK has advanced in vaccination, reopened the economy and international travel to EU.

Who is responsible for keeping the public informed and protected without shutting down all and anything on a whim? Is anyone responsible for effective management of the epidemics, rather than the society?

How long and how effective should lockdowns be, should there be clear and meaningful known and explained to the public criteria?

Is it still a tool of public health or already of public control and bureaucratic avoidance of responsibility?

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A lockdown was needed back then two three months ago because we didn't have enough vaccines and most Ontarians were not protected so we have over 4000 daily new cases and close to 100 deaths every day. To protect the public a lockdown was necessary then however, now that 80% of adult population in Ontario are vaccinated and there are ample supply of vaccines to fully vaccinate every Ontarian then NO MORE LOCKDOWNS is necessary or acceptable.

There is a small minority who for childish reasons are refusing vaccines. Those minorities will not only compromise their own safety but will also compromise the safety of others especially those who for health reasons cannot vaccinate or their body will not react as well to build good amount of antibodies. to put it bluntly THEY ARE KILLING PEOPLE because the virus will multiply and transmit to others. Fortunately those vaccinated will be highly (but nt fully) protected and if they are infected in overwhelming majority of cases it will be mild however, many unvaccinated people will catch the virus and die from it too. Their decision and their business not mine BUT I WILL NOT RESTRICT MYSELF ANYMORE AND WILL DISOBEY ANY FUTURE LOCKDOWNS AND REFUSE TO WEAR MASKS.


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There’s no need for future lockdowns and I think that if employees show their employers proof of second vaccination, those citizens should not be required to wear masks in their workplaces.  If they want to wear them they can, but they pose almost no risk to anyone and they shouldn’t be penalized by having to wear PPE for no good reason.

At this point masking should be optional for customers, whether in shops, on transit, at the threatre, or in concerts.  If businesses wish to require proof of full vaccination of customers to go unmasked, they can do this, but people will likely choose to patronize other businesses.

Government should no longer require masking indoors. The only exception would be in certain fields for unvaccinated workers, such as healthcare and education, but fully vaccinated workers in those fields should not be required to mask except in the circumstances that they did pre-pandemic, such as when performing surgeries.

It’s now on individuals to protect themselves and their children as they see fit.

Hopefully schools will be fully opened, vaccinated teachers and students will be unmasked, and parents can make informed decisions about whether to mask their unvaccinated children without government intervention.

Countries will impose their own vaccine rules on visitors and hopefully they follow science.  Here we are in Canada with more of our population fully vaccinated and fewer cases than Britain and the US, and Britain is requiring quarantine of Canadians but not Americans.  So much for the British Commonwealth.  Might as well scrap the monarchy if that’s where Canadians stand.

I also find it ridiculous that after so much lobbying from Chuck Shumer and the border states for Canada to allow non-essential travel to the US across our land border, now it’s Biden keeping the border closed. Daft, unscientific, and damaging to the economies of US border states. Canada did make the right move to reopen the border to fully-vaccinated Americans.  It will help our tourism sector and border towns.  It’s still harder for vaccinated Americans to come in than it is for unvaccinated Canadians to travel between Quebec and Ontario or other provinces.  No proof of vaccination or border checks required.

I think all testing and quarantine requirements must be dropped for all fully-vaccinated international travellers. Otherwise it’s simply too onerous to travel, especially for short trips.

The Delta variant has hardly any impact on vaccinated people.  Most healthy unvaccinated children can also fight it.  Masking indoors for them is advisable, but I’m not sure government should mandate it.  If they do it should be contingent on high local transmission rates.

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