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  1. This is just as good an imitation of democracy as any almost a millennium since it was invented. A plain dumb and useless pantomime where questions do not matter and answers are hardly ever given. You pay for it out of your pocket no questions or agreement necessary, but thank you for asking.
  2. Landed in normal world, the moment stepped off the plane no masks in sight. What is %%% wrong with us? Why would you stop if you don't have to?
  3. How dumb - you know a softer word? is it to make something that cannot be changed - no matter what. Imagine you wrote yourself a constitution around two years of age and there's absolutely no way you could change a word of it for the rest of your life? Who does that? Just dumb. Not even cute, and way not funny, eventually. Interestingly, an ad running on some channels these days "are we just a bunch of yes people" Supposed to be fun but are you laughing? Looking around at the airport, a masked zoo possibly unique in the entire world. What? If you can and there's no accountability, no checks, no explanations and not even common sense, why wouldn't you? Like what, where is the limit?
  4. Assuming no resistance. Of the two adversaries, one always wins.
  5. I disagree. Virtually any agenda or fake identity can be imposed on someone who has no real, true one. It just shows that one fake or imagined quasi identity, to a foreign establishment on another continent can be easily swapped for another. That only speaks for the absence of genuine true core.
  6. "I have this thing stuck on my foot for I don't know how long so I'll have to endure it for the rest of my life". Who thinks this way? In what Jurassic zoo? Notice, we cant even speak much sense any more, how are we supposed to succeed in these times? "Such a can of worms don't touch it with a stick" - what exactly do you mean? Note that the meaning will be imposed by what you say or not, either way. You cannot change things that need to be changed (51 to 60+%) in your own country? Translated: you are not a sovereign and independent country. You don't want to change them, translated: the "democracy" is a sham; you decide what will happen not the citizens. You don't care to change outdated things you have outgrown? Translated: you cannot have a real democracy. Democracy cannot survive in the medium of mental laziness, weakness of will and complacency. Just pick one. Why do you need useless, meaningless cliches, to cover what exactly?
  7. Right. Inventions liberal or of non-existent monarchy traditions. Inventions and fog in place of national identity. Sounds great.
  8. Much of the previous century was spent by the enlightened bureaucracy (because no one else here is supposed to think of these matters) in the search of the elusive national identity for the masses. It's amusing in the hindsight: - National railway. OK every large country had this project and these days with a few exceptions, high speed ones. Hardly identical. - Achievements in wars of (supposedly) former colonial masters - Public healthcare (in reality, the country was a late arrival to national social insurance, after many of developed countries) - Peacekeeping (like so many great African countries) - Multiculturalism - And it continues full steam in some vague goodness and self-recrimination for the past form but still needs a contemporary formulation (I'm sure someone is busy trying to come up with one). All of that instead of realizing the need, talking, discussing and defining a genuine national form of democracy with real distinction and contribution to the world. As many have found out, natural abundance is a tricky gift; it can have, and had laziness; complacency and backwardness on the other side.
  9. Somebody here already answered that, for Canada. It needs the institute of a foreign (and from a different continent) monarchy as expression of its sole raison d'etre because in what? close to three centuries of being here in a set form it never though of thinking and inventing, and implementing and establishing, another, real not imaginary identity.
  10. Not really. Not sure about NZ but Canada and likely Australia are more like autocracy-bureaucracy with some allusions to independence, while dragging monarchy tradition to retain the status quo. In this system there are no real independent institutions, checks and balances all is managed by some vague political elite cloud nominally divided in two default "parties" (they aren't like genuine parliamentary parties for the reasons explained) with some rules and protocols supposedly, but nothing that can be seen, verified and tested by the citizens. For example, there's a host of obscure "prerogatives" that governments blankly, just gave to themselves often to avoid transparency and answering questions without any checks or controls. There will be a trial of participants of the freedom convoy, but no judge ever looked at the need and proportionality of government actions, many other examples. To summarise, the bureaucracy running this system uses "independence" or "monarchy" agendas as and when it suits its needs.
  11. How will this question sound say, 500 years down? Why would it be any different.
  12. No sorry I wouldn't even comment on all the preposterous, incorrect and clearly false claims. One thing is clear though: change will not come where it's not thought of and not welcome. Dinosaurs know.
  13. Really.. oh well. Not that I would disagree ... does it sound great though, for this century and the following ones?
  14. Seriously? Going on three centuries of quasi-independent existence we have nothing to speak for us other than foreign, different continent monarchy? That should say something important.. about us. If only we bothered to care and listen.
  15. Right, change is impossible (someone some time ago said so) so why bother? Translated to Latin: Quid molestus? But seriously we are being told in plain clear language: this is a show. Yes, we run it. Sure you can have your opinions but you cannot change anything. We'll just have to work harder to convince you. Mutatio non potest. Abandon all hope and just forget it.
  16. Sometimes I'm so thrilled by political talking heads that I'm seriously thinking. OK, sure. So one of us has to be from another planet - or alternate universe? Steve Paikin (TVO) polls on support for Constitutional Monarchy in Canada: 51%: don't think Canada should remain a monarchy 55% think Canada can remain a monarchy as long as Queen is alive 31% agree that Canada should be a monarchy under Charles something. OK we have the numbers. Great. So, what would be the conclusion? Is that what you may have thought, speaking of democracy? No, no, wait. With an innocently naive face here it goes: So Charles has to work hard to bring Canadians to trust him! Makes sense, right? Only... in what alternate, bubble detached political Universe? Can we have the astronomer to figure it out?
  17. It's been over two centuries ... world may have changed more then by asteroid. But we barely noticed.. why bother?
  18. This is important. On the nightly news things happened in Goebbels' Germany and Putin's Russia. And now look, it seems to be universal! So why not use it - for the greater good, as always.
  19. Life worked pretty well for the dinosaurs till...
  20. The country has never defined and constructed a viable, robust and importantly, own and genuine version and implementation of democracy. What we have it is a decorated in democratic terms post-colonial system. Though it claims to have heritage of Westminster it does not. It's only an empty shell, entourage. We just saw how a party can have meaningful discussions even remove leaders. None of that happens here (to majority PMs). Empty shell. The system does not have virtually any notion of independent institutions, checks and balances. Recall famous RCMP of PM's gifts: "we're unsure if PM can approve gifts to themselves". Unsure.. so issue closed. SNC-Lavalin, inquiry closed by the majority (of the investigated party). A pretense or already, parody? And that of course, creates fruitful ground for political opportunism, or as addressed here, "chameleons". Not only ground, the necessity. Political platforms, principles, traditions do not exist. Distinctions between default "parties" are superficial and nominal. The only point is to get to the power, and rule without any checks, accountability or constraints. Yesterday, Liberal today Conservative then Liberal again who cares? There's only one correct answer: power. And of course, it can exist only in the environment of complacency, mental laziness and carefree population. That closes the circle. Change is not possible.
  21. Quid muto? Suggested as a the national motto, way more meaningful and distinct than Ad mare. Fiji and Vanuatu are ad mare, Russia too c'mon people we can do way better.
  22. "Better" is a word - but what does it mean? Does it mean better healthcare? Does it mean high speed trains as routine reality, connecting not only countries but the continent? Does it mean more questions that are answered by the governments (SNC-Lavalin)? What we see and like to see is what we get. There will be no pleasant surprises.
  23. There's a very close great analogy here: Soviet Union. A great place in general but nothing works as it should. And the cause is simple, even trivial: no incentive. So we have a capacity problem? Yes there are solutions, this 21st century ones. But effective solutions are not limited to talking heads talking to death of boredom about horrors of private, nor constant crying for more public money, nor outrageous executive compensations and bonuses without any connection to delivered service. All of that is / was Soviet Union. Congrats: almost there.
  24. You're fighting a lost battle here because there are facts. It works in insurance based system (3 times more Americans satisfied with healthcare than Canadians), and it works in many countries. So it is possible. And if it's possible and yet does not exist (here) then there have to be reasons. Why we are talking about eternal cliches and not real reasons? For that, there have to be reasons too.
  25. No, but politically, viewpoints, differences of opinions, interests, agendas in a complex modern society? Should they be represented? Or only mentioned by talking heads in never-ending shows? For example we could actually get many more meaningful answers. We could actually make visible change in the government. We can have governments admitting wrong decisions and taking responsibility for them. We can have governments by coalitions that actually understand and represent interests in the society. But do we want any of this? Do we want to be informed, active and engaged citizens in this age I mean for real, not in a pretty beavertale picture book? That is the real, primary question.
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