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  1. The communists have been trying to have people not say the words "MERRY CHRISTMAS" for decades now. Instead, they gave us words like "Seasons Greetings" and "Happy Holidays". It worked well for the commies for decades. But now, thanks in part to Donald Trump, where Trump said that it was time to start saying Merry Christmas once again, and now we pretty much all say Merry Christmas to one another at Christmas now and I am pretty sure that this really pisses off the commies among us. LOL.
  2. 1. Are you even capable of counting to six? It must break your little lefty heart that the football coach won his court battle with lefties like you. Have you had your lefty liberal meltdown and tantrum as of yet over the coach winning his court battle with all of crybaby lefty liberal toddlers? 2. I just keep posting what people like you appear to be trying to do to Canada. Trying to turn Canada into a third world multicultural corrupt communist hell hole. Canada was once a great white conservative Christian freedom loving nation. Now it is fast becoming a non-white, non conservative, non-Christian and anti-freedom nation. If you do not like my own personal opinion on what I have said above then you know as to who's "chucklef***" butt you can kiss. Where I try to support and preserve our rights and freedoms and assembly, you appear to do the exact opposite. You have never once supported those trucker protesters. If you did, then show me. 3. Hey lefty, everyone at some time in their lives have all committed many failures and have had many cognitive shortcomings. Even you, lefty. So lefty, stop trying to make yourself appear as though you are gawd's gift to mankind because you surely are not. Hey, maybe the devil sent you here? 🀣
  3. Indeed, many many years ago Canada did have prayers in schools. But since the lefty liberal/socialists, like you, started to take over Canada, prayers in schools were abolished. Why? Well because it offended some foreign born religions. Awe, too f'n bad for them. Don't like it, go back home. I do not need or want you here. Become Canadian or leave. Works well for me. There is a culture war going on in Canada today. It is called multiculturalism and diversity or as some call it "genocide" against it's host British and European white people. When those two programs and agendas were implemented in Canada in 1980 by old man Marxist Trudeau Canada started to become more like a Marxist looking country, and not a Christian and conservative and freedom loving looking country any longer. When Canada was once a Christian and conservative looking country we had law and order. today, we now have guns and violence and drugs on the streets of Canada. You can thank the Trudeau's and the lefty liberals/socialists for this. A bunch of arse holes indeed.. We had one religion, one language English, one culture, and one belief, and one heritage, and we celebrated many of those traditions that our forefathers from Britain brought and taught us to practice. Today, those practices mentioned above are slowly being removed and abolished and are now being replaced by way too many foreign culture, foreign langauges and foreign religions that the old Canada of several decades ago will soon disappear. One or two more decades at most and Canada will become a non-white looking country forever, and old whitey, you ain't going to like it, pardner. 😏
  4. The whole bloody world appears to have become ridiculous. BiDumb and Turdeau being two of the world's most ridiculous leader bimbos. πŸ˜€
  5. I would have no problem with kissing Trump's or Tucker's ass. A lot better than doing the same thing to some stinking demonrats ass like BiDumb's or the Shucster's. Pelosi, maybe? Pelosi is somewhat still good looking at times. The demonrats are a lefty liberal globalist cult. Have you not noticed that yet? Come on, man. LOL.
  6. It all can be blamed on the demonrats. The demonrats have been preaching anarchy and hatred and violence and have been doing so for several decades now. Maxine Waters is now trying to foment an insurrection herself because of what the SC just did. But will she be charged for that? No way, Jose. She is a lefty demorat and she can say whatever she wants to say without worrying about any consequences for her racist and pro insurrection behavior. America needs Trump today more than ever. πŸ˜‡
  7. BiDumb apologists are truly ridiculous. 😁
  8. The leftist liberal democrats screech all the time about Trump and the Jan.6 insurrection, but yet, the lefty liberal democrats are now screeching about having their own abortion insurrection over this abortion nonsense and decision. Maxine Waters is now trying to start an insurrection of her own by trying to get the buffoons with no brains that will listen to her to pretty much start rioting in the streets. These lefty liberals are always trying to foment insurrections when they do not agree with anything that displease their stupid lefty liberal idiocies. Liberalism is truly a very dangerous disease to have. Sadly, there are many here that have that liberal disease. πŸ™„
  9. The only reason that Russia would use nuclear weapons is when the western countries try and start a war with Russia. Putin may have no choice but too use nuclear weapons because he would no doubt know that Russia could be nuclear bombed first. Putin does not want to start a war with any country. If there is any country in the world that wants a war with Russia, it is the neocon and democrat warmongers in America and the military globalist establishment. No money to be made without wars. America should have stayed out of this feud between Russia and Ukraine. It was none of their bloody business to get involved. The only reason that has been explained on many alternative media websites is that Bidumb and the American government has been involved way too much with the corrupt Zelensky government in Ukraine. Bidumb and the American government is trying to keep all of their involvements in the Ukraine from getting out to they the American people. Hey, we never know, eh? πŸ˜‡
  10. So, are you glad that your parents did not abort you or are you f'n well mad at them for not aborting you? What is it, lefty? πŸ˜€
  11. It's strange that when it comes to a woman's right to have an abortion she should be allowed to have an abortion without question. Let the government mind it's own bloody ruthless business. After all, haven't we been told enough times by the leftist liberal democrats that it is a woman's body and it should be her choice to decide as to whatever she wants to do with her own body and to protect it for herself. No outside influence there allowed. But yet, when it came to the Covid vaccinations, a woman did not have any rights anymore. Many woman were forced to take the Covid jab or else. Suddenly, it's not her body or choice anymore. Either she takes the Covid vaccine jab or else a woman can have her rights and freedoms taken away from her by the government. All of a sudden a woman has no right over her own body and has no choice but to take the jab or else a woman becomes a non-citizen with no rights and freedoms. Where are those leftist liberal democrats now on this one? Suddenly, we cannot find any of those lefty liberals. They all went into hiding. Where is Maxine Waters? But this is what liberalism is all about? Hypocrisy and bullshit. Liberalism believes that a woman should only have the rights that the liberals want her to have. She should have the right to an abortion but she should not be allowed to deny taking any Covid vaccine jabs. Liberalism is truly a sick and pathetic disease. πŸ˜›
  12. The only stupidity that i can see here is the stupidity of the white people in Canada and other European countries is that they all seem to want to just sit back and allow themselves to be taking over by a bunch of foreign born non-white immigrants that immigrate to their countries. I have no problem with non-white immigration to Canada. But what I have noticed is that there are way too many non-whites coming to Canada. Approx. 85% of all of our new immigrants are coming from non-white countries and this has been going on for decades now thanks to old man and young punk kid Trudeau's who are responsible for all of this massive third world immigration. Canada is my white homeland and do not want to see or allow Canada to become a non-white homeland for the rest of the non-white world. This is not racism for thinking so. This is an instinct for my white survival in my own white homeland. Maybe you do not give a phuk but I certainly do. Screw those leftist liberals. They started this racism crap. I do not give a mfing dam about any religion. It has been a curse on mankind ever since it's inception. Hundreds of millions of people have lost their lives over religion. Although, in many of those religions family is #1, and I see nothing wrong with that. Religious or not. There is nothing wrong with parents wanting their own children to marry someone of their own race and color. There are just as many non-whites that do not want their own sons or daughters to marry a person of another color or race. Racism is everywhere. Except that we are being told today that it is only the white conservative Christians are the racists. Such bullshit indeed. And the more non-white immigration continues the more hatred will happen against old whitey and their beliefs. It will happen. Believe it or not. πŸ˜’
  13. 1. Not to me. I just do not get all that riled up over nothing like plastic pollution. I saw a video of a pile of plastic garbage on youtube all bunched together in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It was about a mile in diameter. That did not come from Canada. It had to come from one or more of those third world countries. Do you ever stop and think about just how much plastic is used for so many products that we buy? It is immense. We need and use plastic for so many products. It's impossible to try and get rid of plastic altogether. I am pretty sure that all of the plastic that we export to those developing countries is needed for their own usage for whatever. China and India alone have almost 2 billion people living in those two countries and they both use plenty of plastic, and they discard the plastic wherever they want to without any thought. We are fixing our own plastic mess. Canadians are recycling their plastic waste. be happy with that. You should be worried more about what this Marxist dictator in Ottawa is doing to our rights and freedoms here in Canada before you show so much concern over plastic pollution. My rights and freedoms are more important to me than plastic pollution. Just saying. πŸ˜‡
  14. The democrats are the real and true enemy of we the people. They have done nothing for America or the American people except to try and take away their rights and freedoms and gun rights and give them transgenderism and socialism. What a deal, eh? πŸ™ƒ
  15. Lefty liberal lunatics are always full of emotional hot air. The abortion issue has been passed over to each American state to make their own abortion laws. One state will say no to abortions. Another state will say yes to abortions. If some woman wants to have an abortion in a no go abortion state then they are free to go to a pro abortion state. Why can't those lunatic emotional liberals accept that? Those pro abortion demonstrators are just showing us all as to just how many stupid lefty liberal buffoons there are in America. Way too many for my liking. πŸ™„
  16. How many unwanted children have you personally adopted? Just asking.
  17. To be honest here. The globalist corporate scum that do run the world are the ones that are taking advantage of the poorer countries in the world. But that should not stop those poor countries from trying to do the earth a favor by trying to get their own plastic pollution and waste under control which they massively contribute to every day and that they should be cleaning up every day. Personally, I really do not think that even the leaders in many of those poor countries really give all that much of a shit about their plastic pollution. Those leaders do not live in the poor parts of town, so why should they really care. Just my opinion. πŸ˜‡
  18. i never have said that plastic is not harmful to anyone or anything. I just do not really give a shit about plastic pollution. I have more and urgent priority needs to concern myself with rather than with plastic pollution. Here in Canada, Canadians are doing their fair share in helping to fight plastic pollution. But what about China and India or many Arab countries? Those three countries alone contribute and create way too much plastic pollution into the environment. So, maybe what you should be doing is to go and take a trip and go have a talk with the leaders of those three countries I mentioned above. But I doubt that you will have very much success because as far as I am concerned neither one of them really could give a shit about plastic pollution at all. Only dumb people in the western countries like in Canada appear to get all riled up over plastic pollution. Ridiculous. So, stop going bonkers about the bit of plastic waste that you see lying around on the ground somewhere. We are doing just fine with trying to fight plastic pollution by trying to keep all plastic materials off the streets and wherever else and we are doing a good job of recycling plastic. Just my opinion of course. πŸ˜‡
  19. Being a part of the Trump cult is fine with me. The cult that you always support is trying to destroy America and not save America. What about the missteps that BiDumb did to himself while trying to walk up the steps that led up to Air Force one and his stumbling twice in the process or his falling down off of his tricycle, oops, I mean bicycle. There have probably been many more incidents where BiDumb has tripped up over his own two feet that we have not been made aware of. Marjorie Taylor Greene is a real and true conservative patriotic American hero unlike your Marxist messiah hero's Pelosi, AOC and that anti-white racist Waters. Waters is always trying to foment racism and violence wherever she goes. Racist Waters condemned the Jan.6 gathering but had no problem with BLM and Antifa trying to burn down America. Just go away with your Marxist cult crap. πŸ˜›
  20. And what's it like for you to have your head up Lizzie and Ratzingers ass? Just asking. 😁
  21. I am not saying that we do not produce plastic pollution and waste. But we are not as bad as what is being done in the 3rd world. They produce a hell of a lot more than we could ever do. I say about 92% of it, and they could care less about doing so. ☺️
  22. What think that you should be doing is stay away from politics altogether. I always get the impression of you all the time that your skull has been cracked and for many decades now. I told you already lawsuits that he may have lost were all lost due to lefty liberal pro democratic appointed judges. Hello, stunned. The gong show trial is pretty much over now, and Trump will still be running around a free man. Trump has won some lawsuits and he has lost some lawsuits. Shit happens, lefty. So, what's your point here, lefty? That the democrats do not lose lawsuits themselves against Trump? They try and they always end up losing. In the end, Trump will still be a free man, and come the midterms, I heard that the Republican party are going to go after the likes of the scum in the democratic party that have been creating chaos and havoc for over two years now. Lizzie and Ratzinger will be history come the midterms and they know that already. Nice try anyway. πŸ€ͺ
  23. Has any plastic ever hurt you yet? Did some piece of plastic almost kill you by chance? I have seen plenty of garbage waste like paper and cardboard stuff and styrofaom coffee cups on our streets and highways.So, sShould we now ban all of those products also? So what's your point here anyway? Just wondering.
  24. Go join the liberal communist party of Canada because that is where you truly do belong, comrade. 😁 The truckers convoy protest was all about freedom of speech and assembly, and all about exposing liberal Marxists like you. If it were not for the many Canadian patriotic groups and organizations out there that have been fighting for freedom of speech and assembly for decades now we would already be saluting the communist hammer and sickle flag. Emigrate to North Korea, will you. Bye-bye. πŸ€—
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