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  1. Believe what you want to believe, lefty. Just go away. 🙃
  2. There is a big difference alright between you and me. I am smart and intelligent and you are neither one of them. Just saying. Well, whoop-de-doo for you, You are only superior in your own crazy head. Nothing you have ever said here smacks of some kind of superiority. Just nonsense lefty liberal bs. I am worried about my own white homeland. Our massive non-white immigration policy is slowly starting to replace old whitey with non-whites, and that I take as a threat. I am concerned that my grandchildren will not be living in the same great white homeland country that I grew up in. Live with it. Putting cans on a shelf or driving a truck is far better than what you probably do? Working for some bankster globalists or some lying politicians who are out there trying to steal their customers money or their freedoms? It's not the white collar worker that keeps the country working. It is the blue collar hard working worker that does that. The truckers and trades people help keep the economy up and running and do a great service for their country. You probably work for someone who steals their money. So, just what did you work so hard for anyway?
  3. Give up on your constant white superiority hatred and racist comments about white people and trying to blame white people for everything. There is a hell of a lot of non-white superiority stuff going on in and around the world. Hello?
  4. When will you accept the fact that it was the Arabs and black Africans that started it all and were heavily involved in the slave trade. Who says that it was the Europeans that financed the slave trade. You?
  5. Well, those archeologists that discovered the Kennewick man admitted that they were Caucasian bones. So, who are you to deny that little tid bit?
  6. Ya-ya, lefty liberals like you are always only concerned about what those dam white European people have done in the past, right? Other nonwhite cultures will always get a free pass for their slavery involvements with lefty's like you. Did you know that even black people in America owned black slaves?
  7. So, you now agree that Europe was a white European homeland, right?
  8. Still the Kennewick man was said to be Caucasian. Live with it.
  9. And I will bet that you do not even know as to what ethnic people owned those slavery ships?
  10. Europe, just like here in Canada, both are fast becoming a non-white homeland. Old whitey is fast becoming a minority and stranger in their own white homeland. It's not looking very good for old whitey these days. Believe it or not. Just my opinion of course.
  11. Well ya, that is what those leftist liberals want you to believe. Who still believes leftist liberals anymore? They like to lie to hide the truth and the facts all the time. Look up the Kennewick man on the internet. The evidence appears to be right there. The bones of the Kennewick man were carbon dated back to over 8000 years ago and were said to be the bones of a Caucasian person. So, just who was here first? The native Indians or the Caucasians? I know that you do not know. 😀 So, why don't you move back to Africa yourself instead. and why should I anyway? I like living where I am right now. Let me know when you are leaving. I will wave goodbye. 😂
  12. Well, it certainly looks to me like some white folk passing thru Europe way back when decided to stay in what is now quite obvious a white majority Europe. White Europe is now a majority white homeland for white people. But you need not get all upset about Europe being a majority white homeland because Europe is now being taken over by millions of non-whites just passing thru. History in time will show that white Europe was once a land of white folk. Just like Canada. 😬
  13. I have never bought any stolen goods from anyone in my life. I am an honest guy. 😇 Besides, how would I know if the goods were stolen or not? If some guy/gal comes along and wants to sell me their TV, I should first ask them if they stole it? Pretty rude, I would think. And of course he/she is going to tell me that they stole it, right? Come on, sad man.
  14. Their Asian ancestors original homeland was China. They came here decades after old whitey founded and settled in Canada. White people were here first. But they were born here in Canada, so they are here to stay. They are Canadian. Maybe the FN could head back to where they originally came from. Asia. Rumor has it that the native Indians were not the first to settle in North America. There is this little thing getting in the way called the Kennewick man. Just saying. 😇
  15. Apparently, slavery still exists in some African and Arab countries today. China keeps the Uyghurs as slaves in China. White people has nothing to do with all the slavery around the world going on. But no doubt somehow, the lying and fake and bought off white corporate leftist liberal MSM will try and blame all slavery of all kinds on white people. It will be a frosty day in hell when the white leftist liberal MSM here in North America ever admit that non-whites have committed more slavery than white folk ever could or have done. White people do not have any white privilege any longer. Matter of fact white folk are starting to lose any privilege that they once had. That should make the liberals here happy as chit to hear that. 😒
  16. If people like you get away with it, Canada will no longer be a white homeland. After all, it was the white people that founded and settled Canada. They sure as hell were not Asians or East Indians. And with the bones of the white Kennewick man that were found in North America, which were dated back to over 10,000 years ago, it sure as hell looks to me like even the Native Indians may not have been the first to arrive here in North America. The Native Indians of North America are of Chinese decent. Anyway, ask the french in Quebec as to why they need to make french the Unilingual official language of Quebec? It's all about survival.Ask why the Native Indians in Canada want to save their culture and traditions. It's all about survival. So, white people have a right to try and survive also. North America is our own white homeland, and we white folk must do what needs to be done in order to survive the present day onslaught from the non-white world. Live with it. Charlie Kirk is trying to expose the attacks and assaults on the white folk here in North America. Good for Charlie. 😊
  17. So true. It was the black Africans in Africa that kidnapped and sold their own black African brethren to the rest of the world. Charlie Kirk would know that this was a fact of life. But Rebounder being a white guilt ridden lefty liberal, who appears to constantly live on emotion rather than common sense and logic. He believes any and all liberal lies told to him. Sad person indeed. Aw well. 🤔
  18. Blacks may very well be in a tiny minority here in Canada, but here in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, I see more and more blacks then ever on the streets of the Lower Mainland than ever before. It looks to me like those in control of our present day multicultural immigration policy for Canada are planning on increasing their numbers by more non-white immigration. I believe that it is safe to say that old whitey will have to accept and live with the fact that their majority numbers are in peril. Just saying.
  19. I am pretty sure that you know what fiction really means though, eh lefty? You appear to like and enjoy living in a fictional liberal world. Your problem and not mine.
  20. My white homeland is slowly and slyly being removed and replaced by a non-white invasion in this country which has been going on for decades. This is fact, and not fiction. As you said, capitalists and communists could care less about a countries culture and traditions and freedoms. It's always and only just about the money. Again, why do you need to have more blacks in commercials anyway? If blacks do not see themselves more involved with TV commercials are they then going to stop buying products and food from those capitalists? This has more to do with trying to push old whitey aside and out of the picture and nothing more. Just standing up and fighting for old whitey while I still can. No racism intended. Just common sense and logic. Just my personal opinion of course. 😁
  21. Black people must buy whatever they need to survive and can do very well and get by without the need of ad executives trying to place more blacks in TV ads. Going after one demographic, as in the case with blacks, could be seen as racism. What about those other races of non-whites who should also be seen on TV commercials as valuable customers? They may want to demand that their faces and races be seen in more TV commercials. This communist globalist agenda and program of promoting more multiculturalism and diversity will soon become a fight for dominance by all races in this now sad and pathetic country. As more of those new non-white immigrate to Canada, and their numbers increase they will surely want their share of the TV commercial pie now. We may even see a civil war here in Canada one day over who gets to control the turf of Canada. It sure looks like old whitey may have to sit on the sidelines and watch their white homeland broken up and taken over by aliens as their number still decreases and fall into the minority status column. in America, Europe and Australia are all watching as their white populations get smaller and smaller every year. This is fact, and not fiction. Here in Canada our present day immigration policy is approx. 83% non-white new immigrants compared to approx. 17% white. If that is not white genocide in the making, well what the hell is? Charlie Kirk is right. White privilege is an racist attack on the white people of North America. This anti-white racism going on today needs to be stopped now before it becomes too late. Just my personal opinion of course.
  22. And the rest of the leftist liberal MSM was founded with the deliberate intentions of doing PR work for the democrat party. If Trump were absolutely guilty of anything he would be in jail by now. But that never happened. And we all now know that Trump has entered the race in the 2024 election to become the president once again. For a guy who is supposed to be guilty as hell over so many MSM false accusations, well, Trump is back and running to become the next President of America. Not bad for a guy who you believe should be in jail. I will continue to watch FOX NEWS no matter what they try and say about Trump. If FOX NEWS decides to ignore Trump, altogether, well, ask Trump if he really gives a crap. But FOX NEWS will still in someway or manner back Trump. They have too.
  23. We see every day the attacks on white people by the media. There is racism going on in Canada today and it is happening against the white population on purpose. The white people are being slowly replaced by non-whites and this appears to be happening on purpose. Even that bimbo of a PM of Canada has said that he despises white Europeans. With the massive amount of non-white immigration going on in Canada today, white people will probably become a minority in Canada in another two decades, and the white people ain't going to like it when that happens, pardner. Look at commercials today on TV. There are more blacks in commercials then there ever was just in the past two years. On many talk shows like the View, with black racist Whoop-tee-do and on MSNBC with black Joy Reid, they are constantly attacking white people with racist rants against white people. It's starting to get serious now, and old whitey better wake up quickly here or else it will be too late for old whitey to save themselves from real racism that will be perpetrated on them. Hello.
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