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  1. So true indeed. The new covid virus variant has to be just around the corner. Anytime we the peasants wish to celebrate one of our many holidays, where many people can get together during some holiday, they come out with more restrictions to keep all of us getting together for anything. They are afraid that we the peasants might start to talk about this scamdemic. Bonnie the fascist Henry here in BC did that at Christmas time where she was asking people to pretty much not get together and celebrate Christmas with too many friends or family members. So, I am pretty sure that we might get a bit of freedom and rights back for awhile soon but come those holidays you mentioned above that is most likely when they will try and take some of those freedoms back from us. It's becoming so predictable with these liars. if there is anything that I have learned since all of this covid hoax scamdemic started is that I will never trust our politicians or the media anymore. They pretty much all lie. They have become my enemy, and not my friend. And I am being forced to still pay their unearned political salaries. Shocking indeed. 😷
  2. The big pharma globalists are in a state of panic these days as they are starting to see that their lies and bull chit are slowly being exposed. Only buffoons and useful idiots still believe in this scamdemic virus hoax. "La Turd" needs to be arrested, charged and thrown in jail for what this useful globalist idiot has done to we the peasants. The sadness that this turd has done to so many innocent people must never be forgotten or forgiven. This useful idiot turd believes that the globalists like him very much. But when, and if the globalist can get their great reset agenda 30 into fruition, the useful idiot Turd will be thrown aside like a pile of chit. The useful idiot turd is handing the rope to the globalists that they will use to hang the stupid fool with later. And that goes for all of the other traitor politicians, and to many people in the media, and the medical profession also. When one knows too much they have to go. That is how the globalists operate. They have no loyalty to anyone but themselves. Beware all you all traitors out there. Just my opinion of course. 😇
  3. I agree. We have all been told thousands of times and over and over and over again about this covid virus by our lying politicians and the lying media ad nauseam on TV pretty much every hour of every day. They both just cannot seem to get enough of trying to scare the hell of the gullible fools out there who will believe anything those liars tell them. Yes indeed, I have heard of this climate change virus. Apparently, it is supposed to be just as dangerous as the covid virus is supposed to be and that we must all now cut back on our reliance on fossil fuels. Will I be needing a vaccine to protect me from this climate change virus? I would not want to catch this climate virus. It does sound very dangerous. Just wondering. 🙃
  4. What that fascist Australian dictating premier is doing in Australia is committing crimes against humanity. This fascist dictator needs to be arrested, charged and put in the gulag for a very very long time. This fascist is truly an enemy of his own people. This fascist is all in for the money and power that this covid scamdemic has been handed to him on a silver globalist big pharma vaccine platter. There should never be any laws or restrictions against anyone who refuses to be jabbed. Only fascist like yourself would believe in this kind of crime against humanity. I despise fascists like you because you truly are a danger to rights and freedoms and choice. Maybe what should happen next to those vaccinated people whom we all now know that they are covid spreaders also just like they say non vaccinated people are and they should all be denied medical services in hospitals. Let's see how they like that? No doubt you would be the first to start crying like a baby and saying you cannot do that to me. I have rights you know. Ha-ha. Those people that are now vaccinated should be forced to stay at home so they cannot become super spreaders of this covid virus. Hey, we need to start somewhere to try and end this covid virus, eh? Chuckle-chuckle.
  5. And mostly due also to the fact that many doctors and nurses and home care workers are refusing to take the jabs. They have been laid off or have been fired. Last year these people were hero's. This year these same people are now being treated like scum and are being discriminated against and being denied many services. Just how long this sham and scam can go on is beyond me. 🙄
  6. I am just wondering as to what the next new name will be for the next false covid variant scamdemic virus that should be coming along very soon? And our phony politicians, and the lying media, and of course those big pharma globalist liars no doubt have a name picked out already and preparing it for it's debut. And of course the zombie peasants out there will be told that they need to take another booster jab for this new covid scamdemic virus variant so they won't die. They will lineup for hours for their next vaccine booster fix, and still wearing their face diaper masks. Those buffoons have become nothing more than a bunch of useful idiots for the globalist big pharma establishment and their political masters. Arse holes. 😇
  7. In order for big pharma globalists to have been able to do what they have done already to we the peasants, and the world, they had to have the cooperation of our traitorous politicians, bureaucrats, the lying media, the lying medical professionals(take an oath to do no harm)and the judicial system to make it all work in favor for the big pharma globalists. This is truly a world wide conspiracy going on right now in front of our very noses. It's too bad that the zombie peasants have not quite figured that one out yet. They still march off for their next 2nd booster shot without a thought or a question. Thus we all must suffer much more covid trials and tribulations because of those zombies before, one can only hope, they will all come to their senses and bring this covid bull chit to come crashing down one day. 😇
  8. Geez whiz, this looks more like just another tax grab for another thief politician to me. Never underestimate a politician when it comes to finding new sources of revenue. Politicians have had decades to figure that all out. It has never been about a virus at all. It was and still is only about money and power and control over we the sad looking sleepy head peasants. Sadly, there are way too many zombie peasants out there who just will never will get it. They truly do honestly believe their lying politicians and the lying media and that both of those liars really do care about their health, safety and well being. There can be no doubt about it that the majority of Canadians are f'n stupid. Just my honest opinion of course. 😷
  9. Have you ever given a thought about taking an IQ test for yourself before? If not, I suggest that you look into doing that right away. Just saying. 😀
  10. We are watching today our rights and freedoms being stolen from us all over a phony scamdemic that should never have gone this far. Two weeks has now gone to almost two years. It will only end when we the peasants say enough already and stop listening and obeying their dear fascist lying leaders who have been taken advantage of the gullible peasants who went along with this covid scamdemic. Our lying politicians and the lying media are in cahoots with the big pharma globalists whom are making hundreds of billions off this scamdemic. The globalist billionaires are getting richer while we the peasants are getting poorer and sicker. This needs to end now before we find ourselves slaves to those traitors forever. Refuse the boost. Works for me. 😇
  11. The premier of Alberta Jason Kenny just admitted that they have overstated Omnicron hospitalizations by 60%. Just what else has the rest of those bozo politicians and the media have been lying to us all this time? The CDC has already admitted that the PCR tests are not accurate and have made false positives on people getting tested. Some insurance companies rae paying out way more death benefits then ever before. Could this be due to those covid experimental vaccines for the reasons as to why this is happening? Hey, we never know, eh? The jig may soon be up, folks. The lies spewed by our fascist lying politicians and the fascist lying media may soon be exposed. I mean, just how long can they keep this scamdemic going? It's close to two years now. Yet those bozos mentioned above keep trying to keep this scamdemic going. There can be no doubt about it that these liars have to be getting rich from this sham and scam in some way. Otherwise, why keep it going if there is nothing in it for them. I guess that they will find it very hard one day soon when they are going to have to give up their fascist power and control over we the peasants, eh? How this scamdemic has been allowed to go on this far is beyond me. It's time for we the peasants to say enough already. It's time to end vaccine passports and the wearing of those clown masks once and for all. Works for me. 😇
  12. Well, according to my sources and on the internet, there are plenty of vaccinated people ending up in many ICU hospital units around the country whom have taken the covid vaccination jabs and then got ill or have died. You must be one of the lucky ones who has not had any problems, so far, from your jabs. Time will tell though. I do not believe that I am crazy yet. I am probably a bit crazy for debating with you. You cannot seem to comprehend that what you have jabbed into your body is an experimental covid vaccine, and there is no way of knowing as to what those experimental covid vaccines will do to ones body in time. But what I have read, it's not looking good for the vaccinated. If I am supposed to be crazy for what I am saying, well to me, you appear to be just as crazy as well for what you are saying. Touche. 🙃
  13. Most of the staff shortages in hospitals and care homes is because of the thousands of nurses and care home workers whom have refused to take the jab. Of course, there will appear to be shortages when their is nobody to work. But that is all the fault of our politicians who are determined to vax everybody to death. Two weeks to flatten the curve. A big pharma globalist lie from the beginning with the help of our dear political leaders and the media whom went along with the big lie. No matter what we the peasants try to do to help fight this covid virus it seems like it is just never enough for our dear Marxist leaders who always keep coming out with more covid rules to make our lives even more miserable. When are the peasants going to rise up and say enough already. It's long overdue for that day to come. It's your call now. 😇
  14. The question that everyone should be asking is why are they pushing so hard to get everyone vaccinated when we already know that the vaccines do not stop covid. And it is all bull chit when they try and tell us that with taking the covid vaccines the symptoms will not be as bad. Well, tell that to those people who got fully vaccinated and boosted, whom are now in some hospital ICU bed and probably fighting for their lives. The scamdemic will go on and on forever because of the people who keep allowing it to go on. Refuse the booster. Just say no. Stop being a wimp and coward and start to fight back for your rights and freedoms that were taken away from us all. Try and remember what life was like just two years ago. Now fight to get those good old normal days back. It's your call. 😇
  15. This should be quite concerning about this new mandate that all truckers on both sides of the Canadian and American border must now show proof of being vaccinated or they will not be allowed to enter either country. This is going to cause huge concerns for people in business who will not be able to get the many materials that we all use and need to get by with every day. This is just another attack by the big pharma globalists and their sick and pathetic ilk followers, like our politicians and the media, that are trying to destroy our North American way of life. Those scum mentioned above are trying to implement the great reset or globalist communism and the way to do that is to try and destroy the economy of Canada and America and then create a more bigger globalist like government to take over everything to try and help solve the mess that they created in the first place. The push for everyone to be vaccinated is just apart of that globalist plan because we will all be needing a vaccine passport to ever be able to do anything anymore without the mark of the beast(666). For the non vaccinated it is going to be hell on earth for them. We see that happening already. But, if one does not take their one or two booster shots they will also find themselves on the outside looking in. It's all about the vaccines and nothing more. The biggest mistake that the Americans ever made was to put Joey BiDumb in the White House. The buffoon is a Marxist thru and thru. The whole dam democratic party has become totally Marxist. Here in Canada, we have our own Marxist dear leader. What all these scum have in store for us all is that we have only begun to see the beginning of the demise of our rights and freedoms forever. Believe it or not. 😷
  16. This scamdemic will never end as long as there are too many gullible people out there who are still all to willing to go along with this covid farce. As I said in the beginning when this Omni"con" variant came along that our lying politicians and the lying media will try and make a mountain out of a mole hill with this very mild Omni"con" virus. And I was right on. If we do not end this covid medical tyranny madness nonsense soon, we will all find ourselves with no chance of ever being able to try and get our rights and freedoms back. Our dear Marxist leaders are now enjoying the moment where they pretty much now have total power and control and where they want we the peasants to be. Once our freedoms and liberties and rights are taken away from we the peasants they are very hard to get back. Our politicians are supposed to be working for us, and the media is supposed to tell the truth. But both appear to have now become the dictators and we must all do as they say or else. Our Marxist politicians have violated every right and freedom that we once had just two years ago. I cannot even go for a swim at my local indoor pool if I am not vaccinated. WTH? I dread the day when the next covid variant comes along. If we think that it is bad now, well, it could just get worse. We cannot allow our politicians with the help of the media to be able to do this to us ever again. To do that we must all stop listening too and believing their lies and bull crap, and that goes for the media also. They both have truly become the enemy of we the peasants.Just my opinion of course. 😷
  17. Leftist liberals do not ever check for real and true facts. They just parrot whatever their political and media masters tell them to say or do. They refuse to use and think on their own. They instead prefer to let their dear Marxist political leaders and the Marxist media to do the thinking for them. Canada has become a nation of gullible wimps and cowards whom just want to go along to get along. They are totally afraid and scared to make any waves. Canada is way to full of followers and not enough of too many leaders. Even the Marxist Alberta Health minister had to admit that they do manipulate the ICU covid numbers of patients with covid that are in the hospital. Saying that should be a wake up call to everybody out there that is this covid medical tyranny madness nonsense that has been going on for years now is all for real? People need to question more. 😇
  18. So, what stupid rule will be next? Tax the non vaccinated people every time they leave their homes or tax them for driving on vaccinated only roads just because they may aid in the spread of this hoax virus? That is how silly this new tax looks and sounds if this tax is applied to the non vaccinated. So, should we apply extra taxes to those people who are obese and who have to go to the hospital for diabetes problems, treatments or operations because they eat way too much and get way too fat? Or apply an extra tax on people who smoke or drink alcohol and where many of them have developed cancer, liver, or lung problems and end up in some hospital all because of their addictions to those products mentioned? All those people are taking up extra beds in some hospital. Or what about the tens of thousands of Canadians that overdose every year on illegal drugs that are being sold and distributed in Canada. They also end up in some hospital and take up many beds. I could go on but why bother. All you seem to be paranoid over and concerned about is coivd-covid-covid and nothing else. You are so far out in the leftist field of bull chit that I can hardly see you anymore. Keep going back until you disappear altogether will you. go ahead, make my day. Chuckle. It is quite obvious to me that you do not believe in rights and freedom and choice at all. Taxing someone in Canada for not being vaccinated is criminal and discrimination and a crime against humanity. It violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Canadian Constitution, the Nuremberg code, and the Canadian Human Rights Commissions charter of rights. But what do you care about other people's rights, eh? Marxists are like that, don't you know. 🤣
  19. Just wait until they decide to imprison people who are not vaccinated. They have done this in Australia. Our Marxist political leaders from other provinces will probably do the same thing here when the time is right. They will first see how it goes in Quebec. Canada is not a free and democratic country anymore. It has become an undemocratic communist country. People like citizen have to be a communist. Only communists can agree with another stupid covid rule like what the Marxists of Quebec are proposing. What's next? Tax the unvaccinated for leaving their homes and for driving their vehicles on vaccinated only roads? That is how silly and stupid this new rule is. But leftist liberals like citizen believes that this is just great. 😛
  20. It's called and due to the multiculturalism and diversity Marxist programs and agendas that is causing the problem mentioned above. Canada never had these many kinds of shootings and killings on the streets going on until we changed our immigration policy of favoring more non-white immigration than white immigration. All we are doing thanks to this massive third world immigration policy is importing more trouble makers. There lies the problem which no politician dares to mention. Why? Because our politicians already know that they are the real problem. Canada must implement a moratorium on all immigration for at least seven years or more until things start to settle down. Toronto was once known for being good, but now, Toronto is now known for being bad. Massive third world immigration has been a big factor in all of these shootings and killing crimes that have turned Toronto into a bad city to want to live in. My opinion of course. 😇
  21. Just for your info, bit of fever. There have been many people that have been vaccinated and have died after taking the covid experimental vaccine. The hospitals apparently are quite full of victims from taking covid jabs. Recently, comedian Bob Sagat took his experimental vaccine jab a couple of months ago and he is now dead. Did he die from normal causes or was it the experimental vaccine that did him in? We will never really know. Dozens of soccer players have suffered heart attacks and some have fallen dead on the soccer fields while playing soccer in Europe after they took their forced vaccination jabs. We HAve read of many cruise ship lines that have only vaccinated people on board as required but yet there was an outbreak of covid on those ships. WTH? Wake up, bit of fever, if that is possible for you? 🙃
  22. You need to listen to some of your own nonsensical babbling that you do most times here. I find that Westcan and Infidel make way more sense in what they say than you ever will. Yourself, being a Trudeautard, tells me all I need to know as to why you are lacking big time when it comes to being smart and sane. Just saying. Not according to FOX NEWS. With CNN, being your lousy source for true facts, CNN will make it appear as though Bidumb has saved millions of American lives. CNN has been caught many many times lying but people like you will still believe their lies and hoaxes. Can't feel sorry for you. You are already a goner and just another leftist liberal loser. Awe! I already mentioned this out many times here. Bill Gates to hell had set up a meeting with other globalist elite ilk called Event 201 in Oct. 2019 to discuss the possibility of a pandemic coming about in the near future and that we should all try and get prepared for it. Well, low and behold, in March 2020, voila, we have a world wide pandemic/plandemic on our hands. Coincidence? No bloody way. A planned coincidence, yes. This covid 19 hoax and lie was brought to we the peasants courtesy of the globalist billionaires who planned on making covid 19 an excuse to implement a great reset and with the end game of trying to get the whole world vaccinated with an experimental vaccine that from what many other doctors and scientists and experts have been saying now is that these experimental vaccines are meant to cause great bodily harm while at the same time making hundreds of billions of dollars for the billionaire globalists. After two long disasterous years of this medical tyranny madness we still have covid around. Why? I just told you why above. This had nothing to do with any virus from the beginning but had more to do with pushing vaccines. Whether you want to believe it or not, I could not give a chit. Tens of thousands of people have either gotten themselves seriously ill, maimed, or have died after they took those experimental vaccines. It is now the job of our traitorous politicians, and the lying controlled media, to push the vaccine agenda. Vaccinated people are now the super spreaders of this so called virus because we should all know now that being vaccinated does not stop people from getting convid. Thus this 24 hours of covid-covid-covid brainwashing every day. Sadly, fools like you still eat up their lying chit. You are the reason why this scamdemic may never end. Not me. Butt off. 😀
  23. Trump as president had to come up with some kind of vaccine for the covid scamdemic. The pressure was on him to do something. Trump had no choice. Sadly, Trump had to let big pharma globalists do the nasty deed of coming up with a vaccine that would cure nothing. We all ended up with an experimental vaccine. If Trump did not do anything about the covid scamdemic himself he would have been criticized and blamed for all of the deaths that he had nothing to do with. The big pharma globalists would have merciless attacked him relentlessly by their owned and controlled lying media because he did not do anything. It's all about politics, beavy boy. There has been more deaths from covid under Bidumb than under Trump even though we all know that the vaccines are not doing a bloody thing to stop covid. Your heros Bidumb and Trudeau are still telling people to get vaccinated. That makes Marxist Bidumb look worse than Trump now. do you still admire Bidumb now? Yes indeed, I still do admire Trump just like you admire Castro Trudeau. 😀
  24. Gates to hell and fraudster Fauci together have committed crimes against humanity for years now. But will they ever pay for their crimes against humanity? I doubt it very much. The system will protect from any prosecutions. They both are a couple of Teflon Dons. Must be nice, eh? 😷
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