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  1. Dougie is right about the mass psychosis. People are literally destroying themselves out of fear when actually very little has happened or changed environmentally. Or rather, environmental change is a constant which is unavoidable. We adjust to conditions and adapt. We’re better equipped to do this as a species than at any time in history. The allowance of assisted suicide for mentally ill people will make it easier for people to succumb to irrational fear. Rather than help people, the state gives them a cheap exit. This is what we today call “wellness” and “protecting the vulnerable.” The double speak Orwell talked about. Use language to paint evil as virtue.
  2. Ridiculous people committing hari kari as we speak. Deny nature at your peril.
  3. You sound like a puritanical ninny. Are you a femme supremacist? See the absurdity?
  4. You’re probably right that the hawkish approach is better from a negotiation perspective in the culture war as in Ukraine.
  5. Males and females have different strengths and compliment each other. Under the law women can enter any traditionally male profession, even ones to which most women are physically ill-suited. Men cannot give birth or be socially accepted as stay at home parents in many circles. Both genders face discrimination today and generally more women are in universities now than men. More women are in medical fields. There are still more men in engineering fields. Many young women are bypassing men, getting artificial insemenation, or not having kids. There’s a lot of lost men out there. The highest suicide rate group is middle aged Protestant white males. I don’t think women will lose the right to an abortion in most US jurisdictions. I think that most people who know the science on gestation would support some limits on abortion.
  6. So no men lift a finger to prevent pregnancies? Pure sexism. A woman’s freedom supersedes an infant’s freedom to the extent of infanticide? You haven’t offered any limitations on how far along a pregnancy can be terminated based on the viability of a fetus as a living human. I can’t respect or support that. All the overturning of R v. W did was throw the right to have an abortion back to the states. No doubt the blue states will give maximum freedom of choice and autonomy to pregnant mothers without any respect to the rights of a child to life and safety from harm. That’s how it is in Canada. You win. Don’t like the Texas ruling, move to a blue state or Canada.
  7. Good God. Hundreds of years ago territory and property were constantly under attack and men were biologically equipped to protect it. How sexist and patriarchal, man! Gender’s just a social construct, man! Sarcasm. Our modern leftist ideologues don’t seem to have much understanding of history or biology.
  8. You clearly don’t understand what the colours represent, one of them being sex. You can’t avoid the most important and clearest interpretation of the flag as supporting a sexual lifestyle. This isn’t for young children. Of course bullying isn’t allowed and we always go the extra mile to protect the marginalized. Stop pretending we need this flag on schools to do this. There are many other flags we could add for groups that have nothing to do with sexuality, yet we don’t add them. Canada clearly supports these special interests, so the Canadian flag should suffice.
  9. Improvement to emissions levels will be incremental. We’ll still need a strong oil and gas sector for energy security, affordability, and an important employment sector. We undo our reductions with immigration anyway, as our gross emissions increase with the population. Again though, replacing our retiring workforce is important. Automation will take care of some of that. Reducing emissions is just one factor to consider in managing affairs. Living standards and preventing poverty are more important, more measurable, and more immediate. The realistic solution is the naturally occurring reduction in world population coming with the absence of the Baby Boomers from around 2050, the natural advances in technology, and the fact that as people worldwide become more educated and urbanized, they have fewer kids. Demographics, education, urbanization, and technology are the big drivers here. Carbon taxes are an unnecessary expense. Hammering our oil and gas sector just damages our economy, raises the cost of living, and puts us at the mercy of foreign tyrants who will sell us as much energy as possible to the detriment of our own energy sector.
  10. They can improve and come down in price through increased production and competition, especially if they’re integrated into how we build communities and homes in the building code and zoning regulations. Really all new roofs should integrate solar shingles/panels. Deep water cooling, geothermal and wind power (in brownfields or out of the way of human activity) should be standard at the regional/provincial level where the geography makes them viable. Small nuclear reactors can probably make up the shortfall of electricity to power EVs and businesses at the community level. However, major industry will rely on our large-scale hydro, nuclear, and natural gas plants for decades to come. That’s fine because they’re cleaner than coal and green tech will gradually reduce their piece of the energy pie. Gradually. Having improbable deadlines sets us up for failure. We need to look at local contexts, not international ones. Carbon taxes squeeze people financially, create inequalities, and almost inevitably become another tax to add to the slush fund of general tax revenues. How that money gets spent or returned to taxpayers after coming through costly administration is problematic.
  11. There’s another side to the story though that you ignore. Your interpretation is the one we are funding by the billions. Just consider where it’s leading because I honestly don’t know.
  12. Our current federal government are Philistines. We’ve been here before going back millennia. Canadian democracy is under threat. Our police state is attacking peaceful citizens for their political views. Sad that so many people don’t see it, but those with eyes to see know exactly what’s happening. Trudeau can grandstand on Canada Day in front of a selected crowd of supporters, but the gestures are increasingly empty and bankrupt. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Leaders must lead for all or they will alienate and oppress citizens. If we haven’t seen enough evidence of this already to see it for what it is, well, that’s another tragedy that makes sense of the malaise many Canadians feel today.
  13. I agree with big parts of this. However, the west and the current Ukraine regime are not innocent bystanders in this. Crimea won’t go back to Ukraine. The Russian demand for “independence” of Donbas is about ensuring that NATO isn’t on Russia’s doorstep and that the Russian speakers’ rights in that region are protected. At least that’s the Russian public stance, whether or not it’s the real or only reason for Russia’s presence there. By taking a zero tolerance position and demanding total Russian unconditional withdrawal, Russia is painted into a corner because they can’t save face on the world stage or with the Russian people. Also consider that Zelensky wouldn’t be taking this stance (harsher than the one agreed to in Turkey) without the massive support of the West. Essentially Ukraine has become fodder in a US versus Russia Cold War redux. None of this should be happening. It’s roots are in the refusal to let Russia into the NATO fold after the collapse of the Soviet Union. It’s arguable that the West had turned Putin into an imperialist because the honest brokerage between democratic countries seeking to hammer out a lasting peace never happened. We need a political solution.
  14. So coming out of the pandemic the freest jurisdictions in the world were Britain and certain red states like Florida. People throw around words like colonialism and oppression, but freedom and prosperity speak for themselves. Thank God that Britain had the confidence and strength to assert liberal-democratic values, because we see how much of a struggle it’s been to maintain or restore them in Canada. Talk is cheap. The Canadian federal government talks a good line on freedom, democracy, environmentalism, equity…. But actions speak louder than words.
  15. Government showing how far it can push, but the world is watching. People aren’t buying the government narratives anymore. They’re going to have to manage their exit from government Noriega style.
  16. It’s time to seriously consider ending Confederation. A mismanaged waste of money. No longer a free country. Can’t even travel anymore because our subsidized national airline is a shambles and our federally regulated airports can’t process people because of unnecessary red tape. Our government discriminates against the elderly and people who don’t have cell phones because they can’t enter Canada without ArriveCan. Canada is becoming a stupid bureaucratic country with fewer freedoms than the US. At this point I’d rather see Ontario go it alone. Trudeau said Canada is colonial garbage anyway. Why should we care about propping up this mess with our tax dollars?
  17. What a ridiculously mismanaged country of overspending, overbearing communists.
  18. So we finally have the proof that our federal government wants to restrict your movements and infringe on civil liberties permanently. You now permanently have to own a cell phone to enter Canada and have the ArriveCan app. Can’t operate technology? Sucks to be you. Welcome to the new totalitarian Canada. https://apple.news/AqM0dIZd7SOOoiAYK6OmftA
  19. It’s not about political party loyalty but what’s right. $80,000 meals for her staff on a flight? No
  20. He needs to remain clearly conservative. People are sick of phoneys, especially green-woke suck-ups. When the media pushes him, he’ll need to stick to the script on Trudeau’s failures. Many of us hope he can remove the stakeholder capitalist Yellen types. Our BofC governor, Governor General, head of RCMP, and many others have been installed as Liberal green-woke internationalist puppets. I never want to hear our BofC governor spew climate change nonsense or other leftist drivel again. Worry about inflation and that’s it!
  21. No it isn’t. By the way, MacDonald’s statues have been removed and eponymous schools have had their names changed. You keep referring to a Canada that no longer exists. Canada is run by leftist internationalists. Identity politics and green fascism. Nothing is as important to Trudeau than looking good in front of his elitist stakeholder capitalist control freak friends. He’s trying not to restore pre-pandemic freedoms because he wants control. “Climate change.” “Dangerous speech.” “Post-national state.”
  22. He put himself in front of the cameras daily and came across as pretty caring. He isn’t very conservative, but he seems much more in touch with regular people and their struggles than the other party leaders, especially the federal Liberals. He’s not elitist. I didn’t expect him to be so politically wise. I don’t know how he got such wide support. Ontarians like middle of the road and down to earth. However, he mostly toes the federal line. I think he can afford to push back more as Trudeau sinks. Then again, he’s kept a lot of the public onside from all political stripes. Hard to criticize his political instincts.
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