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  1. But Sweden is largely out of the pandemic. We’re extending ours. I’d like to see the non-Covid illness and death rates, because these are impacted by the lockdowns. I wonder how the suicide and debilitating disease death rates compare. There’s an argument to be made that a social, active life has better health outcomes overall and is certainly a better quality of life. I also think many people would rather live ten upbeat months among family and friends and doing activities they enjoy than live a miserable year in isolation.
  2. I mostly agree with you, though I no longer think that for Canada the goal should be to attach herself to US projections of power in the far reaches of the globe, because it almost always turns into a questionable expense that gives the US cover for her self-interest by acting as part of a coalition rather than acting on her own. I get that we do a certain amount of this in an exchange for US protection, whether or not it’s warranted. The better move, I believe, is equipping Canada for greater independence militarily and economically, being clear about what and whom we oppose and support, and getting as involved as we deem necessary to support trusted allies and support our goals. There’s a trick to this, which is to basically project confidence, independence, and strong support of allies while taking careful care of Canadian interests, to which our allies are often oblivious. Harper, Mulroney, Chrétien, Pearson, St. Laurent, King, and even Trudeau Sr. understood this. Not all PM’s play this game well. It requires more hard power, Realpolitik, and smarter rhetoric than we have now.
  3. Interesting that Denmark has opened up completely and successfully with a lower vaccination rate than Canada: https://apple.news/AYegpJmZ6SoejV0R1UZj_1g
  4. Incredible that Trudeau, a so-called ideological ally of the US Democrat Party, isn’t taken seriously by the Biden administration. We should’ve known that this was coming when Canada didn’t ban Huawei from 5G networks. Trudeau, a self-proclaimed admirer of China, doesn’t have the diplomatic relationship that he thought he had with China to get the two Michaels released from Chinese detention. The US exercised its extradition treaty with Canada to get at a Huawei executive, driving a wedge between Canada and China. Harper was wise to be hawkish on China, making it clear where Canada’s loyalties lie. Trudeau has lost credibility with both the US and China. If O’Toole wins, he would be wise to take a firm, scathing stance against China, boost Canadian military strength and independence, and diversify trade from the US. Canada is too reliant on US trade and military power. China is a manipulative totalitarian superpower that cannot be trusted. We need to either shift our offshore production from China to other cheap jurisdictions or pay more to manufacture more items ourselves with our higher labour costs. The latter option is the more painful one in the short-term, but it has the best long term impacts for Canadian employment and independence.
  5. Clearly Florida is leading the way out of the pandemic by focusing on monoclonal treatments and ending restrictions. Their death rate is like Ontario’s but without restrictions. vaccine passports, or vaccine mandates. They’ve moved on.
  6. Stats. Where are you getting your notions? What you don’t seem to appreciate is the value of a society running normally. In Florida, much of Alberta, and a number of states, people are living normal lives unmasked. The hype is largely among journalists looking for clicks.
  7. I’m sure there’s some pressure but it’s not a crisis. A lot of politicization and exaggeration afoot.
  8. Cite. I’ve only read about this phenomena in the third wave and in a few hospitals at present. I posted the stats for Ontario two weeks ago. 200-250 patients in ICU’s with a 25,000 acute care bed capacity.
  9. The UK has demonstrated that responsible government balances multiple interests. They figured out that passports would unnecessarily add stress and bureaucracy to daily life and literally push some people into psychologically and sometimes medically destructive situations. For what? To increase vaccination levels a few percent? If we consider our society free and liberal-democratic, such draconian policies have no place in Canada.
  10. Vaccinated can spread the disease too. Hospitals are fine. Most eligible people are vaccinated. The unvaccinated are rolling the dice with their own lives which is their prerogative. Interesting that you take zero interest in protecting late term fetuses but you’re all about chasing down the unvaccinated who are mostly just putting themselves at risk. What about sterilization or forced abortion for population control? What about chopping off the arms of thieves so they can’t steal?
  11. Why this need to dictate other people’s health decisions? I’m fully vaccinated and think vaccination is good, but your need to control other adults’ health decisions seems like a pathological need for control. You just said it impacts them. You’re protected. Lay off.
  12. At this point we’re using flamethrowers to kill flies. I get that certain vaccinated control freaks can’t handle a slim minority of the population resisting the vaccine, but you have to take away their livelihood and basic freedoms too? It’s the same mentality that shoots a child for stepping onto his property to get a stray basketball. Totally out of proportion. We’re sitting with about 600 daily cases in Ontario, quiet hospitals, and almost 85% of eligible Ontarians fully vaccinated, yet we have to mask up and show our papers to attend a movie. Is this really the kind of world you want to live in?
  13. You miss the point. Governments should not have such breadth of power. If the laws permit it, change the laws. Don’t worry, total compliance is winning and you’re on the winning team. Just don’t complain when freedoms you enjoy are needlessly suspended. Your views are part of the bubble wrapping Puritanism that removes millions of dollars of perfectly functioning playground equipment because one parent sued when his kid broke his neck diving off the crossbar. That’s our world now: Remove all personal responsibility and dictate behaviour in the most predictable and controlled manner possible to meet a centrally planned goal, risk-free yet mindless and banal, inhuman actually.
  14. You won. The fact that I thought she worked for the CBC says it all.
  15. Trudeau makes Canadians feel worse about Canada, a great country. He needs to go as soon as possible.
  16. When Trudeau tried to vilify the Conservatives because O’Toole wants to raise the flag of Canada from half mast to full mast after three months with it lowered, that spelled the end of Trudeau as ever being worthy of holding the office of Prime Minister of Canada.
  17. You’re right but I don’t think enough people understand the extent to which they continue to be violated. We live in a time when even the freest countries have enacted tight controls over their populations for questionable reasons. The fact that this situation persists speaks to people’s unquestioning compliance. I think that we now have an intractable problem of people feeling so powerless, vulnerable to fear, and weakened psychologically by the restrictions of the past 18 months, that they are unable to muster the energy and hope to rally against the dictates. They have delegated too much authority to governments and don’t know where to begin. It’s sad. People who question the dictates are vilified in the media and made examples of in viral videos. There’s no perspective on the current level of risk of death from Covid-19. It no longer matters that our death levels are low and comparable to many other causes of death. We’re in an era of public health Puritanism. People have started fleeing to freer jurisdictions, which is why there’s an exodus from places like California and New York to Texas and Florida. People are voting with their feet.
  18. The state should never have the right to keep people in their homes and apart from other people or the ability to keep people from moving freely within their own country. Nor should the state be able to require people to cover their faces, inject substances into their bodies, or produce identification to avail themselves of services. Also, the state has no right to take away someone’s livelihood or prevent relatives from visiting each other, including people under care (for example, elderly). I understand that when there’s clear and present danger of death or bodily harm, it might be justified to temporarily suspend certain liberties, but such a suspension must have a high burden of justification from the state. What we have seen and continue to see is a total violation of basic human rights that extends beyond our laws to the foundation of all social organization: natural law. A common defence used by those who murdered civilians during the Holocaust was that they were obeying laws and following orders. That defence didn’t hold during the Nuremberg trials. We have free will as humans to oppose unjust dictates. A state that imposes unjust dictates is violating basic human rights.
  19. Good, freedom of religion is a right in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It’s as important as freedom of assembly. We already had restrictions that violated it.
  20. The CBC moderator in the English debate was so clearly left-wing biased. The CBC is losing credibility at lightening speed.
  21. I just don’t understand why Eskimos is so wrong and Yankees or Canucks is fine. They’re all just nicknames. I think the biggest problem with woke culture is this need to find hate or insult everywhere. It paints people as victims and makes minorities look weak. I recently chatted with a Six Nations educator who said she’d rather be called Indian than anything else. We change language — native then aboriginal then Indigenous—as a form of sanitization to make ourselves feel better. It’s a shell game used to make those who can’t keep up feel ignorant and racist. Don’t get me wrong, there are good historic reasons why we don’t use the ‘n’ word, but when I see the word chiefs used for a sports team I know it’s because we admire native strength. It’s actually a sign of honour. Instead we’re constantly triggered by so called insensitive language and cultural appropriation. It just turns us into jellyfish. Trudeau is all about this shell game and sounding the wokest. It’s phoney, tiresome, and adds nothing.
  22. Much of the new healthcare increases go to wages and hospital debt. There are no hard choices for spending and certainly no improvements to wait times. It’s a bloated system that justifies its ineffectiveness by banging the drum of crisis and underfunding. Bullshit. Health like education is full of fluffy feel-good programs that don’t add up to better outcomes. If you hear words like wellness and equity, you know if been overrun by layabout charlatans who don’t know what they’re doing. Wellness? What about the suicidal patient who gets one assessment every three months but can now be suicided by a committee though he’s not of sound mind? What about the emergency room staffed by doctors who are “on call” but seldom onsite? Covid, really? Is that the excuse we’re going to lean on to prevent people from living normal lives and getting medical treatment? The only certainty I have about the “4th wave” is that more restrictions and mandates are coming. Covid is the eternal threat leaned on to maintain the shit quality of life we seem to be accepting for Canadians. The Americans are there too. Biden turned out to be a big disappointment. Like our current leader, he’s a pro at telling people that they can’t have normal lives because….variants.
  23. So you think all 30,000 unvaccinated Quebec healthcare workers are going to stick around after already facing 18 months of burnout conditions? Don’t get me wrong, I support healthcare workers being vaccinated, but the blowback is real: About 30,000 health workers in public system not vaccinated: Quebec health minister Aug 26, 2021 The Canadian Press
  24. Every hospital that I know of has a Covid section. I have a hard time believing that people with Covid or likely to have it are milling about with other intakes.
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