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  1. How about genetically modified veggie options?
  2. What about a hormone-induced option with puberty blockers?
  3. It’s sick to have a “natural governing party” as our Liberals are described. I guess other parties are unnatural with “unacceptable views.”
  4. Yes but we have elections, so it’s a democracy…Lol. Hard not to be cynical about “the system” when you see how oppressive it can be. So much compromise, fabrication, and dysfunction. Basically live according go your values and try to make positive change where you can.
  5. It seems the Star desperately wants Poilievre to be as much of a sell-out as their editorial board. I know you and Exflyer want to catch him out as well. Misery loves company. There’s only one federal political option in Canada, the Communist — I mean Liberal — Party of Canada.
  6. I really think at this stage in our development, all government subsidies to media should be dropped along with CanCon rules. The bureaucracy is expensive and unnecessary. Those creators who have entertaining and persuasive products will succeed and those who don’t won’t. Let’s get rid of these gate keepers who decide what has value for public consumption. It’s time to lean out the CRTC.
  7. I’ve come to the conclusion that there are those whose denial is so deep that they can’t face facts. So you admit that Trudeau invoked an act but canceled it just before the vote he needed to have go his way in the Senate to approve it. You think that Trudeau suddenly didn’t want the act that just two days prior his entire party supported in the House? Lol
  8. Anyone with half a brain knows that Trudeau scrapped the EA that his party fought so hard to maintain because the Senate was about to vote and it didn’t look like the act would be supported. I do have a good sense of character. Trudeau, Freeland, Lametti, Mendocino, and most of the Cabinet came off looking like power hungry manipulators. It was disgusting actually. I remember people overseas watching Canadian Parliamentary Question Period for the first time. It was clear that a modern western democracy was pushing hard to curtail rights in significant ways. The mandates, EA, freezing of accounts, and vilification of legitimate protesters were unprecedented in Canadian history, really in world history. Comparisons were drawn to protests in Eastern Bloc Europe and even 1930’s Germany. It’s a dark period of our history that will forever be associated with Justin Trudeau’s Liberals for a significant segment of the population. You can downplay it, but, Methinks thou doth protest too much. You must know how opposable your arguments are, yet you persist to fight like the Holy Grail limbless knight. It’s Quixotic.
  9. So you’re saying there was no EA in effect. Ignore facts and get ignored.
  10. You’re so ignorant of facts it’s sad. After he invoked it he had to go to Parliament to extend it. You can say “approve”, but it had already been in place on executive order like a war measure. You’re a fraud.
  11. Then why did Trudeau ask to extend the EA? All that debate and voting on extending the EA only to revoke it two days later just before the Senate vote? It was very clear that the Senate was lining up to depose the EA. Trudeau would have been isolated.
  12. Breaking up the country would allow us to ditch the communist eco-fascists in BC. 👍
  13. This is how Canadians justify government overreach and creep towards totalitarianism: Look at how bad it is in China. Canada isn’t China. Lol
  14. You’re such an uncritical apologist for the government. I stand by my opinion that you’re not who you claim to be. Use of the EA was a failure of leadership. Much could’ve been done to de-escalate the situation and resolve the tensions with a fair and reasonable plan to remove the mandates and other measures which should’ve been communicated as extraordinarily and temporary. Many vaccinated people thought that they were unnecessary. More than half the country didn’t vote Liberal or NDP, yet half the country was essentially ignored and treated as lesser beings.
  15. Well in order to discuss things like facts, truth, and well-informed opinion, one has to believe that such things exist and are attainable. One must also believe it’s possible to establish a critical distance from one’s cultural influences. That last point is tricky. We’re all products of environment and genetics. Even those factors can influence each other. Political point of view is shaped by our ethics, experience, beliefs, strengths, weaknesses, so many things. It’s hard to know what drives us. It always has been, but in the Information Age so much is about how our thoughts are shaped by ideas and persuasion. The state and media can influence us a great deal.
  16. Wow you’re out to lunch. Trudeau revoked it only because he knew the Senate looked like it would vote against it. He was trying to assert more power and authority. Moves like the freezing of bank accounts were unprecedented in a democracy. Freeland gloried in it.
  17. That’s the truth of the matter. It’s one thing for Canada to consistently take the left-wing socialist policy menu, but we can’t even do that right. Where are the high speed trains? Where is our value-add high tech manufacturing? Where is the quality of life that we claim is better than the Americans have? People here have to work in second and third jobs to be able to afford a home. That home is getting smaller. Our transportation, food, and energy costs are rising fast. Our infrastructure is aging and insufficient to meet the needs of our major cities. The southern edge of Canada feels as packed as Belgium and we’re developing over our best land, yet when we intensify our growth in narrow corridors we get vertical sprawl. The growth has to happen in the north, but who wants to move to colder areas where it’s getting harder to develop our resources? It feels very much like Canada is relying on its past glories to attract immigrants for no clear reason. What will adding millions of immigrants do to improve living conditions? Is it just about filling jobs after people retire? There’s no vision driving our policies and what kind of country we want to have. There’s no discussion about goals. Where’s the beauty, joy, opportunity, creativity? If anything we are more divided and have less confidence in the value of Canada as a nation-state, because the federal government seems only to favour certain Canadians and certain provinces. Any moves to take advantage of our strengths are usually portrayed as anti-environment or colonialist. Our federal government has failed to represent national interests and all Canadians, in my opinion, but of course half the country supports this government. This period feels like stagnation or even regression.
  18. Trudeau is destroying Canada in unprecedented ways and I can’t believe that you don’t see what a divisive, anti-democratic, naive, and grossly unqualified phoney he is. You’re not alone in your obliviousness, however, which explains why Canada is in so much trouble. I participated a bit with the local riding Conservatives and met the candidate who lost in the last election. I saw the candidates for leadership of the Conservatives speak and was impressed by Poilievre. He was smart and effective, so I don’t know if he has much chance in our radical left unconstitutional cultural context.
  19. It’s the same tax and spend slush fund by another name. It will have no impact on the advertised cause, “fighting climate change”, but it will give government more money to fund its unaccountable projects. It’s called government overreach. It’s wasteful, expensive, ineffectual central planning that makes us all poorer. There’s nothing we can do about it except hope that sense returns to public sentiment in the next election despite the constant fear mongering and vilification of political opposition by government and state-funded media. I wish I believed our situation could improve substantially, but too much disappointment for too long has pushed me to look outside Canada for greener pastures.
  20. Well we care. Some minds change sometimes, even if people don’t always want to admit that their minds have changed. My main point is that the big reductions to greenhouse gas emissions will accelerate over time and have some leaps. Inflicting pain on ourselves now won’t change the outcome for climate change. In fact, making people poorer today makes climate change worse because less educated people have bigger families generally. The world will be so vastly different technologically centuries from now that it’s beyond the horizon of predictability. I have the distinct impression that we will be looked at as the suckers who nearly destroyed themselves fighting various non-crises, believing in unscientific oddities like 58 genders, and promoting people to positions of power and authority based on superficial reasons rather than merit. We will be seen as a darker age.
  21. The best way to reduce climate change today is to lower the cost of living so that populations become more educated, improving technology and lowering population (as educated people generally have fewer kids). With regard to Covid, people must be free, period. China has a lower Covid death rate and is an oppressive nightmare. We locked down primarily to protect our failed healthcare system. That’s why poor infrastructure (healthcare, long term care, etc.) and high costs (on energy, etc) actually make you less free. People should be free to make medical decisions for themselves and risk a shorter life if a better life is more important to them. This is about our way of life. Freedom has tremendous value, as evidenced by the millions of immigrants who seek it.
  22. 2050’s are the demographic cliff. Also, everything the Liberals claim to want to do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is undone by our massive immigration. I can promise you that these people don’t want to live without home heating in canvas tents, living off moss iced tea and bugs. They want all the comforts of a developed civilization and no politician will survive who tries to remove the opportunity to have these benefits, thankfully. Carbon taxes are nothing more than a way that the ruling elite who do whatever they want get to relieve their guilt on the backs of workers who are struggling to have a portion of what the elites enjoy. Of course! And none of this policy will make a difference to climate change.
  23. Don’t worry about it. Alternative energy sources are coming along with a lower population due to massive demographic shifts once all the Boomers die off. That’s why I don’t want to pay to fight “climate change,” because I know that the carbon taxes we destroy ourselves to pay won’t make nearly as much difference to global greenhouse gas emissions as the inevitable technological changes and drop in population. In fact, we should get our resources to market while the market still exists. Russia and China know this. There’s plenty of oil and uranium in Canada alone to fuel the entire planet far beyond the next century. We won’t get that kind of monopoly on supplying the world with energy, so we’ll probably be flush with resources and energy for many centuries. Can you imagine what new energy and material technology will exist just a century from now?
  24. Very exacting posts, Groot. It’s refreshing to see honesty combined with confidence and clarity, as many posters on here and the politicians they support lack conviction and the backbone to support it. I think young people desperately crave honest, insightful criticism of dubious cultural narratives that have no scientific or ethical basis but have been rammed down their throats by left-wing ideologues over the past several years.
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