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  1. Agreed, but some people have little risk tolerance and are willing to accept a massive curtailing of freedoms in the name of public safety. It’s critical to question how safe such measures make us and whether we want to live in a society with so few freedoms to ensure such a level of safety. Safer isn’t always better, when our thresholds for acceptable risk are so high that our society becomes dysfunctional across so many other metrics: public debt, suspension of personal medical discretion, freedom to gather, work unmasked, access basic services without proof of identification and vaccination, operate a restaurant with indoor dining, operate a gym, movie theatre, or sports venue, suffering mental health problems due to isolation, etc.
  2. Yup. We don’t need to worry about what can’t be proven today to point out our reality, which is that much of the developed world is living under an extreme and unprecedented house arrest. The infringement of personal liberties is so widespread and pervasive that only people who have been heavily conditioned could accept what is taking place as in any way normal. Do I think that the conditioning is being directed by some evil genius or cabal behind the scenes? Well it doesn’t have to be and even such a theory is no less verifiable than notions like Covid originating from pangolins or that we must remain vigilant in our restrictions in case of variants and the effects of long Covid derived from Omicron, a mild disease that our heavily vaccinated population is well-equipped to fight. Look at what is still in place to fight Covid: suspension of the freedom to gather, operate businesses, travel freely, access services without identification and vaccine passports, hold jobs without proof of vaccination, be inside a private business or public building without a mask, etc. The restrictions and mandates are tyrannical. Our Canadian government is unable to see it or fight it. Almost all of Europe, South America, Asia, and half of the US refuses to overturn de facto totalitarianism. Where do we go from here? I can only point to the few jurisdictions where mandates and restrictions don’t exist or are minimal and Covid is being managed for what it is, an endemic disease that we must learn to manage without losing most of the aspects of our existence that we value: the ability to see each other, gather with family and friends, go out and travel unrestricted and meet new people face to face, sing, dance, play and watch sports, learn together, be in clubs and associations, celebrate our faiths together, celebrate holidays together, and so much else that has been simply removed from our lives without clear and ample justification. Arbitrary. draconian, unjustifiable infringements on freedom and liberal-democracy are our reality. No conspiracy theory is needed to call out what is right in front of us.
  3. I do think we need to find ways to fast track production of these and other anti-virals. Scarcity breeds contempt.
  4. Apples and oranges. You and I are arguing on a forum. Doctor is treating a patient. Are you treating patients?
  5. Yup and the snow removal people are “sick” in Brampton. This Covid testing and screening is crippling us. Everyone can stay home and go on the dole indefinitely.
  6. True but it speaks to the availability of medical information, including journals from accredited research hospitals and universities.
  7. Yes there’s a doxa that comes through studying in the academy, to an extent. The days of only the ecclesiastical class (the first universities were religious institutions) having knowledge (and the wealthy who could afford private tutors) while the illiterate masses learned stories from stained glass and sermons are long gone. Hierarchies are quite flattened now, which is why the Occupy Wall Street movement rightly questioned how a CEO could justify earning thousands of times as much as the lowest paid employees in an organization. Regular people, even uneducated ones, have tremendous access to information, and I laugh when I see my doctor Googling for medical answers. That’s not to say that he isn’t an authority on medicine or that I could just become one overnight. Regular people have a right to question policies and there are conflicting professional opinions among virologists. I wish more people would take their cues from someone like Dr. Ladapo than Dr. Tam. Some approaches are serving humanity better than others right now.
  8. I don’t go on Reddit and yes, Canada has little discretion or is too afraid of running afoul of the international consensus on pandemic measures. This isn’t some reference to Soros or the Davos Agenda; it’s exactly what is plain as day. If Canada steps too far out of line it’s quickly labeled a red zone or Level 4 risk. Only the US can really push back, but half of the US supports the consensus. Anyway, facts speak for themselves. You’re living under indefinite restrictions. This is not happening everywhere. Inside our media bubble it feels like this is to be expected.
  9. No, I think you’re bringing a lot of naivety to the discussion. I’m not right wing, I haven’t watched a single QAnon broadcast, and I’m cynical about conspiracy theories. I can’t be taciturn about the extreme measures imposed on the population to fight a virus that has a mild impact on the vast majority of people after enduring multiple lockdowns, vaccinations, mandates, vax passports, and continued masking and restrictions. I don’t know how any sane, rational person who believes in basic democratic freedoms and principles can watch all this persist into year three without vocal opposition. The apparent inability to change our circumstances is very disturbing. I’ve always supported US Democrats and I was a member of the Liberal Party of Canada in the Chrétien era. Now I hope to God that someone like DeSantis becomes President and that a gutsy federal leader appears in Canada to push back against this clearly international totalitarian consensus. If you can’t see what’s right in front of you, I can’t help you.
  10. Our federal politicians are such reckless over-spenders. Wasteful bureaucracy that doesn’t lead to better outcomes, though it does slow down shipments, add costs to travellers, and upset a lot of people. Stupid policies.
  11. But we already live in a world led by your position, Eye. You seem quite satisfied with dragging out this hypochondriac limbo we’re living in. Well we’re dragging it out with no end in sight. You should be happy.
  12. You seem to set up an opposition to mock and tear down, but I don’t think most of the people on here that you’re trying to characterize a certain way have looked at any of this stuff as more than a curiosity or taken any of it seriously. Focus on particular arguments and explain why they’re invalid. Support with evidence. We already know the pro-restriction and mandate arguments because they’re pervasive in media and government communiques. The main purpose of this forum, I think, is to challenge the dominant narratives in order to hold politicians to account and ensure they’re getting it right.
  13. Fyodor Dostoyevsky I think we can easily substitute unvaccinated for prisoners here, as they are the new untouchables.
  14. Free choice is at the heart of a free society.
  15. I the end, we either take the leap in believing that people can make reasonable judgments to protect themselves without being ordered, or we stop believing in humanity. Ultimately I’m a Humanist. Do what supports humanity.
  16. Or government is responsible for continuing to stoke fear. We’ll never return to normal without changing our mindset about Covid. We should promote protections and treatments, end restrictions, and stop the insane constant testing and screening that make it impossible for businesses and organizations to operate due to staff shortages. The only way to end the pandemic is to start treating Covid like the flu. Vulnerable people should be encouraged to take extra precautions.
  17. Even the sucky Toronto Star is questioning the need for testing travellers coming into Canada. Why are we testing asymptomatic or people with mild symptoms at all? What a waste of resources. Reserve tests for very sick people who need to be admitted to hospital, so that they can be treated. Let’s stop pretending that Canada is at risk of Covid entering the country. What a joke. https://apple.news/AgGSS_S7nQZev-DSIfb00KA
  18. Either we start respecting the constitution or we tear it up and declare Canada a failed state.
  19. You can’t separate the method from the outcome. If you violate rights in an effort to achieve utopia, you’ve just taken the country closer to dystopia. China isn’t desirable because of her puritanical and oppressive approach to the pandemic. I certainly don’t think that on the days they approached “zero Covid” that they inched any closer to utopia. They held it off at great cost. The cure is worse than the disease.
  20. I’m not an antivaxxer or staunch conservative. Nice try boxing me in.
  21. Yup if Covid vaccines become mandated for young children, you know our governments are fully owned by the pharmaceuticals.
  22. What part of China are you from? Seriously, I’m curious to learn about local politics there.
  23. If it is being coordinated, I’m sure the new variant will be released like the next version of PlayStation, just before the holidays when there are opportunities to gather, say Easter or Spring Break? I’m sure if it comes it will be just as we start to open up and lift restrictions. We might get a brief taste of freedom, just enough to have hope and think we have this beat. Of course I hope that none of this is being released and coordinated, but I think we have good reason to wonder. There’s a big push to maintain restrictions to deal with issues near and dear to totalitarian hearts. Climate change is the new excuse. Many sheeple will buy into the alarmist headlines.
  24. That statement illustrates your lack of analysis and nuance. Prior to vaccination and Florida’s cutting edge treatments, its unrestricted approach in a population with a large percentage of elderly hurt Florida. Since vaccines rolled out and the state focused on providing the best treatments, its death rate has fallen dramatically and people are living free, unrestricted lives without having to resort to mandates and persecution campaigns against the unvaccinated. Florida is the model we should be following now. They are managing the pandemic such that serious illnesses are well treated and life has returned to normal. Vulnerable people can and do take additional precautions, as they can and should do here. Florida is a free state that respects personal discretion, while Canadians live in a kind of semi-imprisonment with no clear exit.
  25. At this point ending the pandemic is a political decision. Stop looking for and screening out people who have Covid and their contacts. If you’re sick, stay home until you feel better, as we did pre-pandemic. Procure the best treatments. Treat people who are seriously ill. Promote preventative measures such as vaccines (as we do for flu). Boost ICU capacity. End all restrictions. Pandemic over.
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