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  1. The monarchy is part of our system of governance and an important aspect of our culture. It’s not about Charles but the significant symbolism and heft of a title that has been maintained throughout significant world events over thousands of years. If you want to discard the Loyalist origins in favour of a second American republic, there are arguments to be made for that, but traditions are protections. The fact that we can refer to our important roots protects us from twits who think nothing of scrapping aspects of Canada that most of us value.
  2. Unfortunately the electorate are forgetting just how valuable Canada’s roots are. Canada happened in a particular context and inherited institutions and traditions that put her on solid foundations. The pushers of Post-National State or UN rule don’t understand that the values underlying Canada are her strength. This is not China or Venezuela. Continuing to cook up Marxist redistribution programs and anti-family policies will eventually result in a failed state, because few people will care about a place that offers no good guidance, let alone defend it militarily. Trudeau’s government has called Canada genocidal (it isn’t) and has attacked its founding cultures. Of course many people don’t care about having King Charles on our bills because they don’t understand that it was the Royal Engineers who laid out our cities and the Royal Navy who settled them, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who policed the country and the British Parliamentary system that governed it. They don’t understand the very specific conditions of Loyalists building the farmsteads in Ontario and New Brunswick and throughout the early settlements. Why would this government who is in the business of making Canadians hate their first Prime Minister honour the builders of the CP railroad that settled the West? All we get is toxic propaganda about the “settler colonialists”, which is why our universities are full of ignorant radicals supporting Hamas. Much of our honour as a people lies in our valiant military history. Our Parliament is a veritable WW1 museum. Our role fighting Nazism in Europe in WW2 was significant. Our peacekeeping arose out of our reputation as honest brokers. If people don’t think that’s tied to our cultural history, they are sadly mistaken and will throw away Canada’s honour quickly.
  3. It indicates that the country lacks strength and confidence. A country that doesn’t take pride in its history, achievements, and culture, isn’t a country worth defending, which also explains why the federal government has given up on our military. Either stand up for Canada or let it fizzle out into a Balkanized collection of jurisdictions, some of which might join the US or go it alone. This is also what happens when you weaken your population with mamby pamby messaging about “vulnerablizing” children and affirm kids who claim they’re cats, or that says anyone who opposes rampant immigration is a white supremacist. The Post-National state is a failed China-UN puppet. The next federal government has a lot to do to restore Canada.
  4. Exactly. Raise debt, inflation, and taxes, make people feel guilty about asking for a bag at the grocery store or going on a road trip, but give them drugs and assisted suicide to deal with the fallout of their broken dreams. Birth control and abortion are free and unlimited, just in case you had the high and mighty idea of saving enough money to have kids and buy a home. Why bother? Get a small rental apartment, have poly hetero and non-hetero sex, go on meth or opioids, collect welfare, then book your appointment with the MAID team. So much for the Canadian Dream…
  5. The Liberals had such a great team with Chrétien as PM and Martin as finance minister. You’re right, they fell apart because of internal division. The problem for Poilievre will be reducing the size of government and eliminating programs without losing the electorate. If he tempers it with tax cuts and deregulation, then people will back him as they see their pay and opportunities rise, especially if the economy booms. I suggest that he rips off the bandaid early when he has a strong mandate to govern. He can rightfully blame all problems on the Liberals for 3 budgets and restructure the economy. If he just returns Canada to 2014 with tax credits for healthy activities for families, eliminates carbon taxes, and supports the resource sector, we could see positive momentum by the middle of the Conservatives’ first term. Stick to the plan, restore national strength and pride, make people freer and wealthier, keep it simple. If people start feeling like life is getting better and the country is on its A-game, the world will take notice and doors will open. We need a good decade of that to bring back what we had.
  6. They should throw someone in as leader who is on the brink of retirement and would be happy to have the PM title on the resume for a few months. Of course the decent way for Trudeau to end his PM role play is to go down with his ship as PM in the next election. If he did so, it wouldn’t be out of honour but pride, because he thinks he can win the election.
  7. I think Trump is a better person than Trudeau. At least with Trump you know what you’re getting because he tells you. Trudeau is a phoney. Trump’s policies are relatively good for America. Trudeau’s policies are clearly bad for Canada. I don’t care if Trump fcked Stormy Daniels and gave her money to say nothing about it, especially since she did say a lot about it and made a lot of money doing so. The attacks on Trump are legion and demonstrate how politicized the courts are. I don’t care about January 6 because it’s clear that the Dems tried to keep the police from intervening when any rioting could’ve been headed off. Do I think Trump’s a great guy? No, but I’d rather chat with Trump than Trudeau. The track record speaks for itself: booming economy and no wars.
  8. The guy can’t manage the federal basics like issuing passports, but he thinks that somehow our unlimited abortion and gender ideology rights are causes to further in a time of collapsing birth rates, mass immigration and high living costs. He just brought in free birth control, because when you have a fire the best way to put it out is with gasoline. What a stupid man.
  9. Trudeau isn’t as intelligent as Trump. Trudeau keeps saying things that make him look ridiculous. His latest attack on the NB Premier is another example. We get it that Trudeau, a fake Catholic who supports unlimited abortion up to the day of birth, would try to go after anyone who isn’t a leftist lunatic. Does he actually think the majority of the country doesn’t want parents of kids under 16 to know if their kids are being called another gender and name at school? How stupid is this man? The worst PM in the history of PMs anywhere. I wouldn’t let PM blackface near my kids. We need more leaders like Higgs and less creepers like Trudeau.
  10. Pandering to secular values is making a big mess. Then again, Pope Francis asked youth to make a mess 10 years ago.
  11. I definitely hope the next Pope is from Africa, someone like Cardinal Sarah.
  12. This is the point: There are many reasons why more white people occupy more positions of authority proportionally as compared to the makeup of society than people of colour that have nothing to do with racism, the main one being that when many of these people at the top today started out in their careers, there were far fewer people from visible minorities, far fewer. When many of these immigrants came to Canada, many of them had to learn an official language proficiently and adjust to the way of life, get their qualifications recertified for Canada, and so on. Canada has only been this multicultural since the late nineties, but even then it was nothing like today. Disproportionalities don’t automatically equate to systemic racism, and anyone who says they do is being dishonest. The problems of cultural adjustment are universal for anyone travelling to another country, albeit some countries are more accepting than others or easier to access. Canada is one of the most accepting. The notion that white people carry some special privilege is nonsense. People have no reason to feel ashamed or guilty or like they owe someone something just on the basis of their skin colour. Indigenous were just as atrocious as the colonists. Race and other shallow identity markers have no place in hiring or admissions. Never answer surveys on race, sexual orientation and identity, etc., because the data is being used to discriminate against people.
  13. Yes but he’s wearing rose coloured glasses. I get it, it’s easier to bury your head in the sand.
  14. You refuse to acknowledge reality. Don’t get me wrong, you’re always polite. I think it’s because you’re not experiencing the daily workplace messaging about systemic racism and white supremacy. It’s like a shouting 20 year old Maoist cultural revolutionary droning through a loudspeaker. Opinion is treated as truth. Conclusions are drawn without evidence. If I left the workplace even 4 years ago I would’ve missed most of this. I have many colleagues who are petrified of being hauled up in front of the Human Rights Commission.
  15. Canada is in serious trouble. The radical left cultural revolution is doing scorched earth through our entire public and private sectors. I don’t even think Poilievre can real it in. I hope my kids can get out of Canada.
  16. Canada won’t have top researchers or strong universities because of these stupid hiring practices. Of course black, indigenous lesbians know more about science than anyone and should run our universities. They’re just born with the “ways of knowing”, so why not just give them all the highest paying jobs with the most responsibilities? Why waste time with qualifications and interviews?
  17. The problem may be too big in Canada to fix. Canada is no longer a meritocracy and will soon take its place among other corrupt regimes where knowledge, talent, skills, education and experience don’t count as much as forms of favouritism. The US Supreme Court saw this coming and ended DEI discrimination in hiring and admissions. Canada has doubled down on the stupidity and is paying the price in growth, productivity, unemployment, and average wages — of course!
  18. I inserted nothing. If there were links, I didn’t know about them. End DEI. It’s racist garbage.
  19. All I provided was part of an article. There were no links. Inane.
  20. You’re a very stupid person. Do you think I made up a single assertion? Get real. Do your own research and move to the side.
  21. Look up the article and read it. Are you trying to be stupid?
  22. Haven’t we seen enough of the racist hiring policies in Canada caused by the Liberal government of Canada? It’s time for class action lawsuits and challenges at the Supreme Court, as highly qualified white people, many of them at the top of their field, are excluded from applying to jobs on the basis of race, something they have no control over. Canada has become a disgusting, racist country under the Trudeau Liberals: “Jamie Sarkonak: No off-ramp to diversity quotas, federal research executive says There is no plan to end discriminatory hiring requirements for quota-bound research program — even as targets are met, Commons hears. (…) For example, the current opening for a Canada Research Chair in physics (specifically, quantum sensing) at the University of New Brunswick, which has been vacant for one whole year, will not accept applications from white men. Similarly, white people can’t apply toDalhousie’s opening for a chair in industrial engineering. Many more such cases exist. These clearly amount to discrimination, as people are being denied tremendous opportunities simply due to their immutable characteristics.“
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