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  1. Agenda 2030 isn't about the environment. It's about pushing the religion of woke
  2. Stupid things like taking a photo with some friends at a gala eh.. that is criminal now
  3. Wear it as a badge of honor for standing up to blackface hitler
  4. Create energy crisis and destroy quality of life is the name of the game. But you'll be happy about it and not criticize or the FBI will raid your home.
  5. The religion of woke sets up government as sort of a hell for those who refuse to vote left. Middle America doesn't vote left therefore their ways of making money are evil and they are heathen. Meanwhile urban centers with their smog problem is not an environmental issue because they pull left. Those are the rules
  6. Lol.. time served for what? Taking a photo?
  7. Such peace and love from the religion of woke
  8. Looks like the SC has curtailed the powers of the runaway EPA. Not good news for Agenda 2030 and the religion of woke. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/aoc-supreme-court-epa-ruling-power-plant-emissions-catastrophic
  9. Looks like Ottawa has increased fines for this weekend. Of course those are only reserved for folks with unacceptable political views. If you support BLM, urinate as much as you want on the sidewalk.
  10. 1. They did with slavery too. We now widely recognize African Americans as being fully human. Soon enough it'll be the same with a human inside the womb.
  11. Child development starts from inside the womb. They haven't fully developed until adulthood usually around 25. Maybe that should be the cut off age for murder. You know "science" and whatnot
  12. 1. Yes but the dehumanization of a specific group of people (in this case the fetus) has been an effective method of justifying mistreatment of said groups and even murder for millenia. 2. Blame the corporations and printing money by the government for that.
  13. Venezuela is the model. A fearful public is easy to control
  14. Disagreeing doesn't make you communist. Supporting political incarcerations does
  15. Good riddance. All lefties need to go away
  16. Oh yes.. I forgot how you justify it. Just like you would say black people are only half human if you were alive 200 years ago
  17. Of course he can. He's made it clear he supports abusing the legal system for political gain
  18. The punishment is the process. A week in jail, missing two weeks from work, probably misses a mortgage payment, and forks out more for legal fees. Why? She has a different view than the government. Because that's what Canada is now. And you are disturbed enough to jump on board with the vision
  19. Excellent interview with Tamaras lawyer. She's charged for taking a photo.. she never violated her bail conditions as the lawyers were there... lefties trying to provoke the protesters to violence no doubt.. 100% agree with that.
  20. And was passed not on a legitimate vote but by claiming killing a baby is a "right"
  21. Bidens America is Trudeau's blueprint. I hear the FBI is raiding the homes of congressman and their staffers, stealing property without a warrant, and throwing unfriendly journalists in prison as well.
  22. Your right to a firearm is found in the constitution absolutely. Your right to an abortion is not.. therefore if you want baby murder legalized then go through the legislation process, convince others why $4,000 paid by the employer to abort your child is a good idea and win an election. Bottom line is the hard line abortionists cannot pass their policy so they claim every absurd idea as a "right". Easier to convince a few crazy activists on the bench that it's a right than millions of voters I guess. It's your right to drill a hole in the skull of a living organism inside your body and rip it from limb to limb I guess.
  23. You are willing to kill a child for $4,000. About says it all.
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