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  1. He should worry because leftists are wierdo lunatics who'll stop at nothing for a tiny bit of power
  2. When trans ideology calls for the murder of innocent children, you'd be crazy not to go on a rant Whataboutism isn't really an argument
  3. Voted for lunatics based on a promise of harassing a political opponent
  4. Yet you are the ones continuing with frivolous allegations and indictments based on political differences. Sad
  5. Your ilk have made America the newest third world hell hole. Sad what people like you have done to a once great country
  6. Soros is a nazi.. nothing jewish about the man
  7. New York should just join Sudan.
  8. 😆.. sure bud. Have a snickers
  9. I'm just interested in having some fun. You obviously not so much
  10. The only one exploited was your sister after doing a shoot on pornhub
  11. I knew you and the crakho plus that antifa loon are one in the same
  12. You posting under multiple names are you 😆.. sad little guy
  13. We aren't the ones indicting someone on dumb charges
  14. You support neo nazi democrat style tactics. Sad
  15. You would be better off in Sudan
  16. And you believe harassing a president and committing banana republic-style prosecutions is the way to go?
  17. We are talking about a trans shooting Christians. Please stay on topic
  18. Democrats don't believe in laws unless they can use them to go after political opponents. Sadly this nut job da releases violent offenders but uses his office to go after a political opponent. Sad day for democracy
  19. Hey.. I only call it like it is. Being nice and politically correct is what put the loonies in charge of the asylum
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