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  1. No big loss for Canada. For a conservative, i was surprised when he gave us all the GST. That was not a very nice conservative thing to have done at all. Bulroney was just like the rest. He believed in more government, more taxes and less freedom. He didn't help make Canada great. He made it even worse. But what can one expect from a liberal wearing conservative clothing. Stop praising a guy who really did nothing for Canada. 👎 Just my opinion.
  2. You still continue to keep coming back with more left wing liberal bullshit all the time. What is with no minds like you anyway? I am probably talking with a kid who is clueless at the best of times. Again, i will repeat myself just for you, loser. What is wrong with white people having a White History Month? What do you find so distasteful about me asking that question? Can you answer that question or are you going to keep coming back with more childish questions? Stop acting like a little child caught with his fingers in the cookie jar? It's time to start talking adult here, if you can? Or should i just keep calling you baby boo-boo? LOL.
  3. As an "adult", what is wrong with me calling for a White History Month? What is the problem that you have with me asking this question? You just do not seem to get what i am saying here. I will repeat myself once again? If black people can have a Black History Month than why can't white people have their own White History Month? But many people like you here always seem to want to try and find racism or bigotry in what i said. I am pretty sure that i am being forced not to talk about white folk having a month of their own. If i do mention it than i get to be called a racist. This to me is an act of racism towards white people. Short, sweet and simple. 😬
  4. The CEO is trying to blame me because i drive an ICE vehicle? And why would he say such a stupid thing? It is myself and many other hundreds of millions of drivers who own ICE vehicles that helps to pay his obscene salary. The fool is just trying to look like just another woke CEO who must appear to be trying to please the whiners and crybaby lefties out there who keep pushing this climate crisis nonsense agenda. Where is all this planetary heating going on anyway? You tell me?
  5. Unlike you, I do care. You are just one of those many left wing liberal guilt ridden white persons who could careless about white people and all of what they have done that has been great for white and non-white people. I am proud of my white race and have no problem saying so. If you do not like it, well to f'n bad and sad for you, lefty. Live with it. I cannot see where saying that there should be a White History Month as sounding like a baby? It looks to me like you have not grown up just yet and probably still wears some form of adult diapers. Have you checked them lately for poop? Where did I say that i did not know what the confederates were, baby boo-boo. No insecurity here at all. White left wing liberals like you are just too frightened to say what needs to be said. There is no racism or bigotry being put forward here. White folk need to be recognized for their achievements in helping to make the world a better place to live. Just pointing out the facts which you appear to dislike. Again, too bad and so sad for you, baby boo-boo. 😁
  6. So, anyone asking for a White History Month is supposed to be a bigot? Are you that stupid? Yes, you are stupid. I believe that having a Black History Month is racist. Why should only black people get a history month and not white people get a history month, stupid? Your anti-white feelings are showing. Naughty-naughty. I doubt very much that you do not know very much at all. Just my opinion. Chuckle. STFU. All what you are saying here just proves to me that you just hate white people. 👎
  7. What gawd dam heating of the earth are you talking about? If the earth has heated up by 10 - 15 F or C degrees, well then, you may have something to talk about and fear. Even if the earth's temperature goes up by one degree, the world will not be flooded by such a small degree. He just admitted nothing. But if you are so concerned about climate change, then you best go after China or India, both big contributors to a possible climate change in temperature. But until then, stop talking about something you really know nothing about. There really is no climate crisis at all. That is all just globalist elite propaganda and bullshit. Really. Woke up, will you. 😀
  8. You try and prove to me that there is a real climate crisis? Where is there a real climate crisis happening anywhere, other then the ones being created by the globalist elite? Do you really think that all of those many fires and flood disasters just came along by them selves lately? Ever heard of HARRP? Look it up on the internet. There you will see what the elite globalists are and have been up too. They globalists are fkn around with the weather and the atmosphere. Hello?
  9. It is more like this thread is just dripping with plenty of your sheer stupidity. There is nothing that i said here that can be seen as being racist. You cannot show me where i am really being racist? I just questioned something and buffoons like you want to see the racism in what i said. Why do left wing comrades like you always try and make everyone appear to be a racist because they have their own opinion? I can call you a racist just with your anti-white racist reply here. FOB. I am pretty sure that there are many so called rebels living in the south that can easily call and probably do call you a filthy degenerate confederate pos. The rebels lost the battle, and therefore, the name calling goes to the victor, comrade. You don't even know as to what the word patriotism really means, comrade. You chosen one comrades despise patriotism. The rebels fought for what they believed in. Don't forget that there were many black land owners that had and owned many black slaves, dingle pus. Those black slave owners were probably rebels also. Fact check it yourself, comrade. 😁
  10. It is very easy to manage a country. Our politicians should consult and ask us we the people for our opinions on what should be done with their tax dollars. This top down nonsense needs to end in Canada. It is not we the people that have made a bloody mess of this country. It is our politicians who have pretty much screwed everything up. All we seem to get these days from our spend crazy politicians is more taxes, more government and less freedoms. If things were the reverse, Canada would be one of the richest countries on earth. But sadly, Canada has become a poor country and all thanks to the bimbo politicians that run this country. Our politicians only want to see us living in misery rather than being a wealthy bunch of bastards. Just my opinion. 😇
  11. What will happen when PP becomes the PM of Canada is that he will bring back common sense to Canada. So far, from what i have seen of PP is that he appears to be the only politician in Canada that can save Canada from the WEF globalist Marxist dictator in Ottawa and his communist programs and agendas for Canada. Bills C-11 and C-18 and the new phony censorship hate law being pushed in parliament by the WEF globalist Marxist in Ottawa are three dangerous things mentioned that will bring Canada down and will destroy freedom of speech and rights and freedom in Canada. We cannot let that Marxist buffoon in Ottawa win the next election. The liberals, the NDP socialists, the Greens and the communist party's in Canada are all in for shutting down freedom of speech and rights and assembly in Canada. Canada is pretty close to becoming a communist country. If by chance or by hook and crook that the Marxist in Ottawa does get in again as PM of Canada, it will surely be the end of freedom and rights in Canada. Believe it or not. I certainly do believe it. 😷 Go, Poilevere, go. 😇
  12. So, just where or how am i being a racist, lefty? Come on, show me, will you or stfu with your racist bullshit, lefty. 😁 Statues of some patriotic American hero's were also torn down. At the time, the confederates were not seen as traitors. It was war. They were seen as being patriotic hero's in the south. It was only after their defeat many decades later who were later labeled as traitors by the lefties of today of course. 👎
  13. I can believe that alright. So, then it is all about the money. Come join our fitness club where all the members can help the club in making a little extra money on the side with membership fees. Another climate crisis like scam. The climate crisis is not about any climate crisis at all but has more to do with making big bucks for the globalist climate pushers like Al Gore and J. Kerry and that little biotch(forgot her name)from Sweden who should have stayed in school.
  14. A member just posted that students in grades 7, 8 and 10 in Ontario have to learn something about black history. Is that not being forced to learn Black History Month? Why no learning about white history? Why, it is racism of course to do so. Show me as to why here in Canada White History Month cannot be celebrated? Who the hell founded North America in the first bloody place? Who else but white people. The one identifiable group whom are being suppressed and are being called racists these days. White people are all under attack and made fools of all over the world. Try being a white South African farmer where those white people are constantly under attacked and murdered by the blacks in South Africa. Fact check that?
  15. Soon, crackers will not exist at all if they will still allow anti white hating arse holes like you to continue to exist. All over America, statues of white patriotic Americans have been torn down by Antifa and BLM communists. You are the real dumb mother phkr here. 🤡 Long live the cracker. 🤣
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