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  1. Just ask your local politician as to whether they ever believed in this scamdemic at all and that it was all for real. Some of them will say yes it was all for real when in fact they probably know already that it was not for real at all but all just a scam. No doubt most of them just went along to get along and stay in favor with their dear so called political leaders. Those politicians have betrayed we the peasants and they need to be dealt with as soon as possible for their crimes against Canadians and their crimes against humanity. This has to have been one of the greatest hoaxes ever played on humankind. The joke has been on us folks, and it is time to say I quit and demand your rights and freedoms back. Otherwise, these politicians will gladly keep this hoax alive and going for as long as we the peasants will allow them. Hello? It's time to wake up and tell these liars where to go. I say to them all, truck off. Works for me. 😀
  2. We will never be able to get rid of all of these vaccine silly and stupid mandates as long as there are so many fools out there who are just way to willing and way to ready to accept and believe as to whatever their dear so called political leaders and the fake media tells them to do without a question or a whimper. There are many opposition groups of people out there who have pointed out the facts that all of this virus nonsense going on is all manufactured to get as many peasants out there to get themselves all into a state of fear and panic and paranoia and to believe their lies. Just about every politician, many in the media, and many of those so called health officials already know that all of this virus nonsense is all just a hoax and a bunch of lies. Sadly, it is the peasants out there who seem to have a problem trying to figure this one out. When we hear of stories like so many passengers and so many of it's crew members on cruise ships getting the covid bug even after all of them have been fully vaccinated, and some with booster shots, and wearing masks, should be telling us all that there is not a thing that can be done to stop the spread of this covid virus. And nobody can say that it is the fault of the non vaccinated people that caused the outbreaks on those cruise ships when there were no non vaccinated people on board. The writing is on the wall for all to see right in front of so many people's noses, but yet, they still want to believe in this covid virus lie and hoax. Many of those fools will be ready and able and willing to take another booster jab when it comes along. How will we be able to get rid of all of these silly and foolish covid mandates if we still have fools like them around. This past election has to have been a rigged election. Why? Because just about everybody that I had spoken too despised the crook and they all wanted this Trudeau guy gone. But yet, he managed to somehow pull it off and he got his old PM job back. Was it just a miracle or was it rigged. I am now in the latter zone. 🙄
  3. MH is one guy here that confuses me like hell. I cannot seem to be able to figure this guy out. I wish that he would come on here and tell us all as to where and what he is all about and what he stands for. Well MH? You now have the floor. 😇
  4. The problem that we have today here in Canada is that we have programs and agendas that cater to leftist liberalism and NDP socialist ideology. Both party's believe in socialism and want the government to run everything. The liberals and the NDP party's are both against Canada becoming a great wealthy nation where all of it's citizen's could live the good life. Instead, those two anti-Canadian party's are both trying to destroy Canada's economy. They both are trying to de-industrialize Canada as quickly as possible. Those two misfits are truly the enemy of we the peasants. They both have done nothing for Canada except to raise more taxes, give us more government, and constantly attack and are working hard on trying to take our freedoms and rights away from us every day. Castro Trudeau keeps borrowing money from the banksters and spends that money willy-nilly on useless and wasteful socialist nonsense. It's no wonder our inflation is going up and up every year in Canada with this lefty buffoon in power. They both want socialism and not capitalism and they are both willing to borrow as much as they can to get there. We are seeing some pride today thanks to this truckers convoy that appears to have been able to wake up the many sleepy head Canadians that have been dozing off for years. Hopefully, something will finally come out of this truckers convoy fight and gain back all the freedoms and rights that we have lost for the past two years. GO,TRUCKERS,GO. Ride those trucks. 😁
  5. I think and believe that this is how Trudeau won the last election. Thru fraud. Maybe, eh?
  6. I wonder if comrade Trudeau won his last election thru fraud? Hey, we never know, eh? Just been wondering about that.
  7. Joe BiDumb once said that " the democratic party has created the most extensive voter fraud organization". Is that enough fraudulent evidence for you? I think so. Look it up on the internet for yourself if you do not believe me. I did. 😇
  8. I agree, but I will say no more. I have enough points on my file. 😇
  9. Indeed, at one time we did have a conservative TV channel called "The Sun News" network. But thanks to the CRTC, a leftist liberal bastion for comrades, they forced conservative Sun News off the air. The only real and true conservative political party that we have left in Canada is the Peoples Party of Canada. They are the only real and true conservative party left in Canada. The other so called conservative party is not what I would call a real and true conservative party at all. They are just another leftist liberal political party wearing conservative clothing. O'Tool is a tool. Just saying.
  10. CNN is pretty much close to the bottom of the fake media barrel. 😀
  11. At least Project Veritas does it's own research and looks for the truth. I cannot say all that much for CNN, MSNBC, or the CBC. All three refuse to listen and try and get the other side of the story. Communists are like that, don't you know. 😀
  12. I just received one point to be put on my members points file here for daring to call Fauci a fraudster. That was my own opinion of the rascal. Yet, Senator Rand Paul and Robert Kennedy Jr. have both pretty much shown and told us that Fauci is a fraud. But because I used the word fraudster for that rascal, I get penalized. Crazy man. 😷
  13. Why do you believe in discrimination and are against choice? And what proof do you personally have that it is the non vaccinated people that are dying the most? What research have you done yourself to be able to say such a thing? Well?
  14. And ask if saint Fauci cares? If the American people keeps on listening to this pro globalist great reset fool, it will be vaccine mandates forever and mask wearing mandates forever. It would appear as though that every politician in America and Canada are all in with pro great reset globalist saint Fauci. The only politicians that I know of who is not for mandatory vaccines and mask mandates is Randy Hillier MPP for Ontario and Maxine Bernier of the People's Party of Canada. The rest of our politicians are nothing more than a bunch of globalist puppets on a string. They have deserted Canada and joined up with the big pharma globalist elite whom are behind all of this covid vaccine lie and hoax. 😷
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