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  1. Clean your own ears out, fool. The communist Antifa and the BLM were out to destroy American democracy. They despise America, fool. The elader of the BLM has been caught funds from donations to BLM and then buying three million dollar homes for herself. Wake up, fool. It's time for you to take the time and listen FOX NEWS at night to try and get the other side of the story that lefty liberals like you always try and avoid all the time. Otherwise, shut your lefty mouth. 🀣
  2. When there is a protest going on there will always be casualties. But 140 cops injured or killed? I only heard of one cop fatality. You are F of S. No doubt the lying and fake American media lied about those numbers you posted. You were not there so dry up. ☺️
  3. So, it was okay for Antifa and BLM to loot, riot and burn down buildings with you, uhmm? All justified, eh? All the capital building sustained were a few broken windows and doors. A far cry from looting, rioting and burning buildings down. Those communist thugs and bullies even burnt down a police station. Did the Jan 6th protesters do anything like that? You need to pull your head out of your arse and try to get some fresh air into that pea brain of yours. πŸ™ƒ
  4. Babbit was not a criminal. Babbit just got caught up in the action. Did you actually see Babbit trying to help break doors and windows? Were you there at the time to see her do that? All I remember seeing was a bunch of protesters being crammed up against some door. The criminal here was the cop that shot her dead. There was no good reason for that buffoon of a cop to shoot anyone as he was not being actually threatened. He just took it upon himself to shoot an innocent protester and got away with it. The Jan 6th protesters were pissed off and rightly so. They got robbed of their vote in a fraudulent election. Pence did not do his job. That fool should never have been giving the job of VP of America. Not once did the lying and fake leftist American media ever attack and mock Pence on anything. That alone tells me that he was a traitor to America and that is why the American media left him alone. You are a mass of confusion. Just saying. πŸ˜€
  5. I lost no argument at all. It is you who refuses to see what the Marxist has and is still doing to Canada. So tell me? Is it okay for that Marxist in Ottawa to freeze bank accounts and credit cards okay with you? Only a communist minded corrupt Marxist politician would do such a thing in Canada. Maybe the same thing will happen to you one day when you liberals do something that will upset the conservative government in power and they will freeze your bank account and credit cards. Hey, the Marxist dicktator in Ottawa has started and has set up a precedent in Canada now. Tit for tat. Works for me. πŸ˜€
  6. I don't recall or heard of any Jan 6th protesters killing or injuring anyone either. The Jan 6th protesters did not do any looting, nor rioting, and they did not burn anything down. It was one day of protesting and that was it. but we all know that Antifa and the BLM goons and thugs did do all of those things that I mentioned above. It is the left wing liberal loonies like you that are always looking for a right wing bogeymen. You are full of it. πŸ‘Ž
  7. I am not an American, fool. Shit happens when people get pissed off. Antifa and the BLM communist goons and thugs did way more damage and did injure way more police officers. Jan. 6th was a wuss compared to what Antifa and BLM did in America for almost two years. πŸ€”
  8. It's very frightening to see your own government being able to freeze ones bank account or credit cards. This is what they do in communist China. It's called the social credit score system, and if someone upsets the government in any manner, their bank accounts could/would be frozen. We are entering dangerous territory here in Canada. If the government can freeze bank accounts what else will they do to anyone that they do not agree with? This Marxist thug in Ottawa needs to be arrested, charged and thrown into some gulag for his crimes against Canadians and crimes against humanity. Those truckers were the real hero's here who risked everything to do what they did. πŸ˜‡
  9. This was a battle for rights and freedoms for all Canadians. Those convoy truckers lost plenty of money also. It would have been okay the other truckers had of joined the protest by staying away from work for at least two weeks. That would have helped out tremendously. But it is too late now.
  10. All in jest. No one was going to be hanged that day. They were sending Pence a message. The so called mob were pissed off with Pence and rightly so. Pence turned his back on Trump. As always, there are always a few people who get carried away and create problems for all. I never heard of four people dying that day. One innocent person died that day and her name was Babbit. πŸ˜‡
  11. In every crowd of demonstrators there are always a few people who go overboard. That does not mean that the rest or the demonstrating crowd were doing anything stupid. The police did allow the protesting crowd to enter the capital building by opening the front doors for them. Personally, I do believe that you are the real troll here. πŸ˜€
  12. Again silly. There was no reason for that cowardly cop to shoot Babbit at all. If they had breached anything, so what, who really gives a crap. It was the people's building that they entered. And besides, according to FOX NEWS they had reported that there were government agent provacators in the crowd that were trying to stir up the protesters to storm the capital. Maybe it was some Antifa goon that busted the windows for all I know. But whatever, there was no good reason to shoot Babbit or anyone else because nobody's life was in danger. Even the cops opened the front doors for the protesters to enter the capital building. You may be the confused one here, lefty. Lol.
  13. What the Marxist government in Ottawa did to those truckers and their supporters should never be forgotten. The other truckers who kept working were truckers who could careless about their own rights and freedoms. They were a bunch of wimps and cowards. What was done to those truckers and their supporters by having their bank accounts and credit cards frozen was a crime against all Canadians. Only communists would do something like that. But you are not bright enough to see the communism in all of this. Probably because you are a communist? I would sure love to see the day when the communists in Ottawa froze your bank account over something. I don't think that you would like that happening to you, eh? Because it happened to someone else that you do not care about, well that is okay with you. You are the loser alright. Well, if I keep blathering away at you well then why don't you just stop replying to my posts then? What is wrong with you? Are you a sucker and do you keep enjoying me kicking your butt? Shut the hell up and go away. Goodbye. πŸ˜€
  14. Your advice stinks as always. You cannot even think properly. If those demonstrators were about to crash the doors there was no need to shoot anyone because nobody was in danger of losing their life. No demonstrator was carrying a gun to try and shoot their way in. They probably would have just crashed the doors and walked around in the Capital building which is their right to do so. The Capital is the people's house and not the government's house. The government got what they deserved. They tried to phuk with the people. Again, because you are too stunned to figure things out. Tough for you, I know to do. Nobody's life was being threatened here because there were no weapons involved and therefore the police were not in the their right to shoot an unharmed citizen. If Babbit had pointed a gun at the police than they would have the right to shoot Babbit or anyone else if the police thought that their life was in danger. I think that it is time for you to have an IQ check up. Just a suggestion, lefty. πŸ€”
  15. Left equals big government Marxism. Live with it, comrade. We are not a real democracy anymore. We lost that democracy when that Marxist dicktator in Ottawa froze people's bank accounts and credit cards. But what do you care if that happened to someone else's bank account? If it happened to you one day, you would be the first one to cry like a little baby. I hope that one day we conservatives do the same and freeze bank accounts and credit cards for anyone voting liberal. Give you a little taste of your own Marxist medicine. Works for me!! There was no evidence that those patriotic Truckers and their supporters were protesting and trying to overthrow the government. Dod they storm the Parliament "ILL" building and try to burn it down? Are you really that dumb? The patriotic truckers and their supporters had bouncy castles for kids. That does not look or sound to me like the truckers were a bunch of terrorist radicals and bringing children along and trying to overthrow the government. That is what Antifa and the BLM communist goons do. What are you using for brains anyway? Mush of some sort? You should feel sorry for those protesters who were fighting for all of our rights and freedoms. I guess that you would only feel sorry for them if they were a bunch of leftist liberal trucker protesters doing the same thing, right? Go away with your leftist liberal bull chit. πŸ˜›
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