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  1. And why should we "dummies" not believe that we should be entitled to run our own white homeland and affairs? It's our white homeland and not the rest of the world's homeland. Would white people be entitled to immigrate to some non-white country and now be entitled to run that country? What say you?
  2. A good question to ask those gay people. These gays need to remember that they would not be here if it were not for them having a mother and father to bring them in the world. Both questions would leave them stumped and standing there looking like fools. LOL.
  3. Typical liberal. When asked a simple question that could put them on the spot, they prefer to come back with some kind of another stupid and silly question. Why won't you answer that simple question that I asked of you? Is it that hard for you to say that you do agree with bank and credit card accounts be frozen? Come on, troll, stop trying to run away from the question and answer it instead. I guess that the question is just a bit too hard for you to reply too. If you do not reply than I can safely say that, I gotcha. So, come on, lefty, show me that I did not getcha? LOL. I enjoy arguing with a troll liberal. Yes indeed, I do believe in conspiracy's because conspiracy's are happening every day around the world, just in case that you have not noticed it just yet. Only a dimmy dimwit would believe that conspiracy's do not exist at all, like yourself for instance. Maybe it is you that has a misled mind? Hey, we never know, eh? So, are you going to answer my question or not? At least say yes or no. ๐Ÿ˜€
  4. Were hot wings a white mans invention? Lol. It's not having kids that is the problem. It is our Marxist anti-white governments that have been pushing anti-white programs and agendas for decades now. Our white politicians have been pushing anti-white programs and agendas like anti-white family programs, feminism, the homosexual life style, cultural Marxism, and the push is on for more non-white immigrants and less white immigrants from being allowed to immigrate to Canada. This can only be seen as a program to eliminate as many white people as possible and turn NA into a minority white country. It makes no sense or logic to me that a white country would want to commit white genocide by bringing in more non-whites and less whites. Even our own dear Marxist dictator leader in Canada has said that he pretty much despises British and European folk. ???? White people are having children, it's just that there is now a fast growing of numbers of non-white people immigrating to North America and many are having plenty of children. Why does a majority white country want to bring in more non-white immigrants rather than more white immigrants. I think that some kind of fix is going on here. Conspiracy, do I dare say. Aw well.
  5. Indeed. We all know and have watched as some of these gay pride people show no pride at all in some of their gay parades. Many gays have been noticed that some have walked around naked in some of their parades. How fitting for the many young children standing there having to watch this disgusting display. At least the people that wear MAGA hats do not need to walk around naked. They have their straight heterosexual pride to show off. ๐Ÿ˜‡
  6. I am pretty sure that you would like to make it illegal for anyone to wear a MAGA hat, right lefty?
  7. A racist word being heaved on and thrown towards white people. But you would never agree with that, now would you, MH?
  8. Well, it looks to me like you are here to try and downgrade white people. I wonder who gave us the English language in the first place. Was it Blacks, Asians or Latinos? I doubt that. I wonder what kind of a life he would be living today if his parents did not immigrate to white America? This was only just a contest and no doubt that there were many non-white kids there that could not spell that word that made him a winner. But the leftist liberal media sure loved it because once again it made white kids look dumb and stupid. I wonder what kind of a life would that kid be living today if his parents did not immigrate to white America? Your anti-white attitude does not impress me at all. It looks more to me like a bit of your racism is starting to show itself towards white people, hmmm?
  9. If white people are so dumb and racist, then why in the hell do so many non-white people want to immigrate to white America and even white Canada for that matter? They want to immigrate to any white country because they know that where they come free, democracy and freedom does not exist.Approx. 80% of our new non-white immigrants are coming from non-white countries. It's sad to watch that our present day immigration laws and policies in Canada and America are all catering to the non-white world. If this is allowed to continue, white folk will be replaced and that is a fact in a couple of decades to come. It was White people that founded, built, toiled and settled in North America to make Canada and America great. It will be the non-white world that will destroy these once great white nations called Canada and America. The cultural race turf wars will begin and that is a fact. We have places in Canada and America where white people will not dare tread. Does NYlefty even have a brain? Just wondering. Maybe lefty liberal anti-white NYlefty boy just despises all white people altogether because he is jealous of white people and just does not like white people. Hey, we never know, eh? Prove me wrong, NY lefty?
  10. The thing I find so interesting about Pence is that the leftist liberal media never attacked or mocked Pence for anything while he we the VP of America. Kimmel or Colbert never made fun of Pence but they both made plenty of jokes about Trump. They just left Pence alone. I personally believe that Pence let Trump down and he was just another globalist traitor in Trump's cabinet. Just my opinion of course. What say you?
  11. So, do you honestly think that in a supposedly free and democratic country like Canada is supposed to be today that the federal government should be allowed to freeze someones bank or credit card accounts just because they are not of the same political opinions and points of views as that of the present day government in power? Can this not be seen as a communist like act? A simple question for you to be able to answer. I will leave the harder questions for you later. Chuckle. ๐Ÿ˜‡
  12. I would be a lousy organizer for trying to organize something like that. But, I do not believe that would be something necessary for straight heterosexual people to be doing. We are already proud of who we are and do not need to try and flaunt our straight heterosexual life style. There is no need for gays to be flaunting their pride on city streets. What this is really all about is a part of a plan to try and destroy the heterosexual family and way of life and nothing more. These gay pride parades are there for one thing only. They are looking for more recruits to join their gay ranks because they have a tiny minority and need more people to join their weird life style. For the kids that are being forced to attend these gay parades by their screwy parents will hopefully see these gay clowns as nothing more than a bunch of clowns and do not get influenced by those weird people. Just my opinion.
  13. This is all thanks to leftist liberalism that we have these gay pride parades today. It's okay to be gay, if you so desire. But keep your gay pride nonsense back in the closet or some field somewhere. I doubt that the numbers are there for this kind of nonsense to be viewed and seen as okay. Gay pride parades are there for recruitment purposes only. How is having pride parades going to help keep Canada great, not that Canada is oh so great anymore, thanks to liberalism.
  14. You got that right, cowgirl. Something real men do for entertainment with other real men cowboys. At least us men do not go around and dress up in stupid looking clown costumes like those shown above do. Nobody in their right mind can call those fools men. Geez whiz, cowgirl. Can't they just have their little get together's in someone's backyard instead or out in some field somewhere? Is it really necessary to have and allow gay parades? Those parades are only there to push the gay life agendas and to look for more new recruits to join them. Not for this cowboy, cowgirl. ๐Ÿ˜€
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