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  1. By the looks of things, it sure looks like you have had more than one tree branch fall and land on your head. 🤣
  2. They may not be as rich as some oil companies but I do know for sure that communists like Suzuki and Saunders are both very wealthy indeed. It always seemed quite strange to me as to why so many political leaders who always like to push for socialism and communism are always very rich. One would think that they would be poor as hell but they are not. It's only the poor sheeple who are the ones that are poor and support socialism and communism where at times those poor sheeple do not even have two nickels to rub together. Sadly, those stupid and stunned sheeple only end up hurting and making themselves poorer by supporting those elite socialists and communists like Suzuki and Saunders. It's hard to fix stupid once it gets entrenched in so many sheeples stupid heads. 😇
  3. Do you think? Comrades Suzuki and Saunders are just but two of the wealthy globalist elite imbeciles out there that want to turn Canada and the rest of the world into one big globalist communist new world order world. Those two buffoons could care less about the environment. If they did care about the environment at all they would stop flying around the world in their private fuel guzzling bad for the environment private jets. They want we the sheeple to get rid of our vehicles so that they can have their four or five gas guzzling vehicles sitting in their garages in one of their many $10 million dollar huge mansions and estates that they own. These imbeciles are doing just as much harm to the environment themselves. But ask them if they really give a shit? NOPE. This is why I do not give a shit about the environment either. If the globalist elite do not really give a shit about the environment, why should I? 😇
  4. The problem is that here in Canada we have way too many stupid and brain dead zombie Canadians out there who keep listening to those elite globalist buffoons like Decrapio and Prince(Epstein)Andrews. We saw in this election that those same dummy zombies went and put Castro Trudeau back in power. Castro hates their bloody guts but yet they still gave the commie his old job back. Canada is truly becoming an hopeless and forever lost and doomed country. 🙄
  5. I am well aware that BC is plugged full of socialist liberals and NDP communists. It's starting to appear as though the whole gawd dam country is going communist. 🤮
  6. Most easterners are brain dead. They will always vote for the liberals or the NDP communists. They all love communism and that is why they keep voting for the liberal communists. A sad bunch of commie buffoons and idiots indeed. 🤣
  7. Still, FOX NEWS is a lot better to listen to than the rest of those leftist liberal pro democrat news lying outlets like CNN and MSNBC. Those two liars have been caught many times lying about the Republicans and Trump thousands of times by FOX NEWS. They are all liars and nothing more. Only buffoons and idiots will listen to those media communists. 😇
  8. Yup, it has to be a great day for communists like you, eh comrade easterner. CBC sucks big time and so do you. Just saying. LOL. There is nothing to be proud about being Canadian anymore unless you are a communist or by saying that you are proud to be communist Canadian. What is so proud for anyone to say that they are proud to be Canadian today? So what makes you so proud to be Canadian today? I would really like to know, comrade? Only the communists can be proud that their communist hero leader Castro Trudeau is once again back in power and communism will be the agenda and goal of the day for Canada. It's a sad and bad day for Canada today. 🤮
  9. The election was rigged. It just has to be because nobody that I have ever spoken to liked that "underwear stain" arse hole at all. They all wanted the commie out. That 28% are a bunch of insane screwballs. They all need to be committed. 🤣
  10. Is that all that you can come back with is that "they all get caught spinning lies" reply, easterner? Why can't you show me as to where FOX NEWS is supposedly the worse of them all to you than all of the rest? Come on, I am still waiting? I think that I just caught you trying to spin lies about FOX NEWS. Your hatred and bias is starting to show for FOX NEWS. Gotcha lefty. LOL. I do believe that the many leftist liberal lying news media outlets in America like CNN and MSNBC and the many other leftist leaning news outlets in America do lie all the time and the leftist media does help in trying to spread as much bull chit as possible about and against the Republicans to help the democrats to try and make them look good in order to try and save their sorry commie asses. It never works. It's the dumbocrats that always end up looking worse. If you are one of those lefty's who listen to the leftist liberal news media outlets in America and Canada all the time then you are someone to worry about. Cuckoo. 🤣
  11. I am a subscriber to Rebel news. At least with Rebel news, I am and do get the other side of the story that the leftist liberal media does not want me to read or listen or know about. Those mentioned above have all become the fascist censors of and for Canada. If one is into leftist liberal brainwashing and propaganda bull chit then those news outlets mentioned above are for them. Those leftist liberal media outfits will feed them all the bull chit that they can handle and want fed to them. CPAC is for lefty losers. 😇
  12. In what way is FOX NEWS the worse than any of the other major leftist liberal news networks in America? Come on, spit it out, oh bias anti FOX NEWS easterner person. 😇
  13. I must assume that you are referring to all of those nasty and awful white European racists that came in 1607, right racist? 😇
  14. But I am well educated and well informed. But you? Well, I am not sure about that? So, oh educated and well informed one, I guess that when one of those illegals has a heart attack in the middle of the street, who has not paid one cent into our health care system, they will be just left on the middle of the street to die, eh? Cuckoo-cuckoo. If you believe that they are not taken to a hospital right away to save their life then it is you that is the uneducated and uninformed one here, and not me. All you lefty liberals are all alike. You lefty liberals like to think and believe that you know all and those to whom you disagree with, like me a real and true conservative, know nothing at all, right lefty? Cuckoo-cuckoo. My math says that if there is an illegal needing a doctor to help save their life, then they will be taken to a hospital where they will be looked after and the burden will be put on the taxpayers of Canada who will have to pay for the illegals doctor and hospital stay and bills. But I am pretty dam sure that there have been more than one illegal in Canada that had to be taken to the hospital in an emergency. Your math smells really bad. Just saying. 🤣
  15. Well, as you can see all those outfits that you mentioned above that you said are part owners of CPAC are all just a bunch of leftist liberal promoting outfits. CPAC's job is to try and promote the leftist liberal side of the news. They are very bias and do not want to have anything to do with anything conservative at all. News outlets like CTV/CBC/Globull are all pro leftist liberal news stations. They must never be watched or listened to anymore. They all lie. 🙄
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