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  1. Just whom are you referring to as the communist here? Zelensky or Putin? Just for your information, Russia is not communist anymore. And the last I heard was that Russia was winning the war with Ukraine. The warmongers in America knows that they cannot defeat Putin unless they try and use nuclear weapons to do so. That ain't going to happen, pardner. The war is over. Now all that is needed is for Fascist Zelensky to raise the white flag and surrender. It's sad for me to see so many of my white brothers and sisters killing each other. 😒
  2. Where is the common sense and logic for this to be going on in Canada today? All that milk dumping could instead go to some food banks or given away free to families in need. Canada does not need marketing boards of or any of the bureaucracy that goes along with it. Conservative Steven Harper many decades ago got rid of the Wheat Marketing Board, and the country did not collapse. All marketing boards need to collapse themselves. Without truckers and farmers, where would we be today? They are the real and true hard working people in Canada and the world and yet they get jumped and dumped on by our Marxist governments in Canada. We all need farmers and truckers. What we really need here in Canada today is less government and less politicians. They are the problem, and not the solution. It's the truckers and farmers that should be the millionaires here, and not politicians, where many of those politicians have made their millions from stealing from Canadians. End all marketing boards now. Works for me. 😇
  3. Come on, man. Don't you like cold weather, the loss of free speech in Canada, and where we are not allowed to have honest debates anymore. Just communist like debates. If you live in a country that does the exact total opposite to what is happening in Canada than where are you living? I may need to run and seek asylum in your country one day to gain my freedom back. 😇
  4. The biotch Pelosi is now toast. She will be unable to create anymore chaos and havoc in America. MaCarthy has just kicked her fat butt out of her speaker of the house chair. What will the dumbocrats do now? 🤔
  5. Hey Sally? I will bet that you are not even tough enough to be able to fight your way out of a wet paper bag. So sad, in deed. 😁
  6. The whole bloody democratic party is totally full of liars and cheats and thieves. Psycho Shiffster being one dam good liar indeed. It would appear as though the democratic party is trying to fast become another lying communist party. Everything that the democrats do these days smacks of communism. Scum like the shiffster despises anyone who will not kiss his lying Bolshevik arse. The guy is a promoter of all things evil and satanic. At least Pelosi is gone. Amen.
  7. Indeed, you need to work on your delivery methods. I will think about your offer, comrade. Are you nuts in the head? I am far from being a Marxist like you. Stalin would love you. Yes indeed, I voted for the People's Party of Canada which is a well known conservative party. Having a liberal name, the NDP name or the Greenie name they all have something in common. All three political party's have communist like ideals and agendas. They all have contempt for we the people and anyone who is not a lefty must have their bank accounts or credit cards frozen. More taxes, more government, and less freedom is always their end game. I know that you vote liberal. Your ignorance has shown me that already. Pretty much all political party's in Canada like to be seen and known as a peoples party. Hello, out there. Ha-ha. I am concerned about Canada losing it's white identity and white homeland. For that I have been called a racist. You are a liberal Marxist is you do not believe that Canada should stay majority white. You probably are pro-massive non-white immigration. That should not make me appear to be a racist. Your lefty liberal species likes to think that they are god's gift to mankind. The conservative right has the truth. I do watch FOX NEWS every evening because here in Marxist Canada Canadians are not allowed to have a news station outlet like FOX NEWS here in Canada. Why? Because the CRTC is full of Marxists liberals will not allow that to happen. Conservative speech and education in Canada has now been replaced by Marxist liberal hate speech and racism, and our schools are full of Marxist justice warrior educators. There will never be a civilized conversation about education in our schools because the Marxist educators want nothing to do with it. It's full bore ahead for the Marxists to make Canada another communist country. Believe it or not. 😇
  8. I truly did enjoy watching that dumb ass liberal dumbocrat go bonkers in her liberal brain dead head when she heard that Trump won the presidency. I also laughed my head off like Trump did in that picture above. Lefty liberals sure know how to put on a show as to what liberal mental illness really looks like and is all about. Cuckoo-cuckoo.
  9. Is Trudeau at it again? Was Blackface not enough for the creep? 😀
  10. Why would I want to ask you for your liberal Marxist assistance, comrade? Your lefty liberal rudeness and ignorance that you have shown me above tells me that you are not worth my time of day. Telling me that I am "left behind" and that anything that I may wish to post here will all be just "garbage" anyway, says to me that my conservative opinions and points of view are pretty much all just garbage to you? But of course the Marxist garbage that you like to post here is supposed to be the gospel truth? Marxists never lie or bull chit. Ha-ha-ha. So, just what makes your lefty liberal garbage opinions and points of view that you post here any more important and better than mine, comrade? So, come on, man, show us some more of your ignorance. I will be waiting. 😀
  11. This was something Gore said many decades ago. To try and find it on the internet now is pretty hard to do. Gore has said many things about the disasters of climate change and all turned out to be bull shit. I am sure you can, but Florida is still above sea level.
  12. I don't feel sorry for your inability to see that critical thinking is not one of your skills alright. I believe that you are so confused that you cannot even tell the difference between fact and fiction. If your primary sources for facts are coming from CNN or the CBC then I know that you are truly lost in the wild liberal wilderness. I could careless about climate change because it's all just more bull chit coming from your lefty liberal buddies. Right now, many people are getting filthy rich off of this climate change nonsense thanks to peasants like you who do lack any critical thinking skills and the inability to see the lies coming from the climate change warmongers mouths. Al Gore once said that by 2020 Florida would be under water. There go his facts. LOL.
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