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  1. It’s a great way to shoot yourself in the foot. Good luck with that.
  2. This whole notion that natives are less warring, less colonial, less oppressive, and more peaceful than other humans is stupid and wrong. Giving a veto to non-taxpayers is stupid. BC is a silly jurisdiction that would have no economic heft if it wasn’t for its nice geography that makes it a retirement mecca. It’s drug-infested and over-priced. They’re totally uncritical about the Indigenous people there, who kept slaves and were one of the most brutal peoples in the Americas. Read about the tortures and slaughters that took place between tribes historically. It’s not pretty.
  3. I have known a couple of trans people. I called them what they wanted to be called and made them feel normal and welcome. That’s an important aspect of my faith as a Christian. I don’t judge them. I know the Church’s teachings on gender are that we are our biological gender and should embrace our natural reality. My faith also teaches that we don’t judge people. We don’t know what someone else is dealing with until we walk in their shoes. Kindness is always important.
  4. You can’t really change someone’s sex though, and there’s fallout from doing so. No doubt such procedures might help a very small segment of the population cope with biological anomalies such as hermaphroditism, but removing uteruses, breasts, and penises aren’t minor procedures. Playing with hormones, especially in young people, is also risky. Of course people who undergo such procedures shouldn’t be mistreated, but we shouldn’t be taking these procedures and treatments lightly or acting as though one can pick a gender like buying shoes. It’s also important to understand that trans rights don’t override all other rights. Biological women should have a right to participate in women’s sports without biological men. They have a right to safety in prisons and change rooms. Many religious people only recognize biological gender and religious rights are constitutionally protected. What some call misgendering and want to make a hate crime is religious practice for some people, and no, one group that has made cosmetic choices or gotten plastic surgery doesn’t have the right to eliminate the rights of many to make their role play more convincing, because in the end, that’s what’s happening: People of one biological gender are pretending to be another one. You can’t change biological gender.
  5. Look, I appreciate your comments. I’d just say that we all need good guides and mentors. Some popes have been good and others not so much.
  6. Why is it okay to prevent people from expressing hateful stuff? Sure, most people don’t like hearing it, but that’s the price of free speech, and it’s a price worth paying. That’s not the same thing as threatening physical harm or extorting, etc. Saying mean things has to be okay or we have an ever expanding definition and biased interpretations of “hateful”. For example, I find lederhosen offensive. Can the judge detain such yodellers or post a bond against such crimes of haberdashery?
  7. Dark but true. That’s exactly what’s happening.
  8. Classic divide and conquer Machiavelli.
  9. I hope there’s an alternative to a severe depression/crisis, because I have no doubt that said crisis will be the excuse for more tyrannical stuff. We’ve explored the potential torments at length and been accused of being “conspiracy theorists”, “alt right” or some other dismissive disparagement: digital currency with access tied to social credit scores, more pandemic-style restrictions on movement, social gatherings, etc. Trudeau seems to be the poster child for these top-down dystopian “safety” measures, but we’ve seen governments of all political stripes in the West fold up constitutional rights in short order when the UN, IMF, WEF or some other unaccountable world organization sends the script and marching orders to political leaders. The “Online Harm Bill” is just the latest nail in the coffin. I hold out hope that this creepy new world of altering bodies and helping people kill themselves, canceling people for critical thinking, flooding schools with alternative lifestyle imagery, and other pagan experimentation will pass as people realize how self-destructive all this is in a society with an already dismal birth rate, but I’m not sure people have the wherewithal to undo the brainwashing and legislation.
  10. Part of the anti-free speech bill includes arbitrary detaining of individuals on the basis that they might say something hateful. This bill is creepy in the extreme. We have to allow so-called hate speech anyway if we want to protect free speech. You can’t criminalize an emotion or its expression unless people are threatened with violence, blackmail, etc. This should be obvious. There’s no legal requirement not to be offended. We used to understand this. “One of the more overlooked aspects of the Liberals’ just-proposed Online Harms Bill is that it would empower judges to detain Canadians merely on the suspicion that they’re going to say something hateful online. A new category of peace bond proposed by the bill would “allow a judge to impose conditions on an individual where there are reasonable grounds to fear that they will commit a hate propaganda offence or hate crime,” according to a Trudeau government backgrounder. The peace bond would not need “evidence that an offence has actually been committed,” as it is “a preventative measure to protect all people.” National Post
  11. Exactly right. Colour doesn’t automatically make someone poor, a victim, or an oppressor. This used to be obvious. What a mess.
  12. Canadians don’t know their history. They think American history is Canadian history. In fact, true Canadian history is being actively suppressed, because the ideologues can’t handle that slavery barely existed in pre-Confederation Canada, except among Northwest Coast Indigenous. They also don’t like that Canada was the safe haven at the end of the Underground Railroad. It’s important to the radical identity politics activists to maintain certain lies. Soon truth might be called “hate speech” and banned.
  13. These grant programs are racist. Unless people speak out, the injustice will continue.
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