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  1. Yup, it’s just going to drive down living standards. Any reduction in emissions will be more than offset by the massive immigration that Trudeau supports. It will further drive up home prices.
  2. They’re not conservatives and O’Toole will probably get the boot because of it. The carbon tax is a further tax on existence in the midst of serious inflation. The cost of living is soaring out of control and the only mitigation is more government debt. I feel sorry for future generations.
  3. What planet are you on? Quebec had the highest Covid death rate of any province. Elderly were literally left to die when workers abandoned a seniors’ home. Quebec had curfews and the harshest lockdowns in the country. Law enforcement invaded homes to prevent social gatherings. Quebec marches to a pretty fascist tune at times. It can also be quite xenophobic. It’s also the highest taxed jurisdiction in North America.
  4. It’s an expression. It means that the money isn’t great. It buys a certain quality of life, but there are probably better ways to make money that will give you more of it, champagne money instead of beer money.
  5. Beer money but sure. Not a good look for the East or Canada as a whole.
  6. Yeah it’s one of the reasons that whole region is stagnant and can’t reinvent itself.
  7. The Liberals believe that they have the East Coast locked up, as long as they throw money at it, since it’s seat heavy for the population. They’re right. The seasonal workfare programs have been a vote getter for decades.
  8. The Canadian electorate have short attention spans on the whole. Not much digging into issues. Trudeau wins on style and these days it’s about style over substance — and getting stuff. There’s no thought to tomorrow and debt, no hard choices.
  9. When Canada developed the fastest aircraft, the Yanks pressured Diefenbaker to shut it down, give them the tech, and dump the ruined prototypes in the lake. Canada cannot hold a candle to US militarily might. We can offer support. Yes we do need to beef up the military to make it viable. The problem for us now is that the support we’re offering instead of hard power is basically resettlement. We take the refugees that are the fallout of geopolitical messes. Lucky us.
  10. Well that’s pretty much where we are. I actually don’t think the Yanks want us to beef up militarily. They want the support of coalition and to use the kinder, gentler maple leaf when their hard power diplomacy falls short. It’s a lot of political theatre. But let’s not pretend that Canada has an independent defense or foreign policy. Maybe that’s better anyway because it saves us from our rose-coloured approach. I do personally think we need a minimum level of totally independent destructive power to deter invasion, however, because sometimes the US struggles to manage itself. Trust no one.
  11. We only need to be able to destroy the entire planet once over, or even a large country once over, to deter an existential attack. Canada has sat on and demurred on that tech for 70 years. Really all we need to be able to do is shoot any missiles or aircraft out of the sky, identify attacking ships/subs from space, and vaporize them. You don’t need a big army or lots of tanks for that. Fast well equipped ships, planes, drones, and missiles are plenty. Canada has the technical know-how and uranium for all of it. Much of it is available off the shelf through NATO and other partners. It’s a matter of will and financial priority. Canadians don’t care enough.
  12. What ICU’s are filled? Tilting at windmills. We’re imposing restrictions for political and psychological reasons that have little bearing on public safety. There aren’t many at-risk people left to vaccinate. Kids are quite safe. End all restrictions. Let people take responsibility for their Covid safety.
  13. Kids have a lower death rate from Covid than the flu. This is the problem exemplified: misconceptions.
  14. None of that is popular. It’s appealing to fear, nothing more. Yes we’ll have a somewhat lower death rate with continued restrictions. It’s everything else that we’ve given up that isn’t being accounted for. Do you actually think most people like restrictions? Get real.
  15. You’re missing it. Stress and depression debilitate people over time. Suicides are extreme examples. We’re not taking into account the toll that keeping people apart and masked up has on people’s health. It may not be easily measured, but there’s no doubt that our restrictions are deeply hurting people. I’m not nearly as concerned about death from Covid at this point as the mess that continued restrictions is making, to the extent that I’d rather see the paranoid and puritanical set up shop elsewhere, or perhaps those who value freedom and mental-emotional health over harsh pandemic policy can set up a pre/post-pandemic society. We are being made to mask up, stay apart, be fully vaccinated, and show proof of vaccination in order to enjoy basic activities. It’s a slow draining of life-blood. Very few leaders and jurisdictions are fighting to protect freedom. Don’t worry, the public health tyrants are winning and fully running the show. I hope you’re happy, because the masks aren’t coming off.
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