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  1. Draconian and unnecessary to protect the vulnerable and our healthcare system. The vulnerable have ample protections at their disposal. Our ICU’s are not overwhelmed. Take your despotic measures and apply them to yourself, Master.
  2. Why not just let people wear as much protection as they want?
  3. That’s an oversimplification. Being against mask mandates is about recognizing that there are other costs to being required to wear masks all day, including mental health problems. Students, especially recent immigrants learning ESL, have a hard time understanding teachers and classmates when they can’t see lips and expressions. People have a hard time hearing one another and connecting socially when in masks. It’s also harder to breathe, especially using the N95’s. It’s manageable in certain short-term. situations. According to your high threshold for acceptable risk we should all remain masked as long as Covid exists (probably forever), even though people have access to multiple vaccinations and can choose to mask up themselves with multi-layers and N95’s.
  4. No I don’t. He should have told her not to come because he needs to stay home alone until he’s no longer contagious, clearly. We’d expect the same of anyone with a contagious illness. When I was sick pre-pandemic I didn’t visit people or have guests. That’s basic decency.
  5. If she was vaccinated her risk of serious illness was low. She was fine. Again she can mask up to her heart’s content. She was sick for a week. People get sick.
  6. Yes he was negligent, but people are going to catch Covid. We can’t mask up forever. She caught the illness and now has immunity that will last a few months. The next time she catches Covid she may be asymptomatic or think it’s a mild 24 hour flu. My point is, protect yourself and live your life. We can’t live segregated masked lives. I mean those who want to do so should have that right, but individuals have many options to protect themselves. Blanket restrictions are not the answer, certainly not anymore.
  7. Yes he was negligent, but people will be. It’s like defensive driving. We have to protect ourselves. Good that she was vaccinated.
  8. Did she get sick? Covid is everywhere. You may have already had it without knowing. If you’re sick, stay home. If you’re really sick, go to the hospital, Covid or otherwise.
  9. Justin is trying to paint the massive movement against restrictions and mandates as fringe and radical. The CBC started their coverage tonight with dramatic close ups of Trudeau badmouthing the convoy. It didn’t ring true. CTV was more even-handed. I sense a transformation in public sentiment. If Trudeau isn’t careful, he may soon be quoted back to himself as dismissing a majority of the country. He looks like a phoney. Normal, good, smart people from all backgrounds, education levels, and income levels are challenging pandemic measures. Trudeau has miscalculated.
  10. I think restrictions played a necessary short-term role before we knew more about the virus and how to treat it. Once everyone who was eligible for a vaccine had the opportunity to get it, there was no justification for restrictions. With 90% of the adult population vaccinated, there’s no need to impose mandates, passports, etc. It’s a grossly unnecessary affront to democracy.
  11. Everyone I know who is working thinks the restrictions are over the top and doing more damage than good. What’s particularly sad is seeing people’s hope fade. Working all day in masks after all the vaccinations and lockdowns is depressing. In Canada the sense of powerlessness is palpable, the feeling that masking will continue indefinitely. It doesn’t have to be this way. Other jurisdictions are restoring freedoms and managing risk without restrictions.
  12. I just hope the media covers this without inserting a biased interpretation. Something tells me the movement to end restrictions will grow. If it doesn’t, we’re in trouble.
  13. “If you get covid within the 14 day window of being vaccinated and die like nearly 50K Medicaid patients did, your death is not counted in these statistics.” If that’s true, Goddess, I can’t imagine the legal implications for sitting governments that impose mandates.
  14. In Britain, “Flight Sales Soar As Covid Testing Is Dropped” https://apple.news/AOe7e_rHZQ52Dq527YppMHA
  15. And what do you think the results will be of dismissing the convoy as some fringe element and suppressing its important message? Trudeau has underestimated the public’s intelligence. Blanket, blunt instrument restrictions and mandates are not serving us well. People have complied and sacrificed in untold ways. Omicron impacts the vast majority of people like a flu. It’s fair to demand that restrictions be eliminated given the high toll they have taken after so much vaccination and compliance. Covid is here to stay. Does that mean restrictions should be too? We have to live normal lives taking whatever precautions we see fit for ourselves, not living under endless dictates, waiting for permission to live our short lives.
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