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  1. Trudeau is destroying Canada in unprecedented ways and I can’t believe that you don’t see what a divisive, anti-democratic, naive, and grossly unqualified phoney he is. You’re not alone in your obliviousness, however, which explains why Canada is in so much trouble. I participated a bit with the local riding Conservatives and met the candidate who lost in the last election. I saw the candidates for leadership of the Conservatives speak and was impressed by Poilievre. He was smart and effective, so I don’t know if he has much chance in our radical left unconstitutional cultural context.
  2. It’s the same tax and spend slush fund by another name. It will have no impact on the advertised cause, “fighting climate change”, but it will give government more money to fund its unaccountable projects. It’s called government overreach. It’s wasteful, expensive, ineffectual central planning that makes us all poorer. There’s nothing we can do about it except hope that sense returns to public sentiment in the next election despite the constant fear mongering and vilification of political opposition by government and state-funded media. I wish I believed our situation could improve substantially, but too much disappointment for too long has pushed me to look outside Canada for greener pastures.
  3. Well we care. Some minds change sometimes, even if people don’t always want to admit that their minds have changed. My main point is that the big reductions to greenhouse gas emissions will accelerate over time and have some leaps. Inflicting pain on ourselves now won’t change the outcome for climate change. In fact, making people poorer today makes climate change worse because less educated people have bigger families generally. The world will be so vastly different technologically centuries from now that it’s beyond the horizon of predictability. I have the distinct impression that we will be looked at as the suckers who nearly destroyed themselves fighting various non-crises, believing in unscientific oddities like 58 genders, and promoting people to positions of power and authority based on superficial reasons rather than merit. We will be seen as a darker age.
  4. The best way to reduce climate change today is to lower the cost of living so that populations become more educated, improving technology and lowering population (as educated people generally have fewer kids). With regard to Covid, people must be free, period. China has a lower Covid death rate and is an oppressive nightmare. We locked down primarily to protect our failed healthcare system. That’s why poor infrastructure (healthcare, long term care, etc.) and high costs (on energy, etc) actually make you less free. People should be free to make medical decisions for themselves and risk a shorter life if a better life is more important to them. This is about our way of life. Freedom has tremendous value, as evidenced by the millions of immigrants who seek it.
  5. 2050’s are the demographic cliff. Also, everything the Liberals claim to want to do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is undone by our massive immigration. I can promise you that these people don’t want to live without home heating in canvas tents, living off moss iced tea and bugs. They want all the comforts of a developed civilization and no politician will survive who tries to remove the opportunity to have these benefits, thankfully. Carbon taxes are nothing more than a way that the ruling elite who do whatever they want get to relieve their guilt on the backs of workers who are struggling to have a portion of what the elites enjoy. Of course! And none of this policy will make a difference to climate change.
  6. Don’t worry about it. Alternative energy sources are coming along with a lower population due to massive demographic shifts once all the Boomers die off. That’s why I don’t want to pay to fight “climate change,” because I know that the carbon taxes we destroy ourselves to pay won’t make nearly as much difference to global greenhouse gas emissions as the inevitable technological changes and drop in population. In fact, we should get our resources to market while the market still exists. Russia and China know this. There’s plenty of oil and uranium in Canada alone to fuel the entire planet far beyond the next century. We won’t get that kind of monopoly on supplying the world with energy, so we’ll probably be flush with resources and energy for many centuries. Can you imagine what new energy and material technology will exist just a century from now?
  7. Very exacting posts, Groot. It’s refreshing to see honesty combined with confidence and clarity, as many posters on here and the politicians they support lack conviction and the backbone to support it. I think young people desperately crave honest, insightful criticism of dubious cultural narratives that have no scientific or ethical basis but have been rammed down their throats by left-wing ideologues over the past several years.
  8. Don’t be silly. Sell as much as you can before the radical left shut it down completely. Already happening.
  9. Are you actually using China as an example to prove your point? That country is blatantly oppressive. Safety is no excuse to imprison populations. Canada tried to do something similar to Zero Covid. Thank God the trucker convoy pushed back against attempted totalitarianism.
  10. So basically your rights aren’t protected in Canada if the government of the day with the blessing of the courts decides to violate them. There can always be a “crisis” to justify actions. “Keeping people safe” is another great excuse to oppress. This was the excuse police used in China for beating up a BBC journalist. No, we need stronger constitutional protections.
  11. I suggest getting the resources to market before China and Russia, as our resources will likely be so heavily taxed, regulated, and expensive to extract soon that no one will bother. Already happening. Just look at pipelines. Yes it’s all about the money because our government is thoroughly immoral and has no business pushing lifestyle choices on our vulnerable youth. Government is there to provide the essential unprofitable services and nothing more. Get government out of the way as much as possible. They are destroying the country.
  12. $3.25 US a gallon in many US states. Europeans are screwed on fuel, water, electricity, and heating prices. Do NOT emulate the Europeans. They have almost no disposable income and lower living standards.
  13. I have deeper knowledge of these topics than most of my interlocutors on here. I want to learn but see few lessons so far. Of course some regulations are necessary, but the endless consultations and over the top environmental assessments need to stop. We’ve discussed more specifics about bills and legislation in past discussions. As for your support of bubble wrapping culture, no thanks. We have a generation of young people who can’t handle basic real world problems, including minor ailments. I agree that the vulnerable should protect themselves with available resources and there are plenty. No further Covid mandates necessary.
  14. You don’t have property rights in Canada. You can’t plead the 5th. You don’t have protected right of protest. You don’t have protected medical discretion. Canada has become more dictatorial and communist in these past several years. Attempts at removing free speech from the internet are well underway. Our leadership now promotes shaming and silencing of political opponents.
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