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  1. Ah aluminum cans. I remember when beer first came out in cans. That distinctive "ssst" sound opening them. We dubbed it the sound of that summer. Anyway...ya...carry on...
  2. Huh...it doesn't matter to you that they caged and charged a woman...for taking a picture. Man you're disqualified.
  3. Hey this is unsubstantiated crap. "Moscow is furthermore aiming to achieve a new settlement in Europe by requesting NATO troops and missiles in Eastern Europe to be scaled back." A settlement? Says who? Natia Seskuria? please...
  4. My position is that Ukraine...especially the part the Russian people want...both in Donbas and Russia...is not worth risking WWIII over. This little escapade is going to cause starvation and has already caused inflation to climb. For what? To save a democracy...that's not? A NATO reject? This little escapade is fucking stupid.
  5. I do not think anyone in NATO has any steak in this little "war" in Ukraine. I hear..."We must save Democracy!" Yet its evident that Ukraine is a dictatorship I hear..."Russia "could" go on to attack other NATO nations!" Yet Russia has made no such claims that they would, unless attacked first by NATO. That's called "detente". It has been working for decades. Stay the fuck outta this!
  6. Lol...you are a warmongering Tweenkie. If a world war breaks out, the world will have dumb shits like you to blame. And all for what? A dictator and a neo-nazi military.
  7. Orange Adolph? Lol...a bonified TDS inflicted pansy. Did your wife beat you yet today? LOL.
  8. https://worldnewsera.com/news/startups/germanys-green-energy-failure-germany-turns-back-to-coal-and-natural-gas-as-millions-of-its-solar-panels-are-blanketed-in-snow-and-ice-tech-news-startup/ Yes. The song called The Truth.
  9. If he wanted to take the whole nation wouldn't he have used his primary troops first? He doesnt want to conquer Ukraine.
  10. Lol...what a tweenkie. https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/is-zelensky-s-party-crackdown-his-first-mistake- https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/zelenskyy-suspends-ukrainian-opposition-parties-with-ties-to-russia-warns-of-harsh-response-if-they-don-t-comply-with-ban/ar-AAViisW https://jonathanturley.org/2022/03/21/zelenskyy-bans-opposition-parties-in-ukraine-in-b https://www.axios.com/2022/03/20/ukraine-ban-political-parties-russian-ties Get it warmonger? You're backing a fucking dictator who cozies up to neo-nazis.
  11. OK here's another... https://www.rt.com/news/557500-ukraine-bans-opposition-platform-for-life-party/
  12. https://yournews.com/2022/06/25/2366645/ukraine-bans-main-opposition-party-seizes-all-its-assets/
  13. No...I don't know that. I know that the same referendum was help in Crimea and accepted. I know that instead of accepting the independence of Donbas as well, the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian battalion attacked the civilians of Donbas. That's what I know.
  14. As opposed to the dictatorship it is now? Russian doesn't want Ukraine...they want the Donbas referendum honoured. I think they'd sort of like the Ukrainian Nazis to stop shelling the Donbas region as well.
  15. Educate yourself a bit... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbjTWVaRx6jMN5ZYgbqe2_w
  16. Wind mills and solar panels will not power our society. None of this "green technology" can. Ask the Germans. When there's a reasonable and functional replacement, I'm all for a conversation. Until then, I happen to like stable electrical power and I'd rather not freeze to death next winter... Thank you very much.
  17. https://abc7chicago.com/shooting-chicago-violence-crime-5-month-old-baby-shot/11997880/
  18. Because Russia apparently has no interest in eliminating Ukraine all together.
  19. Did you see this strike? Standing there watching were you. Look mate...if you're so thirsty for a war, go to Ukraine and engage your enemy. Personally...I'd like to avoid a world war. Especially when I know that Ukraine has continuously aggravated an already shitty situation.
  20. Huh...I must assume the complexity of the situation is beyond your narrow capabilities.
  21. No...its all about insane wars that handcuff the entire globe unnecessarily. You dumb fucks set the table for this disaster...now man-up and accept it.
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