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  1. I'm sure YOU can be proud of yourself, having shown Conservatives exactly how you want to conduct these elections and so on. But that's 2 whole years away. First come the Congressional investigations. Who knows? By then...it may be that the Democrats are completely discredited.
  2. Ya...right. It likely wouldn't have happened at all.
  3. Errr...as stated by James Comer, this is gonna be an investigation into Joe Biden. Do I think it'll lead to any convictions? Don't know and frankly...don't care. But don't fret. I'm sure that after all is said and done, the Democrat brand will suffer and the Biden family will be destroyed. Consequences...None of you Libbies ever thought about the consequences of your actions. It was and is all just a blind-assed freak-out over Orangemanbad. OK...now come the consequences. I hope they drag Ol' Joe, his drug addict criminal kid, his brother AND "Dr. Jill" right through the mud for all the world to witness. Won't that be fun?
  4. No. I'm promising that the new Republican lead Congress will conduct proper investigations.
  5. One day you'll be having a discussion with one of these people and you'll have to listen to them exclaim, "But how were we to know?"
  6. Yet unfortunately...true. Funny how that works out...eh?
  7. Actually...I said the pending Republican Congressional Investigations are a "promise". But hey...why squabble over reality when your made up reality is so much more pleasing to you...eh?
  8. How do I "feel"? Like an elementary teacher with a class full of special needs children. How do you feel?
  9. Nice reality warp. Q1: Is a "buddy" who will warn people that they are headed down a path that might lead to undesirable consequences, a bad buddy or good? Q2: Is it wise to take the words of a person of questionable life style...verbatim?
  10. Might be a good time to negotiate peace, eh? Who is this war really benefitting? https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/tucker-carlson-zelenskyy-yellen-bankman-fried-use-federal-investigations-celebrated Ahhh...OK so hundreds of billions to Ukraine with no audits or accountability. A good gig...if you can stomach the 100,000 dead Ukrainians as the cost of making Zelinsky and his buddies rich. Apparently...the lauded little comic-boy and his buddies, are good to go.
  11. Ontario's "top doctor" can wear a mask if he wants to. And from what I've seen he doesn't want to. Thus, he's nothing more than a tweenkie little hypocrite.
  12. Unfortunately...I'm not surprised that Pixie-Dust and his condescending pack of rats would do this.
  13. OK I can agree with that. But the method currently employed is insane. Do the work...of discovery. Then put in the infrastructure and THEN do a cutover. We're doing this backwards out of a sense of desperation and fear. Neither of which can produce good results.
  14. "people with guys"? Guts maybe? Guts to what? Watch people freeze? How...noble of you.
  15. Absolutely insane. Do you understand that fossil fuels form the base of the global economy?
  16. May I ask...what good has your OPINION produced in the last...20 years?
  17. Talk about naive. https://nypost.com/2022/03/09/why-biden-energy-policies-have-contributed-to-surging-oil-prices/
  18. I can answer this. I have a gay son. He tells me he has always known.
  19. Interesting take. Elon certainly is...different. his successive successes suggest what he does works. Theorize...experiment...analyze...adjust. Science.
  20. And this is a guy who voted for Biden...if I'm not mistaken. I don't know if I'd wanna work for the guy...I know someone who does and he gets paid very well, and always works long hours. Anyway...letting the world know how the Democrats and MSM worked together to actually direct public beliefs, would be marvelous. And I expect there will be Republican heads exposed too...Mr. McConnell. It would also provide a perfect prelude to the pending Congressional investigation into Ol' Joe and his...affairs...
  21. https://www.cnsnews.com/article/national/susan-jones/biden-no-more-drilling-were-going-be-shutting-these-plants-down-all Wha'd'ya think Hodad? Do ya figure when the POTUS says these things...regularly...that he's not causing extreme pressure on an industry that is absolutely essential to US prosperity? Sigh...
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