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  1. M&Ms recently came out with an ad campaign giving their animated candies woke Identities.

    The Babylon Bee was all over it: 2cQsJ15.gif


  2. Vaccines don't work on Omicron. So I guess you're on our side now as far as getting rid of the mandates and compliance passes. Come to think of it cloth masks have never worked. But it sounds like you want to take it even further. By your logic you want to ban vaccines until we see what you earlier called "further studies." Just joking to make a point. I know what you really want. You just want to ban MCAs and other useful therapeutics to purge the voter rolls of non-compliant types. Right, Adolf?
  3. And I only leave out the obvious guy because I don't want to get into another pointless discussion on that Godwin clown.
  4. Really? You think I'm handsome? Ahh...ain't that sweet. You're not the first to notice. I'm not sure a poster with 5,000 posts can be identified as "fledgling" though and I know he doesn't need my help.
  5. Progressive Socialism is a drip, drip, drip but Zeitgeist's point was we're less free now than ever before and that seems pretty clear to me and anybody else who can see past the face mask that's only real use seems to be showing you're willing to comply with Big Brother.
  6. I could show you some stuff but the minute it hit your 'lying eyes' it would stop being objective. Can't see past you're obedience mask, I guess. Now to me, it seems obvious I'm less free than I ever was when I'm told I can't buy a ticket to a hockey game or sit in MacDonald's because I don't have my obedience pass. We could get into stuff like Bill C-16 or those Alberta Pastors that get arrested for holding religious services but that should be enough for now. Welcome to the Great Reset.
  7. Well yeah, but so what? I believe his point was you swallow whatever swill the MSM feeds you. Fox has been receiving critique since the Murdoch kids took over of drip, drip, dripping left. I was checking my morning right wing archive of news stories and saw this: Is Fox News Finally Turning on Flip-Flopping Fascist Fear Fuhrer Fauci? It linked to this story of Fox: Fox News Special Report outlines fresh questions on what Fauci, government knew about COVID origin But all that really shows is Fox is forced ahead of the MSM curve to question the Fear Fuhrer.
  8. Let's be specific. It was the 5 0'clock alphabet liars of Canadian TV news that were pushing rotting tree trunks or root systems and old legitimate grave yards where the markers had rotted or washed away as "Mass Graves." Churches burned and the true believers rushed online or wherever to establish their moral superiority and perform their ritual "3 minutes of hate" because those self-same 5 O'clock liars pushed them into it. If you want to think of them and yourself as middle-of-the-road independents or moderates you're wrong but go ahead. Call it whatever you like. You and yours are still responsible by pushing or accepting that garbage as credible.
  9. The problem with that is you don't seem to think or want us to know there's as much fringe or far left media as there is on the right. Also I'm getting the feeling you would like us to group stuff like Daily Wire or the Federalist in with what you're calling "far right" while forgetting to label stuff like the Daily Beast, Salon, Mother Jones and recent arrivals to the left by lefty purchase or other appropriation like The Atlantic, Snopes or MediabiasFactcheck. The New York Times and Washington Post get steadily less credible and in Canada how can we trust the government financed 5 0'clock lies? The new left-friendly corporates run the slave media the government misses, and the leftist monopolies running social media decide what 'news' can be seen or heard by their sheeple.
  10. DeSantis saves lives and you don't like it because Biden is killing Floridians by depriving them of their medicine and you would prefer nobody noticed because it casts shade on your ideology. What does that make you? A participant in evil, I think. Willing ignorance or pretending not to notice is no excuse.
  11. I guess a human life is worth more to Governor DeSantis than it is to you. Oh well...I guess that's why he's a great Governor and you're not.
  12. Didn't we do this before? I believe we did (or maybe it was somebody else). Whoever it was we talked the uselessness of comparing states to provinces or provinces to countries. Whatever. That doesn't appear to matter to you. OK, let's try it this way. You seem to be comparing fatality rates which I believe is the percentage of total cases for the length of the pandemic. But the issue here is the use of Monoclonal antibodies since late August. Trump bought the stock of available MCA's after they cured him and made them available to the states. Florida was experiencing the Delta wave in August, 2021. It was hitting Florida hard. So Governor Desantis (who was also cured of covid by MCA's) started opening up centers that made Monoclonal antibodies available to the infected starting in late August. Deaths plummeted to the point Florida was experiencing the lowest death rate in America with the exception of Alaska. I won't bother checking your stats because they're meaningless. You're comparing apples to oranges and you're ignoring the central point. Monoclonal antibodies worked. Florida was able to open up and do better than states that didn't. That's why the Biden administration is trying so hard to see Florida doesn't have access to MCAs. It makes them look bad that an unmandated blue state is doing so well. Also Desantis may run for President in 2024 and they don't want him saving lives and looking good. Ontario should try the Florida model though. Too bad they're too cheap. With an open economy Ontario could afford MCA's. They should consider that, and save lives.
  13. I like the first YouTube comment I saw on that one above: "When you get people to believe absurdities you can get them to commit atrocities."
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