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  1. Makes me think about the time I was called a Nazi by a certain member here for rejecting the pandemic hysteria. I guess that makes me a Republican...
  2. Headline says: "Call Of Duty: How To Get A Tactical Nuke In Warzone 2". 

    Do you see how that works? Do you get that? :blink: 

    1. sharkman


      Nice.  Btw, did you notice last week, Trump hypes a huge announcement for Thursday.  Four hours before the announcement, a missile strikes in Poland.

      From Ukraine it turns out.  To divert attention away from Trump’s announcement…

  3. Yes, you my friend exemplify today's left. You're not talking anymore. You want to kill now. <Yawn>
  4. Those nutsy russians keep attacking nuclear power plants. The attacks have been non-stop, edging closer and closer to striking the crucial part of the target, the reactor building itself. This can only alter the public's perception nuclear power in negative ways, coming at a crucial time when nations are ramping up the number of nuclear power facilities. Nobody in their right mind should want these things to be built in their region if they are a major target for terrorism. Strategically it makes perfect sense to target them. For a low-cost missile strike you get not only a radiological nightmare, you also have no power. Can you imagine millions of dumbfounded dipsticks in a disaster without internet? No advice what to do from google.
  5. I always considered Nixon's resignation his one true mistake. Never apologize
  6. No doubt little Herbie will continue to vote for Doug Ford and Kieran Moeron. Get a free leash and muzzle with every vote.
  7. Rules for thee but not for me. These are the ass-hats you expect people to obey.
  8. They're all crooks to me, Justin Trudeau included.
  9. I kinda think Trump is like Richard Nixon. -Political outsider - Good at outreach toward China (North Korea) and USSR (Russia) - Negotiator (Art of the Deal) - Ended US wars - Space program - Term ended in a scandal
  10. My anecdote is that those who were the most protective are the ones getting the most slammed by the flu now. I believe in herd immunity. Hard to prove of course. Especially for me. But if you raised land animals instead of jigging squid you'd know more about it.
  11. It does seem suspicious that it was such a short time after he was vaccinated. Normal protocol as I understand it is you're not allowed to get the shot if you have covid at the time. Presumably there is an important reason for that. There is so much data and confusion coming from every angle that we simply do not know anymore.
  12. Tim Horton's Corporation has been sold several times and at one point was owned by a US company. As an Amwrican you should know that.
  13. I'm like the bellweather. Consider me part of the control group. If I die, you can draw your own conclusions. But if I live and you die, then likewise. Because I reject the poison of the industrialized technology that came out of the studies done by Bayer I.G. Farben. If you know history you'll understand that untested vaccines are very risky to take. Other medications touted as miracle drugs for what ails ya turned out to be harmful as well. These noxious potions pumped out by mad chemists are not natural. But then again, neither was the coronavirus, so that's the trouble you sciencey aholes (not you) have put us in. Remember when the government and health authorities completely denied that Astrazeneca was responsible for the sudden rise in myocarditis. They didn't pull it off the market here in Canada, despite there being reports, until other countries did it first. For a few weeks the health authorititties were still shouting their vaccine mantra. "Get it anyway! The risk is low! " And so on. That's the level of hiding and incompetence that goes with big government. It's only one example of their bungling, confusion in messaging, not to mention what's happening now with these outbreaks. This is not health care. These people are not competent health authorities, because of what's happened for which they are 100% to blame. Same goes for the dofo's in government, whom are holding back money desperately needed to fix health care. They don't have the guts to do what's truly needed, and that is to fire the whole lot of these medical board members, advisory committees and the so-called Masters of Business Adminstration who run our hospital finances. Away, away with all of them. Let's get some new people in who are competent and ready to try some new ideas.
  14. You've got a lotta questions, little fella. Sorry, no time to play today, you'll have to go it alone. We big boys have to go to work...
  15. Unarmed citizens against a militia. This is not going anywhere. It's better that they just let it be, find other more covert ways to break the power of the ayatollahs, rather than getting machine-gunned out in the open.
  16. Not a profile, that's not what I'm implying. I say for many crimes there's a reason. By saying it's because of race or sex we are avoiding the real reason.
  17. I understand it was one of her campaign promises, which she intended to carry out within the first 90 days of being elected.
  18. I think you need to re-read that, and understand what it says. It does not substantiate your claims. But nice try, little fella.
  19. No man. But happy to teach you how to read, anytime. You and laughing boy.
  20. "To access ETFO’s White Privilege lesson plans for elementary students please email your name, ETFO number and a non-school board Outlook email account to: [email protected]"
  21. Sounds like you're getting mixed up with Bezos... Amazon starts cutting thousands of workers The e-commerce giant is expected to cut about 10,000 workers
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