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  1. You have to understand statistics to know what the problem is with these mrna treatments. I say treatments since the word vaccine doesn't directly apply. Besides, is the height of liberal arrogance and narcissism to believe that just because some drug worked for you and didn't harm you, it will be the same for absolutely everyone else. I personally know among all my family and friends several women who had menses interruptions. My coworkers fiance became extremely ill for months after the shot and diagnosed with a reaction to it. If you get stats, that's highly significant given the small number of people in this sample size.
  2. Maybe that's why his wife left him. Even she can't stand it no more.
  3. That's nice that you imagine, but backing up your claims would make for a more useful conversation. Like I did. Am not terribly interested in people's speculation and feelings.
  4. I can point out how the two questions are not the same. Attempting to compare dissimilar concepts as though they're equal is a failing of liberalism. But even so, this is more like the school helping the child get an abortion, and not telling the parents anything about it.
  5. Not if parents are not informed or involved in their child's welfare, no. You think the government and some school board does a better job caring for a child's unique needs than parents? Great. Once again happy to keep you people duly informed, Michael Hardner.
  6. Keep laughing. Yuk it up. I mentioned prescription drugs in this thread because I know they are being used much more than surgery, and they're easier to get and hide from parents. Here's what it says on the Manitoba government education web site. "Youth under the age of majority (18) may be able to change their sex designation without parental consent. To do so, they must be declared a “mature minor” by a recognized health care professional and follow the same requirements as those outlined above. The mature minor doctrine states that, regardless of age, a child is capable of consenting (or refusing to consent) to treatment if he or she is able to appreciate the nature and purpose of the treatment and the consequences of giving or refusing consent. If the child has the requisite capacity, then the child’s consent is both necessary and sufficient; the parent’s consent is not required, nor can the parent override the child’s decision. https://www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/docs/support/transgender/legal.pdf
  7. This is what patents are fighting against. Says the school boards and courts allow children to be guven puberty-arresting hormones without parental awareness. Parents object as Canadian schools quietly aid students’ gender transition This man tried to save his confused teenage daughter's life. Courts prevented him frim having any say. B.C. father’s attempt to stop child’s gender transition tossed out of court
  8. Article makes some interesting points by a doctor. Hundreds of trans teens under 18 have had breasts removed in Canada, new data show "What we do know is that regret does take place, and it does take place later on in life,” said one trans medicine specialist, who also agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity for fear of being labelled “transphobic.” “If we know that people can come to this realization that maybe this may have not been the best decision for them, if that takes place after five years or 10 years, we don’t have all the information to allow patients to make an informed decision.” For such a permanent decision as the removal of healthy breasts, “I’m always looking at the why, and because that hasn’t been answered yet, that’s what leads to my ambivalence,” the specialist said. “What all this says to me is that we need to be much more thoughtful in our approach and in our assessments.” Here's another part of the article I find disturbing. "The growth in referrals to specialized clinics could be due to greater awareness and social acceptance, and the teaching of gender identity in school, experts said. But it’s not clear why it’s concentrated in children and teens born female." We already know that a certain number of women have self-image issues related to being a woman in society. It could be these numbers reflect this, part of our failing to help young girls feel they are valuable and important members of society. This issue reinforces that type of gender dysphoria when they are vulnerable.
  9. I agree his use of "chuds" is a derogatory term invented by leftists to dismiss those on the right as subhuman. The word used long ago was "untermensche".
  10. The Iraq war is relevant for people who believe USA and west are always the good guys.
  11. You're probably still in denial about the whole black-face thing, eh?
  12. Yeah it's really sad. There will always be racism in any society, as a natural consequence of our perception, associating skin colour with certain cultural stereotypes. It is those stereotypes that need to be looked at and honestly addressed. When I see a young black man wearing certain clothes and a look, I get the stereotype. A product of ghetto mentality, that is, a place of crime and danger, despair with no hope for the future. But the underlying issue is poverty. It breeds the ignorance and everything else that follows, the need that brings crime, and gangs. But if I see a young black man who's well dressed and clean-cut, I don't have that problem. They're just a person to me. If I interview them for a job, they get the same consideration as anyone else. Doesn't mean I need to be especially nice to them because they are black, either. They could still be an a-hole just like anyone. If you're an a-hole, you don't get the job no matter what. If you don't know you're stuff, same thing. No special exception because of skin colour. That's absurd, it perpetuates racism itself. Just as the word "racialized person" does.
  13. It is essentially saying you're a victim. By inventing this term, will keep the phrase 'racism' on our lips.
  14. While it seems fantastical I would not give this curmudgeon of a human being the benefit of the doubt
  15. Interesting points. I read that now Poland is going to ask to have him extradited. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/yaroslav-hunka-poland-minister-extradite-1.6978266
  16. Because they wouldn't do the fentanyl at that stage, they're not totally f*cked up yet. Modern parenting: "Thank god, little Johnny's only doing crack."
  17. Should be noted here- They went and cancelled the women's hockey league in 2019 due to lack of funding. Trudeau and his virtue signalling dream team didn't give a shee-it at the time. But if it had been drag queen soccer...
  18. In fact I do and enjoy watching women's hockey, despite the lack of nudity. I see it as a high skilled fast game, not physical style but great skating and movement, speed and quick passes. But when I mention it I usually get a disinterested response that the way they play is not physical enough. Men are stronger and hence better. Women never a fight on the ice. I mean, come on. These are what I consider primitive attitudes, and yet still prevalent among some in our so-called modern age. Males and females included. That's why I made the suggestion. You want to make money on women's sports, better up the sex appeal. Bring in a drag queen team and mix things up. The more bizarre the spectacle the more we are entertained.
  19. We hear stories from the street saying the hard drug users get "safe supply" from these sites but they turn around and sell it to buy fentanyl. That is what they actually prefer. They've gotten to a point where they don't give a sheeit if they die. The high is everything.
  20. I said the government needs to provide resources so that the people on the ground can give them treatment. Without providing treatment, government-sanctioned safe spaces could make things worse. And that is common sense, whether you believe in it or not.
  21. Yep. Look away, Dixieland. But who needs to even argue by stats? Let common sense prevail. Yes we should help substance abusers by providing them a safe space, clean needles that can be safely disposed of, and medical assistance on site. But is not enough. In fact it could make it worse because all it does is provide safer access. The hardcore addict is thus conveniently enabled to enjoy their drug habit, but what they also need is treatment for addiction.
  22. Off to goose-stepping school are we?
  23. I suspect it will not really being them and their sports to the foreground. What they really need to do is get their marketing up with modern times. More about transexual athletes, players dressed in drag. Women need to show more skin. Tits, ass and pussay
  24. Totally agree, and we know which way we are going with this. The problem is deeper than these government fish-heads can resolve. With their half-measures, can only make it worse.
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