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  1. It is easy to talk about and criticize weakness when you are in a position of strength. Such philosophizing can only come about when one has time on their hands, unlike the poor and sick who toil and suffer, their problems are more fundamental. So, they don't have time to ponder over such esoteric musings. Or, like my pappy used to say, "Idle hands are the devil's playground." While honest hard work changes your way of thinking, and being. So, having a job is good. Jesus liberated mankind from the yoke of OT oppression. He taught that we can do away with all those rules, and make a new covenant. A new deal. Jesus yelled at the scribes and pharisees. Sounds ok to me. He kicked out the moneychangers. Sure wish I could do that. Plus he was a nice guy. He taught others to be nice. I don't have a problem with that. The world needs more nice people.
  2. No need to stop responding all I do is uncover your bs and lies. Which is easy to do on my spare time. It’s like taking candy from a baby...
  3. That wasnt what we were talking about just now. But I appreciate how complex this issue can be, for some. So many facts to consider all at once! Must get a little mind-boggling, Boges. Do try and keep up!
  4. Concise, succinct. A good answer. Even better is when the poster asks and answers their own question, as demonstrated in betsy’s technique- “Socratic learning paradigm”
  5. That is beside the point. You cant move the goal posts on me. Most of covid data is not verified, so pick your poison. Its also why you are so boring. You dont really understand things. Just whatever google feeds you that confirms your bias. You are so biased.
  6. It seems you do not read what others say, just stomp about making baseless accusations. You call people out for the quality of their cites, yet you do not read them.
  7. Please send your complaint to the CDC. Tell them what was explained here. And do let me know when you find a vetted, verifiable link. And when you find your ass...
  8. It only took one minute to substantiate Army Guy’s claims and here is your CDC link. This says about 9,000 deaths in the given range. Army Guy said 11,000. Close enough for me. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/safety/adverse-events.html “From December 14, 2020, through October 18, 2021 VAERS received 8,878 reports of death among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine.” Hope this helps. Always happy to educate you people.
  9. If I provide a link I only use cbc, reuters, cnn, national post, in about that order of preference. Most of the time. Because I know it sticks in a liberal’s craw to see that info come from these so-called reputable sources. So maybe you should read those links when I post them. Instead of just incessantly mouthing off.
  10. It’s funny how covid is entirely political to you.
  11. Goof question! I mean, good. There's no way to tell for sure until you die. And even then you'll only know for sure if you still exist. But if there's nothin, you won't know about it anyway, so either way I'm like, wtf.
  12. No, just that your tiresome nagging is so very... dull.
  13. It’s too bad we cannot untangle cause and effect, and so the idiot leadership uses this chaotic mess of unrefined data to mesmerize the dunderheads.
  14. I dont need your baseless accusations. You are wrong on every count in your fixation to define me and put me away. However I have neither the time nor the inclination to educate people like you. Carry on
  15. Home made etc, provide such minimal protection as to arguably do nothing. In a closed environment with prolonged exposure time they would be ineffective, and it is actually dangerous to assume they give adequate protection. If thats what you want to achieve. I’m saying they are a waste of time. Have said it, since the idea of everyone wearing masks was first suggested. Now they are a leftover thought that hasnt been corrected. Most people wear them out of concern for others. A symbol, of useless virtue signalling.
  16. Masks would work in a clinical setting properly fitted, no facial hair, good quality material. In other words not yours.
  17. I read its the same in England as well. Most likely others. Those places where people value and love human dignity and equality, not just by empty posturing and lip service, but in thought and deed.
  18. Dr. G Evans, whom I’ve quoted here before, explains why it is unnecessary for everyone to be vaccinated.



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      I will not explain to you what Evans said because that would be a pointless, complete waste of my time. This is for other people to read.

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      I agree it would be pointless. :lol:

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  19. Gosh darn, and just as I needed a new crokinole board. What is this world coming to!
  20. We are already at that point sans vaccination, doh. Glad to see you’re starting to discover certain absurdities with the new paradigm. But only where it affects you personally I guess. Yes the whole covid thing is an annoyance.
  21. So this is how liberty dies - with thunderous applause.
  22. That does not cover everybody. The CDC does not give directives for each individual case. You can keep googling. I recommend you google to the before time, put -Covid. Otherwise, all vague nonsense. There is a small percentage of people for whom the vaccines are not recommended. I don't see any room for them in this brave new world you are cheerleading for. All I see is people denying they exist. Ok. I gotta gets back to my YouTube videos.
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