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  1. Things which happened in many places after the first, second world wars. The British were the so-called authority after WW1 having eliminated the former power structure in middle east, Caliphate. Almost every country in the world was similarly affected, but since that time have reconciled with the changes. Not so in the middle east. Why, you may ask? Because says I, they are pawn pieces on a chess board game played by the Great Powers. GB, France, USA, Russia. All want and NEED instability to be maintained. It's possible Russia has been meddling, as they are the faction who would support a new war breaking out now, one that will involve US interests. The shit is chess, not checkers.
  2. You may be right, but I wonder what other countries would do if same happened to them as when Hamas attacked Israel. The regional conflict goes back many decades and has been worsening. It seems Israel is now fed up, and ready to dish out some good old Hebrew style whoop-ass. Like the biblical driving them off a cliff, or into the sea like. Ramses did in "The Ten Commandments". Or rounding 'em up in detention camps, like Hitler did. Kinda ironic, i'n't.
  3. Exactly, but it's too late for that now. They willingly voted in a militant dictatorship over themselves, so, ain't gonna be no "free election". Besides, democracy is anti-Islamic, don't you know?
  4. You are a smiley-faced optimist. These people have reached a precipice and there is only one way left to go. They see the problem (who don't?) yet still put 'faith' in the lies of convenience. After all, these are the "good guys" (by their own words, so must be true!) who shall lead us to the new futurism. (Where's my carrot?) That's why, despite all problems and despite the terrible smell, will still vote for keeping Turdeau (just plug your nose!) and it will be a close race. Yes indeed, the next election will underscore that millions of dipshits shall continue with the herd, willingly take us over the cliff. The batard (no, not the football-shaped loaf!) has got a ton of money and the whole mass-media engine behind him, as well as international support from globalists, China, and wealthy super-elites to prop him up. The same dumbfounded dipshits who swallowed the covid narrative, 911, manufactured wars and post-national states shall vote for him again.
  5. I found one part of the article most disturbing. "Girls were threatened with fines if they forfeited." In other words you HAD to take your beating.
  6. Not quite. Hamas is officially listed as a terrorist organization. https://www.publicsafety.gc.ca/cnt/ntnl-scrt/cntr-trrrsm/lstd-ntts/crrnt-lstd-ntts-en.aspx
  7. I understand. I did say, we make a model. It is we who learn and grow, and so our understanding of that model changes.
  8. Okay. But there is evolution. I believe in it. So wait- things were not made perfect from the ground up? Things need to evolve? And how far can that evolution go. Physically, mentally. Spiritually. Can the creation exceed its creator? I say yes, it's possible. Just as I can learn a new and different pov from a simple child. Because over time, things get corrupted. Somebody or something made that a law of this "reality" you people live in. Don't like it? Who you gonna call? 🤷‍♂️
  9. So the Jagged meathead singher is not within your perview? "yuk yuk lol" ?
  10. They blew it because they went over-the-top, with their continual baseless accusations and floundering claims, and court cases with fines for hundreds of millions. Ordinary people are like, "Hey wait a minute, this smells like poo-poo."
  11. He is the right person for the job. Makes you wonder why we had to put up with these other douche bags - Smilin' Andy and O'Toole. Oh well I guess, pecking order an' stuff. 🤷‍♂️
  12. Perhaps god is so different that we don't understand it. Perhaps to the point we CANNOT understand it. We make a 'model' of god, and the model changes over time as we evolve and change. The old testament is the angry vengeful god, while the new one rejects that model and presents a newer, more enlightened, more peaceful and tolerant god. Then the Romans evolved this further, developing it into the foundation for western moral and legal thought. Note that the Romans rejected their former god(s), Jupiter et al being warrior-like, in lieu of a new and singular saviour of all mankind. Not just the Jews or the Egyptians, etc. They willingly made the transition from their long established violent past toward a new and modern future. It hints at what god really is.
  13. Hence the immortal question... standing at St. Peter's gate... "So when did you stop beating your wife?"
  14. Perhaps we are just his flotsam and jetsam.
  15. So he's not ballin' the prosecutor? Well that's an improvement alright. Maybe they'll bring in Page and Strzok for a follow-up session.
  16. Result of a skewed (screwed) justice system- Judge warns of 'tsunami' of offenders faking Indigenous status to get lighter sentences
  17. There is no need for a win. As long as the war between Ukraine and Russia continues, the US and EU are winning.
  18. Trump loves Putin so much, he bombed his troops. Trump administration confirms the US military killed 'hundreds' of Russians in Syria Trump sent 'strong message' to Iran, Russia and Syria with missile strikes: White House spokesperson And he did it by HIMSELF, do you understand? That is to say, he ordered it to be done with American equipment and military force. NOT by proxy through a buncha washed up Nazi sad-sack Ukrainians.
  19. I guess a UNANIMOUS DECISION by the SCOTUS is not good enough for you. Try not to take it so hard. Must not get knickers in bunch.
  20. Or as in the Mohawk, iennekanandaaa. They would likely prefer that one. Much harder to spell, let alone say it, or sing it in our national anthem. It's not allowed to be re-spelled phonetically. Then you've simply anglicized it again. That way it shows more respect, you see. As is already happening anyway, incrementally, in drips and drabs all over the nation. Winnipeg-proposes-new-indigenous-street-names-but-theyre-too-hard-to-pronounce Edmonton-city-councillor-worries-naming-streets-with-indigenous-words-will-make-them-hard-to-pronounce
  21. Do not choke on your porridge, my friend... You need to welcome him back. Don't forget, he's everyone's president. Not just the deplorables...
  22. That's not the credentials you gave us. You're the troll. Good for you to try and back it up, but those credentials are ancient compared to the climate modelling we rely on today. Not that's it's any better today, just wrong as usual. 1929, they didn't even know about global warming. They were still busy burning fossil fuels and blowing things up. That's the research they were doing back then.
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