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  1. No major improvement in carbon emission reduction. No improvement in infrastructure or health care services. No sanctions for the environment. Rather the opposite. That smacks of the same old same old to me. But the virtue signalling, oh my. As usual, the biggest poser is just a complete fake.
  2. Well like said, that’s fine by me if they need their symbol or a rainbow flag for comfort. Whatever it is that somehow excuses you people from your sins, be it a flag or bible. It’s different now when I hear that math is racist. Clearly it must be, when there is such an obvious racial divide among student’s grade averages. When you divide by skin colour, this may be apparent. But does it mean that math must be racist? Not math itself, of course. For example saying one, two etc. How about the way it is taught? Hard to say. But in my experience, not really. Or does the problem originate in another area entirely, that has less to with race as it does to income and quality of life. If we look at the division now by these lines, the reason for disparity becomes clear. Not addressing the true cause and effect does not solve the real problem. Just more money wasted, time wasted, while suffering continues. The past 20-30 years are my evidence. Canada achieved nothing.
  3. Because Mr. Trudeau seeks to make Canada a “post-national state”. In order to do that, old Canada must die. The next generation of Canadians will taught to despise Canada for its past. Never mind what they want to do for the future. Their own ideas are already tried, proven failures. Failures that are repeated are naive. That is why I wrote, newly woke. A lack of knowledge of the past, doomed to repeat, again and again. And again, and again.
  4. Sorry but the argument in the OP completely falls apart under even just minimal scrutiny. It implies that since Don Trump is convicted of teeson, his appoitees are also guilty. Ok, so then those senators who voted for them, who voted these traitors into the supreme court, would also be guilty by extenshun. One can see how this rapidly descends to Stalinism. Bring on the purges, comrade. Sad to inform.
  5. It's just an extension of my consistent message that is criticism of technology. I am a luddite.
  6. We all went to school here. We know how it is. I suppose some would take issue with symbols that promote sexuality, when the topic should be Georg Cantor. And rightly so in my opinion. Especially when they are six years old. The newly woke see academia as racist white privilege. They seek to impose their message in every setting, like some mad obsession to right the wrongs of history. I don’t disagree those wrongs should be righted, it’s a question of how. My view rather than equalizing all things, which may satisfy no one, there should be more focus on the needs of individuals, encompassing the larger picture of the person’s past and culture. This takes effort and costs more money, but each person “deserves” the investment. That is why I view efforts at carte-blanche equality as laziness and stupidity that can only bring failure.
  7. If I go into math class I don't need to see a pride symbol. Others who do are probably very insecure needy types who need constant pandering. So be it, as long as we can still get to math. On the other hand, maybe math is racist...
  8. I don;t give a hootin who Ford is. His grand experiment resulted in failure, long term. His engine needs to be replaced. But, he had a pretty good run. We judge men differently now than the way they were judged in the past. Morality is temporal. That is why, anyone who argues history is unnecessary is a goddam fool in my opinion, and my sworn enemy. Yes, this could be about you... ask yourself... if the shoe fits.
  9. What a whole lotta hooey and conjecture. You seem obsessed with Trump. He was just another president and actually did well in some areas, which many people approve of. Dismissing and demonizing those people is your undoing. It is not as though the "Left" cares about the plight of the poor while the right doesn't. That is crude and naive. Each side sees the problem, but their approach to solving it is quite different. Do I like seeing children separated from their families and thrown in detention while waiting for their immigration hearing? That occurred under Obama, Trump and Biden. But if I were American, would I like seeing a flood of people entering the country illegally, on foot and in truck trailers, these people knowing full well they will be protected upon their arrival. Yeah, I heard they caught some Al Qaeda coming in there. So much for Democrats theories. They lied so much, it screwed people's heads up. Those who believed and had faith in the system and its sanctioned media outlets had another thing coming. That's why you don't even know history. But it's not your fault. You are simply the product of a perverse modern civilization.
  10. Intelligence? Seems more like a memory problem. Someone has a conveniently bad memory...
  11. Pure nonsense. As if presidents do not and should not lie. What do you prefer to call "moral"? From a US president, I mean. I prefer a president who is able to avoid war and avoid killing as much as possible. Note that final part, as much as possible. Better an economic war than nuclear war. And that is what we are heading for under the current administration, because they take a hardline stance against Russia. Under Trump there was an effort to find some common understanding. And the same with the way he handled the Korean peninsula. Sorry that he upset your feelings though, with his harsh words. Sorry if he doesn't come across like some professional politician, the kind who knows how to say all flowery things to make you people feel good about yourselves. Then behind the scenes they do things like child internment camps (Obummer... your hero perhaps? Certain a hero of the liberal left, that's for sure. Now you got Uncle Joe, you got Russia gone insane, you got little Rocket Man doing his thing in NK. You got defund the police... crime levels breaking records, drugs from China, suicide breaking records. Suck it up, ye buttercups.
  12. There is always some interpretation involved. The judge has choices. Plus the question of whether the punishment is appropriate. Accepting an award given by a reputable organization should not be a crime, for example. You can always see the level of freedom there is in society, and level fear a government has for its own people, by the way they react to peaceful protest and public criticism. That's why on this day of days, I shall celebrate the Canada that WAS, not the Canada that IS. Not the lying, racist and hateful Canada of a coward. But the Canada that was before, and hopefully will be once again, when he is gone. Saskatoon beaver takes down Canadian flag
  13. Is he coming back today? Would be nice. Maybe he can go for a little stroll through the Byward Market. Have a Canada Day cookie.
  14. Presumably he has a cell phone.
  15. Wasn't that the guy who ran for the Liberals, or worked for Justin in some capacity? There was some political link there. My addled pate remembers something.
  16. Is Justin so afraid of Tamara that he had to jail her during Canada Day? She must be a grave danger.
  17. “Let me die then, and choose my own policy.”

    -J. Bolsonaro OftenWrong

  18. Other people had their say, and that is a fact. I never said Trump played “no role” either. It is allowed by due process, whether you like the choices he made or not. Somebody is always gonna be disappointed. That doesn’t mean you can just go ahead and remove them. That sounds like something they would do in commie pinko land.
  19. They were not “put in place” by Don Trump. They were vetted by others through a little old thing called democratic process.
  20. Maybe they can put gas generators at every gas station, then people can use ‘em to power- charge their EV’s. Plus a free polish for Boges’ halo every time he pulls in.
  21. Nonsense. According to our best and finest media outlets like CBC and Globe and Mail, coronavirus vaccines have saved 100’s of millions of Canadian lives...
  22. The larger question is why. The eternal why. Why reintroduce a divisive issue that can never be settled into the mainstream dialogue. All this does is pull people further apart. Why, you bastard. So that you people, all of us, are duped once again into being at each other’s throats, rather than confronting real issues: the failure of our leadership. Machiavelli would be proud. Now ask yourself, as a Candian, who is trying to use this story to win political points for themselves? Who is speaking out of line? Who has something to say when nothing need be said? That one is the divider among us.
  23. Perhaps we need to rethink this. Abortion can be allowed if a gun is used.
  24. If it was overwhelming they should be able to vote in the governors and senators that support these views. Maybe it’s not so overwhelming then. Maybe it’s like yer ‘bigger gun’ theory, if you ascertain my meaning. My gun’s gotta be bigger than yours. Or maybe it’s too late for that now... pandora’s box was opened, and the iniquity that flows from it cannot be put back in again. Guns, I mean.
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