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  1. Exactly as I say to americans this is not the reagan era. People were far more conservative then. My conservatism has never changed but now I would be regarded as Goebbels himself.
  2. No but it was the stupid idea that priests that should be celibate that sent them to diddling little boys. You are not even willing to throw me a bone and at least say sodomy is no more a sin than fornication? It is just NOT a sin at all to you? Is from a left wing perspective? Are you a Sojourners suscriber?
  3. You are? But you think sodomy is NOT a sin? Where did you get that idea?
  4. Should the lunatics run the asylum? Hell no. It is quite clear that school boards want to push every woke idea that is in fashion these days. Thank God my kids are in Christian private school - but they still push woke ideas like global warming and a bit of nonsense like cultural appropriation.
  5. Well were off the topic a bit, but seems like the COVID question will not go away. Interesting conversations since I have discovered an element of conservatism that can actually tread the middle ground without becoming some Heath loving surrender monkey. With COVID, with gun rights, with prostitution and illicit drugs, I have moved a bit away from Libertarian positions and I think I can do that without sliding into the same pigeon holes that left wing fanaticism resides. I will concede that the powers seemed to relinquish their COVID emergency powers once the outbreak started sorted itself out. I was never fully convinced that they would cede power back, and was alarmed, maybe incorrectly, that Ford in Ontario was apparently quite draconian with his measures. Though we did not go the Australia new zealand route of curfews - good God.
  6. Canadians sleep walking to tyranny. The only way some think (and they may be right) to defeat Turd o is selecting a limp wristed milquetoast as CPC leader. I generally don't pay much attention to this thread because the outcome is likely dire no matter what. Anyone remember the turtle and rabbit analogy from The Hunt? Any outcome will do nothing to stop speech codes and other restrictions on free speech. Harper let the kangaroo courts continue under his watch some call the Human Rights Commission.
  7. Canada doesn't have truly conservative towns. At best the most conservative canadian is just right of Mitt Romney.
  8. How is it so many are worried about guns when a diapered senile old man has nuclear codes?
  9. I'd like to know why its OK for terrorist groups like antifa and blm to protest in Ottawa but not the truckers?
  10. Relative to those currencies yes. The issue for me is what happens when the US population figure out they are a banana republic and no better than Mexico. The value of the US dollar involves that the USA is suppose to be a lawful nation with a stable political system. What happens when that is no longer reality? Well, I think it IS reality. We have an FBI that is totally politicized and increasingly arrests without warrant. We also had 3 elections stolen by massive cheating. The federal election and 2 Georgia run offs.
  11. It's all a rigged scam. FDRs America for instance bailed out all the lenders and did NOTHING to bail out the deposits of the average American. The system is rigged. Wall Street takes massive risks .... and yokels like GW Bush bail them out, claiming they had no choice. But if WE make those same errors no one gives a damn.
  12. sharkman I am going to try to seperate the politics from the financial, but I get its hard with diaper in chief down in the usa. This week we see the start of a rally. I think the chances are 80% this is only a bear market rally. The USA is officially in a recession. What also is interesting is the set up in the oil charts. Fundamentally I don't think the oil prices now make any sense. But the chart is indicating a very good chance for a break out on the oil prices. THAT affects pretty much everything. Cruise ships. Airline stocks. Even Amazon needs to use gas to ships its products. It's hard to reconcile the fact that we are in a recession but oil prices keep surging. If anyone has figured this out let me know.
  13. Crypto is likely a bubble. Keep in mind all world currencies are based on a subjective value to one another. Their objective value would be how much bread or apples can a dollar buy today compared to 1975? Pretty much all currencies have lost objective value.
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