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  1. World meter. Canada is 803 deaths per SMile. Flordia is 2916. Again population density is 10 for Canada and 405 for Florida. And Americans are less healthy. Still, I concede population density is not everything. Japan and South Korea have fared really well. We just don't know all the factors that go into these death rates/
  2. Leftists are either stupid or totally intellectually dishonest. Never before, like with SARS for example, did we try to count deaths to actually blame them on the current administration. CNN was always and only about Trump bashing as Zucker had a personal vendetta. And it is Governors that decide on lockdowns and shut downs, not POTUS. The PMO has more centralized power than the US head of state.
  3. It's a very minor disease that hasn't really killed that many people. The number dead just doesn't justify the lock down measures.
  4. We just don't know but the COVID crowd will always try to claim they saved lives, even though they make wild predictions that never came true.
  5. History? Has Canada ever enacted lock down measures in the past? Even for the Spanish Flu?
  6. No its a way for the left to try to lay all the blame of COVID on conservatives who think there should be some barrier to losing our freedoms. Grownups AKA adults understand their is always a balance of responding to a health crisis and personal freedoms. After all we don't ban cars. This so called crisis has killed off a whopping 1/10th of a percent of the world population. Hardly the crisis they said would have happened which was 1-2% dead. It didn't even stall population growth. And unlike the Spanish Flu, which killed the healthy, COVID is knocking off elderly that may have died within a year or so anyways.
  7. Again playing this game of casualty counting....there are valid reasons why a country with higher population density and unhealthier people would have a different COVID outcome.
  8. LOL The Democrat totally politicized the pandemic by laying each death on Trump, as though no one was ever going to die. As for Ford he is an example of another fake conservative becoming a dictator since COVID. Same happened to Australia and Boris, the other fake conservative in the UK.
  9. Health care systems are built on a rationing. That has been a factor in Canada for decades now. It is silly for example that BC only has a few hundred ICU beds out of a population of 5 million. The system was always one pandemic away from being over whelmed.
  10. There certainly is massive corruption. Another example of how Canadians facilitated is a top Canadian official on the WHO pretended that Taiwan did not exist. That is pure Chi Com propaganda. The WHO is essentially there to provide cover for China. And Fauci is a petty little dwarf who kept flip flopping on our response to COVID. I especially love how Rand Paul smacks that little COVID pervert down,
  11. Yes, the entire COVID nuttiness is alarming to me. I was on the fence until the over reaction to Omicron. Now I think our liberty is in jeopardy.
  12. Follow up question. Which is the greatest threat to the USA and Canada. Russia or China? I am guessing you will pick Russia because Hilary gave orders to her leftist squadron to hate Russia in 2016.
  13. they use prison labour. They harvest organs from political enemies. They have a sweet trade deal that has gutted our manufacturing. They are our main geopolitical enemy. It is still communist politically.
  14. Exactly is both the left and corporate shills for China. Nixon sold us out. That is why you never hear a negative word about China in the US Congress or among the Liberal Party. They are shills for China. Especially Xiden and his son Hunter.
  15. So are you STILL against prison labour used by the Chi Coms? Do you think we need to end trade with China to stop their evil agenda?
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