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  1. World in decline, humans shall now depopulate. Not by the garishness of war, no. By the gentle ways of attrition. Into the long goodnight goest thou. Do nothing. Make nothing. Achieve... nothing. -L. Ron Oftenwrong the covid messiah
  2. Today's message from the office of public opinion and good intentions:

    JOMO - The Joy of Missing Out.

    It's perfectly fine to do nothing. Nothing at all.

    People get used to it...  


  3. It sets the precedent for all kinds of new legislation concerning public health. New powers can now be expanded, for the good of mankind. If not kept at bay, there are certain elements who would like to see you become a veritable pincushion for getting shots of every dank potion and elixir these chemist dream up. Got that? Chemists...
  4. Maybe we just misunderstood Jesus, and what he died for. Some say he died for our sins. I get that it’s symbolic, if you need a place to forgive and give up your guilt, there is a way. Its like, when Stan was paying the bill on everyone’s credit card. Stan had the mastercard with no limit. No... limit. An he paid for everyone else’s debts. He knew it was his end, but that didnt matter anymore. For what was his message then, other than, screw the banks?
  5. Under PM Trudeau, Canada is beholden to China. You think the US and UK will share sensitive information with Canada now, moving forward? For one we haven't jumped off the Huawei bandwagon. Still dithering on that one. This security pact is against China, and Canada.
  6. Indigenous unanimously reject Mr. Trudeau and his broken promises. Fake kemosabi. Speaks with forked tongue.

    Meanwhile white progressives cheer him on, smugly patting themselves on the shoulder for the great humanitarians they are.

    Bring on the next, Liberal government. 

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    2. BubberMiley


      You don't seem to be following.

    3. OftenWrong


      Interesting how angry and defensive you Liberals get when confronted with your own failings and hypocrisy. 

    4. BubberMiley


      Angry and defensive? You've always had a rich imagination when thinking about me (too much). :lol:

  7. I disagree with this idea as it leads to a far worse society. The negligent population does not deserve to die just because they were negligent. The obese population is an example of such a case. Even criminal activity, such as a DUI accident that results in injury does not result in rejected medical treatment. " then why we should pay for their selfishness and ignorance? Let them pay for their own avoidable cost." - We already have a mandatory contract in place, citizens among other parties, pay for the social health care insurance system. To reject medical assistance for a citizen would break the contract. This is unethical and illegal. Most if not all citizens pay into our health care system, irrelevant of their previous conditions or negligent behavior. Most if not all citizens have access to our medical system irrelevant of their previous conditions or negligent behavior. A person could break one bone a week by negligent behavior, they still receive medical treatment. "Let them pay for their own avoidable cost." - Most injuries are avoidable, some medical conditions are avoidable, yet we as a society recognize that it is important to maintain some individual freedom. If medical assistance could be rejected purely due to "negligence" simple activities such as sports would be considered extremely dangerous and avoidable. "Considering that ICU per covid patient is $50,000 and hospitalization cost is $20,000 per covid patient" - This statement suggests that because a covid patient costs $ 50,000 per (day?, week?) society should let them die. Ironically this is the exact opposite argument made against reopening. The cost of lives are higher that a certain value, thus reopening would cost too much in terms of lives, even though it is costing billions by shutting/limiting the economy down. In order to make this argument, one would have to complete an economic analysis per potential life lost, which over the past two years could be in the hundreds of thousands. Overall, if a life is worth less than $50,000 the economy would reopen and return to normal, with funds allocated to the death of a citizen to be paid up to $50,000 , this is not the case. To conclude, this type of argument does not hold water unless one wishes to present a fixed monetary value on an individuals life, concede that all negligent actions which result in medical assistance are to be rejected and formulate a basis on which actions terminate the medical insurance contract. Do you have a fixed monetary value on an individuals life? Do you agree than all negligent actions requiring medical assistance should be rejected? Do you have a basis on which the contract can be terminated? It’s not fair to charge for all deaths, only excess deaths above the seasonal norm. That would eliminate most of your problem. But not all.
  8. Sweden did not follow the same script as most others, and their results confirmed that the Canadian approach was excessive, costly and largely ineffective. Facts speak for themselves. Last time I saw their data, the numbers were way down near zero. They took appropriate measures when and where needed. Not shut down everything and keep the kids home. They had a good education program for the public, teach people what the important issues are, so they are better able to protect themselves. It really sticks in the covid fanatics craw. Go Sweden!
  9. No, they dont get infected themselves. Very rarely, because they know how to do the work. Vaccines are not a requirement to so the work safely.
  10. Sweden didnt shut down businesses. They took immediate action to give protection to their elderly population, because they knew thats where it would hit the worst. How did they know? Did our guys know that too? We have yet to follow up on promised for better facilities to keep the elderly in LTC’s alive longer. I wonder what the holdup is.
  11. Sorry sir you are way off. All you have is speculation without even a logical argument to back it up. Sure, thousands of health care workers in Quebec and Ontario are ignoring their education and risking their lives on the job, because of facebook memes. Ridiculous. Use your brain man. Some are nurses, some doctors. Rest assured you don’t know why they believe its not necessary to vaccinate, not at all. And I dont have the time to tell you.
  12. We were talking about health care workers. They chose it as a profession. They work long hours for weeks on end if necessary. They require constant training to work in their environment. They are able to do the work even while unvaccinated against the patients disease. Happens all the time. Long before covid. They risk their lives to treat patients. But they know how to minimize the risk. That is how they are able to carry on despite annual disease outbreaks. That should dispel any nonsense about them being “selfish and uncaring” about patients. Let alone the notion they dont know how to work in infectious environment. These are intelligent, caring people. I will bet most of them are veterans with many years experience, NOT newbies. The real question is WHY.
  13. J. Trudeau- An Erin O'Toole-led pandemic plan would look like Alberta's COVID crisis.


    This is what they planned all along. Use the coronavirus to  guarantee a majority win. It’s that easy.

    Election timing was planned to coincide with re-opening, and the return of international travel.

    In other news, an unidentified man shot fish in a barrel. 

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    2. Boges


      He didn't drag his feet. You're full of shit. 

    3. Shady


      Bullshit.  The national post did a synopsis of his feet dragging.  You’re grossly misinformed.

    4. Greg


      Cool it guys, keep the discussions going, but lets nix the bullshit...

  14. The Liberals love the control they’ve gained under Covid. Now they seek to extend their power. There is no other reason. Fear of covid is their secret political weapon.
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