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  1. Never mind those two. You’ve done a great job backing up your statements.
  2. Yes, we still have a shred of decency.
  3. They exposed Mr. Trudeau as a shit heel. Good enough for me.
  4. “It never was about science but about political control and power. Thanks to all those citizens, freedom convoys, who had the courage to mobilize against these tyrannical policies. They endured a lot hate, name calling, suffered and vilified on behalf of all of us. I thank them!” - Kaycee Madu, Canada’s first-ever Black provincial minister of justice. Link Our PM falsely accused the convoy supporters and the unvaccinated of being racists. It had nothing to do with race of course. Justin Trudeau is actually using the race card as a lever, to divide Canadians. Make us less tolerant, and fight among ourselves. Can a parliamentarian’s behaviour be any more repugnant than what we have here?
  5. Please. The poor fellow only counts fishes.
  6. What happened to "Oh, the fall is here! Students going back to school, and they're not going to be masked! My god the fools." Result- deaths going down. Down, down, down... 'Nuther false alarm. But not to worry Billy. No matter what you do, one day you'll dance with the reaper man.
  7. The new studies show that almost everyone got Covid. Like 90%, or something. Someone tell Mr. Trudeau. Last we heard from him was you people better get your clot-shot this fall, or else...
  8. “Et tu, Brutus?”


    1. sharkman
    2. DogOnPorch


      You too, Gerald Buttus.

  9. "The floggings will continue

    until moral improves"


    1. DogOnPorch


      Oh wow, man. You drive just like Steve McQueen!



    2. DogOnPorch


      It has some flogging in the skit...Chuck U Farley stars...

    3. DogOnPorch


      Speaking of good skits, Dr Soong...if you have 20 minutes...Stan Freeberg's "Incident At Los Voraces" is from 1959 and models two rival mob nightclubs (The El Sodom and the Rancho Gomorrah) as they try to out-do each other. Very funny.


  10. How you people likin 

    Vlad Putin’s environmental policy

    UK ends national ban on fracking

    Germany to restart coal-fired power plants

    ‘Energy trumps virtue’

  11. God is ok with lesbians. After all, he made ‘em. He made the devil, too.
  12. It seems the killers are natives themselves. https://torontosun.com/news/national/hunter-why-the-soft-touch-for-accused-mass-killer-myles-sanderson Shhh...
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