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  1. Judging by your contributions around here, centrism is f*cked.
  2. It probably doesn't help that you encourage this sort of exchange by giving "ups" to a trolling ad-hominem post that is between two other members. Not much right for you to complain when you essentially participated in their exchange.
  3. Yes it seems like a hold-over from the militant past, meaning WW1 and WW2 as there was no radio or TV before then. However the BBC is still the state broadcaster in UK, I think. And Canada is highly basked on their political model. Therefore as usual I blame the British.
  4. Sad to see this is all they could find as charges that could be proven in court. Paying hush money to a prostitute. The relationship occurred in 2006. People who are impartial will most likely see this as irrelevant, a waste of resources and unfair. Yes it could even give him a boost. It has implications for future presidents, statute of limitations and presidential immunity. The office office of the president cannot function if it is subject to a constant barrage of politically motivated litigation.
  5. Of course they do. They change with the attitudes of people. What is considered liberal today would be called ultra-liberal some years ago.
  6. Is it not the case though, that these terms also evolve over time? - liberal, conservative etc. There are neoliberals, neoconservatives. Surely there are neomarxists, neocommunists. Which basically means very similar trappings as the older word, but some differences. It used to be these differences blended them closer together, as centrism, but these days they are going the other way. I see no reason to believe they simply went away. The youth have a saying, " This machine kills all fascists". One time I asked the guy, "Sounds good! Does that include communists as well?" No answer. Blank stare. You do the math
  7. There's nothing like a hot metal fire right under your ass. I understand they cannot be extinguished, by conventional means There won't be any remains left in an EV car fire But at least you did protect the environment?
  8. Their skeletal structure is larger and more dense, on average, being born and matured as a male.
  9. It has caused psychological distress/ That's a recognized form of harm these days, as you know. No the answer is not to allow them to mix up. That is what's causing the issue, and there are solutions. In women's sports they are prohibiting transgenders from participating. Tennis champion Martina Navratilova, who is gay, agrees and also thinks having their own category would be the best decision. Anyone can participate in that category, be they male, female or otherwise. World Athletics’ decision on transgender female athletes came Thursday. The organization said it "decided to prioritize fairness and the integrity of the female competition before inclusion."
  10. Sounds like excuses and lies told by Saul of Tarsus, that great romanizer of Christ, whom Peter and James disputed against, who made christianity into a civilized thing, Organized Religion, Christianity Inc. In so doing allowed the Romans to continue their rule, including bringing on the inquisition that you hate, in his name no less. That is the difference.
  11. Thats all good you agree with that, but doesn't refute the fact Jesus kept the sabbath Shabat, Saturday The Romans moved it to Sunday to appease the sun worshippers. Therafter they kept the sabbath for like 1700 years. Now if somebody convinced you that it wasn't necessary anymore, it being modern times and all, I'm ok with that. Not trying to correct you. Just my opinion, if you're a christian should do what Jesus does. Not whats told you, by the son of man. You might be fooled by the antichrist.
  12. It's just one of the ten commandments, which Jesus and his troupe followed. All jews did/do that. Jesus was jewish.
  13. Back on topic. Thank you for giving this clear example of "indigenous knowledge".
  14. He is mistaken about that. It wasn't 1700 years, its an oversimplification. Well like I said no wonder these people cant get their own show together. They hate and accuse one another of devil worship. As we just saw with me. -Denizen of the forum Hades.
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