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  1. Yep. I've proposed one solution already - arm the kids.
  2. I dabble in rational thinking if that's what you mean, but only in my spare time. Do you have a point to make at all? Or maybe it's better not to.
  3. It's not the governments place to moralize, or attempt to actively shape Canadian morals. They should provide the legislative framework, nothing more. Otherwise, you run into a situation in democracy where each time a government flips, the new government imposes it's own vision of morality by reversing the other's trends, as we've seen in this country already. Look at Ontario. The government has no business in the bedrooms of Canadians. Create the framework and set the standards for promoting true equality, and let the chips fall where they may. Really, all the inequality we have seen in Canada's past is directly the fault of the government of Canada, not the citizens. So get lost. (not you...)
  4. 1. Your opinion only. 2. Mom and Dad were not sexual objects, when I was a kid. 4. So what is wrong with saying everybody then. Better yet, say nothing at all.
  5. You mean no guns are allowed in the room while a former president of the United States is speaking? What cowards, eh?
  6. There is no such free and perfect utopia. There's always some risk. That's why you gotta wear seat belts. It's for your protection.
  7. Question is what good does it really do. If that's all they can do, it doesn't achieve much. Some of these ideas people try against Iran, like sanctions, may actually achieve the opposite. They might only hurt the people of Iran, not the theocratic regime. Plus they are allied with other "rogue" nations who are in the same boat, and so it's obvious they will make alliances with them, creating a new axis.
  8. Guns are for sale through organized crime in US, and Canada. The only way it could work is if all guns in the US were confiscated, including the black market. I don’t see it as possible. There may not be a solution here, short term anyways. Living in the Land of the Free comes with a price.
  9. Proving that registration, permits, training requirements did not stop him, As long as there is a plethora of guns readily available...
  10. We differ on what flying a flag represents. It flies overhead, always a reminder. Do children need to be reminded in such a way about their sexuality? Yes, the flag introduces sexuality into their daily discourse. I prefer that it be taught by professional educators, and where children are concerned should be more low-key, than flying a flag on high. However, I do think the idea of inclusivity is important. If they really want to run it up the flagpole then use it equally for all. Groups can apply to have their flags raised, pay a fee for the ad-space. Then let the fun begin. Kooky...
  11. This does not counter what I said. I did not take an emotional or “anti-empathy” position, as your rebuttal implies. I’m all for encouraging lovey-dovey group hugs. I’m saying the need for flag raising is out of scope for the services that I as parent and taxpayer expect schools to provide. The issue is political poison in today’s dialogue. Keep politics out of school.
  12. Type of gun, hmm. I dont think this is the main issue. I can blow you away with a .22, for example. Especially, the .22-250. Who is Wortman. Why did the shooter snap. What can be done to prevent copy-cat killers. The need for security at these places seems obvious and can be done right away. It just costs money. And we know the US government has lots of that to give away.
  13. Far as I know sex with or among minors is a crime. Although it’s good to teach, shouldn’t be encouraged. Flying a flag, that’s encouraging. Personally I’m not agin it, it’s just a question of priorities. Put up the hetero flag then. And the black, indian flags. Dont forget the white flag. Little Johnny should not feel guilt for past crimes by Canada, because of his skin. Sometimes the message is misunderstood.
  14. School is a place for the three R’s Readin’, ritin’ and ‘rithmetic not rump rangerin
  15. In other news, today was a beautiful day, weather fine. I got up feeling well. My loved ones greeted me good morning. I had a fulfilling day. Came home and ate a fine meal. Spent some family time. Watched television, drank an ale and conversed with my good lady-wife. Yes... so much evil. I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about...
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