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  1. French government heightens national threat alert, orders 7,000 soldiers to be deployed until further notice to bolster security and vigilance around France due to threats by islamists.

    This is not on the tv news in Canada as it does not align with our governments wreckless agenda to bring them here in high numbers.


  2. Common respiratory viruses return with a vengeance. Major outbreak of flu and other illness overwhelming hospitals in China. China says a surge in respiratory illnesses is caused by flu and other known pathogens Those who were the most restrictive are paying the price now. Stop masking and social distancing.
  3. Sure, "reduction" is not elimination. They're still expanding and constructing to meet an ever-increasing demand for power. Clear-cutting great swaths of natural habitat to make room for ever-hungry swarms of human locusts. That is the problem, raping and pillaging the environment, not "carbon emission". Let's talk about carbon recycling machines... I cleaned a lotta leaves in the yard this year. All good, clean carbon sequestered from the atmosphere. In exchange for fresh oxygen. These machines breathe it out, we breathe it in.
  4. Or he'll just go back to doing standup. Hell yeah, the liberals will have him doing the opening on SNL...
  5. You're right, I wasn't there and am not an expert, so far be it from me to judge. But that doesn't mean I am not entitled to my opinion, that he should have been given some punishment for the actions he took, but not prison. I said that already. The ability to read and understand is evidently not a hallmark of the left. If you do put a cop in jail, better be in a secure facility. Otherwise you are creating a bigger problem for the long-term.
  6. Whoop de doo, so you claim. I guess that makes you/ him so kind of expert on the situation. Is he working in LA?
  7. Agreed there should have been some penalty, but not jail. And now this. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure these things out. But the bleeding heart libbys must always whine and get their feelzies cared for. Ignorance, thy name is leftism...
  8. Yep, I guess they didn't take any special measures to protect a police officer in prison. Watching the way this case unfolded, sure makes me want to be a cop some day...
  9. Yes we have a perfect example here. Judge denies Kingston's application to clear encampment The 'encampment' is a dangerous place. It's unsafe. They have tent fires and other emergencies there constantly, tying up emergency response resources. To say that eviction impinges on their human rights is blatantly ignorant of the fact, that living in it is unsafe.
  10. Many are strange. Is because they have elected Milei - https://www.cp24.com/world/fiery-right-wing-populist-javier-milei-wins-argentina-s-presidency-and-promises-drastic-changes-1.6652065 Raising the spectre of right-wing nationalism. Yeah we need that here please please please...
  11. Surrender to Putin? Who is we? I am not Ukranian nor do I even like Ukranians. Buncha nazis live there, last time I heard about it. And that was long before the war. Probably back when you were a foolish youngster, complaining about wars not being good enough for you. Now, you're just not young any more. The only way for nuclear superpowers to survive is to maintain a balance of power, not try to tip the cart over.
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