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  1. Almost every MSM report links to the independent findings they are simply reporting on.
  2. The thing is, serious side effects have been reported. The AZ vaccine was essentially mothballed because it had a 1 in 60,000 chance of causing a blood clot. This myocarditis thing is being taken seriously, In Ontario they now recommend young men only get the Pfizer vaccine and if there is evidence of Myocarditis from the first shot, a person is medically exempt from the second shot. Anti-Vaxxers will have you believe that the vaccines cause way more "unspecific" serious vaccine. They really are a scourge on society.
  3. The Anti-Vax Anti Public Health people don't really deal in facts. It's easy to dismiss policy when you outright reject what is true. When everything is a conspiracy, then nothing is true.
  4. Rick Hillier, a former Ontario MPP, posted on Social Media about several young people that died or are sick and attributed it to the vaccine. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/kitchener-waterloo/cambridge-woman-speaks-our-social-media-post-hillier-1.6218286 This is the type of shit that Anti-Vaxxers pull. They're a scourge on society.
  5. Yet governments of all stripes seem to come to the same conclusion. Did you ever suspect that Scandinavian countries fared better with COVID because of their robust taxation system and their citizen actually listen to their government?
  6. How does an MP make specific decisions related to COVID? Each Province had a different approach to this pandemic. Right now, I'd suggest officials in Alberta removing public safety measures would qualify them for less compensation to those in Ontario and Quebec.
  7. That's just a hypothetical. COVID patients tend to spend a very long time in an ICU. They can't breath on their own. If people don't believe the numbers governments are giving, then it's tough to debate the merits of any given decision. You also can't debate with a Flat Earther who thinks a photo of the Globe is fake.
  8. I'm sure you're an excellent arbiter of who and who shouldn't be making generous incomes.
  9. What are the KPIs you're looking for? The less you pay people in the government, the worse people you're going to get get.
  10. So you want to cap wages? Socialist!
  11. Since Canadians aren't reproducing all that much (because of the high cost and standard of living) then how exactly do you grow the economy, if not through immigration? Temporary Foreign workers will do jobs Canadians won't. So do we force these farmers to pay a wage that Canadians will actually accept? Or just let the fruit rot on the ground? Foreign Student pay full freight for education, it's a growth industry for University and Colleges. These things are not that clear cut.
  12. Well the ultimate metric is infection and hospitalization rates. If most people in the ICU are unvaccinated and they represent approach only a 1/4 of the population (10% of the eligible population) then it's a disease overwhelmingly effecting the unvaccinated. Luckily, in places with high vaccination rates, hospitalizations have not spiked in the fourth wave and restrictions continue to ease.
  13. Well VAERS data is not conclusive evidence that the vaccine is unsafe. And anyone who thinks that is woefully misinformed.
  14. It's just that, when you talk about freedom and liberty, and then wax poetic about countries with much higher taxation, much higher energy costs. SOCIALISM!!!
  15. 90%? Even if that was true, it wouldn't consider the entire pandemic and not the truth that newer variants effect younger people and that Long Covid is a consideration. Death isn't the only negative outcome to consider.
  16. It can be considered as a reason some vaccinated people still get sick.
  17. Same reason Colin Powell died. The Vaccine does less for people with poor immune systems.
  18. Yeah, instead he went back to mask mandates and imposed his own vaccine passport. Even the ones that are for freedoms and against vaccine mandates (like governors in the US) get vaccinated and invest in treatments.
  19. Maybe you should ask yourself that. Why leaders of all stripes are on board. It's funny, You conservatives have to look to socialist countries like Sweden and Norway to find places that actually haven't been crazy about COVID restrictions.
  20. Just like 9/11 and the curvature of the Earth?
  21. Of course Hospital ICUs are open to the public right?
  22. Now we're playing hindsight. The first wave's reactions were largely proactive. "Don't see Granny, you could kill her." Do you see what's happening in New York and Italy?!?!?! Can't happen here. LOCKDOWN!!! Testing and cases could never justify the numbers, but medical professionals also didn't know how to treat it. The pandemic has evolved multiple times since then.
  23. Do you? Those are practical things that could help with wages. Straight Socialism however.
  24. Laziness?!?!?!!? From Healthcare professionals? What a POS thing to say.
  25. COVID healthcare crisis are/have happened globally. I'm sure you'll be eager to pay the taxes in Scandinavia, considering you're not thrilled with your property taxes.
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