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  1. In one paragraph you say that the Bible is all about Human Rights. In the next you say that the bible teaches that in a Bible based society the right of marriage can only be between a man and a a woman and the rights over a woman's body must be restricted.
  2. It's insane that this thread has become a theology thread because one member affirms that only those that believe in his narrow acceptance of Christianity are worthy of sharing this country with.
  3. Member blackbird. Do you believe there was life on Earth before humanity? Do you believe the world is only a few thousands years old? Do you believe dinosaurs existed during a time before man? Do you believe the world was created in 6 literal days? I want to establish how insane you are, before continuing to try and conduct an honest debate.
  4. Name a single Western Democracy that uses the Bible for it's only source of morality and law. BTW using the Bible as the only basis for how one should behave sounds a lot like Sharia Law in another cloak.
  5. "False Religions" should never be a consideration. Because your view of a "True Religion" is up for a spirited debate. Protestants can disagree on what's Christian. Also, as mentioned before. Socialist or Left wing politics is already the more popular ones in Canada. So saying that "Socialists" can't come to Canada is stupidity. Only allowing people in your country with a pre-defined political ideology is fascist.
  6. You're only being defensive if you're being a bitch about it. Like you. I think you should recognize the white privilege have given White people a great advantage. It's not something to feel shame over. But you shouldn't say that this nation is a nation of white people and close the door to people from other cultures. Immigrants are the most grateful Canadians and usually contribute greatly to their country.
  7. Any Canadian Government going forward will embrace multiculturalism. The only way PP forms a majority is if he runs a slate of South Asians in select ridings in BC and Suburban Toronto. Heck PP's wife is from Latin America. He'd be a hypocrite if he embraced your bigoted ideologies.
  8. Ron DeSantis will fly all the impending homeless Floridians due to the Hurricane to Martha's Vineyard. 

  9. Russians fleeing the country are being given Draft notices at the border. This war is causing a Russian refugee crisis.
  10. 1) Religion or Political Affiliation should not be a deciding factor in who can come to this country. 2) We already have an immigration policy that favours people who will be a financial benefit to society. You're racist because you're making black assumptions on people based on the country they hail from. You've said that you think Catholics are a real religion. Should we not allow people from Italy into the country anymore?
  11. Also the sentiment that Left-Wing politics are anti-Christian is laughable. Left-wing hero Tommy Douglas was a Baptist Preacher. Christendom isn't the sole territory of the Right-Wing. Conservatives look to gain wealth where Jesus clearly didn't.
  12. I don't think you know much about the Third World at all. They're places that are poor, but the people there are, more often than not, very religious. A Christian country like America has some of the highest Crime in the world for the very same reasons the 3rd world has high crime. A lot of it has to do with fuelling the Drug appetites of people in the First World. https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/most-christian-countries And people in the 3rd world come to a country like Canada because they want to embrace freedom. But you're a blatant racist, so you want to believe they're coming here to destroy Canada with little or no evidence.
  13. Well he's white and "pro-life" We can forgive his sins. But brown people from the Third-World are unwashed Heathens. 🙄
  14. Anyone who uses Religion as a pretence to decide who should be Canadian, is a bad Canadian.
  15. The more I read stuff like this the less I appreciate Modern Christianity. You exhibit hate for people because of their political ideology and racial makeup. You only want people in this country that fall into your narrow worldview of an acceptable person. It's, quite frankly, pathetic. You have a rigid view of the people you want to share your country with. It's the absolute antithesis of a welcoming loving Christ. Separation of Church and State was enshrined in North America's founding principals. But you believe the state should only accept what the church accepts.
  16. What country does "follow the God and the Bible" to your standard prey tell? And how does it show the love of Christ to say that the 3rd World Countries are full of heathens that don't deserve to live in Canada? My parents and my wife's family came from the 3rd world. The whole premise of the Commonwealth is to have countries of different racial and cultural backgrounds united by similar principals. You understand that you're deciding what makes a good Canadian by your biased opinions. Which also fly in the face of the policies of Canadians long before the current administration. I feel confident in saying the new Conservative leader would not agree with your opinions. His wife is from Latin America. I'm sorry but there is no one agreed upon truth. Anyone who states there is, is part of the problem. I can believe in the Jesus of the Bible, but totally reject some of the cruel social policies from those on the Christian Right. For Example, Jesus is pretty clear on non-violence. But Chreestians will continue to justify violence and not turning the other cheek as Jesus instructed. And I'm glad your opinion is that of a fringe racist. You can't even recognize that all the accepted countries/regions you mention have all embraced multiculturalism. You wouldn't even be welcomed amongst the current CPC.
  17. You're full of shit. Is America not a Christian Nation because of of the level of Gun Crime and incarceration? I'm not a fan of Catholicism but it's the largest Christian sect in Canada. In Ontario there's a separate publicly funded Catholic School Board. https://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/d/images/thumb/3/32/Religion_in_Canada.png/800px-Religion_in_Canada.png Should we restrict immigration from Catholics?
  18. Continue with the Racist BS. Adoption of Christian values is not a pre-requisite to join Canada. Should we ban White Atheists? Why is voting Liberal unCanadian? Liberals and Socialism have been around long before widespread multiculturalism. They're political ideologies. And many immigrants from places like Latin America and Africa are more Christian than your average Canadians. Europeans also have a history of persecuting other Christians. See Catholic and Protestant wars throughout history.
  19. Tell us you're a racist POS without saying you're a racist POS. If we let Africans in the country they'll vote in a dictator!!!!!111!!!!1! There should be no pre-requisite that new Canadians abide by Judeo-Christian standards. Separation of Church and State is Important. Many immigrants have far closer cultural family ties and love of their brethren than any Caker multi-generation Canadian could hope to have. We are a country of laws. The slippery slope ramblings that if we let too many immigrants in they'll change our laws is racist hysteria. We've been debating the red herring of Sharia Law for 20 years. It's just a Racist talking point. Some in Canada may come here thinking they can subjugate their kin. But those people would also be breaking the laws of the land. And they're also the outliers.
  20. More Salt of the Earth Convoyers. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/poilievre-threats-mackenzie-1.6595730
  21. Right-Wing extremist threatens to rape PP's wife. That's the type of person PP's politics court. 

    1. betsy


      No - PP doesn't court them.

      It's Justin Trudeau who'd made them come out from the woodworks with his divisive woke politics.  Trudeau has made far-right appealing to many white folks.

    2. Boges


      Those "white folk" are shitty people. 

  22. Tell the people on the East Coast that current weather is "normal".
  23. It screams of mental health issues. But is it transphobic to label gender dysphoria as a mental health issue? Or he/she is just trolling. Which is another problem. Men can try to get away with awful behaviour under the guise of "feeling like a woman". There's no easy answer to this. I hope the School Board changes its mind.
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