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  1. He was pretty bad for many other reasons. The Orgy remark lost him the primary. Know your crowd.
  2. By not being specific, he subjected everyone in his caucus to questions about Orgies and Coke. I'd be pissed at him too. It's unkind to say, but the accident that paralyzed him probably affected is mental capabilities as well.
  3. He was pretty brutal. The orgy thing sealed his fate.
  4. Just to be clear. In your world, all life begins at fertilization then. IUD's: Murder! Birth Control Pill: Murder! IVF: Murder! Plan B: Murder! Stem Cell Research: Murder!!! Abortion to save the life of the mother: MURDER!!! This issue is not black and white. If you see it as black and white you become the authoritarian monster.
  5. I also don't assume the type of person that has an "eff Trudeau" bumper sticker and a giant Canadian Flag is a traditional Conservative.
  6. I think that level of decorum says a lot about the type of people who share those political opinions. I cringe when I see a Truck with Canadian flags on it now. I can make a snap judgement of the type of person that does that now.
  7. And you are ignoring the idea that some of these states want to go way further than banning the abortion of a somewhat viable fetus. Like declaring life begins at fertilization or banning abortion for Rape and Incest. IVF may be banned because it involves "killing embryos". Women may not be able to abort an unviable fetus because of catastrophic deformities, either. There's a dogmatic and impractical element to both sides of this debate. Most people land in the middle that Abortions should be available for unwanted pregnancies early but shouldn't be used to kill a viable fetus. But both sides of the issue only come at it from the extremes.
  8. That's a deflection. Forcing people to take unwanted pregnancies to term is the solution? Fertility has dropped because the standard of living is higher. It's a phenomena seen all over the world. Is all contraception considered "killing babies" in your world?
  9. Even the GOP were unable, in good conscience, to repeal DACA. Immigration in the US and Canada are important. Fertility has dropped. Do we want the economy to grow or not?
  10. LOL well even SCOTUS has yet to kick Dreamers out yet. So what's the actual law?
  11. Again, Illegal immigrants can't vote. Seems like this demographic change narrative to ensure an electoral victory is a strawman for opposition to immigration. . . period. The employment narrative slowly erodes as low skill work is very easy to find nowadays.
  12. Dreamers are criminals? Children who were brought to the US by their parents are criminals because they didn't immediately leave when they could?
  13. That's just a shelter for racists complaining about the racial make up of the country. Didn't Trump celebrate the fact that more minorities voted for him in 2020?
  14. These people won't be voting. At worst they'll be taking jobs that Americans seem unwilling to do.
  15. Letting them in is one thing. Letting them vote as a citizen is something else.
  16. How would refugees find their way to voting? Seems like a shelter for their racism.
  17. Cite where non-citizens in the US can vote Federally.
  18. Tucker seems pretty keen on promoting Replacement Theory. Not that this type of Xenophobia is anything particularly new.
  19. Tucker peddles this Replacement Theory BS that's only motive is to enrage racists to think their Whiteness is: 1) Something inherently special and 2) That it's being taken away from Murica by those dirty Dems
  20. Tucker get the blame for this one.
  21. They're the price of freedom I reckon. 🙄
  22. Yes. Fixed. And you meant "No sense" 😃 I debated this for several pages in the Convoy thread. Replacement Theory isn't a thing. It's a wedge issue Conservatives use to whip up racists. It's an objective truth that Canadian society is "browning". The more immigrants from places other than Europe come to Canada, the fewer "pure bred" white people will be in society. I don't see this as a bad thing. The colour of one's skin isn't something that isn't sacred. The other element of this is the conspiracy that Immigration is a political tool. It kind of flies in the face of the 2020 Election Narrative that more hispanics voted for Trump in 2020 than in 2016.
  23. Which election day? The one that happened in September 2021, where the Liberals won a minority and are now being propped up by the NDP? In Ontario, the Ontario PC Party reads the tea leaves and pledges to invest in EV infrastructure. It appears they'll comfortably win re-election. If they don't the Ontario Liberals pledge to further subsidize the purchase of an EV. DoFo got rid of the Ontario rebate for an EV.
  24. I'd like to know if those emissions estimates included the emissions it took to produce, refine and transport gasoline to a local Gas Station vs Electricity, that would have been produced anyway, appearing at my home. The math does not back up the theory that EVs aren't all that good at reducing emissions. Some EVs are very inefficient, but still compared to their ICE alternative, they are. In the Article he compared and EV Pick-Up truck to an ICE Mid-Size Sedan. That's an Apples to Oranges comparison. If you could afford a Ford Lighting, You're not going opt for a Camry to reduce emissions. You'd get a Tesla or a Hyundai. The math is simple on this. Google says a Litre of Gasoline is worth around 9 kwH of Energy. https://www.google.com/search?q=how+much+kwh+is+a+liter+of+gas&sxsrf=ALiCzsY134oMzk5nKZfWEBJC_L4t8hYHKA%3A1652705551273&ei=D0mCYpevEKiA9PwPx8STmAs&ved=0ahUKEwjX8rT6h-T3AhUoAJ0JHUfiBLMQ4dUDCA4&uact=5&oq=how+much+kwh+is+a+liter+of+gas&gs_lcp=Cgdnd3Mtd2l6EAM6BwgAEEcQsANKBAhBGABKBAhGGABQ_ANYsQZgygpoAXABeACAAVSIAagBkgEBMpgBAKABAcgBCMABAQ&sclient=gws-wiz At Best an ICE does 6L/100kms in Fuel efficiency. Find a better one that's not a Hybrid. Most EV's have can easily accomplish under 20kw/100kms. Which, if you took that same Petrol you're using for your ICE, and put it in a Generator to charge your car, it would come out to under 2-3L/100kms And that's completely aside from the fact that the price of a KwH from home Grids are around 10-20 cents. Meaning a significant savings, even with more reasonable gas prices.
  25. The lead on this mass shooting isn't that it's a mass shooting. It's that the shooter was motivated by this "Replacement" Theory peddled by Right-Wing media. Steve King, one of the lead Convoy racists was motivated by Replacement Theory. Replacement Theory is straight up naked Racism and should be decried. . . unless you're racist, I suppose.
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