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  1. Capitalism FTW. Cars last 10+ years. Don't need maintenance more than one or two a year. Everything is automatic. They have to make their money somehow.
  2. Now that's becoming a rarity as well. Automakers are making it very difficult to tinker with your own car. I remember my last fully ICE car kept giving my the Check Engine Light for a knock sensor. I don't miss those days. But even on my EV, I'm able to replace my own Cabin Air filter 😆
  3. Using a New York Times link behind a paywall reporting this is funny to me.
  4. I guess if your NEMA 40 plug is outside that would be an issue. Mine is in my garage and the cord is run under the garage door. It's sturdy enough that the weight of the garage doesn't damage it. They're also weather proof. One of the features EVs have is that they lock the charger when in use so it's impossible to unplug the charger from the car when in use. The only way is to shut off the charger from the car or the source. And uplugging the charger from the wall while in use isn't all that safe as it's got 30 amps running through it. The safe method is to shut down the charging session from the car. An EV is a car. I had an issue where the alarm went off at night and the electronics thought the door was open. It turned out to be a faulty door latch. So not something that couldn't happen with a modern ICE vehicle. I had an issue with coolant needing to be replaced, that was covered under warrant. I've also changed tires. So there are maintenance costs. But I don't have to regularly get fluid replaced and the brakes get far less usage due to the regenerative breaking.
  5. The opinions of the people talking right now don't matter. Ultimately the idea of having a Convicted Felon as POTUS is a decision swing voters will make. And we likely won't know how they feel until the election. Polling has proven over and over again to be quite inexact in the United States. Trump leading in the polls is likely more to do with inflation. The same reason JT is on the ropes. The US economy is rebounding quite nicely however.
  6. The charger is just the tool to get the electricity in the car. The "actual" charger is in the car. Most of the cost of a charger is for the heavy duty cables. This video explains it well. You need the electrician to get a proper Nema 40 plug installed. These expensive chargers are overkill as all the charging information comes from the car.
  7. That's counterintuitive. The other Federal cases likely won't see a trial before the election. It's been a critique of the current AG, that he's taken way to long to bring the other charges forward. And it was Barr who declined to pursue Trump back in 2018 when he was named a co-conspirator in this hush money affair. Only Michael Cohen faced consequences.
  8. Actually the condos electrical costs are a separate line item on the Condo's budget for things like street lights etc. You're such an angry man. I'm telling you my experience. I think you're confusing Condos with Condo buildings that share electrical connections. A cap on electrical usage has never been communicated.
  9. I have my own Meter and Circuit breaker. I could run my AC 24/7 at 16 degrees and use more electricity than I do when using my EV. What could the Condo board say about that? I would still have to pay the Hydro provider.
  10. I live in a Condo Townhome. I deal directly with the electricity provider. If needed to up the amperage, why would I have to consult with them. Now if I wanted to install Solar panels, that's another story. Like I repeatedly mention, these aren't cookie cutter scenarios. Some people have ample access to charging, some don't and the ability for an EV to be practical for them is contingent on that. Reading comprehension issues? I said a Nema 40 plug and a charger (3rd time I've said it). Now if getting a Nema 40 charger in your garage or close enough for your car costs several thousands of dollars, that sucks. But don't act like it's typical. Even if it cost $2,000, that's a capital investment in your home that will make it more valuable as EVs become more common.
  11. If you have a Nema 40 plug, what's stopping anyone? It's the same electrical outlet as a dryer and oven. As long as the circuit can handle 30 amps. If there's shared electricity then sure, that can't happen. But very few Condos are inclusive of Electricity anymore. I said a Nema 40 and a $300 charger. I know a Tesla owner that runs a charger from a Dryer outlet. It cost me $400 to get my electrical work done. Well worth it now that my house can accommodate an EV in the future. Having to stop an extra 15 minutes on a roadtrip is a "serious" problem? Having to plan your trips is a serious problem? Your anxieties put aside, you'll continue to see more EVs on the road and the tech Is quickly getting "there". I can provide many theories why I think EV sales are dropping. The main one being the cost of driving any car. Dealers couldn't keep EVs on the lot and then consumers found out they couldn't get a 2% loan anymore.
  12. OK, but I'm talking about people with single-family or town-home. People in Condos also likely don't drive on highways a lot, so likely need to charge much less. And if they do commute long distance, there the few people where the EV market is not convenient to them. You need a NEMA 40 plug and a $300 Stage 2 charger. https://www.amazon.ca/BESENERGY-NEMA14-50-220V-240V-Upgraded-Compatible/dp/B07WGF835H/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?crid=1HLGHGQ8J9OID&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.6gDH6gr-JgDaxlXiPdDqd2y6PwnFE-pDitn82XHRWoFbDNjAFpFU_xsCjvVhfvevGYX6JwN1ZJmrMvTfwyNxXi5CECmBOZI-EhHOgOgP1Co0Lu790_mezeY1vV2JWf0TW9X8R0Ba46y7shme3KsiQQeOCO1yq2p-VfR4qj54O-Km-FO7il4k95JRlmlTdlNLcQkyKQqz35OcbocqqZAH3ItJBouwDGiBdKRa2K_ip5_gHfSNCcuYHYgEBSI0NU7fuvyf7eXRBglnXV0TvjuW4rp3iDh8EA_I59yhZTOHHEQ.bkZCpsfQWdjqx_bfYwvwZDJav4LrlmAwNGEgi0bPJpw&dib_tag=se&keywords=Stage+2+chargers&qid=1716568510&sprefix=stage+2+chargers%2Caps%2C112&sr=8-1-spons&sp_csd=d2lkZ2V0TmFtZT1zcF9hdGY&psc=1 I feel bad for these people you know that regularly have to drive 200-300 kms a day. Are you suggesting that's the experience of most people? It's actually an asset with younger kids. They won't stay seated without having to pee or have a snack for more than 2 hours. I've consistently recognized the problems. But comparing a base model ICE to a modern EV is a little disingenous. Most people trumpet 1,000 km ranges for new ICE vehicles. 700 kms is not that far off where EVs are not. But again we're only taking about it being a weakness if you're doing all that range in one shot. And for many they don't have an EV. But I'm telling you from first-hand experience, it's not that hard if you have a charger in your garage. I disagree with you that 15 minutes to charge to 80% is less a serious problem than you think. That can be done on a lunch break. If you drive like most people then you may only need to charge 2 or 3 times a week. And that only assumes you don't have access to a charger at home. I actually think the biggest obstacle for car ownership right now is interest rates. Car loans are absurdly expensive. For an ICE or an EV. I'm lucky to have purchased in a lul in the market. I think you're going to be very disappointed if you expect EVs to replicate your beloved ICE experience 100%. Some concessions will need to be made, but some big advantages will also be experienced. I've never claimed the tech is there yet. I just pointed out that if charger infrastructure improved to the level they need it to be, the current crop of EVs do a pretty good job of replicating the ICE experience.
  13. It's interesting you choose to highlight the AZ vaccine. The side effects were made very clear with this shot. . My first shot was the AZ vaccine as it was the only available for my age group. I had some anxiety about getting it it. As an aside, the hysteria around this was really unfortunate in hindsight. I see my Facebook posts from the time and the media did really create a sense of dread of this disease. April 2021 was a crazy time. But regardless, the AZ shot was quickly done away with. The mRNA shots became the shots everyone would get going forward. The ones that your friends still call experimental gene therapy. But evidence shows they were clearly the safer shot.
  14. There's a faction of people who feel that being infected by a virus is some violation of their rights. So they continue to wear masks and continue to get vaccines. COVID brought out some sense of unity amongst this cohort. It's totally misguided. But it's certainly not all that common. Just like it's not all the common to be severely disabled from the shot. Right now there are polar opposites of this debate that sound kind of the same. 1) COVID is still an existential threat. Mask-up! Social Distance! Every COVID infection does permanent damage. 2) Those who are still fighting the battles of 2021 and 2022. If these vaccines were rushed before, they aren't now. Where are all the reports of chronic conditions from the vast majority of the population that got at least 2-4 of these things.
  15. Who's giving COVID vaccines to young people anymore? Giving vaccines to children is one thing I'll agree with you on. The risk did not meet the reward. COVID rarely makes the young very sick. Now the Measles, OTOH! I got my COVID booster up until 2022, my kids never got a COVID shot. But they get all the vaccines our Pediatrician recommends.
  16. This is common in Canadian politics. In Ontario the Ontario Liberals led with impunity through scandals for 15 years. Finally Dofo came around and decimated them. You'd think Dofo wouldn't be a strong capable leader, but I don't mind him. The same thing could happen to PP. Though, as this election nears, the fearmongering will escalate. And if PP doesn't create a plausible vision of how he sees Canada, we may get another Liberal mandate. There are things that the Liberals have done that I personally, don't hate. So will he roll everything back? I want some promises. He doesn't need to yet though. His job for the next year or two is to discredit this coalition at every turn. He's doing a decent job at it, TBH.
  17. At this points it's only practical for someone with a garage and personal State 2 charger to own an EV. But that's still a massive chunk of the market for private vehicles. Double the price of a base model compact. Not exactly comparing apples to apples. Lots of misinformation there. The charging is not too long if you have home charging, and for roadtrips, 15-20 minutes is hardly a catastrophic inconvenience, especially for the savings in cost. Also all modern EVs come with a very generous battery warranty. Most cherry picked headlines of extraordinary costs to replace a battery are for much older models. EVs also cost far less to run. I can't thing or a reason to get it serviced, other than for tires and brakes. 700 kms? That's really bad mileage for a modern car. The main reason I went with an EV, other than being able to use the HOV lane was the price of gas. I don't have to pay $1.50+ per litre for gas. And my car wasn't anywhere near $50-60k new. That's simply not true. If you have a garage with a Stage 2 charger, it's a much better option. If you have an apartment and no access to on-street parking, it's probably not the best choice. Which is why I highlighted that charging infrastructure needs to improve for adoption to take the next step. I'm a working parent, this is not ever a concern. I was able to drive my EV to work and back, pick up my wife, take my son to Lacrosse and pick up my daughter at daycare on the way. You're making stuff up. For someone who's completely inflexible about the alternative sure. In some ways it's way more convenient. I never have to think about what time I should fill up based on the price at the pump or when there may be a lineup because prices are going up the next day. And because adoption isn't 100% yet, and there are still moments where the EV isn't the best option, I do have a second Hybrid car available. Especially since my wife needs to do errands and dropping off kids when I have to commute into the city. But that car is driven maybe 5000 kms a year. The EV is the workhorse in our family.
  18. Is it not surprising that homelessness is up at the same time housing is at a shortage and prices have completely outpaced wages? I think the Federal Liberals are trying to incentivize building more housing nationally but high interest rates don't help. People who don't have lots of liquid cash simply can't afford to buy a home.
  19. So we have a relatively new car like the Hyundai Ioniq 5. https://ev-database.org/car/1663/Hyundai-IONIQ-5-Long-Range-AWD It can get 400-500 kms of range. Its battery is only 77 kwh, meaning at a Stage 3 charger it'll only take 15-20 minutes to go to 80%. Now it's upwards of $50-60k. That's a lot but not nearly as high as other EVs. So we're pretty close, considering we still have a decade to go before this feared date when New ICE cars will be banned. The problems that need to be solved are the infrastructure around charging. It's a chicken or egg thing. I'm noticing free chargers are often used when I go out now. When I needed to use a stage 3 charger recently I had to wait 15 minutes to get it and while waiting someone came and asked me when I'd be done. It was a single charger in a busy area that was in high demand, Flo should probably have another installed. So we're reaching the tipping point where charging infrastructure needs to ramp up to meet expected demand, not current demand. The reason I started this thread was because of the onRoutes in Ontario. These Truck stops along major highways that cater to people on road trips. They didn't have EV chargers a few years ago, now they do and they work pretty well. I used them last fall on the way to Montreal. Progress has been made, but we need to make the next step.
  20. Except when it's not. Hydro? Nuclear? Renewables? And even if using Natural Gas, that's infinitely better than the Petroleum gas industry first drilling, then refining, then transporting gas to a station on your closest street corner. Which is a sizable chunk of the patterns people with private vehicles use. More than 2/3 of my driving is a long commute to work. So far all you got is the metal used to make the batteries. Manufacturers are starting to develop Sodium Ion batteries. But even so, mining for Lithium: Bad! Refining Bitumen: Good!
  21. https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/measles-vaccination-rates-1.7207834 I concede the controversy of the COVID vaccine. Hysteria led to a rushed vaccine that authorities basically shamed people to get. I don't particularly believe scores of people have died from any given COVID vaccine, but I concede there were risks. The MMR vaccine, given to young children, is a completely different story. There's no credible evidence that it's anything but completely safe. Apparently PP wants to allow for vaccine freedom. I would strongly oppose this when related to childhood vaccine that have repeatedly demonstrated its effectiveness. I don't support children without proper childhood vaccines being allowed in public-funded areas. The more low-information parents that compare the COVID vaccine with the MMR vaccine the more children, like the one in the posted article will die.
  22. A Hydrogen car is an EV. It can just charge using Hydrogen. Unless Hydrogen is made with renewable technology it's somewhat pointless.
  23. I would suggest that's the plight of most long serving parties, people get sick of them.
  24. I think a lot of the Minister's comments were fair. What Cold Weather range do they want posted? 0? -10? -40? And pricing per KWh is silly. You should pay more for the speed it takes to charge the car.
  25. Just like with Russia, it's a MADD situation. A future war would revolve around control of Taiwan though. It's far more difficult to get into a military quagmire (like Ukraine) on a mountainous island.
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