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  1. None of that amounts to Trump being worse than Hitler He's WORSE than Hitler because of what he COULD have done... That's an odd game to arrive at such conclusions.
  2. Thanks in part to the American idea of opportunity and to worker struggles...
  3. Of course... but I said "with an idea" not "based on the idea". I believe there was a speech at the continental congress that specifically warned against democratic control of the wealthy classes.
  4. I would love to see the coast of Alaska, Scandinavia, the Greek islands.. and from the comfort of my own room? Fantastic
  5. That's not the same as "rich". Saudi Arabia has a lot of wealth but would YOU want to be a citizen? The US was born with an idea of commoners sharing the wealth. It's a cartoon now, an old song like Yankee Doodle where people don't know what the lyrics mean.
  6. Hyperbole. There's no ethnic cleansing under Trump.
  7. Calling the PM 'unCanadian' is quite something... I don't think I would say that about any Canadian PM.
  8. 1. Yeah, you have pivoted my point off to an observation that trolls exist... My point was that the poster was themselves trolling then in the same post describing trolling as a negative phenomenon. That's just weird - acting as though they are two people...
  9. 1. I'm talking across platforms. Beyond specific wishes of harm and misfortune there's a virulent hatred of the man that I don't get. There was the same kind of thing when Harper was around too but lower volume.
  10. You're speaking in a detached and analytical way about your own behavior though. I see people wishing harm on Trudeau all the time, but they don't add this type of observation at the end as you have done.
  11. Did he make inappropriate comments on fatness for medical person who treats them? Fair question.
  12. Possibly members of the college who, unlike him, are in good standing. I just read some of the complaints again... apparently he was fat shaming? So, I don't think I realized that this sophomore wannabe frat boy was fat shaming for clicks? What a disgusting man.
  13. 1. I would say that I listen. I even change my mind sometimes. Have you done that based on your experiences on here ? 2. Give us some specifics then. Not saying you're wrong but based on the thread topic she'll be in the spotlight more soon. 3. No - I linked it to the two minutes when he talks about her. Just hit play and you'll see. As I suspected you didn't listen at all. 4. Well if she's an ldiot, given her accomplishments, then Canada is the land of ldiots because she has done quite well without a pedigree. It goes against the narrative that evil people are elites who own Canada and somehow also want to destroy it.
  14. I don't know - I'm not saying I agree, but he has some interesting points. You could crack wise or instead listen and tell us why he's wrong..
  15. Peter Zeihan calls Freeland "one of the smartest people on the planet" It's an interesting take on how we got taken down by NAFTA 2...
  16. 1. It probably is but I don't see a way for a persona like his to escape this stigma that he now has.
  17. 1. The Democrats haven't exactly been slouches. Hillary Clinton was on the board of Wal-Mart and the cost-cutting corporate profit juggernaut did fine under Clinton and Obama... 2. 5. 7. If you have a lot of money then you can do well as an entrepreneur. Given the Mike Pillows of the world, I am wondering if it's TOO easy to maintain wealth these days. Entrepreneurs can generally do better than employees to my experience. 3. Not economics, but IT or business maybe. 4. Not a teacher though. 6. Not that many... The middle class "job" has had a target on its back for 40+ years and it always will. Companies don't want to pay a living wage, period. Governments are blamed for the loss in n wealth of working people but also aren't supposed to do socialism because then everyone pays. Seems like such an easy problem to people who are so politically partisan that they only eat Wheaties with Bernie Sanders on the box, or use Trump brand lubricants.
  18. I can't make you empathize. It's a shame that we wish harm on public figures, though.
  19. Come on @NYLefty it's sad to see an old man losing his faculties in public, isn't it?
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