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  1. 1. Okay, well your topic is probably more fun. Here's one.. ever heard of universality? Serious question. If you know what it is without having to look it up, say so here. 2. Sure, but it satisfies the much narrower criteria I started out on. How about the fad of feminists not wearing bras? Not wearing makeup?
  2. The whole " please think of the children " angle has lost credibility, because it is not used in contexts other than discriminating against lgbtq+. There are a lot of other policies that would help children such as school lunches, education funding, universal health care, child labor regulations that somehow don't seem to be brought into the think of the children chat.
  3. By rolled back, I meant something that was widely adopted, like gay marriage, LGBTQ acceptance and legal status. I accept that any such discussion is nuanced though. The Equal Rights Amendment to the constitution was somewhat akin to Defund the Police also. It never made it into the Constitution.
  4. Well.. did it ever really happen? Anywhere? Also I'm not sure if that counts.. more of a budget question than a social change right? But good attempt.
  5. I thought of one.. prohibition
  6. Ask them about their experiences attending Pride, to record sex acts and show them to the police. Pretty sure it's the same guy.
  7. 1. 2. Only because these are RESPONSES to calls for inclusion. On their own they're innocuous or meaningless.
  8. Ffft... Do you even know who makes your memes for you?
  9. They were frozen because they attended? I didn't hear that one before.
  10. Anti LGBTQ+ moralizing is difficult to understand, given that we went through it already years ago. Are there any examples elsewhere of a large social change that was rolled back?
  11. The kids in this town are crazy.. one just let off a sky firework on a crowded bus. Poilievre blamed Trudeau. 😂
  12. Yes, maybe they can pick up their socks and rice to the level of good behavior that is the typical hockey riot after an NHL playoff win. Each public thing has its own characteristics and foibles. I'll tell you right now that the worst holidays in our neighborhood are Victoria day, Canada Day, August long weekend because of open warfare with firecrackers and resulting confrontations with neighbors over scared dogs, sleeping children ... it's about the worst. My city also has an air show that is openly hated by anyone except for tourists.
  13. Let's be clear... People should never be proud of something that was handed them at birth.. their dna, the wealth of their family they did nothing for that. "Say It loud I'm black and I'm proud" is the first instance of identity pride, from Mr James Brown. It's as wonderful as anything he did, arguably more wonderful, but outside of a social context that is response to racism, it makes zero sense. Within that context, it's a monumental achievement.
  14. 1. Only if it is posted as a response to a plea for inclusion. Symbols of heterosexual acceptance are everywhere. 2. No, people are very upset about the concept of inclusion ... They feel very threatened. 3. Very true, and this is not something that progressives don't acknowledge enough.
  15. You can't make someone into a chud, you can only make someone into a non-chud. You can't de educate people.
  16. Nobody has had to make a flag to symbolize that straight people are welcome, because it is always assumed they are. If there were such a flag, nobody would assume that flying it was pushing someone's values in their face.
  17. And we have to point out painstakingly that none of this amounts to compelled speech. Preventing someone from using abusive words in a framework where harassment is disallowed is not compelled speech.
  18. I'm hoping you're coming after me because I disappoint you more than the Chuds do. And if you want to have a laugh Google the origin of the word Chud.
  19. The H stands for humanoid. Don't be so fragile. On the other hand if a Chud objects, I will stop calling them one. Do you use the term groomers? Seems far more prevalent on here, should we go after those folks together?
  20. The Chuds are no more right wing than the BLM rioters are liberal. A Chud is anti political.
  21. 1. I suppose one could take offense to being corrected, especially in a social context. Of course, in an edifying discussion corrections are sometimes necessary also. 2. No one's entitled to anything, agreed.
  22. How the hell could there be three native born Americans in grad school?
  23. I think I have seen this person retract, change their opinion, or restate something when challenged. A Chud would never do that.
  24. Don't call people names that they don't want to be called.
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