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  1. 1. Probably not since Biden himself condemned the violence. 2. Right, but capitalism ensures that economic solutions are found for success. It's baked in. If you replace that with Central planning, then we're talking about something problematic. Luckily even China isn't doing that anymore. There are more than enough women who are qualified to be in cabinet.
  2. Yea, this is called the butterfly effect... but no serious economist seriously thinks that this is significant.
  3. I only commented because somebody was trying to tie tax into homelessness. I've made plenty of other comments on climate, you can go look those up if you like.
  4. Yes, so.... Immigration policy has a giant impact and it was also done by the Liberals. Yes. Carbon tax though? No. People seem to just enjoy arguing unwinnable points today.
  5. Yeah, I can't believe you're actually saying that. The housing situation has been going up gradually over a decade. Nothing to do with a carbon tax at all.
  6. Did you read this post? I already did that I'm pretty sure. Here are my words again for the last time: "But shame on him [Trudeau] for using the type of logic I decry on here ... translation "The antivax people are often... mysogynist, racist" Mr. Trudeau does not address people who have specific complaints and legitimate ones also"
  7. 1. TIL that constitutions are leftist. 3. I guess I missed it. Ok, back to ignore now... night night... 😴
  8. 1. 2. Opinions are protected by Western Constitutional basics. Good to see where you stand. 3. You didn't say why you're not imprisoning and killing the filth.
  9. 1. Because filth is never respectable. The metaphor is not to paint your discussion partner as debatable but as someone to be stopped. Calling so-called loons "filth" and human garbage isn't civilized. 2. Because he wanted to win is why. 3. Is Hustler filth? If so, should it just be destroyed?
  10. How can you say that this tax, adding pennies, is the cause of homelessness? It defies the imagination. Are housing problems started in earnest 5 to 10 years ago when rents started spiking.
  11. The carbon tax is a major reason people are homeless? Do you really believe that? The carbon tax is not doing this. It's unrestrained predatory monopolies, and our whole system.
  12. Wishing for us to stop searching out saviors is a good idea in my book. We're the saviours
  13. Opinions and debate are my core values. Calling people, animals and filth... Not conservative. At least now you're saying that I'm speaking to the left, and I'm not left myself. 1. That's not conservative, that's fascist. 2. Then why did he run for president? Why did he lose by trying to ban ideas? Because America actually is conservative is why.
  14. 1. 2. I didn't. I just spent 10 minutes searching and JFC... You and I actually had this conversation last May! And I condemned Trudeau in front of your face. Are you going to make the same mistake next year and say I supported him again? Please bookmark my quote here, and add it to your browser. Quick links. And let the records show, that your post here is liked TWICE 😂
  15. 1. Filth is to be removed, not kept. This is why such language is the trademark of the intolerant. 2. Just like he wanted to be? Or... 🤔
  16. Like I say they have to be supported by the public. And that means they can't be so different from them. If you want to look at the archetype of brilliant leaders, the mid-century American presidents... Eisenhower, Johnson, Nixon All of them had wide support in their day, and were so far above what we see in the likes of Biden, Trump, Obama, Bush Jr.
  17. My feeling is that you believe that people are being evicted due to the carbon tax. You are on ignore because you make terrible posts. This is another one. Go Ahead and redeem yourself and find a single example of me defending Trudeau.
  18. 1. Did you miss where he called Progressivism filth? 2. It's only dying because DeSantis got handed his own buns on a tray for trying to make it a campaign issue. People are working out the details, and it's going well.
  19. I don't find myself on the left side, no. Conservatives welcome opinions, and value debate. They don't talk about mindsets as filth, that's a fascist idea.
  20. Why don't you just imprison the woke? Or better yet kill them?
  21. Well yes, war on the elites is war against their power structures. I'm seeing comments that drone attacks on these facilities will make a difference in the war. Ukraine will do this, and jeopardize Biden's reelection if they don't get funding.
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