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  1. Marcia Lantsman, deputy Conservative Party leader says this is policy Conservatives can "own". Paywall. PP lovers - are You in favor of handing out money to Canadians for breathing? https://www.hilltimes.com/story/2024/04/03/basic-income-is-a-concept-conservatives-should-champion/416939/ @eyeball Will you finally unleash the conservative that lurks in your dark pink heart? 😂 I've got to admit I cracked myself up a little over that dark pink heart joke. 🤣
  2. 1. Masses aren't public's, they don't think. They only consume. 2. Spade is a pejorative for black person, like n*gger. 3. Still not sure how I feel about these shows.
  3. I will defer to your opinion on Cuomo, how's that ?
  4. 1. Metaphors don't work with me so often. 2. Ok but... the metaphor isn't apt. Sure, negligence amounts to liability on the part of the neglectful party but negligence isn't criminal necessarily. And these things can be argued in court if so. 3. Yes, maybe. But now we're down in the weeds with this nursing home thing and I am not going to scroll up to try to strain a dotted line back to 'criminality'. It's not fun for me.
  5. 1. Ok 2. Deliberate underreporting is not an error. It's wrong. 3. Well, the person I'm responding to hasn't given full context and that's the problem. They quote some data and imply that the fact that such data exists means that "crimes" happen as far as I can see. 4. I don't know what you want to show me with the example - that such cases exist ? Of course they do. 5. Why do you think I would agree ? People come on here with their arguments front-loaded with ANGER, all caps. If you don't agree with them immediately without thinking then you are cheering for the other side, right ? If you ask for a cite then you disagree with them, right ? Wrong...
  6. 1. I did NOT watch the videos in this thread. I'm principally against forming political opinions based on videos like this. 2. In YOUR case, libs/democrats or whatever you call them.
  7. You knew this was a joke right ? Were you the one that posted video of fires, to summarize impact of BLM protests ? As such, you can probably see the other side with these videos.
  8. 1. I think I agree with the first guy, but two things: - His message is not for a mass audience, it's not so much a moral message as it is directed at policy makers and a "public" discussion - Probably shouldn't have used the term "call a spade a spade" 2. Love how Maher says "no other show will talk about this..." meanwhile The View had Hughes on... -Message is not for a mass audience either, and as such having an audience that APPLAUDS points is stupid. I haven't watched this show because I find Maher to be a blowhard I agree with the manner of discussion in both of these clips - and they're well positioned to inform a public of various sides of an issue. Only thing I don't like is audience applauding points that they morally agree with...
  9. 1. You are looking back at events, therefore hindsight. 2. Your examples may not be representative of the whole of the data that public health was looking at. "Crime" goes beyond errors in execution, so the bar of evidence is higher than presenting selective data - you have to show specifically how public health committed said crimes. The examples in Israel, or that young people weren't as affected don't amount to crimes not even close. 3. They still make corrections and apologize when wrong. Even if these examples are errors of judgment that wouldn't amount to crimes and a respectable organization wouldn't accuse people of criminal action. 4. Yes, organizations that are incorporated. If you think corporations are "bad" then you are likely a leftists because they own anti-corporate sentiment in the public sphere.
  10. Like I said, not completely. But an official acted ethically, in that the information got to the public. They did not care enough to unseat the government. I think we're on the same page here.
  11. 🎯 Bullseye. We are all surprised when the system works. But it does sometimes. But also not completely...
  12. Hindsight is 20/20. Our statistics are much better than in the US, and we had more Public health response so... If you're saying there was malfeasance, I don't see it. If you're saying there was incompetence, well maybe, but also pretty incredible public response to an unprecedented mass event. Hindsight is 20/20. Because I waste enough of my time reading garbage on here. Feel free to post thousand word responses which I also read. There are limits as to how much information I need to gather to come to the conclusion that sh1t is brown.
  13. You seem sane... (Closes one eye, steps back a few feet and takes another look) So why do you say that with such confidence? I want to believe.
  14. 1. Think meta. Point is videos won't tell you anything big picture.
  15. I have had enough of this topic years ago. I don't remember what you ever said about it, but I haven't read anything lucid on the topic from that angle that had a balanced take. Let's cut to the conclusion: are you blaming people for mistakes here or alleging a conspiracy? Tldr please, I didn't read the post.
  16. 1. Stability, social welfare, vacations, public services... 2. Yes I think that I alluded to this. 3. I'm not sure, but maybe eating NDP votes. Latest Nanos poll has Liberals up, NDP down so maybe...
  17. But if the government wanted to keep it quiet, why would they allow this appearance of liability? Since they own the judges and presumably have enough experts to fund a big lie, they could get the lawsuits thrown out of court by bringing in one of their paid experts right? The moral of the story is that conspiracy theories still need to have internal logic.
  18. You first. Why don't you just complain about the weather? I would read that.
  19. I am 100% that this is Mr. Canada. This person was such a troll that they actually trolled themselves into thinking they were straight. Read the first paragraph here with a straight face if you can My reasons for my opinion are deep.
  20. 1. I apologize or respond with Mea Culpa when my own methods fail, so please do. 2. I don't see it as a debate. I'm asking you to educate me on the scale of those the fires and unrest in those videos. I haven't said you were wrong yet. 3. Good to hear. Please post it then. What is the impact of the riots that you have videos on. Wait... Didn't they stop or are people still rioting over this stuff? 4. I am old enough to get the reference... Ray Stevens recorded "The streak" about 1975 if I remember correctly.
  21. I would say it's French culture. Their Royals were far worse than ours, and in the 18th century they did something about it. The Americans liked it, but made it a little more mainstream.
  22. Btw @Nationalist I just searched and found four pages of you referencing the MSM negatively. And you're using them as a source? Quite curious.
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