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  1. Only those on the west bank. Anyway, the whole region was colonized centuries ago. That's why they're all Muslims and speak Arabic.
  2. Well, given the Palestinians joyfully murdered, tortured and raped women and children with gopros strapped to their heads I don't think we have any doubt there.
  3. Is it official policy? Were they given religious exemption so they could freely rape Palestinians?
  4. This is either another story of the disregard and disinterest the Trudeau government has in anything related to English Canada's historical and traditional ties with Britain or another sad tale of the bureaucratic inertia in Ottawa. It seems that a year after the Queen's death no one in the Canadian government seems much interested in making any changes to anything to update our official monarch. it will take at least another three years, apparently, to get Charles' picture on the $20 bill or on passports. And no one seems to have a clue as to when the official portraits hanging in government buildings and embassies might be replaced. I think it's a combination of almost comically inepct bureaucracy and a total lack of interest and respect by Trudeau and his leftist cadre for anything related to our monarchy. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/justin-trudeau-lets-king-charles-down-again
  5. I have no difficulty whatsoever justifying my support for a Western style democracy against the savages of Gaza and their murderous rape and torture gangs.
  6. I'm not talking about a slogan. I'm talking about an explicit religious belief that until all the Jews are dead, the day of judgment can take place. And they are a religious party involved in politics, not a political party involved with religion.
  7. You think I give a damn what's in the bible when looking at policies like these, you f*cknut?
  8. I don't disagree about Trump, but from what we've heard from previous aids and cabinet ministers Trudeau's PMO controls everything. And in Canadaland the PM is the dictator of the party. I don't think some hidden Liberal insiders are telling him who to hire or what they should say. I'm sure they have some influence over him, as in discouraging any action against China, for example. But Trudeau is the aloof and arrogant man who rarely even sees his cabinet ministers and is uninterested in their opinions when he does. The political establishment got him into power, but once in power he took the reins himself, unfortunately. I think we'd all be better off if there was some hidden cabal behind him giving him instructions. God knows he could use some.
  9. Disagree. Trump has represented himself as the man of the little people, the man to represent the long ignored 'flyover' country people, the farmers and people living in small towns and cities. The guy who cared about and would fight for blue-collar types. He's nothing of the sort. His time in power was good for investors and bankers, not so much for the blue-collar types. Trump said he had a great new healthcare plan. The plan, it seemed, was to cancel their healthcare and replace it with, well, nothing. Oh, and cancel school lunches. That was a big help. The only time Trump was honest was when he said he loved the uneducated. He didn't point out he meant that ironically, of course. Absolutely. As is Trump. Do you know of all the senior people he fired, all the cabinet ministers and national security advisors and heads of departments like the FBI he didn't fire a single one personally? Not even on the phone. They were all fired by other people when they were out of the white house, or even better, in another city. He didn't have the balls to say "You're fired!" to a single damned one of them. In the short term, some were. Letting companies bring money home without heavily taxing it at least pulled money back into the economy, and was good for investors (the vast majority of whom are rich anyway). Cutting the taxes for those companies also spurred the economy. And also hugely increased the deficit, which is definitely not good in the long term. His so-called trade war with China only helped China and hurt American farmers. His cutting pollution laws helped companies' bottom line but didn't help the air and water of the people who lived near them. His f*cked up foreign policy was the dismay of allies and the delight of enemies, who discovered that a little flattery and a parade would get them almost anything they wanted from him. And like Trudeau, he refused to do anything about foreign election interference because it was aimed at helping him. They are, but that doesn't mean a sleazbag like Trump hasn't broken the law many times. His own (ghost written) book bragged about how he got around rules and regulations and did deals with organized crime. I'm quite sure that a solid investigation would show he'd been involved in money laundering and sanctions busting before he became president. His son pretty much suggested it when saying that after their bankruptcy only Russian money saved Trump Enterprises. And his bafflingly stupid efforts at resisting the results of the election set an all-time low in American politics. The American economy is booming now. And the much of the inflation is a result of past excesses under Trump, among others. You can only borrow vast sums of money for so long before inflation shows up. Especially as the world returned to work after covid lockdowns and travel started up again. But I no more credit him for a booming economy than I credit Chretien when our economy came back to live (3 or 4 years into his first term in office). Or Harper when oil money poured in. Mostly, governments can hamper economies (as Trudeau is doing now through overregulation and overtaxation), but usually can't do a lot to supercharge them. Especially in one term.
  10. Paul Collier wrote a book called Exodus some years ago which described the pitfalls of large scale immigration to the West from the third world. He pointed out that the degree to which immigrants assimilate is a function of the similarity of their native culture to that of the land they journey to. Thus European immigrants can immigrate into Canadian society relatively smoothly. However, the further away the culture and its values, the less likely immigrants are to adopt the ways of the new land and integrate. Instead they form diaspora communities to retain their old ways. And these diaspora communities can last generations without external pressure (of which there is currently very little in Canada). Bluntly speaking, the Middle Eastern Muslim communities are not going to integrate. Some individuals within might, but communities with such vastly different values, beliefs, and cultural histories are simply not going to integrate with a culture they regard as not just immoral but inferior. Especially when the cultural representatives of that (our) culture spend most of their time running their own culture down, self-accusing themselves of all manner of terrible things, and constantly apologizing to the newcomers for their shortcomings. We should never have taken this many Muslims in. And we should never have taken ANY Muslims in without careful screening for attitudes and beliefs. No screening is how we got the Khadrs, and how we get all these people in the streets screaming death to Jews. Of course, the irony is so many Jews were among the biggest supporters of immigration, and of multiculturalism and making allowances for the cultural issues involving newcomers. I guess they thought if they showed Muslims a welcoming embrace and helped them this might diffuse thousands of years of hatred. It didn't.
  11. Trudeau, like much of the Left, simply accepts that whatever their American counterparts embrace is THE THING, and instantly adopts it as their 'thing' too. Trumpeting trans rights, talking about 'systemic racism' and pushing DEI are all American concepts that Trudeau adopts without a second thought. If American progressives started wearing pink hats Trudeau wouldn't be seen without one. It's a desperate and kind of sad effort to be part of the 'cool gang'.
  12. Trudeau isn't dumb enough to use a magic marker to draw in an expanded hurricane target area in order to convince the media he didn't misspeak. Trudeau doesn't generally tell lies that are easily and instantly proved, like being named man of the year multiple years running (he wasn't) or that the head of the boy scouts tells him his stupid, nasty speech was the greatest speech of anyone who ever talked to the boy scouts (no call made) or saying his immigrant father wasn't an immigrant. Trump is shallow, callow, ignorant, miseducated, and pretty much without merit, but he's nowhere near as dumb or as cruel as Trump.
  13. Don't worry, Herbie. I never had any illusion you were so far to the right as to vote for the Liberals. Or even the NDP. A Venezuelan paradise is all that will satisfy you.
  14. I have no idea what you're even talking about. Are you on drugs again?
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