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  1. Johnston is even more of a Sinophile than previously mentioned. He's been there more than a dozen times. His three daughters went to university there. He thinks all Canadians should learn Mandarin. He's been pushing closer China-Canada relations for fifty years. And this is the guy who is going to give us an unbiased opinion about Chinese interference in Canada? In the 1980s Johnston was laying the foundations of the Canada-China universities exchange program. Later, as president of the University of Waterloo, he oversaw the establishment of the Confucius Institute, a scandal-shredded arm of the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda and espionage operations in western countries. Widely known in Chinese establishment circles by his nickname “Jiangshan,” Johnston was awarded an honorary doctorate by Nanjing University in 2012, by which time he’d already made more than a dozen visits to China. https://ottawacitizen.com/opinion/david-johnston-the-right-man-to-whitewash-chinese-interference/wcm/c6879c27-472c-4efd-ab48-500c9eb18240
  2. So you're okay with males beating up females then. It's not just a matter of being naked around strangers. Lots of public showers are set up to have private stalls for showering. Unfortunately, at least in North America, those stalls resemble public toilets. Which means you rely on those outside not to peek. Given male voyeurism, esp younger males, that's a lot of trust to ask of females. So then no privacy for female Muslims, right? Whip off that hijab or burqua in front of the males and stop whining. Incidentally, most public toilets in Europe are far more private than in North America. Their toilet doors don't have cracks on the sides or big openings on the bottom and top. Perhaps the difference between a beach where you CAN go nude, and a place where you HAVE TO remove some clothes. I've said already if you want to be considered the other gender do the surgery. As long as you've got a dick you're male.
  3. Though there's often an effort to pretend these tribunals and boards are even-handed, pretty much everyone knows that if you aren't in a preferred identity group they're just not interested in your problems, no matter how blatant and obvious the discrimination is. In June 2021, an Ontario high school student tried to sign up for a summer program. He was rejected because he was white. The “SummerUp” program, sponsored by the Ontario government, was open only to Black students. His father filed a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal alleging racial discrimination. Last November, the Tribunal dismissed the complaint, saying the quiet part out loud. White people, wrote the Tribunal, cannot claim discrimination. https://financialpost.com/opinion/ontario-human-rights-tribunal-discrimination
  4. Why do you think segregation based on sex is stupid? Do you think males and females should play the same sports. Do you think that's fair? Do you think males and female should be in the same shower rooms and changing rooms together? Do you think females would be comfortable with that? Or most males, for that matter? Do you care? It doesn't sound to me like you're a very deep thinker. You seem to have latched onto this trans issue as somehow im portant but you don't really understand the implications or consequences. Nor do you seem to have a mind inquiring enough to care.
  5. How about giving us some examples of fascists posing as liberals. Because oddly enough I can't seem to think of any. I doubt anyone else here can either. Clearly, you have different sources of information unbeknownst to mere mortals. As I suspected, you use the term 'fascist' as an epithet to hurl at anyone whose views you dislike simply because you heard it's a bad thing to be. This individual, who I'd never heard before, reads like someone who started out left wing and over some years converted to what the Americans call 'conservative'. He's a Trump supporter and anti-vaccine campaigner. There's nothing liberal about him. On the other hand, there's nothing fascist about him either.
  6. Is that what Quebecers call sane people these days?
  7. You are all over the map here and making no sense whatsoever. You're okay with women-only or man-only spaces but you start flinging insults at the idea of a female-only space. Yet there are sound reasons for female-only spaces. Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh. See their recent bills on controlling the internet as examples.
  8. Well, that's you. I don't want to get into talking points some people on the fringes so often misuse but people have different kinds of personalities. Some are more accepting of a society filled with people who are far different than they are in looks, style, dress, habits, language, beliefs, etc. And some are not. A substantial number, in fact. Studies show that most people prefer to live among those who are much like they are. In the US they're noticing more liberal people are moving to Liberal states while more conservative ones are moving to conservative states. And that's just politics. Throw in enormous cultural beliefs and habits and it gets much worse. We're a tribal people, instinctively seeing others as 'us' or 'them'. Those not like us go into the 'them' category. And most people feel more comfortable around 'us'. That's not all people. Call them globalists if you want, but a lot of people don't seem to care who is around them, and have no difficulty living and thriving in Thailand or Japan or London or Rome. Maybe you're more akin to one of those. Nothing wrong with that. Just bear in mind many aren't like that. Their discomfort and unhappiness are real.
  9. There are a lot of reasons to want immigration changed. Preserving the character, heritage, values and culture of an area is just one of them.
  10. You don't understand how the rights of females aren't being respected when the new requirement is to allow any male who self-identifies yesterday as a 'woman' into their private spaces? If someone says they are of the opposite sex then let them go under the knife and change their body. Cut their dicks and balls off and we can talk. https://barrhavenindependent.ca/2023/03/20/ocdsb-shuts-down-dad-calls-cops-due-to-mayhem/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=ocdsb-shuts-down-dad-calls-cops-due-to-mayhem#:~:text=For the second time this,board chair for the meeting.
  11. You can joke all you want but I have empathy for someone who was born and raised there and now looks around bewildered, wondering why no one speaks or looks or acts like them anymore and they can't even read the signs in the stores.
  12. You are not exactly holding true to your name. You'd be canceled for this belief in many places. That's an odd position to take unless you're going to be brazenly hypocritical and say only women and not men should have that right. But even with that the Trans activists and now government continue to insist males who identify as women should be treated like females in such things as inclusion in female spaces (changing rooms, showers, bathroom, gyms, shelters, sports, etc). It's not. There are a miniscule number of males who are pedophiles who would be sexually attracted to young boys. But all males (excluding gays) feel sexual attraction to females. Nonsense. The Left does not agree with freedom of speech if it offends them, nor with freedom of religion except for religions that are not considered 'white'. For Islam or other religions not native to Canada they're enthusiastically in favor of freedom. I don't know anyone who doesn't believe in equality before the law or democracy, except some American Republicans. And they're mostly Trumpists.
  13. I'm not sure what you're asking. We in the West have been judging third-world peoples and their backward cultures for decades. Why would we stop?
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