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  1. You seriously think a Palestinian government or army would cooperate or punish such things? They'd be more likely to hand out medals.
  2. Not exactly caving. From the story you cite they were prepared to pay $100m, which is basically a rounding error for them, but balked at the government's $150m figure. So now they're paying $74, which is less than they had originally been prepared to pay.
  3. I just had a strange thought(not unusual for me). I was about to say "Hey, how about the girls on Charley's Angels and what they were doing in their trailer together?" or something like that. But then I never had such thoughts back then. Not about them together, I mean. In that time we (the friends/people I hung with) never really thought about lesbians. Today, any two hot girls who briefly hug each other has guys thinking along those lines. Society has changed a lot in that regard, I think. And I think porn has had a lot of influence there.
  4. I never had much interest in those girls, to be honest. Now Christina Applegate's Kelly Bundy character in Married with Children definitely had me thinking sinful things. MWC was the perfect show to ussher the world from the 80s into the 90s.
  5. That's frankly kind of weird since this was an American sitcom and the most risque things they did during this time period was to allow the sound of a toilet on All in the Family and show a married couple sitting up fully clothed in the same double bed instead of twins. Jack might as well have been gay for all the interest he had in those girls. Which I always found preposterous. And the girls were ridiculously virginal in their behavior given their ages. Edit. I'm now remembering he did make a few suggestive eye-waggling, wink-wink, nudge-nudge suggestions to them which were immediately laughed off. At least in the early episodes.
  6. I don't think a Holocaust denier is going to cause people to flee in panic, pile up at doorways and perhaps get trampled to death. I'm sure some natives were abused at these places. Given the times, given corporal punishment was in fashion everywhere, given society didn't take the thought of child sexual abuse seriously, given they were far from home and vulnerable to strangers. Of course, there was abuse. There was both physical and sexual abuse in boarding schools of that era, too, as well as other residential facilities for children, including orphanages and juvenile detention facilities. Hell, there were abuses in day schools! In churches and at boy scout camps. Such things weren't on society's radar then. But even so, it was never more than a minority of those attending who were subject to any serious physical or sexual abuse. And I really don't understand the need for people to elevate the mistreatment of some at residential schools to a grand national guilt-tripping shame festival. Groot's logic is always flawless. As is everything else he says. I find him to be the best poster on here.
  7. I would have killed when I was a kid to get hold of the kind of internet porn that's so freely available now. The best I could do was skim the Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler at the newsstand at the nearby corner store. I sent away for a video once but it got seized at the border. I was deathly afraid they'd call my parents but they just sent the one notice which I happily grabbed in the mail. Kids today have it so easy. There was nothing incorrect about what they said...
  8. Both are true. But also vague. From what I've read almost everyone who is truly suffering from gender dysmorphia realizes it quite early in life. Well before puberty, in fact. The current environment, in which adults in their thirties and forties are suddenly 'trans' is nonsensically unscientific. As for teens, they're subject to fads. How many of those teenagers questioning their gender are doing so because of how fashionable it is and because of encouragement from various quarters? Except we're not allowed to ask. The rote response from authorities is to support their own belief, whatever it is, despite the human brain not being fully developed yet and teens being famously unable to really grasp future consequences.
  9. You ran away in the last post without answering my question. Which was what about anything I wrote in the post you were allegedly not responding to was at all emotional. I mean, just to start with the title of the thread is the title of the cited opinion piece from Gad Saad which you clearly did not bother to read. Too many words, I guess. Is your problem with the idea there might actually BE climate alarmists? Or is it that a little hyperbole frightened you? Describing yourself as 'reasonable and cool-headed' rather strongly conflicts with most of your behaviour on this site. Just your outrage at the title Saad chose shows your lack of cool-headedness.
  10. Nope. You were wrong. And silly. And acting like a bonehead. I really don't get why some of you people over there on the fringes are so enamored of Russia and its shitty leader. The place is a dump. And the pathetic efforts of its corrupt military ought to be ample display of what a kleptocracy looks like.
  11. I take it there are no mirrors in your house.
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