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  1. Make $ for who ? You have likely hit on the solution. A rework of old school media, but independent and hungry. I recommend Canadaland, as well as local news outlets such as serve small towns via X/Twitter and Facebook. For long form policy and morality debate, don't look to news look to places like this/MLW.
  2. Speaking of subsidies, the trans mountain subsidy overrun (not the budget) since 2018 would fund the CBC for 20 years. I know you're in business like I am so you keep track of these things...
  3. It's a differentiation point for hiring and products in a world where margins are tight. The boycott factor is there of course. Good for you for being able to bring actual facts and ideas to a discussion, rather than just post your own moral viewpoint as though that's relevant.
  4. We already went down this path a few weeks ago. I asked for a definition of woke and or transgender ideology. I believe that we got a lot of rhetoric but didn't get a workable definition.
  5. You call for common sense, then you make a semantic twist like that. It's inconsistent at best.
  6. First of all, we need to be clear in our communication here, and not overstate things. Some people believe that the CBC is a valid source. More specifically, this is about CTV and my point is about a larger media landscape in Canada. I haven't seen local news run by trolls, I don't think it would work.
  7. Imagine if we only got our news from the ABC NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN and PBS. What would they say about, for example, a proposed water treaty between Canada and the US? We wouldn't have a national network covering it from the Canadian side. Local news is also a concern, however, I have seen Facebook and Twitter local news pages pop up and they seem to be seeds of something greater.
  8. 1. Arm's length funding is the best you can do, supplemented by competing views. Still better than foreign interference.
  9. If we don't subsidize our information services, our enemies will.
  10. 1. Oh WOW you're one of the forgiving ones. 2. I don't know anything about you, so I will approach carefully. With a stick.
  11. I sometimes turn off IGNORE and listen to said gramophone. I think that they like it when I do that. Anyone who votes for Biden you mean... Half of the USA.
  12. It's not. It's a construction, and a false analogy meant to extend squabbling that isn't relevant or interesting. My 'logic' is that you help people in this life as best you can. Made up scenarios about people asking me to kidnap them or fugitive employees don't apply.
  13. The truth is, though, that there are examples that skew the other way. And, more common perhaps, a spectrum of cases in between. A spectrum where the student may need to figure things out for themselves. One would hope that all involved are careful, which is why I turned the topic towards the liberal sphere on page one as their involvement may have changed, since this phenomenon became a culture battle.
  14. It's been 80 years since WW2 and the foundations for our current prosperity. Nobody can remember even five years ago, and Chuds will scoff if you try to discuss things that they don't understand.
  15. A large minority of "the" public can't appreciate the implications of the Republican presidential candidate consolidation of power in his loyalists and family. The media bubbles assure us that he can only be viewed as the next Hitler or the only hope. Internal resistance to his plan has weakened so there's only the general election left to determine if he wins. Neil postman predicted this 40 years ago. So did Eisenhower, if you read his book. I fear that most people on here have never read a book, and just see the zeitgeist as a whirlpool that carries us down without options. (Brownie points for those who pick up the reference to Poe's Descent into Maelstrom and McLuhan's reference to that) But Postman explained it more plainly... Capitalist hedonism and democracy were going to collide at some point. Why read about Eisenhower, Churchill, LBJ when you get the Cartoon Network and weed is cheap and legal?
  16. They've likely fired, or lost, their planners too. The layoffs were large right? The machine is breaking.. This happened to a degree when newspapers were challenged by television in the 1960s and 70s. Anyone here remember the Toronto Telegram? Those if you baffled by this, or in denial, can go read Neil Postman. We will soon be living in the media space of the late 19th century all over again.
  17. I think we're in agreement that you have nothing to learn from me on this topic. Everything is the same as ever. Also things are getting more polarized. Market forces. Blrblbmbl...
  18. They often can't tell you what that means.
  19. Sorry? What does this have to do with what I posted? 🤔 Bizarre. You should quote the post you're responding to.
  20. 1. Yeah, that was what people thought at the time. But the REAL wokeness was that that was the story. They let go of two other high paid folks at the exact same time (both were men) but for some mystifying reason, people can't believe that corporations sometimes try to cut costs..
  21. Between the time of Twain and the era of cable news, a lot happened. Some of what you're saying here is contradictory: people are becoming more polarized, there was never any such thing as trusted sources, intensity of the bias is different, times change... etc. I think you're just being difficult, and trying to disagree with me but that's fine. In the long term, we will need to establish a common ground and a public square again. I believe that. And I don't have the answer either.
  22. This dog is an outlaw, a hero. You have no right telling God's creatures where to poop...
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