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  1. @Black Dog SEE !? ... Now this whole thing is endangering the hostages
  3. 1. Yes, I retracted my point on that, but it really doesn't matter. 2. Yes, and lots of people exclude them too. Too. As is their right. 3. This might be a good point, however, you're/we're now going to use the term agenda to make sure everything is cloudy and undefinable...
  4. 1. Noted. You're NOT talking about the others who benefitted and not talking about white Candidates who did. 2. Quite true.
  5. When he used to be known as Mr. Canada, he posted that he was going to Pride to videotape sex acts. Search it.
  6. Okay... I read the the comments from the lady on The view. First of all, I hate that show. It's a bunch of baiting and divisive blather that does nothing to inform or entertain. Basically it's the housewife version of what this forum is becoming. As for the comments, yeah maybe she has a point. Christy Yamaguchi... Not sure of the spelling... Suffered from not being able to command a certain price for her face because it wasn't truly American to some. So what? These are comments for sociologists not for unemployed daytime TV watching divorces and hearing aid wearers. I don't appreciate potshots. But let's just not complain about the complainers... We can do better if we put our minds to it including me.
  7. I don't know who was running in the conservative leadership race against Poilievre?
  8. Asking for a cite? What are you talking about? Most of the time when people provide a link I just read it and move on... Thing about this poster is he's always protesting about a cloud of people that's hard to pin down, and then you start reading his posts and they're about his ex-wives or somebody his wife works with or something.. I Want to know if these things are real.
  9. 1. Admittedly I don't. Should be easy to find a culprit though if it's all over the news. And for anybody who follows what's going on... I would submit that it's increasingly impossible to do so because of all the bubbles. You really can only safely make statements about cultural impacts that fall close to your own identity I would say. Know what I mean?
  10. 1. Forcing people to give birth goes against their rights, in my book. Just as forcing them to have a baby would. 2. You'd have to give some details of this program you're considering. For example, only banning them for white people so that your racial quotas would be satisfied I guess. Or maybe having the government pay white welfare moms to pop out 10 or 20 babies.
  11. Is it possible for you to provide a cite for this brewing conspiracy that you're about to enjoy your anger about? Is it only me that are the people who complain but complainers starting to run out of complainers to complain about? Have a complaint about that! 😂
  12. Okay, you made fun of my last name, forget what I said about intelligent arguments versus emotional ones. Clearly you are articulating a well thought out position.
  13. 1. Of course. 2. Noted. 3. Worship? No... But noted. 4. Sorry, celebration is more correct. 5. I did not do that. I accept what you tell me. I tell people that I'm conservative, and I ask them to accept that. However. Just like people who tell me I'm not conservative suspect that I'm not, I can't change their minds. And I can suspect whatever I want of you. But I accept what you say. I just wish people accepted me the way I accept your claims.
  14. Right. 😂 There's never a balanced or intelligent response with these kinds of articles... It's always emotionally based. A single crime by an immigrant isn't a basis for anything but don't try telling that to the buyers and sellers of angertainment...
  15. Really, it's an emotional response... which is fine to start but the response has to be intelligent and political. And those things don't mix.
  16. I was basing my comment on a New York Times article that talked about a funding debacle from a long time ago, recently updated. And it was in Chicago. I think there are obvious reasons for poor performance in poor areas, mostly social. But I also feel like this is so complicated that it's it can't be separated from a values discussion. Basically people are hurting, are we going to do something? How are we going to decide? How are we going to see if it's working? That's politics.
  17. 1. Ok, excuse me then. You added the part about providing benefits to society but you're talking about sheer numbers. It's a different kind of fallacy to take a numbers approach though. We celebrate people for all kinds of reasons. 2. You seem to be using numbers again. It's a fallacy to do so. I would submit that more people support such ideas than not. That's why we have banks as such with Pride banners. But not in the Middle East. 3. Yes but they are invited out of uniform. And they are paid to police by the event itself.. 4. You can make that argument for all kinds of holidays, but why? Why would you? Because at the heart of it, you don't like the holiday. That's it. If you don't like rainbow flags, don't look at them, wear sunglasses and they will appear black. Pride does not celebrate sex acts, it celebrates inclusion. 5. My guess is that you're more homophobic than you realize but it's up to you to tell me. Unlike many on here, I accept your self report.
  18. Clearly they don't have the right, or local government would have allowed A public celebration of some kind. I guess if local government decided to shut down Remembrance Day celebrations that would be allowed also. You know... Your side won this fight, so you seem to be still angry about it. And I say your side because you want everyone to keep quiet about their sexuality, presuming that means asexuality too. Which I also know about. From you. I don't think you know anything about my sexuality.
  19. So... not spoon feeding people leads to proxy wars. 🤔 How?
  20. 1. How in blazes would someone know that? How would you measure such a thing? And why would you want to? It's not hard to imagine where the measurement of social benefit provided by groups would lead. 2. Those people took down the symbols because they were pressured as well. This is called politics. If you don't want to allow pressure to put them up, then you have to not allow pressure to take them down. And now you're measuring the utility, social benefit, of people's opinions. 3. I think they are invited. I think they have to pay for policing too. And I think they get grants too. And I think tourists come. In other words, it's the same soup of private, public, tourist money and involvement as everything. 4. Happy non-pride. 😄🏴
  21. 1. Mind your own business is simple, in terms of a personal values statement but politically difficult to imagine IMO. 2. I'm not trying to. Again, if it's your personal take, not an issue for politics. 3. Yep. Happy non pride 😃 🏴
  22. Why Afghanistan? 🤔. They're pretty close in political complexion to places you reject.
  23. 1. There are MANDATORY festivals? 2. You're executing a semantic exercise to try to bend your opinion into fact here. 3. You think it's simple, but it's politics so you have to make an argument that convinces others. I think that the concept of 'tolerance' is simple but I also see that we need to explain it sometimes. ... Our education system has always engaged in expressions of culture, including those with a moral aspect. But they are not religious, and care is taken to proscribe agreeable lines to protect the rights of those who object. It can be and often is a messy affair. One example is allowing parents to opt their children out. But reasonable people understand that such discussions need to be respectful. We also give a day for Native People, a Month for Black People, a day for lovers... Etc. Celebrate or don't.
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