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  1. Canada lack the legitimate right to exist as a sovereign nation. It relies heavily on America for national defense and lack any credible military industrial complex to sustain a war. America should realize it's manifest destiny and aquire the necessary sudetenland as the artic thaw. There are a number fascist anti-american canadian who wage daily war in cyber space against innocent American conservatives. Strategically, we need to stop the proliferation of NATO deadbeats by setting an example. Economically, Canada has been ripping off Americans with subsidies and tarrif for its cartel ran agriculture products from maple syrup to milk.
  2. According to polls, biden will be over thrown soon. We need new agrressive leadership willing to reclaim America's rightful sudetenland. We need to use Putin's playbook.
  3. Do you believe people are more than just animal and capable of free choice? If so being morbidly obese and having health complications is a great deal of choice. Specifically lifestyle choice. So which is it, systemic racism that assume people are incapable of free choice or they're choosing to live a unhealthy lifestyle that kills them?
  4. Actually, racism is killing black american apparently. https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/07/us/coronavirus-black-americans-race/index.html
  5. Look comrades, Bernie isn't going to be on the ticket. All I'm saying is that trump has done more for the workers than Joe Biden who is in fact not alive. I admit, at first socialism was a hard to swallow pill but ever since this thirty day of government mandated everything I no longer have doubts that socialism is the way back to the socialist worker's paradise trump has brought about. Biden is not a friend of the workers. He is the burgoise and only looks to enrich himself and his globalist wallstreet elite. Trump has proven to be the manchurian candidate that us proletarian have been searching for. The Bernie with really good hair.
  6. Not gonna lie, when push comes to shove that US passport really comes in handy. The US is finally evacuating Americans from the Diamond Princess. Rose Yerex, a Canadian who along with her husband has struck a decidedly positive tone throughout the quarantine, could not hold back her anger on Saturday. Relatives of passengers wave to the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which has around 3,600 people quarantined onboard due to fears of the new coronavirus. "It really kind of shows the difference here between the two countries," she said. "So, hey, congratulations to you guys who are Americans and you are getting to leave. Your government is supporting you, ours isn't." https://www.cnn.com/2020/02/16/asia/coronavirus-outbreak-diamond-cruise-us-evacuation-intl-hnk/index.html
  7. Well I mean let's be real here , I wouldn't consider trump a great leader by any stretch of the imagination. He's just what is required to drain the swamp. And doing a fine job at that.
  8. I wouldn't call it deep state. They're just people who are trying to do the right thing in their mind anyways. I think Trump lost one of his best general when Jim Mattis left.
  9. Pretty sure they're just looking to make a buck like everyone else who comes. There's stability and peace in north korea russia and china....
  10. Doubt it. Most of the government bueracracy will stay the same. Look at trump, he's barely able to nudge anything without congressional support, it's something we Americans invented...you know checks and balances one man ain't going to destroy this country. Likewise, bernie, will still need conservative support not opposition. The only thing of concern for the elite is his raise in the marginal tax rates.
  11. False! That's a narrative propagated by the global liberal elite. The solution to debt is to either cut spending or increase GDP/ growth or both. Obviously, the ideal solution is growth, something that can only be done by deregulation, tax cuts and increase access to venture capital. We doubled our GDP in a matter of a few years after the tax cut. Which more than paid for it self. Look the American economy is the world's envy because we don't stifle innovation and unleash American exceptionalism. Since when is goverment spending ever efficient? Paying more in taxes is one of the worse solution to public debt. It takes them years and hundred million of dollars in cost over run just to make a website.
  12. Erm security is intrinsic to the well being of just about every nation on earth. Look we can't afford to pay for illegals and their drain on public resources. They don't even pay taxes. So be it a wall or political pressure on Mexico to stem migrants it benefits us. Sure complain about globalism when nationalism reduce the unemployment rate to historic low and raised wages. Also, last I checked, terrorists are a global threat to everyone with a post enlightenment western value like separation of church and state or putting our girls to school. Therefore every country affected should pitch in to fight it. We tried pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan in a rush. Look at the pain and suffering that caused to millions of Syrians and Iraqi refugees which didn't make America or the west any safer. Some people just need to be eliminated from humanity. Best the pacifist crowd accept that war is part of the human condition.
  13. Say wut... tax cut does not cause deficit. Camonnnnnnnnn its basic math.
  14. Gaiz so in reviewing some old footage of the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, I think America should become an imperial power. It only took us 6 weeks to reach Baghdad and dispose Saddam. Similarly we could do the same with Iran. The difference this time though is we would get rid of all the terrorist's WMDs and take the oil. If we're ever going to even make the yang bucks a reality we need to attribute that freedom dividend to something, typically oil will suffice. It'll also strengthen our Petro dollar. The country would need to get 3.6 trillion dollars a year.In terms of barrels of oil, assuming crude stays at 50$ a barrel, we'd need 7.2 billion barrel a year. And according to wikipedia's the number one trusted source of data for academics and intellectual nationwide, Iran has 84 billion barrel left. That would sustain us at least another 10 year before we invade Canada. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oil_reserves_in_Iran#Additions_to_reserves Look tax cuts and a decrease of spending on social programs aren't going to sustain our open border immigration system. We need more UBI to be the world's number one immigration destination mmmkay.
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