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  1. It wasn't rainbows and lollipops but at least there was a bridge. Unfortunately Hamas decided to blow up the bridge.
  2. Hey, don't give Biden any ideas. His next "speech" will be how he and some cannibals personally stopped the meteor with a giant puffball inflated to 9.1%. Then he will take credit that now the puffball is only inflated to 3.1%
  3. There are no trolls in Shakespeare plays. Except for a maybe a small mention in "A Winters Tale".
  4. So how would you execute the elimination of the Hamas?
  5. Most right wingers play Shakespearean characters. all of the plays except for one. We leave The Taming of the Shrew for the Democrats.
  6. Well sunshine I got vaxed and then caught covid. For that intelligent response you win a turnip.
  7. If all that straw your flinging about contains phlogiston. please be careful.
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