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  1. Carbon cycle and the ocean

    Thanks for being a good sport about my jabs on the website.  Not meaning to be personal, but it makes for some good theatre while we actually DO touch on some critical issues.

    One of our business relationships is with an Irish company that makes water treatment filtration equipment for municipal and industrial water and sewage treatment.   They have shown some fantastic numbers in demonstrations and in service, but I began to notice that each time they knocked those out of the ballpark, the same filtration medium was involved.  So, I brought that up and they were nice enough to introduce me to the owner of the company that developed said media.   His credentials in the world of water - both fresh and oceanic - would fill a small book.  His payback to the world is trying to get the message out about something that really IS a major concern.  You can find Howard's website at:   www.goesfoundation.com    Reality is: a lot of "climate science" is driven by the want of funding for a particular agenda.  It is pretty hard for a legitimate scientist to make his or her point against the rather large momentum of "CO2 all bad, xxxxxx all good (because I get paid for xxxxx).   Please try to keep an open mind as I am saying this out of genuine concern, not some sort of political agenda.

    re: transportation stuff:   I am very much IN that business.  When I walk into my former JV partners, now largest client, we are designing, building and installing EV charging stations.   I am hardly on the "other" side of that issue.   Mining of Lithium and Cobalt is genuinely a nasty business and an EV uses literally THOUSANDS of the same little cells used elsewhere.  There is not enough Lithium known or forecast to exist to put even a tiny dent in the storage capacity needed to electrify any significant amount of transportation.

    see you back in the bull ring.

  2. Exactly the kind of total BS I expect to see the looney left (nd the looney right1) spewing endlessly. The solution to transportation issues is NOT to devise even more polluting ways to pollute even more to more of the same thing. The answer is doing LESS of the idiotic shit of moving people and goods endlessly back and fourth. As I have to re-itereate endlessly: WE DO NOT HAVE A CARBON EMISSION PROBLEM WE HAVE A CARBON ABSORPTION PROBLEM. And wasting time on "renewables" or other conventional energy system changes to maintain the status quo will do NOTHING about the real problem - oceanic killoff of the plankton that once could easily absorb our CO2 emissions. You get into the political mindset of "us against them" taught by political partisanship to ignore ANY intelligent thought and just keep spewing the party line mindlessly.
  3. Yeah, it can do a lot of things. It can let a megalomaniac lie, cheat and murder his way into absolute power, completely erase any defacto remnants of representative democracy, terrorize and threaten the very existence of our world sitting there with the nuclear button under his thumb.
  4. Not even close. Chairman Mao starved something around or over 100,000,000 Chinese when he nationalized farmland.
  5. Missing from all of this is the fact that one of the largest body of victims are the Russian people. We in the rest of the world stood idly by as a Joe Stalin wannabe lied, cheated and murdered his way to the top and now has a nuclear trigger to execute his mad fantasies of becoming defacto Joe #2. The correct solution goes back to around 1999 when Putin should have been eliminated, but I believe he already had put his meathooks into the governing clique(s). Now tens of thousands of Russin conscripts and enlisted will pay the price for his reign of terror.
  6. been gone a while (nasty capitalist pig stuff, have to actually work) but thought of this thread when I was down in IA last week. The so-called "green" movement from the political left South of the border has seen 2 nukes and all of the coal fired capacity in IA closed down,. It was hot (95-100F most days) and I was watching a bunch of 80 year old diesel gensets get started and run flat out to feed the state grid. Yeah, the brilliant foresight of the Looney Left means that the state has to rely on ancient diesel gensets to meet their daytime loads. Yeah, go buy another Tesla (BTW THE most polluting way to move a motor vehicle - but since the truth doesn't fit the mindless logic of the virtue signalling set that will fall on deaf ears). If the effing morons would ever bother to actually LEARN anything about our environment, they would deal with the REAL issue (inability of oceans to absorb the CO2 we produce) and not screw uo the economy needed to DEAL with the actual problems.
  7. He can do that because we were stupid enough to elect him as Prime Ministrer.....TWICE!
  8. Quite aware of monetary theory, but in reality I find that most of what is now taught in economics is what has been adapted to try to legitimized the return of an economy that worships speculation - that is nothing but wealth re-distribution and generation of unbelievably large inflationary pressure. If economics and monetary theory and policy actually worked FOR the country(ies) rather than its financial community we wouldn't be in the big mess we are in (i.e. having de-funded Main Street) and the much bigger mess when the world stops allowing the Greenback to be propped up. Sorry can't engage meaningfully right now - in the middle of year end.
  9. You have that exactly backwards. Inflation is the measure and result of rising prices - as is increase in money supply (much of that due to speculative gain that inflates the money supply without creating any wealth). It is a fairly complex subject, I will admit.
  10. There are THOUSANDS of businesses just like mine. We buy metals, petroleum products, compressed gasses, etc. and make things. And we have to sell those things for twice as much to maintain any kind of sustainable business. I am hardly unique. ANY increase in ANYTHING within an economy is just that: INFLATIONARY. Just because the half-wits trained as "economists" by banks tell you about the value of a basket of consumer goods that does not by any means represent the whole economy. When prices go up, one of two things happens: economic activity slows down or the money supply increase to match the increases in transaction prices = INFLATION. We are particularly succeptable to screwey minimalization of inflation since we are tied at the waiste to the greenback - and when it inflates, central banks around the world have to jump in and buy USD to prevent their own dollar denominated instruments and forex trade receivables from tanking - thus reducing expressed inflation and bottling up massive inflationary pressure - that will one day explode.
  11. 1. In a fair trade world, if China or anyone else is willing to meet the same standards as the US, Mexico, EU, UK, etc. already meet there would be no barrier whatsoever to their entry. 2. The #1 environmental concern is oceanic pollution and dieoff. Gaseous carbon emissions are a problem BECAUSE of the damage done to oceans can no longer absorb the CO2 we (and nature) emit. As usual, the political morons and those who benefit from scare and guilt tactics are full of absolute BS.
  12. We need to set and enforce these laws for products to cross INTO Canada over our borders. EASY for NAFTA and EEC countries already but impossible for 99% of crap made of Chinesium. (in case you were wondering: that is some mysterious material that is sometimes an insulating plastic and others a conducting metal - changes state on any whim - and almost always toxic as shit). ANYTHING to do with "carbon reduction" is such a vast political question it needs an entire forum of its own to reveal to BS associated, so let's just leave that out of this particular discussion.
  13. Well, since nearly EVERYTHING that I need to buy to stay in business is AT LEAST DOUBLED in price over the last 2 years, thus every dollar in my bank account has effectively been reduced to $0.50, I would say we already HAVE hyperinflation.
  14. The solution to the idiotic things we did would have been - and still COULD be to set actual standards that have to be met to enter our market. Things such as environmental, product safety, worker protection, etc. standards that WE have to meet whether we sell domestically or export.
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