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  1. Using Federal agencies for social engineering started when the Big Turd was in power. Little Turd has taken it to an all time high, but so-called "conservative" governments did little to reverse this trend. Further, many large companies have HR departments that do exactly the same thing. Hiring is often no longer by merit alone, but "qualified" usually means meeting some ridiculous minimal qualification but meeting some totally irrelevant minority preference trumps merit almost every time. I have watched this in one of my closest friend's career. He is a P Eng nearing the end of his career (so highly qualified and experienced) and landed a job with one of the most sought after employers in Canada. He got dumped into a department with....uh....a distinctly Asian racial profile (i.e. the one where most Cdn immigrants originate). He reported to one manager and had a half dozen co-workers. Once my buddy landed there, other department heads soon found out they had someone who could actually DO the engineering and on top of that deliver a project. He was kept insanely busy, but then he was required to write endless reports to his manager while the rest of the entire department did little more than hold meetings all day and write pointless reports about the meetings. He finally had his fill of literally doing EVERYONE else in the department's work and simply refused to write any more reports to his boss. HR sided with the useless tit and fired him - over protest of several other department heads. Worked out fine in the end because some Yanks picked him up at damn near double his previous best salary. Something about information from other department heads at his last job seems to have had a lot to do with it. I have heard many similar stories from others in the Engineering profession. Countries with a culture based upon privilege and corruption simply do not fit nor IMHO do they in any way belong inside of our borders. As some Humboldt SK families why.
  2. The banksters literally OWN the government of the USA, so who gives a flying frick WHAT they do. At $35. Tn USD they are hardly in any condition to be anyone's model of government. In Canada, our combined Fed/prov debt is about $2.2 Tn, so pay your damned taxes instead of passing the bill on to my grandchildren. Also: stop electing people who think they can spend their way to the next election and their parliamentary pension. Anyone parliament and senate that has not left a balanced budget should be sent a bill, not a cheque.
  3. You may want to call it "socialism" but to me it's just plain good business and good for business.
  4. You seem to want to categorize everything in some fantasy world of black and white. Taxation is not simply "confiscation of wealth" it is the obligation of everyone to pay their share of what it costs to build and operate the infrastructure and services that every country must provide. You need to learn to draw a line between social services (that EVERY government on this planet provides to some extent) and socialISM (a philosophy in which the state owns the means of production). I could not agree with you more, though, that government should have ZERO interference in the world of business. If we were ever to get government right (IMHO, of course) government would legislate, regulate and enforce laws that provided a level and workable field for business to operate responsibly and profitably in a free market and deliver the social services that its citizens deserve and need. Instead, we have governments globally in the business of dispensing privilege, picking winners and losers and generally putting their nose and our tax dollars (and indebtedness) where they should have no right to be.
  5. While what you say COULD be true, but it is not. The vast majority of new jobs come from small and medium size business. Our economic system has been converted from productive to speculative, so people or institutions with significant funds will go for the capital gain almost every time. Money invested in real business is lucky to net out 5% a year, but gambling on the market value can make you that much return over a few days - so WTF would they risk their capital on such meager returns??? Tax the crap out of those gains and it will once again be more beneficial to invest in productive ventures to earn dividends, not to speculate on the stock. I know you mean well, but you don't seem to understand how our economy works (or in this case, does NOT work). Take a look at last week's disgusting $5Bn handout. That $5Bn of tax dollars "created" 1,000 direct new jobs - that's $5mm per job. Except that was on 1/3 of the investment. If that money was invested in a small business, just ask such a concern if they could find ONE employee that could handle the what it takes to put $15mm to work. Yes, there are spinoff jobs, but each and every small business job ALSO supports an equal number of spinoff jobs. So tell me: what would you rather have? !,000 new jobs from a big financial deal or tens of thousands of new jobs in our economy for the same kind of money? On the cap gains side: capital markets are very difficult for small and emerging mid size business to access. The big bux wash in and out of locations where the best tax deal is - NOTE THEY GO OUT as much as in. When you see a large cap capex for say: an Amazon order completion center - remember every one of those poorly paid worker bee jobs comes at the expense of a less efficient but much higher manual labour displacement of the existing retail distribution system. Yes, Amazon creates a lot of new jobs for Amazon (mostly in China) but guts the small and medium businesses. You can not "invest" in Amazon, but you can gamble on buying existing stock from someone else. Their days of IPO, POs are long gone and I suspect you are not in a place to do a private placement. Car companies one of the worst for going in large blocks from country to country where governments compete with each other for how much tax advantage and pure handouts they can get. When someone celebrates how local riches are about to flow in from "new" jobs, you will usually find another plant that got closed down in another region or country to do so. Fix the free ride on the public of capital gains by taxing it for what it is - nothing but gambling - and move investment money into productive endeavours and THEN we could see "wealthy people" create jobs. Sorry to ramble a bit. Trying to post a bit before having to go do some dirty capitalist pig stuff.
  6. IMHO there are a few things that should apply to "protesters" and those related to same. First of all, IDENTICAL headscarfs, tent cities and verbatim chants appearing in dozens of places around the continent is not "spontaneous". Someone is organizing and financing this activity, and they should be fined for restitution and if not legal citizens deported after their finances are tapped. Peaceful protesting is certainly something that western countries should and DO support, but disrupting institutions, causing property damage and spewing hate speech is well beyond peaceful. Those arrested or even identified by police on campus' who don't belong there need to be handed their share of the cleanup, investigation and peacekeeping costs - and just as with organizers if not legally citizens deported after collecting whatever they have against their fines. Students participating should be handed their share of the bill and be told they will not be graduated until they pay up. Staff is much easier: their share of the bill just gets deducted from their pension or if not adequate paycheques. The most valuable lesson the campus lot needs to learn is that your actions have consequences and you need to be accountable. To do any less would be denying them and excellent educational opportunity.. Remember the reaction to Western Truckers who drove into Ottawa to protest FOR Canadians? We need to have AT LEAST that strong a reaction to those protesting for Iran/Hamas/Hezbollah/Houthis/Al Queida, etc.
  7. I have written this here before, but IMHO tax on income should be flat tax, but capital gains should be "progressive". My numbers are: 99% in first month, 95% in rest of tax year dropping 5% per year until at same level as income tax. That way investment goes back into real business where the dividends post corporate tax should be tax free to genuine investors. Speculative investment is the game of finance and 100% guarantee that in their casino, the house always wins. If you are going to put inflationary pressure on John Q's money and purchasing power you need to pay your way.
  8. There are SO MANY things totally wrong in the RBC document the interwebs don't have enough room to list it all. The point in taxing a capital gain is to stop inflationary forces, not to encourage housing. Also, a meagre effort to find the money to pay the interest on $1.4 Trillion federal debt (USD real money, not cdn funny money). Just a little note on foreign trades: if you think you can bring a tradesman into Canada from a country with wildly different standards and throw them into some kind of Mickey Mouse school and make them wash away a lifetime of that culture to perform work to Canadian standards then you (i.e. RBC economists) have absolutely no experience in real life. Similar for comments on using inferior materials. Our methods of construction are already stretching the limits of inferiority.
  9. Because a capital gain creates no wealth - it is purely inflationary. One major reason housing is so expensive now is the free ride on the public of primary residence capital gains. On a larger scale why does it matter? By pushing money into the speculative markets you defund main street - where ALL wealth is created. Banks/financiers love it because they now control the entire economy and governments while bloating their purse through wealth re-distribution from inflation.
  10. nothing could be further from the truth.
  11. well, with 12% of Americans speaking Spanish vs. 22% of Canadians claiming French as their first language, while not official no question USA is a bilingual country. Suspect if you add in US illegals the number grows significantly. Canadians declare 29% catholic vs. 18% protestant - but I was surprised to see US at 49% protestant and only 25% catholic - again the latter number would increase greatly if one included the millions of illegals who are mostly catholic. So Canada is about "as catholic" as USA, but the Yanks are a lot more protestant.
  12. Any inference that what is subject to capital gains is "working capital" is erroneous at best. Only the money in an IPO, PO or private placement is ever going into a company to "work". In our new Casino Capitalist economy, the vast majority of capital gains are purely speculative and create no wealth - just inflationary pressure. So, John Q. Public is owed that inflationary gain by taxing it back as much as possible. Personally I would like to see 99% for a day trade, 95% first year, decreasing 5% per annum until reaching that individual's tax bracket rate on actual income. Ms. Freespend actually got this one right.
  13. I have a little trouble with the situation in Ukraine. When I was last there (;90s) hardly anyone East from Kiev even spoke Ukrainian - due to the fact that the Crimea was part of Mother Russia until Kruschev gave it to Ukraine (to lock them forever together - so he thought). Part of the heavy Russian presence in the East was historically slavic and part was due to USSR shipping in people. As much as I detest the Joe Stalin wannabe in Moscow there is SOME rationale for Russia's interests.
  14. The Western world (i.e. NATO) has Putin, Xi, Khamenei and Kim - all with or very near full nuclear capability and all led by people a few bricks short of a load. Damn straight we need NATO - just that since the Turd...uh....TRUdeau dynasty has dedicated its every effort into turning or military into some social engineering experiment instead of keeping up and in synch with our allies' defensive technology.
  15. It is sad indeed to see images of building after building in Gaza being destroyed - often because Hamas has chosen to hide behind the skirts of women and toys of children. It leads me to wonder where the cold hard cash to build a city of 2mm people came from? Best I can find is small industry never employed more than 40k people at any time over last century - agriculture about the same size. Can't see 80k low income jobs support 2mm people. From what I can see Palestine overall but Gaza in particular takes in money from UN agencies, some MENA countries (Qatar mostly) and Iran and produces nothing more than more Gazans and a home for Hamas. The reported 500 truckloads a day of stuff coming in is/was a LOT of money going out, but little evidence of more than a trickle of exports to bring the balance in.
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