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  1. I think you've earned it. Congrats on the anniversary and welcome to the 0 points club
  2. I have set it so the concurrent posts within 2 min will be merged. Lets see if that's a sufficient amount of time, we can always raise or lower that limit.
  3. There are two options available: Merger and/or flood control... I'm willing to try one or both, but we'll have to work out the specific times for each.
  4. Neither I, nor the forum, is physically in Canada anymore. While the site does attract more Canadians, the ratio of Canadians to Americans is narrowing everyday. I also disagree with the premise that Canada is a more civilized county. I've lived in both, and they both contain elements of uncivilized behavior.
  5. The rule has since been revised... Accounts can now be deleted, all that you need to do is request an account deletion using the same email as you registered with. Send requests to [email protected] If you delete your account, all postings, etc will be deleted, along with any account related information (profile photos, personal messages, etc). There is no reversing this decision, so please be certain this is what you want. Thanks!
  6. Nostalgia mostly. To be honest, when I changed the name and moved everything over to the new domain, I wanted to try to resurrect the old educational features, and see if I could find enough money to update them and start producing them again. However, I believe that time has past, and it may be time to split the forum off from the rest of the content. There are a number of very popular features that are still as relevant (and factually correct) today as they were 20+ years ago - the one on the Not Withstanding Clause, etc. So I might migrate the educational feature back to the original domain, and move the forums over to the root domain, repolitics.com.
  7. cool it everyone, or I'll lock this thread.
  8. Hi Greg,

    I have written my post, here:

    ... please, when you have time, read it. And let me know what do you think. Please, give me your answer after 24 hours of pondering. See you.



  9. Hi Gregor, 

    I have a very intresting thread I would like your mates here will review. Could you promete my user to full status...?

    I am sure I have found the key to decript these orrible events we are experincing... Can you give me a couple of days of trust...?

  10. It can be slow on the weekends, but post a few more times and you'll be a full member in no time.
  11. Sorry, didn't read the title of the thread before answering above. You can post an avatar AFTER you become a full member. So just keep going, you'll be a full member shortly.
  12. @Americana Antifa, all new members need to make a few postings before they are elevated to full member status. This is a anti-spam measure, and we hope that you understand. Your most recent posts have been approved, just keep posting and you will be elevated to full member status shortly. Thanks!
  13. To stop spammers, I have to manually approve the first five postings of each new member of the forums. To reduce the workload, and to improve the speed at which these new members are approved, I'm looking for a few volunteers to help out. The work load is ridiculously simple. You just have to review the moderation log, from time to time, and approve any new members who are not obviously spammers. And if a spammer does managed to "fool" me (or any of the new spam catchers), then all you have to do is mark them as a spammer. If you're interested, send me an email here: [email protected] Any questions, please post them below. Thanks!
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