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  1. You find crimes against humanity funny? Or is it that you don’t really believe that?
  2. Besides, if it were effective, why wouldn’t medical authorities embrace its use? Why would our buddies at Pfizer be holding this treatment back, but didn’t hold back monoclonal antibody, or other treatments? If Pfizer is so powerful, why are there any effective treatments for it at all?
  3. Shouldn’t you be concerned that we are being experimented upon akin to Nazis experimenting on Jews? Would you have sat back and said the same thing when the Nazis were experimenting on Jews, or would you have tried to do something about it?
  4. That’s all I care about. Without clarity, can we have a rational discussion?
  5. Nit picky points? I am addressing your points. If they’re nitpicky, then stop bringing them up. However, according to you this is the largest crime against humanity on a global scale and people, including those in the medical industry researching vaccines, should be executed. To me, that is the entire point and all that should matter. Whether I have to wear a mask, or restaurants are open, or I have to be vaccinated to go out and play are nitpicky. Calling for the execution of Pfizer scientists, Trudeau, Biden, Trump, Faucci, Hinshaw, Bonnie Henry, and all the other world leaders, scientists, CEOs of pharma companies and health executives who participated in Nazi-like experiments is a pretty important point.
  6. So when I asked you a question by quoting your post, and you responded quoting my post, you were actually responding to @Goddess? Can you see why I might be a bit confused? Most people quote the posts they’re responding to.
  7. I agree. We should emulate Norway as much as possible. It is probably the gold standard of the world. Any idea how the after-tax salaries of Norway compare to Canada?
  8. Don’t I what? Why are you avoiding the question of what should happen to the scientists who are perpetuating the biggest evil on the world populace that we have seen in our lifetimes? According to you and @Goddess, this is a world-wide Nazi-like medical experiments on a massive scale. And you won’t even answer a simple question of what should happen to the scientists who invented, lied about the safety and are encouraging medical experiments on the population?
  9. In a feudal system, wasn’t the compensation of the landowner (ruler) tied to what their land could produce (deliver)? Of course, the more serfs one had, and the less they were paid, the more the profits. But, it would seem to me, their wealth was definitely tied to what they could produce.
  10. Oh I see. If progressives are communists, what do we call the people who want the state to own the means of production? The ones we used to call communists, who are still around and likely aren’t progressive at all…
  11. Why would the salary of a PHO be linked to the median income of Canadians?
  12. I’m still unclear whether you think the terms are synonymous.
  13. What would your pappy have said about 7k+ posts on an Internet forum?
  14. You and @Goddess are making claims that the vaccines are akin to Nazi medical experiments, but are afraid to answer a question about the scientist who are perpetuating this evil? Should Pfizer scientists be charged with crimes against humanity?
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