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  1. Are you concerned that America is becoming “less white” in terms of demographics?
  2. Also remember that it is often the only way for voices to be heard in Canada’s North. Clearly, it is not profitable for radio and TV to broadcast to places in the arctic. The CBC is often a lynchpin bringing people closer together. Art, community, news…. All of it is tied together up there because of the CBC.
  3. Do all Christians believe the same creation articles, or is there disagreement among them?
  4. Religion. To people who think paradise awaits them, this world is just a place to deposit their turds until they’re sent to paradise.
  5. That’s an answer? LOL If the indigenous people of Canada are getting everything they want, then why are they so much poorer than the rest of us?
  6. How will gay people getting married ruin marriages of straight people?
  7. This rant is bizarre… i asked if gay marriage ruined your marriage? Or any marriage. Your rant had nothing to do with gay marriage.
  8. You didn’t answer the more important question…. What was different in the “integration” years versus now?
  9. Did your marriage and family fall apart after gay folks were allowed to get married?
  10. What year did it change? And what was different in the “integration” years?
  11. Then you are completely ignorant of how Canada’s justice system actually works.
  12. Do you think a Premier can overrule courts and the Crown and have charges removed against someone charged with a crime?
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