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  1. I guess if you work in an office all the time. Some of us are nowhere near a polling station all the time.
  2. Trump says Russia should attack NATO allies. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-68266447 At a rally on Saturday, he said he had once told a leader he would not protect a nation behind on its payments, and would "encourage" the aggressors to "do whatever the hell they want".
  3. You care that the mermaid is black because they didn’t make enough money? 😑
  4. Not triggered. I’m not Chinese, so why would I be triggered? You work with any niggers who admire you as well?
  5. He doesn’t have dementia, obviously. But he does have significant memory issues. If the Dems don’t replace him it will be 4 more years of Trump given the latest news about the special prosecutor’s report. https://www.cbc.ca/amp/1.7109811 A wince-inducing report has just made it that much harder for U.S. President Joe Biden to quell concerns about his age as he seeks re-election. The special counsel report released Thursday paints the 81-year-old president as suffering from mental decline. And it points to several examples from Biden's hours-long interviews with investigators. They include Biden struggling to remember what years he was vice-president and being way off when discussing the year of his son's death.
  6. How does it do that? There are criteria to meet to get a particular job…. education, experience, etc. These don’t disappear. Any candidate considered has to meet the criteria.
  7. Nope. “All five were arrested”. Here’s a screenshot of the story from CTV of your “mass protest”.
  8. And they arrested all five of them at what you call a “mass protest”. Maybe you’re right…. we already have laws to prevent 5 people blocking traffic. Maybe we need new laws to prevent slightly bigger “protests” though? Nothing short of the Emergencies Act (later deemed illegal) got the province of Ontario to enforce the laws, right?
  9. The article you provided about your “environmentalist” arsonist said he was a climate denier. What specifically makes you think he was an environmentalist?
  10. I laughed when I saw this and was going to let it go…. but I’ve never been called the devil before! What makes you think I’m the devil?
  11. Except, this arsonist didn’t believe in climate change…. You still think they’re an environmentalist though, don’t you? It suits your narrative. It’s easily refuted, and yet you’re sticking by your claim. You’re a climate change denier, like this arsonist though, right? You two are birds of a feather!
  12. I would never presume to tell someone that they are forced to suffer before they die. I don’t have that right and neither do you. But, you believe in state executions in the form of the death penalty. You don’t even agree with the opinion of the propaganda that you linked to!
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