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  1. Starting, as it did in this case, with the ones that justify colonization, occupation and subjugation.
  2. 🤣 They're the ones that have been given a job no one else seems too inclined to do. Or do you figure they pulled off a coup of some sort on their own?
  3. So you really have no idea - it could be worse for all you know but so what? W just isn't there to understand, you don't have a TV?
  4. You're right, the abuse of in-camera influence by powerful wealthy lobbyists on politicians is disgraceful. I'd prefer the free market solution our grandfather's enjoyed when workers were paid their fair share of the capital gains stemming from the goods and services they produced. I don't know why you wouldn't like that too or are you the sort of butt-sniff that would kiss a 1-percenter's ass like a politician under the influence?
  5. No, that's not what was in the report I posted. Try again.
  6. Exactly what is happening, indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas. I know you subscribe to a bunch of high falutin' ethical hooey that justifies it but AFAIC collateral slaughtering brings revenge down to the same level as Hamas'.
  7. In the meantime...between his attempts to double down on his BS after his terrorism knee jerked in reaction to a Faux News report and then throwing his anti climate-change pro-Putin base a couple of fresh bones voting down a free trade agreement with Ukraine...all I can say is if you've seen one chud you've also seen Poilievre.
  8. I'm pretty sure chuds solved this over a hundred years ago by conflating east and west with left and right and you're not with us/them you're... See how easy it is? No brain no pain.
  9. So like, a school hot lunch program for example? That's like a first step on the slippery slope to a Gulag or something?
  10. You're saying the Oslo Accords called for compliance as opposed to peace? Given your mangling of the generally accepted definition given to the word progressive, compliance could mean just about anything. Did you think it means death to the Jews or something?
  11. Compared to you just dismissing and throwing out centuries of conventional wisdom and consensus derived through political science on what is meant by the terms progressive and conservative? 🤔 If you say so.
  12. Fu ck you too. Look more carefully, I asked if you support Israel's slaughter of Gazans. I've made it quite clear that criminals should be charged. You still have a chance to clear up whether you feel the crimes committed on Oct 7 justify the collective punishment of some 12000 people, half of them kids. BTW has any one heard how many criminals are included in that number?
  13. So how do you explain the largest protests Israelis have ever held against their government in the history of Israel under Netanyahu? On Saturday, protest organisers said as many as 500,000 demonstrators took to the streets across Israel for the 10th consecutive week, in what the Haaretz newspaper called "the largest demonstration in the country's history". https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-64929563
  14. You might want to rethink that. If regressive is the opposite of progressive and if conservative is also the opposite of progressive then conservative = regressive. Maybe you meant to say Iran is liberal.
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