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  1. Even stupider if they expect you buy it.
  2. Yeah but you righties are really santorum. Scum of the earth is nothing compared to that.
  3. He's not meddling in the affairs of Canada he's repudiating the moral basis known as the Doctrine of Discovery that basically covered the entire New World and just about every indigenous person, culture, community and nation that ran afoul of it. The Pope's simply underscoring that what happened to indigenous people was wrong. This Is something countries like Canada recognized and started acknowledging decades ago so why you think this is meddling now is puzzling not to mention a little too late to start crying about now. You don't even believe in the Pope so why do you even care? Does it contradict your version of Christianity somehow?
  4. An even better argument is to point at the fact that Governor General's dispatched by England to BC, with orders to negotiate with people who lived here and get them to cede sovereignty to the Crown, didn't, couldn't or wouldn't follow those orders. So in addition to doing unto others yadda yadda, people back then also knew they couldn't just walk on in and take over the joint without a by-your-leave from the people who were already here. If there were no international laws explicitly stating this there were certainly international expectations that anyone claiming lands in the so-called New World did so in a process that applied to any newcomers competing here - you secured your claim by negotiating something, formal surrender or whatever with the people who lived here.
  5. Coastal claims are often based on the watersheds that provide necessities critical to coastal people, like salmon for example. Boundaries based on biogeophysical features such as watersheds are common throughout the world and have been for centuries.
  6. Everyone, individuals institutions and governments alike, were under the same 2000 year old moral code that commanded them to unto others yadda yadda. They knew better than to behave the way they did. In any case the only thing you're really responsible for is paying for the mistakes and crimes that our institutions committed.
  7. I also understand that I can't just print money out of thin air. I suppose I'd be up at night worrying if an alien war fleet was in orbit demanding payment or else or if Canada was the only country in this pickle. The comparison to household debt is silly. If I need to borrow money in an emergency I find a lender. Am I to believe Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland ran around the country and planet and actually drummed up $600 billion or whatever it was for COVID and that investors happily invested their own money in the cause? Am I to further believe these investors who were willing to lend us their money to stave off one disaster will now just as happily plunge us into another disaster unless we pay them back? Why don't we just kill them? Or...why not sit down with every other country faced with this dilemma and figure out a deal or is that too much like a big reset? What I really don't get is staying up at night worrying or even worse feeling guilty as many seem to feel or imply people should feel. It's a little to surreal to take seriously. By the way how do you feel about my pie-in-the-sky financing scheme? It's a real pie named Psyche 16, an asteroid worth some 10 quintillion dollars in orbit between Mars and Jupiter. I mean Earth could sure finance itself out of a lot of pickles given all that cheddar.
  8. Never say never, WCM has apparently been able to put the truth about 9/11 behind him so there's always hope. Just don't bother trying to hold your breath in the meantime.
  9. So you can actually carry on a conservation with im about the weather, the left, turnips, anything you want?
  10. We got the idea because you keep saying your Bible is infallibly correct. Word for word. Please make up your mind.
  11. What about more freedom from religion and supernaturalism? Why should we have to accommodate so much of it in public policy?
  12. The fact you can't help yourself from thinking that anyway precludes any point of listening. OTOH the main reason it's so easy for the government to accommodate the needs of people who believe in the supernatural is that it's been doing so forever. As I've said before atheism has done little to dilute the amount of deluded thinking going on in the world and of course it doesn't help matters that it's so easy to exploit.
  13. They might drive out there now in hopes of scoring 400 guns in one swoop.
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