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  1. Unintentionally...by mistake? Your engine quits, the wind blows you across the border and...do you get the boat back after you've paid your fine and been released? Do you have a cite for any of this? Thanks.
  2. What's so hard about comparing kill rates? Trump in number one and Trudeau isn't. The 1st one.
  3. No kidding, I would have thought capitalism would be all over this opportunity. Is it just sitting around waiting for someone to tell it's lazy ass it's time to get back to work or holding out for more compensation or something?
  4. It seems so unfair that those will likely be our Halcyon Days. At this rate Trudeau will never catch up to Trump.
  5. Don't you mean the solution? I would have sworn you've been spending months telling us the 'likes of you people' were the problem.
  6. You'll never learn to be kind until you've mastered being calm.
  7. Do you think they'll still be snarling or laughing their asses off if we let Meng return to China? They'll probably execute a couple anyway just to add a few shits to the giggles. It'll be curious to see your reaction if Biden wins the US election and drops charges against Meng.
  8. Maybe it's just incompetence. You've said Trudeau has been deliberately infecting as many Canadians as possible and that he's been doing worse than Trump all along. Given how Trump's kill rate quickly pushed the US from 4th position to 1st in the world in the same time Trudeau's kill rate dropped from around 11th down to 24th Trudeau is obviously doing something wrong.
  9. It's capitalism's prestige that's taken the hit. When hard-boiled capitalist's back's are against the wall economics needs to take precedence over virtue. To do otherwise they need to cede that socialism just might have some utility. By the same token its a little phenomenal how much the most powerful communist dictatorship on the planet has made of giving similar respect to capitalism. The real take away from capitalism as it's practiced in China though is how empowering corruption can be for it. Remember when we were told how wheeling and dealing with democracies would make dictatorships more like us?
  10. No you weren't, you were rolling your eyes and laughing your ass off at the suggestion like any other obedient conservative.
  11. I was saying that very same thing almost 20 years ago. I even said how to fix it.
  12. I guess it's safe to say Be Calm and Be Kind won't be stuck on anyone's bumper during this election. The middle finger is more likely.
  13. Okay...try visualizing a bunch of people in a boat all paddling in different directions.
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