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  1. There is a very small number of Canadians who should be subject to her orders and those are the politicians of the government the monarch authorized - a government that is notorious for avoiding having to answer to Canadians. She could do that but I'm reminded of the difference Queenmandy pointed out between power and authority but more to the point exerting it.
  2. Implementing rational thinking is what counts. I suspect the vast majority of conservatives know this but just don't give a shit. You guys do partisanship like no others on the planet.
  3. What about ammunition control? How long would it take for America to run out of ammo? Surely there'd only be a tiny handful of people with the smarts and capacity to make their own but I'm betting the the dent you'd put into the national supply would be huge.
  4. Of course you take it that way. I haven't read it so I don't know if I agree with it or not. I'm not speaking to it, I'm speaking to the issue of conservatives automatically jerking their knees in unison whenever the courts make a ruling that might benefit a criminal. It's definitely about politics and making use of garbage to further your's and I'm quite certain the public is not the least bit endangered by this ruling. I'm also just as certain that the feelings of victims and their families will still be taken into account when a criminal that impacted their lives gets a chance to make a bid for release.
  5. My guess is that a lot if it has to do with money laundering - snow washing as its called when Canadians do it. Apparently we're very good at it. By some accounts $130 billion was moved into Canada last year alone. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/terry-glavin-canadas-rankings-in-the-corruption-perceptions-index-have-plummeted-under-trudeau If Canadians truly want to do something about corruption ( I honestly don't think enough of us do) we better be prepared for a dramatic drop-off in property values. Until such time as this happens ordinary Canadian property owners will be stuck between a pillow and a soft place. Sucks to be us? https://toronto.citynews.ca/2021/11/16/ownership-registry-snow-washing-gta-real-estate/#:~:text=Cohen believes there's an increasing,-washing%2C” said Cohen.
  6. We are a nation in which conservatives are unable to put aside or leave behind their desire to turn our justice system into a vengeance system. No matter what anyone else says they'll always be dismissed as soft on crime...if we brought back the electric chair conservatives would be whining that the means of death was too painless, too quick and too soft on crime. You see the same process guaranteeing that the right-wing forever remains a direction instead of ever becoming a place.
  7. I agree about nuclear energy and I've said so for years. What I've also said for years however is that we shouldn't go there until we have a means of guaranteeing that we can safely and reliably regulate the industry. Unfortunately we can't do that because we can't trust the government to regulate without undue and unaccountable influence of lobbying to cut corners, look the other way, ignore problems and so on and so forth to ensure profits and limit liability. Do you know of a better way of governing ourselves so that we can trust the government will properly regulate an industry with such a potential for disaster?
  8. Look again, I said nuclear energy should be on hold. It's transparency and accountability that will be left on hold. I think the deep damage after years of this low priority is reflected in the crisis of misinformation and fake news that has turned so much of the public square into the equivalent of the Tower of Babel.
  9. Years of DFO mismanagement of the salmon fishery but in particular the way hundreds of small boat operators were disenfranchised while BC's biggest fishing corporation wound up with 40% of the coastwide quota. When fishing DFO requires me to work with cameras recording everything that's happening on deck, GPS logs our exact whereabouts and I validate this further in a detailed paper-log. I hail out when I leave port and hail in when I arrive back. A technician meets us at the unloading plant where the 'black box' containing all the data and camera images that were recorded is taken off the boat and a fresh black box is installed. The information is audited and validated and I'm rated/scored on accuracy and if too many errors accumulate over time I can be assigned a human observer in addition to the above. This oversight is at my own expense and compliance is a condition of my fishing licence. This is how its been done for years now on the coast. The monitoring is to protect Canadians interest in the sustainable harvest of a public resource. I wonder if Canadians think cameras at the meetings leading up to the assignment of 40% of the BC salmon quota to BC's wealthiest billionaire would have been a good idea?
  10. I wouldn't. How can you have confidence in a system that avoids being audited, validated and verified for veracity? Faith? We've tried that and it doesn't cut it. I say we try making a few changes to the Lobbying Act and apply a little science and technology instead. We get the government we deserve which is as it should be in a democracy.
  11. I doubt the Deep-state will be fazed - it'll just keep laughing it's commie ass off and carry on with impurifying and sapping America's bodily fluids.
  12. I believe all this too I just think we're long past the point where we can say our standards are adequate. So why wouldn't government work with the due diligence I've proposed?
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