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  1. FFS don't buy them then. I have a kid that won't eat dairy or honey for equally stubborn reasons. But I suggest you eat bananas now while you can. We're already on the edge of either GMO bananas or Yes-we have no bananas. BTW There's nothing wromng with green eggs, they taste just like the white, brown and blue ones. It's the green ham you have to worry about
  2. Somewhat foolish to attribute that strictly to govt. ALL large companies do the same, endless layers of policy and procedure supposedly to serve you better but actually to protect their own asses. They will ALL line up shoulder to shoulder claiming how they followed procedure to a T no matter how wrong and harmful it was to the incident at hand. And no political party is can "fix' it. All they can ever do is replace the ones at the top and fire the ones at the bottom which solves nothing; the Mandarins remain eternal. The smallest change takes generations. We're currently running under policies from the Mulroney/Martin (run more like a business/ cost efficient) schemes of 'deny benefits first - bury them in paper so they'll give up and go away - minimize staffing, all the while dealing with population and demand growth - huge bloated salaries to keep managers close to business pay - and a disgruntled staff faced with the same inflationary and salary stagnation that's hit the rest of us. Add to that the prevalent and loudly voiced opinion of many that a 'civil service' job is not as valuable or worthy as one in the private sector.
  3. Yeah let's also pretend it's responsible for food prices that have been increasing at more like 80% annually too, and how hamburger and corn flakes will drop to $3.99 lb and gas under $1 the day after they get rid of the carbon tax. Yeah a box of frozen fish & chips was $4.99 in 2015 and $12.99 now so it must be all Trudeau and the carbon tax's fault. So wander into yet another election without a Tory climate plan. Maybe your grandkids can run home oxygenizers on raw bitumen and get tax breaks for building fire breaks and home dikes too. I'd post many of the charts in the news over the last few days, but you guys will find them just to hard to understand or outright MSM lies for showing low/medium incomes aren't 'suffering' from carbon tax. And try to convince us with provincial equivalents for support so the rest of you laggards don't have to pay anything.
  4. So you're one who thinks Trudeau is in charge of telling the Liberal party what to do, just as I stated? Haven't evolved beyond the Divine Right of Kings in your political thinking?
  5. But but the Internet is speshull ... we can defund the CBC and Canadians can get real news from Truth Social and we'll save all that money ! Those fools that live in the boonies can damn well pay Elon for Starlink access instead of leeching off the rest of us Cement City dwellers for news and weather reports. And that FOI idea, then you're denying the govt the same right as Big Business to claim an exorbitant cost to making an employee press keys on a keyboard and actually do their job!
  6. No, no. Idaho, or parts of Montana. They could feel right at home with those militia nutz hating them as much as Hamas does.
  7. No, that's how other people could think - sarcasm, dude! Like GOP Americans, more tariffs, more tax breaks, more right-to-work laws. Hidden duties like forcing the rest of the world to use inches, mis-shapen gallons to sell to 400 million customers where L/100lm is just too hard to understand. Should be obvious to everyone I'm one of those leftists that think the people tell the govt how business behaves and not vice versa. Other media pays into Cdn content funds and these bozos are playing the "social" media is something totally different line. I'm not so much against Google as it already pays many content creators and associates, who then pay taxes on their earnings. Like I paid tax on the revenue from Google searches and ads on a lot of websites I own. I even have Google News links that filters out world news specific to that specific thing on some sites. As far as Zuckerberg and some of those other infected tumours on the Internet, the govt is free to tax them into oblivion AFAIC. I am sorry that now FB has blocked Cdn news, we aren't seeing stories of all those anti-vax goons that were predominantly re-posted everywhere now losing their court cases.
  8. I'm well aware that my posts go way over a lot of forum regular's heads. If you can only plot along a single line of self pre-determined thought, you're hooped. That's your problem. Go ahead and pretend words mean what you want and not what they do then write your own dictionary. If you want Charter Rights that protect only you and your kind, you're shit out of luck. If you can't even see that's you, it's your problem, the rest of us can.
  9. Do point out your total lack of knowledge regarding anything you post. You just shit on the one possible leader that would have given a direct detailed answer without any political grandstanding in a manner even an illiterate would understand. Your 'charisma' comment points out the hypocrisy of the so called 'right', whining about 'dictators' everywhere while requiring a leader to herd you like sheep. Heads of parties are more accurately categorized as administrators to enact the party's platform, not vice versa. Only political ignoroids claim otherwise.
  10. No. Nathan Cullen. As a long time NDP i've often said their main problem was electing leaders by their skill at delivering the message. Layton was the only one this generation. I've jokingly stated they'd elect an ESL Helen Keller in a wheelchair because it's 2024... before one with qualifications. Besides, Singh dodged the question just like every other leading politician does so that should impress you on his political 'skills'. Join the crowd and condemn Singh for carrying stuff in a fancier bag than you have instead of a black plastic garbage bag instead.
  11. When I see those two post I can't help but picture them as that photo of Rudy Giuliani with his brains leaking down the side of his head.
  12. Oh, using westman numbers argument. What's being discussed would only affect 987,000 odd native people so that's okay then. And the Salem witch trials were by Protestants, so they were okay too, eh? Your inability to distinguish authoritarianism from political leaning is showing, as it does with many on the board who think they're conservatives. Authoritarianism is the extreme end of any political position, and even as you condemn it you often reveal you only want to impose your own form of it.
  13. If Non Christians want to associate Christmas with a religion they can look around and associate all the promotions with the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition
  14. I should try those apples. Can't be worse than those tasteless Red Delicious apples they use for commercial grade apple pies (that are 80& added sugar). More concerning is how store bought actual frozen pies are disappearing from shelves and the Industrial Grade ones are full of core parts and even stems these days. I sure miss the wife, she baked all the time. I'm useless at that and baking for just one is a waste of time and money.
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