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  1. Canada's "culture" is multicultural. Therefore it is. Unless you're saying stop all immigration from anywhere, in which case it would be merely stupid.
  2. Oh FFS cut the replies. Anyone who believes no one died of Covid or the deaths were all faked and from something else is a total pinhead not worth responding to. They've already caused enough damage to public health measures and the only people they'll ever convince are more mentally challenged fools. The same small group of complete liars and imbeciles has dragged every thread in this forum beyond belief with their utter nonsense.
  3. Jeez, that's kind of dumb. If anyone died on the way to the hospital, they'd end up there in the morgue. Would the bodies have been dropped off at the train station or Tim Hortons?
  4. Like I said, Trump's a businesman, he can't differentiate between what you spend and what you get. Completely forgot with the smaller military budgets we more than held our own in Afghanistan while the USA buggered off to Iraq and left other countries holding the fort.
  5. What makes you think Canada's the USAs bum boy like Belarus is to Russia. Plus the USA doesn't even think we're integral to their identity or somehow beholden to them. Damn Russian trolls anyway.
  6. Ooh the Mayor used bad words that were OK for MSM to print! BAD MSM ! Burn in heck!
  7. I admit to going over the top, but with using those words directed at someone, not the words themselves. And I'm only annoyed using them as posts like F*** Trudeau or F*** Biden as those are simplistic, mere wastes of bandwidth and contribute nothing. But banning words the Scot and Irish Uncles sue around the dinner table, heard on regularly on TV and one's I've used myself when public speaking seems over the top. Judgemental to 1960 standards by the makers of these forum programs. I'm more familiar with PhpBB that automatically replaces the words in a banned list if you click submit.
  8. Vaccine for Ohmigod Variant Can Turn You Into Quivering Blob of Jelly 9 yr old Billy Jones after receiving 3rd dose
  9. The FBI plants bombs and kidnaps people? Do you even want to be sane?
  10. And to add - don't blame the logging companies. They buy the rights to the trees, not the land. That's the whole reason for the Softwood Lumber Duties the USA wants us to sell them the land outright, so they can speculate on that too. Our system of making them replant and give back access to the forests is too 'socialist' for their liking. So if you want to make everything rotten apply to the boonies too - support their position.
  11. Oh FFS the tired old whine about 'socialists' being the problem. 3% Property transfer tax on realty - imposed by Social Credit 7% GST on NEW houses - imposed by Conservatives $30K-$40K regulatory permitting thru local gov't few of which can be considered 'socialist' and mainly to ensure modern safe standards in construction. Just like how you can no longer buy new cars w/o daytime lights, disc brakes, radial tires, seat belts, etc. No one buys a car w/o an auto tranny or radio & power windows anymore, nor a home without finished basements - so they don't even make them these days. Main cities constrained by geography not gov't buying up the land or logging companies. Lower Mainland is also hampered by the Agricultural Land Reserve, since the 1970s and no one wants to get rid of else everything would need to be imported. Speculation - which is a basic cornerstone of free enterprise, so much so developers and sellers even whine about being taxed on profits. If someone offers you $1M for the home you bought for $50K, you're insane not to take it. Foreign buyers - yes that's a concern but there's even push-back against taxing ones not used to reside in or not rented out. AFAIK BC's the only place there's an Empty Homes Tax. And of course a bit of utter stupidity on the part of gov't - like the HomeOwner and Seniors HomeOwner grants here. You're supposed to refile year after year and now online. Like I deal with seniors, most aren't capable of doing email let alone navigate through these piss poor gov't sites. And in my own case - there's years of past filings in the gov't records. What happened? Did maybe I mysteriously get younger so I don't qualify anymore? So it's pretty ignorant to blame 'socialists' for everything you don't like. Like did political correctness disappear under Bush, Harper, Trump? No, it kept getting bigger and more common. The damn 'small homes' and social housing sites are now running at costs of over $500K per unit in the big cities. This is a much bigger and more complex problem than most people think. Add on that Vancouver and the Lower Mainland is the only place that's not like the rest of Canada, it rarely drops below 0 in the winter, so the homelerss tend to congregate there. I will maintain my position that the only way to progress for this country is to spread out.
  12. There's a complete ignorance towards technology involved as well. Dr gives a prescription of something you need to take every day for the rest of your life. Two weeks worth! Then you call in fort an appt and are told the Dr isn't available for 6 weeks. Now I know the Dr wants that $35 to renew your prescription but unless they actually need to see you why in hell can't the Dr click a button on his laptop, get $25 instead and free some time up to see a patient that actually needs to be seen? Everything online here in BC. Why when you go to the lab do they need to "fax" the form to your Dr at the clinic? That requires someone to print it, someone to fax it, someone to get the fax and bring it to the Dr's desk. Every step of which wastes time. Here it's just a bloody excuse... we didn't get the fax etc. etc. etc. A $5 an hour developer in India can rewrite the MRI machine's code so they can do the scan in Prince George, click a button and it and your file goes instantly to the specialist in Vancouver and your Dr's computer in Fraser Lake FFS. Give nurses and ambulance crews a decent raise, incentives to work where they're needed and speed up foreign qualified staff certification if they guarantee to work 5 years where they're needed, not just where they want. There's tons of $$ to be saved by modernizing and streamlining redundant and obsolete policies and procedures to cover that.
  13. If you're one of those who've decided that this country is finished building itself you should go outside more often. Don't forget the strip mall settlement was done by giving the land alongside the railway to a bunch of investors and that's been the problem ever since. And BTW it worked out very well. We have lights and phones in the boonies and you in the city have tons of power and buckets of money. The stupid thing was privatizing everything once all the expensive building of it was complete instead of earning something. Like BC Rail for example.
  14. You spouted the usual Trumpoid bullshit, You want proofs? Open your eyes, read a newspaper, turn on a TV and shut off FOX and avoid the conspiracy websites. You want to keep faith in a barely literate con man, that's your problem. Freedom of speech and all that. But freedom of speech doesn't cover rotten tomatoes tossed at you.
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