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  1. Yeah couldn't miss all the windfarms around the Pass when we visited friends. Seems more practical than just letting the wind blow trucks off the road. Converting all those remaining coal plants over to gas would be a huge step in the right direction. BTW isn't just trucks - we drove down southern Hwy22 in a 2dr Wrangler - what a wild ride!
  2. What point are you trying to make with this irrelevant overused denier sound byte? That they should attend world conferences by sailing ships and donkeys? That you if you have environmental concerns you shouldn't own a car, a fridge, a computer? If your bicycle gets a flat tire do you chuck it off the bridge into the river? Or do you FIX IT? Did you chuck it in the river because others told you only stoopid people fix things? Then you'd be dumber than they were. So stop telling people trying to fix things that they're the fools.
  3. Word filter makes us use baby talk like piddle....
  4. Only I don't cuz I've lived here for 35 years. None of the sitting Chiefs or Councils at the time supported it. Just like now when a couple "Hereditary Chiefs" oppose the LNG, but all the elected, sitting ones do. You think the Financial Post is going to give the whole story? You must believe the Fraser Institute as gospel or something. Just as you conveniently left out that there was no intent to send light oil thru Northern Gateway. Or that it required a 2nd pipe to send dilutent back to the oil fields so they could even pump the heavy oil, and that was even more dangerous to the environment should it leak. Over and done, too late to start now. Look at doing something instead of what might have been. Quit the sovereignty bullshit and get with it, if you don't like federal carbon tax, collect your own. They don't care if you give every penny back to Albertans as rebates or fix your hospitals and build your own damn refinery. You're still complaining when there's always been an option on the table. Jeez, collect it and piddle it away studying bridges and tunnels to nowhere like BC does. Build a Edmonton-Calgary Skytrain, whatever you want. You can already decide how to use the money but seem to prefer nothing but Ottawa bashing.
  5. True, increasing shipping out of Vancouver is a dumb and dangerous idea, but that pipe goes to the refineries in Washington anyways. Always did, always will. Who else is going to buy it? Asia's not set up to deal with heavy oil, they aren't going to build just to handle it. And you're exactly backwards, Northern Gateway was the least environmentally justified route possible. No previous infrastructure, virgin territory, risk the Skeena river? Are you kidding? 100% of the town councils and native bands on the route were against it, including Kitimat, the only place that would get any permanent benefit at all. Give up pretending BC got benefits and it was good environmentally sound. It's over and done, never to be revived. It would've got more support if everyone hadn't easily seen past the shallow lies Enbridge presented in public. Even all those bribes tossed out hurt them in the end.
  6. For over a decade I've posted umpteen ways Alberta energy fanatics could increase or achieve some of their goals on multiple forums. All these years and nothing has changed, I can only conclude they just want something to whine about. Hell, listen to what's posted. Trudeau spends billions to ensure TMX gets built because the oil money said it was too much trouble for their investment but you're blaming him for them not building more pipelines. They see the writing on the wall, listen to your corporate Overlords. Not worth the investment. You think PP will build oil pipelines with tax dollars? FFS Asia just might buy LNG. They're transitioning from oil. If you can come up with a way to ship stuff all the way down the coast, through the Panama Canal and all the way to Europe cheaper than from the Middle East they might be interested. Otherwise the market for Alberta oil is and will continue to be N America, so make an effort to maximize it.
  7. It doesn't mean civil war. It could mean Ottawa decides it created you, so it will dissolve your legislature and revert you back to territorial status. Hell, seeing as how the whole raison d'etre for separation seems to be "for a few more bucks" that should make separatists happy; no more provincial sales tax!
  8. boiled frog syndrome & don't look up solutions.... I think he means still too many people in goblin mode.
  9. Volatile? Watched an interview on CTV w a lady griping about prices, right behind her the display held butter for $3.99. It's $8.99 here. And I just snapped at my dog while making dinner "Well I should hope you like raw hamburger at $8lb!" and instantly remember saying the same thing to him about steak a year or so ago. Just saw a recipe in the Costco book for a prime rib Xmas dinner: start w a 20lb roast... yeah like $600 for one of those in these parts.
  10. It's been an issue here for years, glad to see the USA has even noticed. They've probably had 20X the overdose deaths. And they'd probably shoot anyone who even mentioned "harm reduction" out loud.
  11. Seat belts, safety glass, crumple zones, air bags, pollution controls, bumper & light standards, mileage mandates. Yes, the free enterprise system is just so efficient as to what is needed. All mandates the Big 3 lobbied against. Where do you think the bulk of investment money in battery, rare earth mining, etc. is coming from? The oil companies covering their futures. It sure as hell isn't from Greenpeace. BTW the UN Committee on Environment isn't radicals. People with your point of view are the radicals.
  12. Or they can just lie. Each time I enter the grocery store and see prices that are double or more what they were just last summer, I wish those people would go work for my bank. Then my 2% GIC would double in value each year. More fool me I went to uni on an "OLD Math" scholarship... Just to frustrate myself I looked up a Seattle Safeway flyer. Seems our 70c dollar means we pay FOUR TIMES as much for steaks, TEN TIMES as much for seafood and over TRIPLE the price for breakfast cereals. And we try not to mention apples 'on sale' for $3.99/lb......
  13. Family man needs to change the charges from massage parlours to ones from garages?
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