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  1. Yeah they did. Because she was just as valuable and important a Canadian as some old Prime Minister, more so than a Brit that was born speshul. Terry Fox. Coulda been Steve Fonyo, but he f*cked up and turned out to be a normal human just like John A. did. Not acceptable to some.
  2. See what I mean fall for it every time? Don't look at a gas station. Don't get a cell phone or look for cable/satellite TV or internet access.
  3. If they had dashcams decades ago I could've posted the jacked up 1979 Bronco spiining all 4 wheels while sliding downhill on the wrong side of Boundary Rd while I cruised up the hill effortlessly in a 94 2wd Caravan. And that wasn't staged. You can't make the Cybertruck look any worse than Elon did..... the Aztech of the 2020s... In 2023 over 1 out of 5 of car sales were EVs 20.2%. Now Tesla is worrying that they actually have a little extra stock... oh no,,, prices might come down if just anyone can get one.
  4. I was talking to a nurse when I moved up here, about the campaign against FAS and commented how my Mom was told to sip one drink, maybe a glass of sherry while she was pregnant and how it worked out better than the Moms who took the thalidomide the doctor advised. Nurse went ballistic - Look where you f*cking live now! One drink to half these people means one two-four, or one 26er of Vodka or one 40 lb of Rum! That's why we say NONE, ZERO.
  5. Be like my grandson. His favourite beer is $1 less at this beer store, his Dad's Gibsons is $1.50 less at the one the other end of town. But he goes to the LCB as it's across the street and not as busy. Or the guys here, it's already cold at the Beer Store. $3 sic pack more and they drove to it in a pickup truck a -20C. Not condemning private stores, just pointing out it's not such a progress. It's great to see Ontario finally entering the 1980s...
  6. Oh IF they'd invested in Bitcoin it would've made..... therefore they really lost $xxxx Let's blame them like it's a fail for not having a crystal ball
  7. Show me a Grade 4 Math book on how you can make ridings all equal in population without taking some away. Then tell me how TF you'd pull that off and get elected again... Yeah they try to adjust to equalize them every so often but you can only add new ones. They have to account for geographical areas too. And I do enjoy my vote being worth 2 or 3 of you urbanites....
  8. How about NO, he's worn out his welcome on bills since 1937. Rather see Guy LaFleur than another bloody PM. How about Pierre Elliot Trudeau on the $20. So lots of people will boost the economy by trying to get rid of twenties as fast as they can?
  9. You guys love to fall for that 'free enterprise' myth every time, don't you? They'll all buy from one central agency warehouse. Your "competition" will be to pay 50ยข more at store A or $1 more at Store B. And your kids will love it when those non-union store workers don't get paid enough to care if they're fired for not checking ID. But then again you'll have a better selection of crappy beers and shitty wines as that's what the street winos guzzle. Lots of those 24oz can displays they can come in and buy one can at a time after a couple hours mooching on the street.
  10. Oh Jeez can I be in the Fifth Column too? I married a Scot, her family came to Canada when she was 12. Her parents told her they chose Canada because Australia was so hot her dolls would melt. Nothing in Canada was any good, they crossed the border every weekend because the golfing was better, the gas cheaper, clothes were better quality, cafes were cheaper with bigger portions, etc. etc. etc. Yanks had a Trident base in their home town and Canada didn't even have atomic submarines... I was only 'half white' cuz one Grampa came from Italy 65 years before they came to Canada. I used to tease the wife that they were the real boat people. Plates with the Queen and Prince Phillip in the display case, insisting on Scot dancers perform at our wedding, a Diana haircut for the wife. Why some of their good friends were woggies.... I did like them, eccentric as hell but they acted like natural born Canucks were the oddities. I swore oaths to the Queen in Scouts and Cadets. She's dead. It's all over now, the Royal family are just historical quirks, leftovers from an era long gone. We can swear oaths to the Canadian Constitution from now on. The Comonwealth is just a club, an historical association we can share sports contests with. Maybe turn into a Trade treaty and give some meaning to.
  11. Gibberish. They're here, they already sell at the same market share as the "cars" category and they won't be going away. And once again, they're pointing out the utter failings of the Big 3 makers lobby for loans, bailouts and tariffs rather than compete. What's butt stubborn is making up conditions as if you were being forced to cut down a forest with a Swiss Army knife therefore it's the Swiss Army knives that are stupid, useless and only woke fools would own one. You can only go 500-600 kms in a day... Plugging it in your own carport is less convenient than driving across the border for cheap gas.... There are no charging stations, I refuse to acknowledge the one they're building at the end of the block... $40,000 is too expensive, so I bought a $80,000 pickup... HTG I too am 'too big' to be comfortable in a Bolt. I wasn't comfy in my Kei truck either but it was a work truck, not something to cross Canada in. Hell we honeymooned in the Rockies in a 1977 Civic and I swear my ears rang for 2 more weeks after. But it got us to work fine until we had another kid. Imagine something like that as an EV - I'd already own one. Worry instead over what's coming long before the EV mandate. Mandated automatic braking. Cars that will buzz at you exceeding the posted speed limit or even prevent you going 105 in a 100 zone. They already spy on you and it will get far worse, report your every move to both police and the insurance companies.
  12. and why do you think that was? Because the Maple leaf symbolized Canada.
  13. REPEAT: put a Canadian or a Canadian symbol on the $20 and the Maple Leaf on all the coins and this wouldn't even be an issue.
  14. Gee I didn't hear Trudeau say he supported the ICC in his speech. I heard him say they'd consider recognizing Palestine when it's due time. Just like I've heard both Libs and US Democrats clearly state that Hamas laying down their arms and releasing the hostages must be part of a ceasefire. Why do some righties insist on outright lies and mistruths in every thread title?
  15. Oh that proves EVs are no good? You tried to do a 16 hour trip in the absolute worst, so bad they stopped production and recalled them all, slapped together GM response to an EV mandate. Yeah we used to do long shots like that Vancouver to Thunderbay non stop when we were 20. Didn't think we proved much doing so. Used to drive lots Williams Lake - Vancouver and Prince George - Vancouver, which are easily doable in a Tesla. Specially as I'm not doing any 10 hour drives and will stop overnight anyway. You do know even a long haul driver that's getting paid to drive isn't allowed to go 16 hours? Shit like that's an 'adventure' not normal driving. Now tell me why if you live in Abbotsford and work in Vancouver, why the hell you're too stubborn to consider driving a Chevy Bolt? Repeat: most people live in the city, most couples have 2 cars, they're not that much more and you save in the long run so not even considering an EV or PHEV for one is total brain lock, not common sense. Of course the cheapest option is the car you already got - so running out and getting a loan to buy a new EV makes zero sense, but NOT thinking about what replaces it when it croaks makes even less. Then again, when people buy cars sense doesn't even enter the equation, they buy what they want. - And this "woke" shit is nonsense, seems anything that goes against buttheaded, sheer stubborness to change or adjust anything people don't want to is labelled 'woke'. Lumping EVs into the usual rightwing woke whine just makes that subject even more meaningless.
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