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  1. But you who can't comprehend the meaning on a stop sign, know it all better than those stoopid elitist nurses and doctors.
  2. an he uses big wurds too! Vote for the guy who won't tell you nuthin about nuthin, just repeats wut you whine about on TV.
  3. My Mom was Big Nurse. My sister's a nurse. My other one's a lab tech, her daughter's a dietician. Went to college with and dated nurses in the punk era. Set up the computer systems, TV and internet links for clinics and hospitals here and remote reserves. Service computers for all the doctors in town and am friends with a couple of them. Had an ex with substance and mental issues, a wife with diabetes, asthma and immune issues no one noticed the cancer and she died 3 days after they diagnosed it. Had a kid with substance issues the OD cuz someone brought the shit into his hospital room. A sister who died from measles before they vaxxed everyone, and another that lost both hands and both feet cuz they diagnosed too slow. Have to go for blood tests every 6 months at the hospital lab, a block from the doctor's office. In 10 years they've "lost" the results three times. And as I mentioned it takes 6 weeks to book an appt for a month's worth of pills. No, I don't know anything at all about the medical system. Aside from almost any of the things mentioned would driven one to file for bankruptcy if I'd been born 20 miles south.
  4. I remember a British postwar scifi novel where this guy found all these people wandering subways and under bridges bumping into walls and saying "Oim dud"... they were Zombie civil servants wandering about aimlessly until the offices opened. Like the old saying how you can vote and change the people at the top, vote Tory and fire all the people at the bottom but the mindless mandarins are forever. Plus all those who hate big govt and think voting will raise their pay grade, buy them a house, grow more veggies or change the world price of oil.
  5. Blasphemy! You're talking about nations that profess to worship the Bible, but it comes second to the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition.
  6. The 15 round reference is too vague for you? Like FFS the lake here is bigger than Gaza and they've dragged it out like the siege of Leningrad, plus act like landlords who must give 2 months notice for every move they want to make. Clear enough?
  7. God save us from those who hear voices in their heads and think it's His.
  8. The call centre has to make a profit The ambulance has to make a profit The hospital it brings you to has to make a profit The doctor has to make a profit The drug company has to make a profit... 5 levels of profit, even if they were limited by law to only 10% means way more than half is going to profits. And we live in a reality where they make Ozempic for $4.97 and sell it for $1000 So do tell me how a public nonprofit system is worse? It isn't the idea, it's the incompetents running it. Last time I needed my Metformin renewed my Doctor was on holiday. Another at the clinic wrote the scrip. So 6 months late I call for a renewal appointment: THE COMPUTER SAYS the last one to write the scrip is now MY DOCTOR. Regardless that the other guy's been my Dr for twelve years. The computer SEZ, no one is capable of even thinking it's wrong, thinking someone else may have entered something wrong, of how to correct it or of knowing WHO could correct an error that can't possibly exist because THE COMPUTER SEZ. Obviously I am the one who's wrong because the new doctor who only moved here last year must have been my doctor all along. MOF they couldn't book me with my old doctor when I asked as he was in Africa on holidays, even though his wife was sipping tea across the table while I fixed her phone as the receptionist told me that. Africa is right on the other side of my kitchen! People like that are the reasons our health system is so f*cked up. No one will think. No one will try. No one will take any responsibility or show any inititiative. And it's spread to everything from your corner store, your workplace, your doctor's office all the way to Parliament.
  9. Crush them totally as quickly as possible. Not without regard to the consequences, but knowing the job will be done before you face those consequences. Not approach it like you want the fight to go on 15 rounds.
  10. And yet you as well as I know of many people that don't vote. If you nail them on it, they're full of bullshit excuses... I was too busy... the Boss wouldn't "let" me... their religion doesn't allow them to... That's why my incentive suggestion if you want more people to participate. Training your dog or your kid with a treat works far better than punishing or humiliating them.
  11. As someone involved in the computer scene as long as Bill Gates and founder of the first Internet access in this part of BC, it absolutely infuriates me to see the levels of incompetence demonstrated by both govt and large traditional business in those areas. The BS with ArriveCan was inevitable. From large Hotels that paid #35,000 for a website than nowhere stated their phone number or street address to small shops asking me to make them a site but won't even provide a summary of WTF they do or why anyone should consider them, to CRA websites that need a 'secret code' they send by snail mail (when they get around to it) to other govt sites that link to 404 pages or back to themselves.... arrrrgghhhh! Worked for an agency that tied into govt sites and required 2 or 3 hours of security mods on IE6, worked perfectly fine with FFox but you weren't "allowed" to use FFox or a Mac... aaaiiieee! Or custom code stuff some techie wrote, they decided they didn't want to pay his increasing rates and no one else could alter. No one thought what happens if the coder dies or goes out of business?
  12. There's only black and white. If you're not 100% a laissez-faire capitalist you must be a Marxist. Consumer protections are just more nanny-state ideas. Consumers are just meat to be eaten.
  13. Is your purpose so you can look down on and feel superior to people on election day? Or is it ingrained behaviour from your days of night clubbing? Two threads of a meaningless and ineffective policy? Why not give them a $100 tax credit when they deposit their ballot? That rewards them, encourages people to vote and doesn't punish anyone who chooses not to.
  14. That I don't do. Just so happens that here no one can critique an actual Liberal policy other than claiming Trudeau invented it himself so therefore it's no good. Definitely no one can even suggest an acceptable alternative to any of those policies. I heard of an alternative somewhere: Get rid of the carbon tax on fuel altogether and charge a $5000.00 per litre Carbon Tariff on IC engines over 1 L. That will bring in revenue in lump sums and cut CO2 emissions fast. I also suggested raising the capital gains increase to $500,000 so it would barely affect the middle class. And putting more decision making into the hands of people who USE the products and services rather than bean counters, goody two shoesers and mindless drones. No one else here even tries.
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