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  1. Just on GOP who cower in fear over Orange Oaf and can't say goodbye to bad rubbish. Let the feast begin:
  2. The titles and openings of Scotty's YouTubes are simple clickbait. Rarely 30 seconds on the title subject, then onto letters from customers. His objections about EVs boils down to the fact they're new, he hasn't had 50 years of experience dealing with them and isn't even confidently qualified to talk about them. And he does like to repeat the usual ojections we've seen on this thread. That you can't drive one 1000 miles nonstop, which they're not intended to do and that there is not yet 100% of the grid capacity to convert 100% overnight so therefore there never can or will be. Same old same old. Yeah they are new, there's no track record. Windows 8 was new and had no track record, but that doesn't mean Windows 10 was doomed to be NFG for the same reasons.
  3. WTF does the 'ruler' of Canada have to do with the Vatican's Doctrine of Discovery? S.F.A.! Pretend there's a nun beside you and whack yourself with your imaginary "ruler".
  4. Why so the usual nut cases can deflect discussion to something else there too, as they can't rationally discuss or stick to any issue directly? Nothing but straw men, red herrings and whataboutism
  5. So we can't even discuss how the Pope finally corrected an historic decree? We instantly must distract everyone into anti-native rants instead? Can't even discuss what the hell it had to do with Canada? Typical
  6. As we can assume with 99.9% accuracy no one on this forum is transgender, then there is no transgender issue. If you think that there is, then the issue is with you, not them.
  7. You want to see an actual smooth brain? Look in a mirror, and see your pitiful Florida excuse for an education. Communist a and Nazis" are political opposites, you can't be both. Try entering a library and reading actual books rather than believing Fox News. Do it soon before your local politicians ban libraries too.
  8. lying sack of shit. Typical distraction pointing to wokeism and gender identity as the cause of the event, which is the only response of the openly fascist lunatics that pretend to represent conservatives these days. Every single subsequent response you posted was further statements of hate towards identifiable groups. Sorry to inform you my Dad got f***ing medals for shooting people with shit beliefs like yours and I certainly don't have to sit still and listen to it. You like "free speech" well you just heard some.
  9. A public service held at a hockey arena is not a funeral inside a Christian church. I would assume Muslims, Buddhists and worshippers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster who as as stubborn and obstinate as Blackbird were equally offended. But had the decency not to whine that their faith was not promoted on the nearest internet forum.
  10. This is what happens when you're educated in Florida...
  11. Well I went through 3 rounds of interviews once only to discover at the end their union contract they had to hire s union member first, they were just wasting my time. Also had a gf that flew herself to Chicago for a web job, they wouldn't discuss wages before an interview. When she got there, they liked her and offered 2/3 of the minimum wage here in BC. She had the balls to sweep papers off the table, tell them to all FOAD and threatened to send an invoice for her airfare and accomodations. And I'm also pissed at right here, the number of companies that want you to pay for and obtain all the certificates (WHIMIS, FoodSafe,etc) before they'll accept your application. Every single one of those things I got through the companies I worked for years before. Took every course they offered!
  12. Only if you've got an ancient computer with a full hard drive. The number of files has nothing to do with the overall speed of your computer, the number of files in your startup does. Disable 90% of them.
  13. Have you never owned a newer car? Open the hood and there's a big plastic cover over the engine with a sticker that says 'close the hood, stupid, its too complex for the likes of you!' on it? Half the parts are plastic that will crunch if you torque the bolt 1 ft/lb over, you need to pull the engine to change a timing belt and remove 100 hoses and cable to change a spark plug. That's why the opposition, far less gouging in the dealer service dept. And they already convinced half of people that an electric motor like you learned to build in Grade 9 cost more than a V-12 and 10 spd transmission.
  14. Fly over Canada at night and look out the window. Note the odd light of a mine or lumber camp scattered below. Try living where it's two hours or more to a grocery store, decent restaurant, dentist, eye exam or specialist. Where the helipad is the most used part of the hospital. Now tell me again we don't need more people.
  15. Of course those that can't distinguish knowledge from belief would be outraged the most. So keep on pretending those people that live there where mines, drilling and pipelines are planned simply 'believe' they know about those lands. Convince yourself that Big Buisiness knows better.
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