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  1. You meant to say capitalism means they can now use less sugar, cut the size of the box and jack the price up a dollar or so and the fools will still buy it. Like those half size cans of Coke that always cost more than full size ones. The full size 355ml cans that often are more than 2L bottles. For woke folks that putting the lid on and put it back in the fridge for later is just too fucking hard to think of.
  2. Attack Venezuela They could invoke every dam Yank slogan from "regime change" to "saving the people from communism". Easy to get to, too far away for China or Russia to do dick shit, already in disarray, half their army would defect to the US side and it's just full of goddam oil. What more could America want?
  3. Not complicated at all. The GG position is already there, doesn't need the Monarch to function. Name the GG the Head of State and give the position no new powers. Just redefine as Canada's representative top the Crown rather the the Crown's representative to Canada. Kepp those tightass stuffed shirt old nincompoops and their fucking "tradition" intact somewhat. And ELECT the goddam GG.
  4. Granted, you can put it off even if you both give workers the right to arm themselves and increasingly treat them like shit if you distract them with shiny objects for decades....
  5. It's a BUSINESS. You pay your money and you take your chances. Doesn't come with guarantees. The fucker should've been locked up.
  6. Singh doesn't need to tread lightly about the Monarchy. It's less relevant than he is. The Queen herself should recognize it's a long dead institution and declare herself the Last Monarch.
  7. Mainly because we realize that no matter how sick we are of seeing her message repeated hour after hour, day after day for over a year there are many out there so thick in the head it hasn't sunk in yet. Including some still yelling at clouds insisting SHE is the one who is lying.
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