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  1. In most states a private individual can sell a gun to a criminal no questions asked and with no record.
  2. Well then you will get the blood bath you have been lusting for.
  3. That is one of the reasons it is ingenuous to include them in defence spending.
  4. Yes but you would think Coast Guard helicopters should be able to do SAR. The US coast guard is often hauling distressed Canadian boaters out of the water.
  5. We had an incident a few years ago where Coast Guard helicopters couldn't take part in a search because the weather was below civilian minimums. SAR out of Comox were able to take part because the military is not subject to the same weather minima.
  6. If the guns aren't registered somewhere, there is no registry. What do you think registry means? Only purchases from official dealers are recorded. Once they are sold on the secondary market there is no record. There is no registry.
  7. They would then have to become part of the military or a police force. As they are, they are civilians working for the dept of fisheries.
  8. All that is required is for the Russians to go back to Russia.
  9. The Ukrainians have shown to be very good at adapting to new equipment and the PT-91 tank is a significant upgrade of the T-72, including a new fire control system and loader, reactive armour and a new engine with 30% more power.
  10. Even if slightly more people were killed in vehicles, do you really think 41,000 gun related deaths a year is acceptable? In less than a year and a half Americans kill more Americans with guns than were killed in Viet Nam.
  11. Guns killed 45,000 and there is no registry in Florida.
  12. People make choices and have to live with the consequences.
  13. Maybe he endorsed Biden just because he couldn't stand the thought of another four years of Trump. That doesn't make him a lib, it just makes him sane.
  14. They were never intended for the arctic and neither were the Oberon class which they replaced.
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