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  1. A lot of them are. First ethnically cleanse, then put a gun to the head of any that remain and force them to vote the way you want in clear violation of international law. BTW, those grannies are real people who had the vote. Democracy Russian (and Nationalist) style given to you by the same people who would give you ten years in jail for calling this a war. How stupid can you be. NATO is a defensive alliance. It doesn't matter what the territorial ambitions of Hungary, Slovakia and Poland might be, the rest of NATO won't go to war to make them a reality.
  2. And yet the creation of the system was under the Conservatives. By politicizing this, you are just trying to blow it off.
  3. No because the system is rotten, just like the Soviet system. It can only survive by oppressing the people it is supposed to represent.
  4. To start with, the 4 million Ukrainian refugees who have had to flee their homes.
  5. The charter including them doesn't mean they can do whatever they want. It doesn't give any of us license to do whatever we want. I'm an advocate of dress codes in schools for both faculty and students. I really prefer uniforms. That puts everyone on the same song sheet. Everyone is discriminated against, equally.
  6. This went on for almost 100 years under both Liberal and Conservative governments, politicizing it is just a way of blowing it off. This wasn't political, it was societal.
  7. We will come and kick you out of your house then we will take a vote to decide if it is ours. Nationalist's idea of democracy.
  8. Neither are you. A new pipeline from Norway was just opened. We'll see. Who doesn't want it to end. Ukraine has the right to defend itself regardless of what we might want.
  9. Except I never said that. You quoted the wrong person.
  10. Piss off, I don't tell you how to live. Your faith is your business not mine.
  11. Poorly trained and equipped, they will be dog meat for highly trained, highly motivated and well equipped Ukrainians. The Russian regulars outnumbered the Ukrainian army 10 to 1 and still got their asses kicked. Do you seriously expect this bunch being given WW2 vintage rifles designed in the 1880's to do any better? Nordstream 1 was already shut down and Nordstream 2 hasn't been completed.
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