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  1. Yellow fever boosters are still required for some countries. Smallpox boosters were required for travel to Europe until the seventies. Boosters are no big deal for most who have already been vaccinated.
  2. UK vaccination rate is near 90%. I have a point anyway. Deaths are 1/10th of what they were in January because of vaccines. Even if that is true, which I doubt, it would mean 30% of deaths are coming from 10% of the population. It was back in the spring when Israel was doing most of their vaccinations but subsequent experience has shown 12 weeks to be near optimum.
  3. From the CDC on a Kentucky study. https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/mm7032e1.htm
  4. Amazing. People won't take vaccines expressly made to protect from Covid but when they get it will take a drug made for parasites. Humans are weird.
  5. If 100% of people are vaccinated 100% of deaths will be fully vaccinated, even if there is just one. Almost all Israelis got their first two shots 21 days apart when we now know at least 12 weeks is required for the vaccines to reach maximum efficacy. Maybe not but that is what I was told. Maybe that was for A. I got them both around the same time. It was also over 20 years ago.
  6. The seven day moving average for deaths in the UK hasn't changed since the beginning of August and is a tenth of what it was in late January. The seven day moving average in Isreal has declined from 33 to 9 since the beginning of Sept. B and T Cell immunity remains strong even though measurable antibodies decline over time. Only immunocompromised people need boosters at this point. I've been getting annual flu shots for 20 years. Hepatitis B is a three shot regimen a month apart that requires boosters every 5 years or so to remain fully effective. It can kill you too.
  7. Most people would rather get sick then try to treat it rather than take a vaccine to prevent getting sick in the first place? I think not and the history of vaccines proves it.
  8. Herd immunity was never "pegged't at anything. 70-80% was put forward as a minimum at which it might be achieved.
  9. Our dollar has dropped as well. In the past when oil has hit $85 a barrel our dollar was at or near par with the US but we have gone so far to restrict the industry and limit our exports it can no longer prop up our economy and currency.
  10. Ten million new cases since July isn't disappearing. It is slowing down but of course the fact 70% of the population has had at least one shot couldn't have anything do with it now. Could it? It must be the Ivermectin.😀
  11. It isn't known how long infection immunity lasts or how effective it is against variants. Studies are showing that people who have been infected should also get vaccinated.
  12. Vaccines are the only way to keep the health care system from being overwhelmed. They are also the only way to achieve herd immunity but they can't do that if people wont take them. This is a totally new virus, why would you expect to know everything about it from the beginning?
  13. Vaccines are the key if you want the health care system to cope. What other possible ways are there that don't put pressure on the health care system?
  14. Anyone with indexed incomes or pensions don't really care. The BoC can't raise rates to fight inflation because our governments and Canadians in general are so far in debt, they couldn't service a 2% increase in rates. We have borrowed ourselves between a rock and a hard place. But then, so has most of the western world. What is really disturbing is Canadian personal debt is in the top three or four countries when it comes to debt to income and debt to GDP ratios.
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