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  1. A: You posted this. Which is it? B: Parish records are accessible by the public. I have a nephew that is big into family genealogy and he has got all kinds of info from parish records.
  2. Seriously? There is no reason to turn them over? Are you for real?
  3. Ted Cruz is a miserable POS 18 Elementary school kids get gunned down in his own state and this is all he can do. Thank god he gave up his Canadian citizenship, I would hate to think we had to let him into this country.
  4. The Trump Party sure loves them scumbags.
  5. True. There's always a lot more excuses to do nothing.
  6. 18 primary school kids and 3 adults. What a fucking country.
  7. Meh. Same old. The usual hypocritical thoughts and prayers from the same actors then back to normal.
  8. Anyone slightly to the left of Atilla the Hun is a Marxist according to you lot.
  9. I agree that some of them should be excavated to make sure they are actually bodies. DNA could then be used to link them with their families.
  10. Parish records have been used to record births deaths and marriages for hundreds of years. Why didn't the churches keep those records and why won't they release them. Guess the churches didn't think those kid's lives were worthy of keeping them.
  11. There should be records of who is buried there and how they died. They were people who had names and families.
  12. Probably for health care and other critical workers. $119 million wouldn't do a third of the population, even if it only cost a dollar a shot.
  13. What exactly did they report that is inaccurate? They reported his mental health issues. Read the article. Victims do have faces.
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