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  1. No doubt the tax contributes to inflation but removing it on home heating fuel alone is not going to lower it by 30%.
  2. Nationalist regularly insults members in caps then accuses them of being emotional. Quite pathetic.
  3. Having Russians in our Arctic would not be in America's interest, although it is hard to separate Trump's and Putin's interests.
  4. What Trump actually owns in New York. Like the so called Trump Towers in Toronto and Vancouver that he never owned and are no longer Trump branded.
  5. OOO, another Russian "think tank". Of course they tell the truth, Putin wouldn't have it any other way.🤣 https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/katehon-bias/ It's no wonder you are so f**ked up.
  6. Interesting that many of the countries ranked above us are regarded as socialist by the North American right.
  7. I don't dispute that there is a lot of control but the state does not own the companies. They have a stock market where you can buy shares in Chinese companies if you want. It is not a communist system, it's a Chinese system. Canada is not attempting to do the same thing.
  8. Political stubbornness and activism. The BC government spent a fortune on unsuccessful court challenges to TMX. FN infighting and vandalism added a lot of cost to the new gas pipeline. We are not well regarded by companies willing to put up billions for major projects.
  9. You just can’t help yourself, you can always be counted on to be obnoxious.
  10. I'm saying that China is not communist, its system is more capitalist than many western countries. It is definitely totalitarian and trying to exert more influence on an international scale, both economic and political.
  11. The corrupt guy got run off to Russia to hang out with his oligarch cronies. Much better to supply Ukraine with weapons than put our own troops on the ground if you really are concerned about our people. The NAZI country with the Jewish president. 🤣 Your hero Putin is the only one tossing nukes into the conversation. Why don't you grow up instead of throwing childlike insults around like a six year old in a sandbox.
  12. That's not what I am talking about, I'm referring to all the human generated costs and delays. If you want zero impact on the environment, nothing will ever get approved.
  13. Companies need some sort of certainty before they spend hundreds of millions planning a project only to have it bogged down in turf wars and frivolous court cases. If nothing else an agreement like this might allow them to walk a way before they waste a ton of money for nothing.
  14. We aren't the only ones who have those things. Projects need to be economically viable otherwise there is no point.
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