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  1. Dunno why I can't read this without thinking of this. Then again, I can see such fears being justified by looking at France with its huge Muslim population and how they've managed to influence government policy on the headscarf, for example...oh wait.
  2. Which sex spends the most money on cars and car accessories? Which sex spends the most on fancy sneakers? Which sex spends the most on bespoke suits? Which sex spends the most on expensive watches? Which sex spends the most on giant TVs? Which sex spends the most on power tools they have no practical need for? Which sex does the majority of the work in low-paying service jobs? Which sex does the majority of the work in caregiving professions? Which sex does the majority of the work in education? Which sex does the majority of the work in households? It's almost like cherry picking select data points to support a pre-existing narrative is nonsense. And anyone who thinks working class males don't indulge in ridiculous and impractical purchases in the service of masculinity has never set foot in Fort Mac.
  3. What's being mocked is the idea that men are too scared to use essentially gender neutral products for fear of being seen as womanly/weak/gay and thus require these products be presented in a way that is less challenging to their self-image (ironically, by making these products seem tough). I don't know what rock you've been under, but there's plenty of feminist commentary about how stuff is marketed to women. Your barking up the wrong tree.
  4. I'm very familiar with these prospects. And that's all they are at this point: prospects. Draisaitl is a mere nine months older than Nylander and is ripping up the NHL. Again, we're talking about the relative ceilings of each team.
  5. They've been a better team overall this year. Here's a comparison: Oilers after 32 games in 2014-15: 7-20-5, 19 points (-46 GD) Oilers after 32 games in 2015-16: 14-16-2, 30 points (-9 GD) Double the wins, but most importantly that goal differential improvement is crazy good. They're a top 10 team in goals for and that's without McDavid for most of the year. Oh please, that's just pure homerism. The best thing the Leafs have going for them is they play in the crap conference.
  6. It's not about the standings, it's about the trajectory. Oilers finally look like a team that's poised to take the next step and have been winning games without their entire second line, including McDavid (remember him) and with their patchwork D. They have one of the best players in the game in Taylor Hall. The Leafs have...some guys? Matt Hunwick? The most exciting things about the Leafs is the possibility they'll win the lottery or sign Stamkos (it's going to be funny when he signs in Montreal instead). No buzz.
  7. MH is playing silly buggers here, but it's been reported the Leafs are going to change logos/jerseys next season.
  8. Snow is nuts if he thinks he's going to get the return he wants. He'll have to settle for a lot less, book it. Oh boo hoo. It's not our fault the Oilers are interesting and the Leafs irrelevant.
  9. I haven't seen/read/heard any rumblings of discontent around Babcock. And if there's attendance issues, it's not showing up in ticket sales.
  10. Well you could have said that in the first place. Sure. I think we can also agree that a flawed system of legal distribution and sales is better than the current one.
  11. Colorado's system is also highly taxed and regulated, with vendors requiring licenses to sell weed and tax revenue from sales flowing into government coffers. What are you talking about?
  12. Why did people stop buying from bootleggers when Prohibition ended?
  13. I think in a year they'll be a playoff team without adding to the D. Klefbom and Nurse are bluechippers and Sekera has been solid. If they could pry Hamonic out of the Island they'd be set. That or sign big Buff in the offseason.
  14. In Toronto, the number of plates is artificially constrained and the sale of said plates is highly regulated. So no, there's no free market there.
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