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  1. F*ck me, another one? How many of you loons are there on here?
  2. Nah I think it applies to people who spend a lot of time "noticing" people of other races/cultures and getting mad about their presence. You're 100% one of those "if they can say it why can't I?" guys aren't you.
  3. They don't need one, "white history" is celebrated constantly. The celebration of honky achievement is baked in to every institution in our society.
  4. I prefer to be proud of things I actually accomplished, but i guess folks like you have to go with what you have. Youre a child sitting on a playmat surrounded by toys, crying because another kid has a toy you want. When you said someone from the south would call me a confederate, implying you didn't actually know what the word meant. LOL no insecurity at all, sure man, whatever you say.
  5. 'We don't want to ban books, we just want to ban books from schools" isn't the winning argument you think. Conservatives do the same shit, look at how they melted down over pro-Palestine groups at like Harvard etc. Sure, it's just a total coincidence that whenever a school or something gets featured on that slapper's account, they get death/bomb threats right after. You'd be wrong!
  6. Oh yeah I forgot you're one of those nutters who thinks the devil is a real guy.
  7. But I'm sure you wouldn't all that cancel culture, right? What a dope.
  8. Wait, so they surveyed just over 1,500 people but excluded all neutral and “don’t know” responses from the results? So we don't actually know the real response size for any of these questions? Seems dodgy. I have a hard time believing the average person has ever heard of Kathleen Stock and Frances Widdowson, let alone has strong feelings about their situations.
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