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  1. I've gotten a report that 504 Errors are happening once in a while. Can anyone confirm whether they've seen the following errors (or any other errors) when trying to access the forums? And if you ever get an error, please feel free to post a report in the Support section of the forums. Thanks!
  2. Can you provide a screenshot? I'm not exactly certain what you're talking about...
  3. Yes, most definitely. Google bot is just an ignorant spider that crawls the web indexing what it can, no amount of engineering (or magic) can allow it to better understand what someone is trying to say if the forum topic/post is an inconsistent/unstructured rant.
  4. Yes, very much. It's the reason why Charles and I appreciate it when people correctly structure the opening post of any new thread - including a descriptive topic title, etc. While the IPB software isn't the most SEO optimized forum software in the world (by a long shot), the most recent update attempted to "fix" a lot of the issues. They still don't use header tags, and other vital markup that Google (and other SE like Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc) use to better understand what we're all talking about, but it's an improvement nonetheless. And for me, it's way down at the bottom of the first page. Google personalizes search now, so it highly unlikely anyone will get the exactly same result as someone else. Much depends on your prior searches and the whether you're logged into your Google Account, etc.
  5. @cougar, @Aristides, we all get it, you disagree with each other. Now lets try to do it without all the insults and otherwise bad behavior.
  6. No problem, this is one of those things that can be difficult to figure out if you're not already familiar with the views functionality. Thanks!
  7. It sounds to me like you've accidentally switched the forum layout to "fluid" rather than "table". Please review the screencap below: If you have the fluid button selected (red arrow), please select the table button (green arrow) and the forums should be presented in the format you mentioned above. Give that a try!
  8. I've turned that type of ad format off, you should not see these types of ads anymore.
  9. Can you be more specific? I haven't noticed any issues with the forum categories - has anyone else?
  10. NOTE: The support Issue related to the new ads on the forums has been moved to it's own thread here.
  11. Ok, let me look into it! This is just a test, if these ads are too annoying, I won't continue them. But thanks for being it to my attention! Charles - I'm going to split this thread into two seperate threads.
  12. Can you try clearing your browser cache? Are you refusing cookies or anything else out of the ordinary in your browser?
  13. I implemented a new system, but can someone snap a screen shot for me? I'm not seeing these ads for some reason. That shouldn't happen... If it keeps happening, send me a note.
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