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  1. Ok, thanks looks like I’m gonna have to resize the VPS. thanks!
  2. OK, I made some serious changes to the database this afternoon (which caused some downtime, sorry about that), and these changes should solve most of the problems we were having before. @Michael Hardner, @Contrarian can you revisit the Unread Content page, you should not be getting any 504 errors anymore. If anyone else wants to try, please visit this page: https://repolitics.com/forums/discover/unread/ And report back success or failure. Thanks!
  3. OK, I'll be booking some downtime sometime this week. I'll be resizing the VPS, which shouldn't take longer than 30 min. I'll post a notice shortly before I begin the process.
  4. Ok, thanks for keeping me in the loop. I may need to resize the VPS that the site is running on, it looks like we're getting more traffic, and that's impacting server load.
  5. Strange, I can't get this error to happen for me. Can you two clear your browser caches and try again?
  6. That's odd, I've never gotten a timeout from this section. I just rebooted the server, please give it a try again, and see if this timeout still happens. Please update the thread again if it happens, and the exact time that you got a timeout. I can then check that against the logs.
  7. There are too many daily posts to make this a good idea. There is already a feature that provides this functionality, it's available under the Activity tab: https://repolitics.com/forums/discover/ You can adjust that stream or make a new one, which would contain whatever you want to see. Not really, as copying and pasting isn't something that the forum software can manipulate. Copy and past functionality is a OS and or browser dependent function. Maybe look for an extension that provides what you want in your browsers extension library.
  8. Your account has been promoted to full member status. Thanks for your patience
  9. I was skeptical when I approved the posting. If anyone does call and this is a scam, please inform me and I'll remove the posting. It doesn't technically doesn't break any rules...
  10. Poor attempt at creating a thread.  This thread has been locked.  Little hard for me to change what I have to say and what I think when it is exactly what I wanted to say. Whatever, no problem.

    1. sharkman


      Poor attempt at creating a status update..

    2. OftenWrong


      Yep. Far as I know status updates are relatively immune to moderation. Which is the way I prefer.

      If you feel the need to post in so-called "moderated" forums,

      fill yer boots...

  11. Poor attempt at creating a thread. This thread has been locked.
  12. I actually didn't take it negatively... I figured @Nefarious Banana comments were firmly tongue in cheek. For the record, I think Charles did a great job here, and I miss him.
  13. Ha, and you guys are surprised Charles needed to take a vacation? You twats are a lot of work
  14. That’s a fairly accurate description, but it’s less about salary and taxes (but those do help), and more about overall lifestyle that certain areas of the US can provide. Agreed, Charles has decided to take some time off.
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