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  1. Let’s tone down the rhetoric everyone. We can all make an argument without resorting to insults.
  2. I'm not certain this needs to be merged. The Insanity thread is a broad discussion. This particular thread is about a specific incident. If you disagree, please create a thread in the Support section, so as to not clutter up this thread.
  3. Actually, ignore what I just said. It's all or nothing in the settings. There is a time-limit on editing a posting (24 hours), however you can delete your content, at anytime. Sorry for the confusion!
  4. There will be a time limit on deleting recent posts. However, due to privacy issues, we've having to implement a "removal all postings" and delete my whole account feature. So you'll be able to go back back a bit into the past to remove something specific. However, if you want to remove everything, we'll have to remove your whole account. Make sense?
  5. Sorry, slightly behind, I'll get to it today.
  6. I disabled signatures a few years back, but I've decided we should bring them back. To edit, or add a new signature, go to your Profile, then Account Settings, then Signature. Are visit this link: https://repolitics.com/forums/settings/signature/ If you hate seeing signatures, you can turn them off (you won't see anyone else's) by deselecting the View Signatures toggle.
  7. Tags allow you to categorize any new thread based on a few words. For example, this thread has two tags applied: Tags, and Suggestions. You can do this by adding the tags when you create the new thread: Or you can add them AFTER you've created the thread:
  8. This thread has run its course. @BeaverFever, this thread did the exact opposite of what you were clearly trying to achieve. I'm not sure you understand that...
  9. Agreed. it’s a feature I will activate next week.
  10. So you admit you're not being helpful? "Outrageous" - you seriously need to rethink your perspectives.
  11. Are you being helpful here? You've already expressed your opinion, I've acknowledge that. What's the point of beating the dead horse?
  12. Lets try to add tags to our thread topics. It's a helpful feature for members to find topics that they're interested in. It's not hard!
  13. Is this really contributing to the thread?
  14. Alright everyone, lets tone down the rhetoric in this thread. Is anyone really contributing anything new or useful? If not, lets let this thread die.
  15. Rebound, you seem to attract a great deal of insults and attacks. Grow a thicker skin and or use the ignore functionality. The report a post functionality should only be used as a last resort. Not because your feelings were hurt by immature posters who overuse silly insults (which degrades their positions greatly). I'm not going to police every single incident.
  16. No, it would appear that the membership queue was stuck for some reason. I’m looking into this issue as we speak.
  17. I just noticed that too. however, I believe your account has now been graduated to full member. please update this thread if that isn’t the case.
  18. Wow, so clever of you! Is this your modus operandi? Did you normally shit where you sleep? If this is such a den of nazis why are you here?
  19. Do nazis like rent free in your head? Seriously what’s wrong with you?
  20. Probably less childish than trying to structure a serious argument with cuss words in it. Or perhaps less childish than some members getting all bent out of shape cause someone called them a nasty word... Hey, I agree with you @herbie, I resisted the push the ban words for over 22 years - that's quite an effort! But alas, here we are... I've got members filing reports because someone used a bad word, or insulted them with a specific word. This is just a simple attempt to limit the amount of reports I get over simple insults and or certain words being used. If it doesn't work, and everyone hates it, I'll remove it.
  21. It's an attempt to remind members who are quick to use insults towards other members to rethink the words they're using in their discussions. If it doesn't work, I'll remove the feature.
  22. That's your job. If you find a vile idea, counter it reasonable and respective arguments. Your ideas and argument will be heightened, while the vile ideas will be publicly discredited.
  23. I should note that if you try to quote an older post that contains a "bad" word, the filter will flag your posting, but again, because the original post was made BEFORE the filter was activated, it will remain.
  24. Some of you might have noticed that I've activated a "bad" word filter on the site. I've only got a few bad words on the filter - I need to do some brain storming to come up with some more... so the list will slowly grow as I add to the list. In the past, I've avoided implementing this type of filter because I figured we'd all be adults and there would be no need for such restrictions. But here we are! Note: the filter will ONLY filter posts going forward (i.e new posts). So any past post that contains a "bad" word will remain. Any issues or questions, post them below!
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