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  1. looks like 400,000 workers many teachers and nurse striking for 3 days starting today lots of school s hut down.. discuss
  2. fair enough I agree on the immigration being ussustainable levels atm.
  3. Today is the day for the fall economic statement which will be annonce this afternoon. It is rumoured to have billions for housing and a 1billion fund for affordable housing. Use this to discuss all about it as more details leaked during the day
  4. see how he does argentina is in a mess.
  5. suppose to be enough for 30000 homes i think find out more tomorrow afternoon i am sure.
  6. billions will be announced for housing tomomorrow in the fall statement.
  7. nah theres probs like 10 decent people on here actually.. and you're the guy who is a m0ron lol tough I doubt that most keyboard warriors are far from tough.
  8. lol love how you right wingers act so tough on here you say half of what u do on this board to people in real life the majority of you would end up on your asses.. smh no respect at all. leave michael alone he is one of the only decent people on here
  9. well I have voted liberal 2011 2015 2019 and ndp 2021 lol never conservative so they can attack me haha . although provincial election in 2024 might be first time i vote tory but thats only because the Pc party in NS seems half decent
  10. just toeing the line because they want power after this long in opp politicans sell there soul to the worse canidate all the time if it means they can be on the winnning side
  11. welcome to dealing with PP supporters they are about as bright as the trump ones down south lol
  12. not much chance of that sorry.. this forum is full of far right wingers who hide from t he big platforms lol
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