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  1. Seeing how so many people on here love roe vs Wade being over turned how many of you agree with Clarence Thomas comments on same sex relations and marriage ?
  2. Lmao no it's clear the majority don't want it turned down stop making up bs you fool
  3. Sad day in history 68 percent didn't want it overturned but these judges decide there personal opinion is more important then the public's view . Now Clarence Thomas mentioning should go after same sex marriage and same sex relations comments like that just gonna cause chaos this man should be expelled from the supreme Court
  4. Looking more and more likely Pierre will be the winner .my questions is with recent over turn of roe vs Wade in USA will he now change his views and bring it up once elected .
  5. Jesus Christ lol loss our rights and freedoms 🤣 go live in a 3 Rd world country for few years and see how much rights and freedoms you got you had alot more here in the pandemic the you would there grow up FFS you like a little kid who crys when he can't have 100 percent of what be wants
  6. 3 of the 4 you mean Pierre would be the only one who would be a bad pm
  7. Oh of course you would back him another one of the most far right people on here who post racist nonsense
  8. Seriously just leave the forum and stop pushing your RACIST nonsense on this forum disgusting
  9. Lol the nut case Danielle Smith lady is one of the candidates to replace him should of kept Kenny .
  10. Singh and Trudeau over Pierre's everyday of the week give me Charest or Patrick brown and I may vote CPC for first time .
  11. Has it always been people like this? Lol
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