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  1. Oh, Lol! Another clusterf*** for the Liberal/NDP coalition! They're opting out because they see the writing on the wall!
  2. Liberals face political oblivion with Trudeau at the helm Abacus has the two parties statistically tied in the historically Liberal bastion of Quebec, with the Bloc Québécois at 34 per cent, the Conservatives at 26 and the Liberals at 25. Provincial sample sizes are small, with a greater margin of error than the overall national count. That’s why a Léger poll released last week is so important. An online sampling of 1,032 Quebec voters released earlier this month showed the Bloc Québécois at 29 per cent, the Liberals at 28 per cent and the Conservatives at 24 per cent. That’s two polls showing the Conservatives competitive with the Liberals in Quebec. What does that mean? It means that if an election were held tomorrow, the Liberals would lose most of their 24 seats in Atlantic Canada and at least some of their 34 seats in Quebec. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/opinion/article-liberals-face-political-oblivion-with-trudeau-at-the-helm/
  3. According to this, it's neck and neck in Quebec! Is Trudeau leading the Liberals to an election day shellacking? The Decibel The Globe and Mail Search that title on youtube! The video won't post here.
  4. I can't ignore the irony! See the can of worms feminists had opened.........when they supported ILGA in their feminist movement? Lol - who would've thought this same group would now lead to attempt to rob FEMALES of their own identity! WOMEN...........................are you getting this? Womanhood, is being erased! You're now being called, a................."BIRTHING PERSON!" Talk about degrading! SHAME! NOW, is the time for a....................... REAL FEMINIST Movement!
  5. Why? What difference would a picture make? Even if you line up a gallery of them! 😁 Read my response to you again.
  6. Lol - DENTAL, too, by the looks of it! They haven't figured out yet how much they'll give dentists. We might lose a lot of dentists folks!
  7. No - it's not that politicians are making out trans to be devils! It's that...........................politicians like Trudeau.......................are INSENSITIVE to WOMEN! What part of "women do not feel comfortable or safe" with transgender being in the same washroom with them," is hard to get? Whether the trans is a pervert or not, is not the issue! The issue is how women feel! LOL - you guys can't stare or even whistle at a woman because of how it makes her feel - right? And yet, Trudeau is forcing women to get over this? What a joke!
  8. The shame is for Trudeau to bear! Lol - what did he ever do that didn't end up in a clusterf***? The lastest................. ArriveCan technical issues violated Charter rights, alleges new class-action application https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/arrivecan-technical-issues-violated-charter-rights-alleges-new-class-action-application-1.6778004 Who's going to pay for his fiascos? T A X P A Y E R S!
  9. Poll reveals Canadian trans policies that are out of step with public opinion As duelling protests took place in Canadian cities over the issue of gender ideology in schools, a new survey from the Angus Reid Institute revealed that most Canadians support a middle ground: They favour equality and accommodation for trans people, but generally don’t believe men can self-identify as women. Of respondents, just 35 per cent agreed with the sentiment — now enshrined via a latticework of federal and provincial laws — that “anyone who wishes can identify as a woman.” About the same number (34 per cent) sided with the notion that women are only those “who were born with female genitalia.” The Angus Reid survey, which was released Sept. 19, also found a clear majority of Canadians opposed to the adoption of “gender neutral” terminology, particularly when it came to issues such as menstruation or childbirth. For instance, it is now standard for Canadian public health agencies to use the term “pregnant people” instead of “pregnant women.” Select health agencies have also adopted the term “chestfeeding” as a synonym for “breastfeeding.” Angus Reid found that 67 per cent of respondents objected to this trend, agreeing with the statement that it “devalues the female identity in society.” As far back as 2016, Angus Reid found more than 80 per cent of Canadians supporting the addition of gender identity to the country’s anti-discrimination laws, but respondents were more skeptical of a push to have transgender people use washrooms and change rooms that accorded with their gender identity, rather than their biological sex. https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/angus-reid-poll-transgender-policies-canada
  10. I think it's a smart move for Poilievre to answer the question pointblank. Trudeau may try to spin it.......but it's a losing move if Poilievre had hedged away from answering. Previous Conservative leaders had done that - trying to squirm out from answering controversial questions - and they get plagued by pro-Trudeau journalists! By giving a definitive answer - Poilievre has put the matter to rest. Furthermore..... Poilievre shows he's a true leader. He is DECISIVE.
  11. Trudeau is fighting for LGBTQ. Trudeau is fighting for Transgendered people. Trudeau's showing, NATURALLY-BORN females are simply second-bananas when it comes to rights! PIERRE POILIEVRE IS THE CHAMPION FOR WOMEN. POILIEVRE IS FIGHTING FOR WOMEN'S RIGHTS! REAL WOMEN! NATURALLY-BORN FEMALES!
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