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  1. Despite his incompetence - the rapporteur won't step down.

  2. :rolleyes:


    How many last warnings on climate change? 😁

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. bcsapper


      I don't think that's the case.  At least, not in the short term.  Those who have a lot can weather the storm for a lot longer.  Especially if the storm is less severe for most of them.



    3. Aristides


      Not if it destroys your multi million dollar home.

    4. TreeBeard


      Probably fewer than the Christian rapture.  

  3. Could these UFOs trigger an emp attack? In the other forum, someone muses there might be an emp attack on USA just before China hits Taiwan.
  4. Not to mention North Korea. If anything's going to happen - it will happen simultaneously.
  5. Biden and Trudeau are both using this for political points. Perhaps hoping to distract from our broken healthcare, and setting up for a looming election. For all we know - we're getting played!
  6. Maybe, more ufos will come. I'm wondering if one of these ufo they shoot down would be carrying something like pathogens or deadly chemicals that will be released when shot down?
  7. Vassy Kapelos has moved to CTV.

    1. Boges


      She's on the Evan Soloman business plan. 

    2. betsy


      Yes - I wouldn't be surprised it had something to do with what's her name - the rude fat anchor on CBC?

      I noticed the way Kapelos was rudely treated during the Conservative Leadership convention.

  8. Mary Ng thinks saying "sorry" when caught, should be enough. That's how Liberals think. Breach of Ethics is something they seem to specialized in.
  9. Class Action lawsuit against Democrats may be headed by James Woods over this explosive Twitter censorship.





    1. Chrissy1979


      You feel they had no right to not let him spread hacked photos of a private citizen's dick? You people are sick.

    2. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      No mention of a dick, in fact the story says partial nude photo. i think any dick pics are banned are they not from the media site? unless it was porn hub then it's game on. 

      Now is Biden a dick that would be a different story.

    3. betsy




      I don't know what you're on about  nude photos.




      Lol - you people are sick!


  10. I don't know if all those alleged quotes are accurate or if they even came from Trump. It's possible that driving a wedge" and creating a war between Trump and deSantis could hurt BOTH of them. Wouldn't that be the wet dream of Dems, or progressive Republicans like Cheney?
  11. I'd be surprised if Trump runs again, but if he does - I'm opting for .......................DeSantis.
  12. Yes.....it's different. It's beautiful....
  13. I've discovered Lamott only in recent years thru youtube - her rendition of "Two For The Road." She's died of cancer too, in 1995.
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