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  1. Why would you get what HE can afford? Wouldnt' you get what YOU can afford? Why you always trying to take Nationalists money robo?
  2. Such meetings are duly recorded and the dems will be there too - so that's not a valid excuse. If it was just republicans that would be different but that's not the case. He'd have to do better than that.
  3. But whenever i do a websearch on google's site and a story pops up from their paper i'm directed to their newspaper. Do they owe google for that?
  4. https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/jewish-community-group-blames-antisemitism-for-cancelled-buses Adam Minsky, President and CEO of the United Jewish Appeal (UJA) Federation of Greater Toronto said 17 buses meant to take people from Toronto to the Ottawa rally simply didn’t show up on Monday morning. “We were shocked that, of more than 70 buses UJA booked, 17 did not show up. Those 17 buses were the responsibility of a particular sub-contracted company. Despite charging in full in advance and confirming its participation, the company did not send a single bus and has declined all communications while refusing to provide any explanation,” said Minsky. Apparently at this point they still won't say why all the busses they were supposed to provide didn't show - and haven't given back the money. Honestly this is getting out of hand. The anti semitism we're seeing right now is ridiculous. And if you don't want their business, don't take their money.
  5. No wonder they don't want the two state solution I think you'll find that war crimes are not isolated to just two 'countries' but also two combatants. Gaza has a gov't that's recognized globally. If not - then they don't have any land to 'occupy' do they. If they don't have standing as a self governing entity then why can't israel enter any time and throw out whomever they want? Israel couldn't commit 'war crimes' either, it would just be police actions. Israel declared war on Gaza and that has not been challenged. it's a war. They are war crimes. Gaza's barbaric and hatebased actions cannot be excused, and are isolated from any other circumstance.
  6. But the fbi investigations found that they didn't. You could say the same of voter fraud in the next election - a small amount in a few key places put biden over the top!!! Honest!!!! The idea that polling data would have helped with that overmuch is just stupid. Manafort send the polling data to brag that they were already winning. Which they were. You just can't even see your own hypocrisy. You're so blinded by tribe and hatred that you can't think clearly in the slighest. Trump did nothing illegal in the slightest. And polling data isn't "Secret", anyone can have a poll done. There's tonnes of accurate and free ones as well. America is doomed. - people like you will absolutely sink it
  7. What's in it for them not to? Oh precedent was set many years ago. People ignore those subpoenas all the time and have for ages. There's no repercussions. I'm sure they'll point fingers but whatever. The issue was why would hunter specifically agree to one but not the other? And why are republicans not ok with that? And the answer is grandstanding. If it's public then he stalls and doesn't answer Rep questions and gets questions from the dems like "would you say that your unfair treatement at the hands of the republicans for no reason other than political gain is tragic or is it more hateful?" "I"ve always thought of it as more being sadistic and vendictive sir, but i suppsoe tragic and hateful also fits".
  8. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/poilievre-thousands-amendments-parliament-christmas-1.7050531 Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre said Wednesday his MPs are prepared to make "thousands of amendments" to legislation to keep Parliament sitting over Christmas if the Liberal government doesn't scrap its carbon tax. (for farmers- added for clarity) "You will have no rest until the tax is gone," Poilievre said in a message to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and MPs from the governing party. The threat comes after senators appointed by Trudeau amended part of a Conservative private member's bill, C-234, that would have delivered a carbon tax carve-out to some farmers. Progressive Sen. Pierre Dalphond's amendment, passed by a 40-39 vote, keeps the carbon tax exemption for grain drying but deletes the section that provided tax relief for heating barns and greenhouses. So - a little misleading at first - they're not looking for an end to the carbon tax - just for some of the farmer's stuff. Having said that - i don't really feel like this kind of thing benefits the CPC. It's seen as being somewhat confrontational and it's not like cutting the tax on farmers was a massive issue in the front of people's minds. And even if he does win people won't see a significant difference for some time so he'll get no points with the public from it. I think this is the first mistake we've seen him make in quite a while, but it shouldn't be too 'expensive' and we'll see how it plays out. I might be wrong.
  9. Well if it's true there's no difference then why doesn't hunter just agree to it? Could it be he's hoping to use the opportunity in conjunction with dems to grandstand for the public while not answering questions? If he has nothing to hide what difference does it make if it's in public or private?
  10. Whereas you usually wait to see the evidence - and THEN draw a different conclusion than the evidence suggests His way isn't great but it's still light years better than yours.
  11. Or.. you know.... air tight doors here and there. I'm sure it NEVER occurred to them the enemy might use gas in a tunnel (/sarcasm). And sleeping gas? really? Stop getting your information from science fiction shows and spy movies.
  12. It plays a signficant role. There's no one reason for that exclusively but it is a major player in the cost increases. I actually worked it out once (showed math and sources etc) and while it does depend on a few factors such as how much processing went into the food you bought it works out that for the average couple it adds just over 800 dollars a year to their food bill. Now - seeing as the average family is paying more like 100 dollars a week or more on groceries than they did that certainly isn't ALL the increase. More like around 10 percent or so. but that's significant and lets not pretend it isn't. That won't happen but what will happen is the price will stagnate, and as wages rise over time it as if the price fell. It's all trudeaus fault - that's true - but he screwed up more than just the carbon tax, LOL - emissions went down under harper, and NO liberal gov't in 40 years has ever hit or even come close to a climate target. LIke Ignatief said - "We didn't get it done". So your hypocrisy is pretty disgusting. That's ok - show them to the voices in your head, i'm sure THEY'LL agree with you wholeheartedly
  13. What do you mean "then why"? It's BECAUSE OF that we need them. They are the laisons between the fiscal world of capitalism and the corporate world. If capitalism was a governance model as well as economic (such as communism is) then there would be no lobbyists. Everybody needs to be entertained They have gov't to entertain them, I have you to entertain me Govt has it's own goals and motives. Capitalistic entitites have their own goals and motives. This is the negotiation between the two. Surely that's a simple enough concept.
  14. You're confusing an economic model with a political model. While socialims requires gov't participation and is therefore a political AND economic model, capitalism is strictly economical. it doesnt' "know better" because that's not it's job. That's the job of gov't.
  15. Well then you really should be voting Conservative federally. The conservatives believe in keeping more power with the provinces, and less federally. That means you could vote for whatever left wing freak show you wanted to provincially and keep that power closer to you and the feds only mind more 'federal' issues.
  16. Which was none. There is no evidence of illegal help from russia. 3 years and dozens of FBI agents and they still couldn't find any. So the world didn't see something that didn't exist.
  17. Yes but there are many many other states that are neither jewish nor muslim who, despite their lack of religious affiliation, should still be willing to speak out against nailing women's genitals.
  18. Hopefully. But - the ndp should be included as well. Even Mikey isn't that far gone LOL - besides the chinese didn't pay HIM, so why should he?
  19. Yes. As i noted. well you'd be wrong, winston was a massive fan of democracy and loved the back and forth of parliament. But he wasn't blind to its' faults. As he also is quoted saying - democracy is the worst form of gov't, except for all the others. But as he notes: At the bottom of all the tributes paid to democracy is the little man, walking into the little booth, with a little pencil, making a little cross on a little bit of paper-no amount of rhetoric or voluminous discussion can possibly diminish the overwhelming importance of the point.
  20. Well people say it of course but it's just a joke - it entirely ruins democracy when you do that kind of thing. And it's been done - restrict voting rights to the nobility who have better educations and breeding, or homeowners as they've proven they have more of a stake in the gov't, etc etc. But as one politician once said "The best argument against democracy is a 5 minute conversation with the average voter". TAKE the test?!?!? Oh little man... I -AM- the test!!!!! MUAAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!! (you fail. Next!)
  21. Well they KIND OF are - free market capitalism has created the highest standard of living (even for 'poor' people) and the greatest opportunity and best societies in history - of COURSE they're going to want to live somewhere like that. So - if Canada and the US weren't such amazing countries, then we wouldn't have the problem of so many people wanting to come here So it's our fault for capitalism being so effective at creating stable wealthy societies. It's not climate change, it's not 'they've outgrown their ecosystem' - it's that our model of financial freedom is amazing and they want in on it.
  22. The NDP, the Conservatives and their former leader Erin O’Toole were granted intervenor standing, meaning they won’t be able to ask questions of any witnesses. So once again the libs move to cover up their actions. I don't know if they were complicit in helping the chinese give them money for their candidates, but they sure go out of their way to make it look like that's the case.
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