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  1. No, that would not be legal in canada. You can't even ride a bike drunk
  2. There's nothing terribly remarkable. We had a lot of potential but that's largely gone. Now we're just an underperforming heavily statist country who will continue to underperform for 40 years at minimum and who has no clout in the world. We're pretty average if we're being kind to ourselves. How the hell is that an achievement. And really we have one language - it just changes breifly at one point then flips back. IN what way. Tell me how quebec gets along with anyone? YOu're just a loser who can't face simple facts and repeats a lie to try to get himself to sleep at night. Now - if we got rid quebec and people like you who refuse to actually face the issues and deal with them, THEN we might be a remarkable country one day. But as long as we have losers like you who repeat "everything's fine " as the house burns down, nothing gets fixed. You are literally why we cannot have nice things. Yay. And if the rest of canada did and quebec didn't - they would demand we turn it over. Have you looked at the power deal between quebec and newfoundland? The churchill falls deal? Tell me all about how we 'get along' as you rape those poor saps for the one thing they could have made money on all those years.
  3. @I am Groot Of course it's undefinable. IT's simply a term that sounds bad intended to dehumanize people he doesn't like. It's no different than calling black people 'n*ggers' or the like. Take away their humanity and you don't have to face up to their viewpoints and arguments. That's how the left rolls these days, demonize and dehumanize, then dismiss them. You're a maga-cultist, or you're a chud etc etc. The left is about hate and anger. This shouldn't be surprising. Why would he need a definition?
  4. I now see the folly of my ways Literally a person who can't figure out the difference between a round hole and a round peg
  5. 3/4 of canadians in a new poll think we have too many immigrants and that they're largely responsible for the housing crisis. Quebec, where you live, won't even allow immigrants in right now because they can't get along with them. It is the height of arrogance and lies to say we get along. YOU especially.
  6. Sorry - they don't get to break it down like that. Darn near half the nation voted for trump in 2016. And that's who they insulted. But it's typical that you have to lie to yourself to try to live with your shame.
  7. Which you state without any proof or evidence. RoboTop goes WZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz
  8. That's not disagreement - it's delusion. We don't get along. For a while the east was big enough to force it's will on the west. That's quickly changing and as it does the disagreements get stronger and stronger. And quebec doesn't get along with anyone, as a province they're nothing but spoiled brats demanding all the other kids owe them their toys. For you of all people to say we 'get along' when you're part of a leech culture like that without at least the honour or dignity to admit it is disgusting. Quebec is living proof we don't get along. Also they're limiting immigration just BECAUSE they don't get along with most people.
  9. Wow - looks like i hit closer to home than i meant to. You have a bit of a habit of talking out of two sides of your mouth. All i said was that as long as you're clearly separating history from hamas's decisions to start a war then that's perfectly legit. You seem to have a problem with that and freaked out. Lets keep this simple and eliminate any misunderstandings. I say the Gaza gov't, Hamas, was 100 percent responsible for starting this war and attacking israel. Do you agree with that statement or do you feel someone else shares responsibility for their actions?
  10. Twitter was a cesspool of far left hatred that silenced the right regularly. So, now both sides are equal. And you absolutely hate that lololol
  11. If you do it in the same breath, you're making excuses for hamas. Generally being critical of israel's gov't or actions is fine. But when you imply that those actions resulted in this war (the 'vacuum' excuse) then what you're saying is that it's "understandable" or somewhat justified that this happened. If you want to discuss israel's role in the whole peace process that's fine but it has NOTHING to do with the decision by Gaza to initiate a war by slaughtering thousands of civillians deliberately as a target of terror. Just so were' clear.
  12. There was too much stupid to go over in that post but this deserves special attention You literally just said that the average of a group represents the group as a whole. That is just dumb. It represents the average of a group as a whole, not the group. You cannot say that the average can be applied to the individual components of the group, which whether you meant to or not is precisely what you just said. The whole group may average to be xxx - but that does not mean the whole group is xxx. Further - if we use your version of "average" - then one person who was REALLY low would skew the average downward, but the majority of the people would be above that average. FOr example if 9 people score 100 and 1 scores only 1 - then the average as you count it is 90.1 - but 90 percent of the people are above that. It's bad enough you don't know how law works. and you don't know how logic works. and you can't count without taking off your mittens. But for EFS sake if you don't even know how basic math works - maybe keep your mouth shut and let us wonder.
  13. Depends who wears it - if nancy pelosi did it would be more like birth control.
  14. A meaningless post of sour grapes from a whiny brat who always does this when they can't actually refute any of the points or make a coherent argument. And yeah, sure - the people of alberta just HATE using natural gas. They think it's terrible. So she's definitely working against the people. Someone must 'own' her because she's not doing what you personally want. Didja hear that splat sound? That was the sound of your credibility hitting the floor.
  15. Now now - you know how the environmentalists feel about nuclear reactors. We need to come up with something else.... i haven't checked lately, have we invented the star trek warp cores yet? Or ... pixies!!!! Have there been any sightings of pixies??
  16. Sure - it's EVERYONE on earth EXCEPT the gazans. Kiddo - it's the gazans. The gazans are suffering because of what they did. Nobody else is complicit - they brought it on themselves and deserve to suffer the consequences of their own actions. Sorry to break it to you.
  17. Yeah - but we like you despite you being like that. Well if you're as good at that stuff as you are at reasoned argument here - i'd say you'd be doing well to change their batteries Another useless post from you with more generic whining, completely unsubstantiated accusations and judging your betters. I can see why the people in your home town don't think highly of you and only bring you trivial problems.
  18. That's true - you joined this forum long before trump showed up
  19. the court does indeed make political decisions. Most 'courts' do, including civil tribunals. And they definitely create law. That happens all the time. "law" is by definition "opinion". While the law may be written, it's meaning is interpretation not 'science'. Cruel and unusual for example - how does one decide if something is 'cruel'? That's a made up word that humans interpret individually. There's no such thing as a 'cruel-o-meter' where you can actually take a measurement. And opinion is always swayed by one's beliefs, political and otherwise.
  20. NBC news you mean. THe people who got successfully sued for lying about catholic school students for ratings If the dems hadn't spent the last 7 years lying about the guy, people would be more inclined to believe any of this bull crap now. But they did, so they don't. Honestly i think after watching the dems weaponize the fbi and now the courts to take on their political opponents people are more afraid of what the dems will do than what trump will.
  21. Nope - that would be a false equivalency. If you take any group of people and divide them you will have a slight variation in intelligence. If you then polled the groups and found that purple is preferred to blue in one group and blue to purple in the other, and then looked at the two groups and said "a is smarter than b on average" - using your logic we could there fore say smart people prefer purple. But in reality - there is NO evidence that's the case or that there's any connection - 10 other groups randomly separated could all have different results. And frankly - the fact you didn't realize that and needed it explained is definitely not moving the bell curve in favour of the dem's intelligence LOL ROFLMAO - ahh yes the left's favorite game - "Whataboutism" IF we're going that route - what do you think about the intelligence of dem supporters who thought clinton was honest - or that biden is? THere's more evidence of governmental wrongdoing by those two than trump so far
  22. Intellectually bankrupt!!! there's a blast from the past we havent' seen in a while, that was another fave of yours for a good bit there. Do "Dunning–Kruger " again that was a fave of mine.
  23. Ahhh - brain it is then You and your weird daddy-complex 😛
  24. Seems pretty cut and dry. You're the one who keeps bringing up these weird fantasies, not me. Based on your statements, you've got a bit of a 'daddy complex' happening - we're not here to judge. You have enough to deal with i'd say Sigh, classic cover up. Trying to cover your own emotions of sexuality towards your dad with these frantic and desperate insults. I get it - we're all supposed to ignore YOUR problems and get into an argument about your childish accusations. And maybe if we do it changes the subject from your own personal shame. Look - obviously you've got a lot to deal with. It explains your anger and hatred, and nonsensical commentary. As well as your conflicting values. Maybe this would be a good time for you to sit back and collect your thoughts before you work yourself into a frenzy.
  25. Kinda surprised this slid under the radar here, but it's pretty big. And this is in addition to Saskatchewan's recent announcement they wont' be collecting carbon tax on home heating fuels, which is in direct conflict with federal law. Not that trudeau seems to give a crap about his rep anymore - but this kind of thing is usually very bad for the feds. Nobody likes to see provinces and the feds openly up in arms. It will be interesting to watch as that battle develops how the public in general reacts to it - whether they see it as fair for ottawa to punish 'rogue' provinces (other than quebec) or if the public rebels against it and decides it's divisive and overreach on ottawa's part
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